Worth Watching - December 14: Live Free or Die Hard Teaser Trailer!!!!

December 14, 2006

John McClane's back!! Hell yes, our hero, Bruce Willis and company are back for Die Hard 4! Known as Live Free or Die Hard, the first rockin' and badass teaser trailer has showed up and now I present to you in all of its full glory. You can also see it in theaters this weekend, starting Friday, December 15th, in front of Fox's Eragon. Read on to watch it now!

"Only July 4th… the choice will be clear… giant stupid robots… or John McClane!"

The release date also moved from June 29th to July 4th, and is now setup to compete head-on against Transformers.

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  • "Only July 4th, the choice will be clear, giant stupid robots, or John McClane!" Best. Transformer smackdown. Ever.
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  • Haha thanks Burbanked! That's what the trailer SHOULD have said. Too bad they didn't actually put that in there.
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  • Ronald
    Looks good and action thrilling but there is minimal chance that it will beat Transformers in the big screen. We've all seen John McClane save the day more than once. What makes it different than the other previous Die Hard Movies. The only thing that changes is the supporting cast and scenery and everything else is the same. Don't get me wrong I like Bruce willis movies but The Die Hard franchise should have ended with "Avenges." Transformers is another thing though. Every child in the eightites is now in their early or mid twenties and most of them were fans of the original transformers. Plus you have the new generation of kids who have gotten to known the transformers and wll have their parents take them to see it. So there you have it. Transformers will win.
  • Donnel
    Man Die Hard with a Vengence is one of my all time favorite movies, but after seeing this trailer i think their gonna tarnish my memory of this frachise. It looked likesome other kind of action flick but not a Die Hard movie.... i'll watch it.... after i see Transformers, but then again that looks to tarnish a childhood memory which is probably the worst crime of all. We'll all have to see come next July i guess.
  • spaz1103
    Looks fast and big, but its got that duche from dodgeball and undeclaired. Shame, it could have been a good movie with MR Jackson back!
  • I've gotta disagree with Ronald about McClane Vs. the Transformers. DH has a totally built-in audience and an established, faithful fanbase for a MOVIE property. Take a look around at the message boards and comment strings on this teaser today - most people really like the clip and even those who don't are saying "But I'll see it anyway because it's Die Hard". That's the mentality for this franchise and it's served it well. Transformers, on the other hand, is an untested movie property. Yes, it's clearly got a very vocal audience of fanboys, but those who are on the fence about it are not as willing to take the leap of faith as are the DH fans. Additionally, Michael Bay's past two movies have underperformed at the box office, which has caused a lot of his fans to reconsider his inestimable talents as a filmmaker. And don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that Len Wiseman is some kind of freaky auteur film genius. But with DH it's McClane and blowing shit up that will sell it. Bay is selling Transformers as a Bay movie, and I think that's going to hurt it in this match-up. But really, c'mon - Spider-Man 3 is going to own them all, right?
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  • TaxiFay
    It cant be a Die Hard movie without bruce wearing a wifebeater (tanktop) vest thing ! covered in blood ! but it will be good none the less ! oh and yes Spidy will beat the pants off everyone MARK MY WORDS...
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  • RockerX
    Lots of action, but shows nothing about a story... looks like the robots might win this battle.
  • Sureshot
    im sorry i wanna see this movie but not as much as transformers. i mean JOHN McCLANE vs OPTIMUS PRIME,MEGATRON,STARSCREAM, JAZZ, IRONHIDE, RACHET, BUMBLEBEE, Scorpinok and the many other transformers its like THE NEW GUY VS SPIDERMAN
  • Hahah... well on July 4th, you'll all be spending time in the movie theaters instead of out eat BBQ and watching the fireworks! You've got 2 big movies to camp out for!!
  • tasa
    Ahhhmmm, it's Bruce.. Hello... my first love-- you just can't fantasize about a TRANSFORMER.. I say DH will take the day... but Spidy takes the cake!
  • Andy Cook
    Die hard 4 can't wait massive fan first trailer looks really good compared to the first spiderman 3 trailer!, and who's the guy saying he's seen the teaser trailer and it looks nothing like a die hard film but vengeance is his fav die hard get a grip! thats what everyone was saying when vengeance came out then everyone saw it for what it is a brilliant original storyline ace action movie!
  • "Lots of action, but shows nothing about a story, looks like the robots might win this battle." Sorry to tell you this, but if you're looking to Transformers for a story, Michael Bay is going to let you down.
  • daniel
    anyone else worried that they premiered this trailer on a PG rated movie (Eragon)? you realize they NEVER show rated R movie trailers on PG rated movies...meaning that this is almost without a doubt going to be rated PG13. which is really gonna piss me off. i dont know how well it will do against TF. from everything i've read, Bay has really screwed that movie in the ass. supposedly they look like terminator endoskeletons...i mean c'mon...seriously?? i'm not even a TF fan but even i know you cant mess with legendary icons like that...what an idiot.
  • Blurk
    "from everything i've read, Bay has really screwed that movie in the ass. supposedly they look like terminator endoskeletons," Supposedly? The leaks are all over the net mate. You might want to take a look. No metal skeletons there. TF trailer in two days, guess we'll all have an idea then.
  • daniel
    well, i'll watch it tomorrow and let you know.. just so you're prepared on wednesday.
  • rob
    Ya, you can see what the Transformers Movie is going to look like here: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/showthread.php?t=115458 Not what we remember.
  • Man, that is BAD-ASS!
  • Mars Mountain
    OMG you could almost make a copy of that trailer using recycled 'Terminator' cuts.
  • wolfp212
    Looks like you boys got spanked. July 4 is for Transformers Bwahahahahahaha Die Hard got moved. Care to rub some lotion on Willis's ass because he just got owned Bay style.
  • Macca
    Die Hard pussied out of July 4th. John McClane just got owned by Optimus Prime. You guys must be feeling pretty stupid right about now.
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  • well on July 4th, you'll all be spending time in the movie theaters instead of out eat BBQ and watching the fireworks! You've got 2 big movies to camp out for!!!
  • The greatest action hero of all time is back at last. Yippie-ka-yee muthafuckah!
  • Lots of action, but shows nothing about a story, looks like the robots might win this battle.




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