First International Bourne Ultimatum Trailer Debuts!

March 28, 2007
Source: Yahoo UK

Bourne Ultimatum

This summer is leading up to a huge set of trilogy conclusions, one of which is The Bourne Ultimatum. I know I've been following this action series closely, with the first two films delivering strongly so far. And I anticipate this third one is only going to top everything the first two started, with Jason Bourne finally coming home and confronting his "creators". The very first exclusive international trailer has debuted and you can watch it right here.

[flv:bourne-ultimatum2.flv 500 208]

You can also watch it in embedded WMV over at Yahoo UK

Update: The full theatrical trailer for Bourne Ultimatum has debuted - watch it now!

The Bourne Ultimatum opens nationwide on August 3rd of this year, so make sure you hit the theaters and catch this conclusion then!

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  • Awesome trailer! I enjoyed the first 2, so I'm sure I'll like this sequel. Better than Bond!!!! lol Thank you, Wesley...
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  • They shut down the Pearl Bar in Holborn, London for filming a little while ago. Bloody Bourne, the sooner he gets this trilogy sorted out, the sooner I can get back to the excellent martinis.
  • Awesome! Bourne does Bourne better than Bond does Bourne 😉
  • Tyler
    Nice trailer. But it would be better once the Apple Movie Trailer site starts to carry it. I am not sure what they do over there, but their movie trailers are always the highest quality. After reading the books, I was disappointed in the movie. Nothing new there. I rarely, if ever, approve of a movie if I watch it after reading the book first. Too bad this series is only three books long.
  • Weird! They are still filming this movie RIGHT NOW outside of my office - no Damon sighting yet though! It's 38th Street and 6th Avenue in NYC if anyone is curious!
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  • Jim
    Looks tremendous. Number two had great action but ADHD editing. I was lucky to get out of the theater without having a seizure. Still, I think they'll knock this one out of the park. Looks like a great series so the next question is -- when will the special edition Bourne Trilogy DVD set be out so they can take more money out of my pocketbook? Don't lie and tell me the studio's marketers don't already have one in the works.
  • Cool trailer. I'm looking forward to this latest film of the series. 😉
  • Nick
    I cannot explain how awesome that looks!
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  • Books were awesome, first two movies were decent ... just wish the movies would have followed the books a little better. Book #2 would have made an incredible movie, and I had a hard time finishing book #3 because I know since they killed his wife in the second movie that her pivotal role in book #3 would have made making the third movie identical to the book impossible. I tried watching the original Bourne Identity movie that came out in 1988 but it was almost painful to watch after seeing Matt Damon recreate the character. While it followed book #1 extremely closely, the older actor playing Bourne just wasn't as convincing.
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  • Jimmy
    They are actually shooting a 2 day set of this film at my Father's building.
  • Mac
    Jason Bourne ROCKS!!!!
  • josh
    For once I am actually glad they basically ignored the book...looks good.
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  • Tycho23
    I am soooo stoked... The final car chase in the second movie is, in my opinion, the best car chase scene ever filmed... If you enjoyed the first films, I strongly recommend reading the Book, The Bourne Identity. Sure, the book is part of a trilogy, but the first book covers pretty much the entire movie trilogy. Robert Ludlum masterfully weaves together practically the best 'spy' thriller book ever. It's phenomenal...
  • FalloutBoy
    At least 80% of this trailer is from the last movie, not very exciting
  • Name
    They kill off Franka!!!
  • E M W
    what is the song in the trailer?!? i know what it is but the name escapes me and google is proving useless!
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  • DJCG
    "The final car chase in the second movie is, in my opinion, the best car chase scene ever filmed" Tycho23 You have not seen "Ronin" yet then.
  • GadgetProne
    Tycho23, DJCG is right RONIN has the best Car Chase ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Good call on Ronin. I have to say that my second favorite chase is probably in the beginning of The Transporter. Say what you will about the film, but that was a pretty fun scene. I agree wholeheartedly that over half of this trailer is from the last two movies, too. Hopefully they're saying that it builds on the first two movies instead of pulling a bait and switch.
  • E M W
    Finally found it! The track is "No One Knows" (Unkle Remix) by Queens of the Stone Age.
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  • This trailer is sweet, made fantastic because Joey stars in it. I love you Joey! x
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  • Gunslinger
    Though i enjoyed the first 2 movies in the series, the fact that they strayed further away from the books as they progressed was (while predictable) disappointing. The whole series stems from one point, Carlos the jackal, a character that is completely omitted from the movies. The 3rd book centers around Carlos trying to kill Jason's family. Since they killed his wife in the 2nd film, there isnt a family to protect in the 3rd film. Im sure ill enjoy the film, but i just wish for once hollywood would actually follow the plot of the books they decide to make into films.
  • hellllllllllllllllllls ya 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
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  • Sazzed
    I'm a huge Jason Bourne fan, I liked the first two movies. The Ultimatum trailer was awsome, wis it was loger. I'm looking forward to see the movie.
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  • Darryl
    There's something about the fight choreography in the Bourne Series that is really well done. Re: Bourne Identity fight scene in his apartment with Marie watching... also the small baton combat sequence when the police officers were waking him from the bench. The Bourne Supremacy lacked the quality fight scenes, but there are a few shots which suggest that perhaps some classical self-defense movements will be well delivered! A well done trailer!
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  • this looks amazing. it was an excellent expierence to meet the MATT DAMON and also most of the Crew members. they are amazing people and hopefully this will reflect on the movie. there are more pics in my website on the filming in TANGIER.
  • aaron
    Es la mejor pelicula de accion,mejor que las de 007 ye esas son un churro
  • Dave
    Second movie stunk. too hard to watch, as the cinematography wal moving too much. i got nausious. Tell Paul Greengrass to use still cameras. Waiting for the 3rd mivie anxiously tho.
  • avastbehind
    Just to go back to the car chase question... Bullitt Thunderbolt and possibly the best of all the original Gone In Sixty Seconds (1974): 40 minutes of non-stop automobile roughage. And genuine afros. None of your pansy rubbish that passes these days...
  • Chris
    You know- I love this type of action movie so much more than say, Bond for example. I love it because it's mostly actually plausible. The martial arts that Bourne uses is not flashy or brawly, it's quick, cold, and efficient. Same goes for the explosions. For example, the the second movie- using the gas to blow up the house, as opposed to some convenient bomb or something- it's all very plausible. Bourne uses what he has at hand- even if that means constructing a weapon out of a newspaper or pen. I LOVE it! And I can't wait for this to come out.
  • Mattie Deluca
    I have always been a Matt Damon fan;and it is specifically because he is articulate, intelligent and one of Hollywood's brightest! I've seen B-Identity and lucked up and found the Supremacy several weeks ago. Needless to say, I was enthralled to know Matt will be staring in yet a third masterpiece. I can't wait..
  • Mattie Deluca
    I have always been a Matt Damon fan;and it is specifically because he is articulate, intelligent and one of Hollywood's brightest! I've seen B-Identity and found the Supremacy several weeks ago. Needless to say, I was enthralled to know Matt will be staring in yet a third masterpiece. I can't wait..
  • Susana
    I love Robert Ludlum's books and now I love the movies. Its true, no the same in the books, but Matt Damon is the Jason Bourne of my mind.
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  • I agree bourne > bond. no doubt about it.
  • Sazzed
    I think it's gonna be another great movie. I sawecond trailer and it's simply put fantastic. I lkno I'll enjpy it. Sazzed
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  • Subway Scoundrel
    I have watched BI and BS about 50 times a piece and can't wait for this one. I do wich they would finish out the series and then keep the character going. Let Damon do it for a while if he wants. I am huge bond fan but almost like this better. To whoever said the 1988 version was lacking, you bet. It is the TV version movie. Too bad Carlos is not in the movie but who knows !!!!
  • Ran
    Why does it matter so much that the movies dont follow the books exactly or even close. Three books and three movies that dont follow the plot simply means 6 different stories. Doubles the entertainment. Who wants to watch exactly what they just read or read what they just watched.
  • netorius
    the best iv seen so far one to watch the end of the begging
    i love bourne's movies. i have both of them. when i saw the bourne ultimatum preview in my cell phone i was shocked. i could not imagine they were filming a third movie. i love this movies. they are my best movies. paycheck is a similar movie but i prefer BOURNE. i AGREE that most part of the trailer is based in the first two movies, but someone is saying that they are still filming in NEW YORK. anyways, I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL IT COMES TO THE THEATERS! ! !
  • smurfy
    I have just watched the first two Bourne movies again today. And I rekon the Bourne Identity (the first) was the best- more European footage,, Bourne's love interest Franka Potente. The second film is just full of Americans shouting at each other (Joan Allen, etc). The main difference seems to be the producer Douglas Liman: He did the first film, has a smaller part on the second, and on the Bourne Ultimatum, he is out. Big mistake. American films suck!
  • Mike
    The way in which Matt Damon has potryed the character of Borne is praise worthy.I have read all the books and I could visualize him all the time
  • E
    THE SONG - Crystal Method, Weapons of Mass Distortion 😉
  • Tom
    E it isnt its different song
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  • Michael McGrath
    Without even watching the movie, I can say without a question...Mr James Bond and Mr. Ethan Hunt have nothing on Mr. Jason Bourne. When I leave the theater, I'm going straight to City Hall and changing my name to Jason Bourne!
  • Nick
    THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO OWN....but i have aaa questionnn is Marie....aka Franka still alive? because it sure looks like her if you stop the trailer at 00:46 sec....shes in the bathroom and her hair is diffrent?,,,,others plz help meee
  • Trailer looks excellent, cant wait for it to come out over in the UK. Hope its better than the 2nd one though!
  • Felix Borongo
    I like Matt Damon quite a bit. This treatment of the Bourne storyline is ok. However the "amateur video" thing is unwatchable. I just cannot get through it. This is true in the important sequences of B III (Ultimatum) as it was in B II. What moron believes their own hype that jerky video is cool? Most shows use it because it's vastly cheaper to film, but this director uses it mistakenly as though it's an art-form. It's not - it's just nauseating. I tend to purchase and collect action films when they're well done. I don't when they make me want to throw up.
  • Sanj
    #76 - Thanks for naming the song! It was killing me trying to figure out :)
  • Christine
    Thanks for naming the song! When I first saw the preview for this movie, I was all "Whoa. That song is sick." So, thanks a bunch! I just saw the movie and it kicked ass. Matt Damon's awesome!
  • Jaz
    The song that features in the trailer shown in Australia is definitely not Weapons of Mass Distortion by Crystal Method. I have the CD and it's not that one. It is Extreme Ways by Moby from his album 18. Wicked track!
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  • Peter
    Enjoyed the film, but the hand-held camera work was off-putting and headache-inducing to say the least - I found myself longing for the external and aerial shots just to give my eyes a rest! Perhaps the film was partially financed by the opthalmic industry..
  • Joseoh Jordan
    The best part of the Jason Borne character is he uses brains not gadgets to best his enemy.
  • Not another one. First was ok, the second was worse.




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