Daniel Craig Denies Four More Bonds!

November 30, 2007
Source: Cinematical

I'd hate to have to post a retraction, but the reality is someone said that Daniel Craig would be back, and someone was wrong. When I ran this article about Daniel Craig already being signed on to return for four more James Bond movies, including the 22nd film in 2008, I was pretty excited to hear he'd return. However, Craig doesn't seem to be on the same level, not only denying that anything had been signed, but also almost coming across like he doesn't want to be back for four more Bonds at all.

In the original article, MGM president Harry Sloan made the statement saying that they had "signed Daniel Craig to do four more James Bond films." However, while doing press for his upcoming movie The Golden Compass via Cinematical, Daniel Craig made some corrections very public.

"Well, that's what's been said, it's not that it's not true, because I haven't signed up. What I've done is I've signed up on the next movie [Bond 22], after that we'll see. That's the way I'm doing it, and certainly it's not four more - that's the truth. It's certainly not four more."

Certainly not? Does Craig want to move on from this franchise stop quickly? The question now posed is whether he is just waiting to see how Bond 22 goes and if the franchise is still fresh when it continues on. Or whether he is just tired of it and won't at all sign up to four more. Either way it's definitely sad news to hear that Craig isn't as enthusiastic about playing James Bond as the public is. Hopefully that changes when the buzz picks up again late next year on Bond 22!

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  • Brad Stephens
    It's called "contract negotiations." Craig isn't going to play enthusiastic until his agent and the studio come to a solid agreement.
  • Craig's easily my favorite Bond, but having said that I think he's just keeping his options open. He probably doesn't want to be typecast as just a Bond. Smart move, even if it is just for negotiations.
  • kevin
    i love Craig as Bond and I agree with him not wanting to be just a bond, but being bond is a big deal
  • Keith
    please god let him sign for four more films. please god don't bring back pierce brosnan.
  • avoidz
    Daniel Craig certainly proved all the Craig-Haters wrong, didn't he 😛 He's the best Bond of the whole series, but I understand why he wouldn't want to get locked into doing too many Bond movies. The producers also shouldn't get into the habit of releasing an annual Bond film; look what happened to Brosnan's series.
  • "Either way it's definitely sad news to hear that Craig isn't as enthusiastic about playing James Bond as the public is." And how do you arrive at this inference!? All he said was that, at present, he has not contracted to do four more. Don't they teach basic comprehension any more!
  • Tom
    I think you're reading far too much into this. From that quote, I don't get the sense that "he doesn't want to be back", at all. He didn't rule out staying for any number of movies, but just that he hadn't signed a deal to definitely stick around for any more, especially not a whopping four more. Fair enough! In that quote, there's absolutely nothing I can see that signals his opinion of the franchise or his place in it... just stating what his current business relationship with the producers is (or, more specifically, is not). Of course, as other posters have said, this might all be a bluff anyway. That's just business. It doesn't mean that he's not enthusiastic about doing more movies: just that he doesn't want to get screwed out of a good deal if he does choose to sign up for a long run. It's shrewd, not reluctant. If he was publically shouting, "I'll sell my firstborn children if you'll just let me do another 007 film!" then they'd take advantage of that enthusiasm. So instead, he's playing his cards close to his chest. Similarly, the MGM boss's quote might have been a tactic to get him to go on-the-record about loving being Bond, and therefore improve MGM's negotiating position. Regardless, there's nowhere near enough information in that quote to support your conclusions.
  • Dm
    This is completely about the money. Hes not going to show his hand this early, and commit to a completely questionable franchise at the rate he is receiving right now. If he (correctly, or otherwise) believes that he is the next big bond star, then he will plan for a solid box office showing in his next appearance, reinvigorate the franchise, and renegotiate for a higher cut. At least i would.
  • Good move Craig.
  • Scorbing
    "please god let him sign for four more films. please god don't bring back pierce brosnan." "Keith on Nov 30, 2007" And what exactly is your problem with Brosnan? As far as I know, he was the absolute best James Bond since Sean Connery - even Connery himself said it at an interview once. Daniel Craig did the Bond role just fine, but Brosnan was awesome and if Craig decides not to come back, they should get Brosnan back to reprise the role. He IS NOT too old to play it (hell, Roger Moore was a senior citizen when he did his last Bond film)
  • He just isnt locked into contract, this means nothing.
  • BM
    He probably wants to do more gay kissing. Maybe star in a sequel to Brokeback Mountain or some other gay stuff.
  • ArmageddonKitten
    I know this thread is really old, but... BM, what's wrong with gay kissing? I could watch it all day. And even if gay isn't your thing, there's no need to go out of your way to bash it. I mean, it's not like I go around putting "bigots suck" in every one of my posts.




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