Extended Transformers Coming Back to IMAX

August 17, 2007
Source: ComingSoon


Thought you had enough Transformers on the big screen until the DVD hits? Well guess again. A report at ComingSoon says that Paramount is bringing Transformers back again, but this time in IMAX and with new footage you've never seen. Although as to exactly what the new footage is, no one knows. What?! I thought it couldn't get any better but it just did! The report says that it's hitting IMAX theaters again starting on September 21st.

According to Box Office Mojo, Transformers has made a whopping $634 million worldwide, $304m of which has been made in the US alone. A truly incredible haul for a movie that's not a sequel. Unfortunately this doesn't put it at the top of the box office earners, as that title is still held by Spider-Man 3 this year with $336m domestic.

I may actually make the trek back out the IMAX theater in town to see this new cut. I know there are Transformers lovers (like myself) and haters out there, but I'm very curious to see what's in the "extended" cut and how much there is; whether it's just a few more effects shots, boring talking scenes, or something really worthwhile. I'm not a big IMAX fan either, so let's hope they do a great job converting it for IMAX, too.

Anyone else going to try and catch this IMAX extended edition?

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  • Stephen
    Well I'm quite sure I will go see it again now.
  • Nate
    I guess I can make a trip to the theatre for the fourth time to see Transformers. Never seen a movie re-release with new footage so soon like this. I guess IMAX changes the game a little bit. And Billington...are you the one man wrecking crew on now? You write EVERYTHING! Thanks for keeping us informed.
  • jerry74
    just for the chance to see and ear the action scenes in IMAX, will be worth it... i read somewhere that they are planning to do a trilogy... is it true?
  • eronili
    hell yea !!!!!! TF rocks. Screw harry potter. TF is the best movie of the summer let alone the decade!
  • Mark
    Michael Bay's "Transformers" was total dogsh!t, so I don't care about an IMAX experience of it.
  • heather
    I must agree I took my 8 year old son who's a big fan of transformer and at first I thought this movie is going to be stupid. But it I was wrong. I fell in in love with this movie as my son did too. I was totally amused and I happily to say I saw this movie 5 times after seeing it the first. I am so glad to hear that it's coming back out on IMAX so at least my son can see this movie again. Is it true they are going to be Transformer 2 in 2009 amd trilogy. This movie kicks butt! Transfomers rules!
  • Mark
    It's sad to see movie standards fall so low that Transformers is considered a good movie and a hit. It's terrible, people!
  • Chris
    Im here if you need a shoulder to cry on Mark... lol Transformers rocked, i have seen it 4 times and i'll see it in IMAX a few times
  • Mark
    I feel sorry for you, Chris, I really do. I'm sorry you don't know what a good movie is.
  • Optimus
    F%^* YA i'm gonna go again ... i figure about 2-3 times !!!! I'm all hyped again
  • Sabrina
    Welp, I'll be looking for the nearby IMAX theaters to show it. It'll be showing #4 for me (I saw it at BotCon) - and I may even bring my son to it, he loves TFs both G1 & movie-verse. In fact, I've got a group of about 8 adults who will be heading to the IMAX with me. While none of us would say TF is the greatest movie ever made, nor even a great one story-wise, it is an awesome example of how seamless CGI can be these days, and is something many of us can pass along to our children. And yes, Shia LeBeouf (Sam), Megan Fox (Mikaela) and Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime G1 & movie), have confirmed signing for 3 movies, and Cullen said that he's been told to leave next year open for voice work. Which sounds about right for a '09 release.
  • Turn2dust
    Hey Mark, lets see you go out there and produce a movie. Unless you can & have, shutup about it. This was a brilliant movie and ill definitely go spend a few dollars again to see the show in IMAX when it comes out.
  • Ashley
    HELLZ YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg transformers is my fav. movie. i've seen it 6 times already (twice in the drive in) and im driving like, 30 miles to see it again tommorow!!! im gonna see it like 3 times give or take cause i live fairly close to the imax! And for the people who dont like it, GUESS WHAT! you dont have to see it again, so dont whine about how dumb it is, mmmk? if it didnt come out on the same day as avatar (thats right i love avatar to) i would go see it, but i might see a late show. IM SO PUMED NOW!
  • Mark
    Hey, guess what? It's okay to say a movie is dumb if you think so--just because you don't want to read negative comments, it's everyone's right to an opinion. The Transformers designs (and transformation process) should have been based on the Citro├źn C4 advert. That would have been cool :)
  • Saw it, had ONLY talking scenes, a few were funny, one was good, another i cant remember
  • emily
    Transformers is a one of the best movies i have seen but not the the ultimate. FRENZY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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