First Rambo IV Feature Trailer - R-Rated Ass Kicking!

May 19, 2007
Source: Ain't It Cool News

John Rambo

This trailer and clip is courtesy Ain't It Cool News straight from the hands of Sylvester Stallone himself, so take good care of it, as he was showing it off at Cannes as a demo reel of footage. If you're even slightly interested in Rambo IV, simply titled John Rambo, then watch this. Trust me, you'll be more excited for this than Die Hard 4.0! It's a full 3 and 1/2 minutes, and it goes through some good back story then for the last minute goes into a full-on R-rated ass kicking fest with Rambo himself!!

Watch the Rambo IV trailer right here!

[flv:aicn-john-rambo.flv 352 146]

Rambo said it best… "When you're pushed… Killing's as easy as breathing."

This has got to be the greatest demo reel I've ever seen. This is what all finale action movies should be like, none of that PG-13 Live Free or Die Hard crap! However, I won't make a real judgment until I've seen both movies.

John Rambo is directed by Sly Stallone himself, just like Rocky Balboa from last year, and also stars Julie Benz and Sam Elliott. There is no release date set yet, but the rumor is that it's aiming for a May 2008 opening - so we've got quite a while to wait.

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  • Crazy, that trailer actually *is* good! I guess Sly is making one last round on his best performing franchises, this time by directing the films himself. I was REALLY skeptical when I heard about the last Rocky film, "Rocky Balboa", but I found it to be surprisingly good (as many critics also found it to be). What's next? Cliffhanger 2 or Assassins 2? lol!
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  • This preview is cool....can't wait for a finished product once filming is done before next year!!!
  • Bob
    Are you fvcking kidding me!!??? That looks AMAZING.
  • Arnold
    Comming next summer, Rambo V : Terrorists in the Nursing Home
  • HOLY SHIT that kicks ass.
  • holy sheeet!! I am soo excited about this now! i hope none of the violence gets cut.
  • JonnyB
    Stallone rocks! He knows how to move men. No chick flick here! Atta boy Sylvester, you prove that your never to old to do anything!!!
  • skepticskeme
    Is it just me, or does this reek of a grindhouse-esque pseudotrailer? The violence is so over the top that Stallone is tossing a grenade into the shark's mouth as he jumps it. But, I would totally go see it. Perhaps a double-feature with the Danny Trejo/RobRod bloodlust flick Machete?
  • For all you Rambo fans, get yourselves in the mood and watch some Invasion USA. It's been too long since we had an action movie like this.
  • WOw, Gr8 news for Rambo fans like me. I didn't know about this news, thanks for sharing this news with us. Do anybody know the release date...
  • Elvis
    I love Rambo but you know I couldn't feel sorry for those Americans getting tortured because that's what American do at Guantanimo.
  • cd
    holy crap...that looks awesome. i was skeptical...but that looks good
  • l33
    Not bad John.
  • He most be hurting for cash. first rocky now rambo... what next Over the Top?
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  • Peter
    Violence and more violence...and we are surprised that our kids kill themselves.
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  • Amazing! well even i have the same doubts if all those action will be cut no blood no reality just plain old boiled rice thats what i don't wanna see in Rocky 4! hope they dont cut anything!
  • I'd totally pay to see Over The Top 2... But maybe that's just me.
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  • Lou Vaughan
    Go Sly!!!!! Finally a movie for guys! Bye Bye Brokeback Mountain....Welcome back Rambo!!!!!!
  • Finally something the Stallone fandom can look forward to seeing. This looks like the Ultimate Rambo.
  • Wow, that really does look good! Sly was gone for a while but now is back...thats cool.
  • SK
    Way to go Stallone - keep kickin azz and taking names! The last Rocky was one of the best of the whole series, and this Rambo looks like it will be the best of all 4 Rambos, well done! Oh and to the douche bag named Peter - if your kids grow up and kill its not because of what they seen on TV, its because you were a failure as a parent. - Quit looking for scapegoats and put the blame where it belongs; on the lame azz parents!
  • cheese
    Elvis, #18, you're an idiot. Go bury your head in the sand.
  • John Doe
    Trash. Like almost everything Stallone has turned out. It doesn't mean that he won't turn a profit from marketing this tripe. There are lots of low IQ consumers who will flock to theaters, rent and even buy DVD's to view this garbage. It doesn't mean it's anything more than trash.
  • Lah
    *beep* *beep* Alert, alert! Interventionist propaganda at 00:40!
  • skeptic
    Wow, action packed. This installment in the series makes up for the decision to have a Rocky comeback. This Rambo comeback breaks the mold.
  • smitty
    OMG! I have to say this. Sylvester Stallone has been one of my favorite actors of all time. I have all his movies from way back since Night Hawk, and Victory, even Lords of Flatbush, but WTF is he thinking. He has been awesome, but this John Rambo is most cheesy, idiotic clip i have seen yet. He has been an icon , and to start going down , instead of going up is crazy. Look at his age! He needs to move on like other actors such as Harrison Ford , and Clint Eastwood has done , and land some roles that suit his age. Its time for him to let the "Warrior" image go. LOL This clip made my stomach hurt from laughing!
  • britt gudowski
    we've waited a long time for rambo 4 and aare glade it's here. sly did a great job,with the acting and story of the movie. thats sly!....
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  • Dave
    This looks absolutely terrible.
  • Mark from Oregon
    This may be graphic but so is war. Anyone who has had shots fired at them will know that war is HELL. Long periods of boredom, followed by moments of shear terror and lots of fear when you get through it and look back. Mark
  • Red Phantom
    Looks better than the last two,I'll go see it.
  • Brimalow
    That looks weak!! Rambo aka Santana. Dude loose the headband. The trailer had no reference to global warming. We need to save the planet not some war mongrols from the war machine. Stop the violence. What ever happend to peace in the streets?
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  • mangaxxx
    dude its a pop corn flik and a film its suposed to be fun non real it looks tops what u gonna moan at next godzilla didnt look real enough or power rangers dont do real martial arts get a grip its a cool lookin film that should do well in todays entertainment enviroment nuff said :0-
  • kevin
    just looks good. like it for what it is a good ol action movie. cant wait to see this one.
  • Movie Man
    If Chuck Norris was Rambo it would have added a little extra kick. I think I will have to side with Brimalow on this one. I give it an average at best.
  • Fisting critic
    Oh my!!! the over the top violence is getting out of hand. I will be moving out of the US and into Canada soon. Mr Mike Moore was right we are getting TOO violent. What kind of message dos thois send to kids.
  • mark andrijasevich
    looks like a full on kick ass movie. cant wait to see it hear in australia...love stalone movies ..
  • Nick PapaGeorgio
    All of you liberal, ivory tower peacenik faggots who dislike movies that show good versus evil have the option to stay at home, watch "Philadelphia," "Fried Green Tomatoes," or maybe go down to your local IMAX and take in the next showing of "Laser Midler." You label sentiments such as patriotism and bravery with predictable liberal monikers like "jingoism" and "rabid nationalistism." Well, you better hope the entirety of the next generation doesn't think like you or your ilk, because if they do, you will undoubtedly have worse things to concern yourself with during your 'golden years' besides bitching about what's on your in local theatre. This public service message brought to you by Race Bannon, Mack Bolan, The Punisher, Sgt. Rock, Fightin Army, Fightin Air Force, The Haunted Tank, The Dark Knight, and all of your friends at Able Team. GO TEAM VENTURE!
  • Ben Simpson
    Is it just me or did Rambo just punch some dudes freakin head off??????????????????
  • Walter Matthews
    Why is an adult American male living in Thailand? Obviuosly weekend trips to Bangkok to see the children.
  • Rudy
    o the children o the children.... bla bla 16+ movie so don't cry and don't write stupid comments (#24 for example) 😉
  • Vange
    About time! Lets hope we se more old school action flix .. bring the old beefcakes 80's action heros back and non of this straight 2 dvd crap either .. Good work sly. I just hope in the next 18 months .. i say bring back Chuck and Arnie, Dolph and Van Dam (note i did not mention Seagal .. maybe cause he ways more than my house :Z .. what do you think Tommy!????
  • Racer93
    He shouldn't kill those people. He should go over and start a debate with them. I am sure that it is all just a misunderstanding. NOT!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap; that was an awesome tracheotomy he pulled on that guy!
  • I was also very skeptical when I heard they were making another Rambo, but after seeing this trailer I am excited for the possibilities. I hope that this trailer has not shown all of the goodies like so many trailers do. P.S. If I am not mistaken... Live Free or Die Hard has not yet been rated or at least that is what the most recent television trailers are saying. I personally think that the previous releases were a ploy to drum up press for the film.
  • Weekend at Bernie's meets Warfare
    There is a good chance that Sylvester Stallone is dead, and they are making him move and talk using strings. His facial expression doesnt change once. Also, he may be the world's most monotone speaker. May 2008 - I'm there.
  • Ike Kuehn
    I was a toddler and I watched the first Rambo movies because i begged my mom to have them.
  • jacky chan
    I would recommend going to see my movies over this movie :) Check out me and Chris tucker we doing another movie!
  • jaime
    Dude, awesome Rambo magic returns to the big screen in full force We all shall bear witness to his combat superiority
  • Joanne Marie Benoit
    Sly, So many places in this world now have wars going on. Killings for know good causes. All of us could be facing a time in the USA where we will be in a war on our home land. For all the freedoms that we don't think about much and take them for granted. But the war will want to remove these freedoms here. And even put people to death that won't go along with the so call changes, in the USA. What will people do in that case??? People reading this won't believe it will ever happen here. Alot of people didn't believe it would happening in Germany either in WAR2. Being judge for your race, believes,& etc. couldn't happen here. And people wouldn't be put to death for these reasons, in the USA??? The question is would we fight to keep these rights or go along with the injust treatments of others. Turn our heads away and let things get out of hand? One man couldn't do what John Rambo does. But that a movie, with many and the leading of the Holy Spirit things could be done.
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  • Frank
    I'm glad he's cashing in on his franchising. Next up! Demolition Man 2!!
  • Violence belongs on the movie screens, not on the streets. I commend Stallone for bringing us 80s style action in a post 911 world. I can't wait for this movie, it looks incredible.
  • Chuck
    Wow, I guess he's late on some mortage payments...
  • radix
    Funny, Clint Eastwood was starring in movies til his 70's and nobody seemed to have a problem with that. I think Sly is finally doing Rambo how it should have been done from the beginning. It's never too late to make things right in this world, so haters take a hike. I commend ya Sly, still a fan no matter what.
  • Kijima
    This movie will apeal to the knuckle draggers that 'think' this will be a good movie. Nothing to see here people, move along. Well, there is somthing to see, if you want to watch an ageing moviestar who should be choosing his roles a little wiser. So if you want to see a movie, like the train wreck rambo IV is destined to become then by all means rubber neck all you want. Its a shame sly has travelled downthis path, he looks like a lumpy steroid injesting Michael Jackson with all the plastic surgery he has had. If you want to see sly at his best, go to your video store and rent oscar. The dialouge is excellent, the costumes are snappy, and the plot is brilliant. Best part about it is, you can hire it for $2 for the week, rather than paying good money and watching rambo IV on the silver screen. ~ End Rant
  • I think this will be fun and what the hell are people really complaining about? Seriously people, Sly Stalone was the original Rambo, so what do you think he's gonna turn into Harrison Ford for ? haha He was an action movie man back in the day and he is now, what do you want from him? Also, does anyone ever consider how hollyweird kicks people to the curb when they get old ? He probably hasn't been able to land any decent rolls for a while, so why not bring back the fun. I never was into Rambo even when I was a kid, but this looks fun and bloody. I also hope all the people on here talking all this hippy save the world stuff are just joking, are you really that wimpy that you can't stand to see Rambo kill some people for an hour and a half ? haha This last Rocky was great, the fight scene could have been better, but the whole movie overall was the best since the first, so why not have fun with rambo, it won't be some magical in depth writing, so all of us knuckle dragging apes will go see this and all you knuckle ...ohh I mean pinky waving wine tasters can go complain to eachother about how miserable you all are with the world.
  • Rambo is back ! I'm so happy ! :) I wish Stalone to present to elections: I would surely vote for him ! That would be really great.
  • Even though it's a sequel like every other movie this movie really does look badass.
  • Rambo Fan
    If you wish to look the old trailers as well: http://www.rambo-iv.com Good old action!
  • x
    (1st. Rocky 4 now Rambo 4) Rambo trailer looks great and I can't wait to see this movie. I haven't said that in a long, long time about anything that Hollywood has put out. In the last 10 years or more all action movie have had a PG-13 Rating. I'm 32 years old and I don't want to see any action movies with a PG-13 attached to it. I'm not a kid and Hollywood needs to wake up and stop trying to put everything into a PG-13 movie. I would hope that this isn't Stallone's last move but if it is then I hope that he would wright & direct more action moves with an (R) rating attached it then.
  • Kevin
    Hey Smitty, you said Stallone needs to get roles for his age and move on like Harrison Ford? Guess what, Harrison Ford is busy making another Indiana Jones movie.
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  • drmiff
    It couldnt possibly be violent enough! Its fucking rambo ro christsakes
  • atik
    O man i cant say anything, its toooooooooooo good. Regards Atik
  • Brian
    HOly shit this looks like the coolest rambo movie evar!! ive been waiting for a good sequel forever. good to see sly back whooping baddies again. he looks really awesome in this movie too. its believable that rambo would still be out there and able to beat the snot out of bad guys. althou i like the first rambo where its small town, in the woods survivabilty stuff. this movie looks insanely cool. and look at how hardcore the action is @_@ 2 thumbs up sly! cant wait to see this movie!
  • James
    No, he didn't punch a head off. He chopped it off with a knife. You can hear the knife sound effects, and you can just barely see him drop it before he grabs the big machine gun.
  • Adam
  • Esteban
    Thiis movie's pretty volent but its cool 2 have old RAMBO bqack in action... I'll be in da waitin line for the movie
  • Tim
    Man this looks freaking GREAT....I cant wait.........This is Stallone's last movie as an actor he has stated that he will only direct and work behind the camera after Rambo 4......I think he is going to go out with a bang......
  • malik
    he still look excellent becuase he ismy favourite hero people will never forget first blood even stallone will die i will must wait for rambo 4 he is old but better than younger peoples stallone is the name of hard struggle from the party at kitty to rambo 4 i hope rambo 4 will be oscar winner movie
  • Cisco
    IT SUCKS , Rambo 4 Looks like B-Movie that should go straight to Video, Stallone is old as hell, and the stuff he did pushing someone head off , come on I will wait to see it until it comes out on UPN or something.
  • Jimmy
    This clip looks really good. I look forward to seeing Sly kick ass in John Rambo. I was very pleased with how Rocky Balboa turned out. THat would be really cool if he came out with Over the Top 2 or Cliffhanger 2 or even Copland 2. What the hell why not Assassins 2 or Demolition Man 2....Anything with Stallone in it has been satisfying. As much as I love Sly instead of sequels im hoping Sly will make a new original character in a new movie.
  • Roots
    atleast rambo has still got some pride
  • davida
    oh my god
  • Huck Finn
    This just in: Stallone, Arnold, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, and Harrison Ford have all signed on to star in Stallone's sequel to "The Lords of Flatbush". It's very hush-hush, but it's going to be a Michael Bay production and involve the taking over of an all female nursing home by a local elderly gang. They're calling it "The Lords of Graybush"... it should kick serious ass!! Also, Arnold's signing on for a Terminator 4 with a running tagline: I'll be back... after I take a nap! Sequels freaking rule!
  • Rodrigo Gutierrez Padron
    People who don't like the movie: You can tell what you want! People who does like the movie: Unite as one! who cares if Rambo looks older now! My friends and myself will wait as long as it takes to see him in action, hell yes!
  • Stallone is a really great actor. I'm so happy that there is a sequel to Rambo ! Hope he will do one more ! I already can't wait for this one. :)
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  • kb
    Did he just punch that guy's head off???
  • In current commie culture, One Man can make a Difference. "Justice is Serviced," indeed! John Q. Rambo delivers the goods and Protects us from the Influence. People who did not fear God or the shear terror of Crime will no the difference. IT is OUR duty to go to these places and Destroy the Enemy. Some have ritten of the violence being to much. Well they have NEVER known what it is like to be in a time of Warfare, or to service your country once or again. Removal of the head is the minimum! I pray that more of our People will rise up like John Q. Rambo and go to seek Revenge.
  • RAMBO! FUCK YES! First of all he punched a guys head off and ripped a mofo's trachea out! You hippie bastards can suck it and grow a pair beacuse rambo kicks ass! I wish he was my father. I want to have John Rambo's illegitimate burmese children. I also love dudes and can't wait to make out during this movie with my boyfriend Jamar. The love theme in this movie looks very well developed and im sure it will become a memorable movie romance. HAWT!!!
  • I love you tom! Rambo is sooooooooooooo sexy. I want to have his kids with you tom!
  • John Rambo
    Ya wanna have my kids huh? well um urr what canna say but dont push me...why are ya pushin me man? fuck it ya can have my kids and i'll stitch you up below if ya tear...ya know im good at it hun....
  • soundwave
    hell yeh its about time stallone gets back to the screen,and to finish with rambo one of the best movies ever is even better
  • It's about time we have a real action movie that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Totally original and totally absorbs all your attention. Can't wait to see the full feature film. Great Job!
    I love people who post irrelavent negative comments. I can't wait to see what you're doing at 60. Probably the samething you do now. The only time you ever move your engorged, slovenly body is when you shove another slice of pizza down your throat, scratch your ass while you belch out the national anthem. I will be there opening night. Plus, maybe we can convince Arnold to do a Conan III.
  • Joe Joe
    God bless you, R A M B O........... and S T A L L O N E.
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  • u got owned with a .50!!
    i dont believe these violent movies will have an effect on children at all if u their parents taught them morals in life.....thats how my parents raised me, that life is precious and i cant take it away. give ur children a good conscience before blaming others about how they motivated ur child to do wrong.... anyways this loooks like its gona be a great movie 😀 man that .50 to that guy tore up his flesh!! that was just insane. makes me want to do that myself!!!!!!! wait wait...no i cant its wrong :\
  • Alex
    i'm really disappointed at the fact that he didn't decide to film this in the middle east. we need to answer back at that turkish wanna be rambo film with billy zane portaying american soldiers as evil imperialistic troops. having rambo tearing al-qaida and the taliban apart would've been such a moral booster for our troops and country. it would of had more hype and popularity. but nope, back to the asian jungles it is:(
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  • Zapatero
    Did he just punch that guy's head off??? YES!!!!!!! Stallone ole tus huevos loco!!!!! Bravo!!! I offer myself to help you selling more of that steroids wich are not allowed to sell in places like Australia, If with the money you get you carry on making that amazing stuff, this is a trailer I cannot believe, Is fucking great, I can't wait to see it in a cinema full of people, this new generation will be at your feet again like in the 80's. CISCO YOU SUCK'S YOU DON'T LIKE FUN OR WHAT?
  • weber
    When I was a kid, I loved the Rambo movies. Am excited about this new one, can't wait for it to hit the theaters. Taking my wife and kids.
  • abel
    {john rambo} i cant wait to see it, i hope its a full action film... i needed this a good stalone movie
  • The greatest indeed !
  • favio
    mi mejor heroe sos vos rambo... hoy tengo 36 años te sigo desde tus comienzos, fui operado 2 veces , y tu personaje me ayudo muchas veces. te admiro mucho sly.
  • Squishy One
    Its about time John comes out of retirement and kick some ass again. Hell i know these movies are Campy but its the spirit of the movie thats all the matters anyway when it comes to this genera of movie. I cant wait for this one i am looking forward to John Rambo because the trailer looks Awesome... and for once from the trailers it looks believable that a man can be that mega hero.
  • LIKE ohhhh my god, the action in this teaser is so intense i left a load in my pant. Rambo may be an old timer but he looks like he can Ulfimate Fighting and kill TIm s. People we need to see this movie first day first show that is how important it is.
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  • Diane
    interesting enough for me to want to like this movie..... i'll see it.... but he really needs to make Cobra 2 or another Tango and Cash flick.... that's what i'm waiting for :) that and i feel bad that he was just busted for steroids....come on stallone are you really under that much pressure, you're buff enough
  • kevin Sweeney
    i love how he chops the guys head off....then takes hold of the mounted machine gun and blows away the guy standing three feet away
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  • John Rambo
    This in respose to reply #18, Elvis, you Liberal pin head, you not worth saving, I could just flick you like a buger. You obviously don't see the difference between us and them. I wonder if your married and your wife wears a Burka, is she allowed to go to school or work, the grocery store? I suppose you beleive in Peace, no matter if the enemy wants you to die unless you beleive their midevil religon. The meaning of Islam is to submit, what you don't understand is that Islam is a socio-political movement not just a religon.
  • Mathew
    One of the greates trailers I've ever seen. Now, the only projects missing for Sly are: Tango & Cash, and Assassins 2: Bloodbath !!!!!!! You get 'em Rock!!!
  • cavman
    This film is going to be infamous, the gore isnt over the top, if anyone get shot with a gun of that size they're going to explode, no doubt about it, i like it where he tore the japs gugguler out with his hand. i want to see a rocky vs rambo film. come on sly.
  • cavman
    Oh yes, this film looks fooking wicked.
  • burl
  • Rob
    What ??? I didn't expect this! Knocking a guy's head off ??? Ripping someone's throat out ? What ??? Rambo has been living alone for "a long time" and has been cut off from western civilization. When his countrymen get kidnapped, he goes out to rescue them. I think this one shows that John Rambo has never been able to forget the Vietnam War and he can still rely on his primal instincts in combat situations. Don't forget that he was trained to be this killing machine ... it's not his fault. Looking at the trailer, this one will be similar to FIRST BLOOD (Rambo I), with John Rambo going psycho on his enemy and relying on his soldier instincts, while being chased in the forest and fighting to survive. No humour, no long dialogue, just pure combat, pure 1-against-100 sh*t. My review of this trailer: Love the music (hope they bring back the old music as well) and the fight scenes look realistically brutal as hell. Maybe Stallone wants people to see what soldiers have to deal with in real life war (trauma, stress, nightmares after all this). Stallone looks good at 60, better than most people in their early 30s. I guess all his workouts have paid off. The woman is beautiful, the hostages look like good people and the bad guys look like, well, bad guys abusing the hostages for no apparent reason. Rambo is still a killing machine, who does not enjoy killing people, but he does what has to be done to get the hostages out. The subtitle of this movie should be "DON'T F*CK WITH RAMBO ... or he'll rip your f*cking throat out". 100% Old School 80's action movie, but with extra brutality. My expectations: This for sure will not be a PG13 film (unless the studio execs want to make MORE money and decide to soften the violent scenes ... Millenium already pulled this preview from Youtube, probably out of fear of alienating parents). DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS ! I hope that the studio execs don't try to censor this movie and let Stallone show the movie as he intended to. In terms of box office success ... I really can't say. "Rocky Balboa" defied my expectations in terms of quality of the movie and it did well at the box office, around $80 Million. I want this movie to make over $100 Million and the critics to love it as well. Time will tell. P.S. For anyone doubting Stallone ... I just have one message ... "DON'T F*CK WITH STALLONE ... or he'll rip your f*cking throat out"
  • ste
    absoluty unreal best this is gunna be the best film out ever this will make up for rocky 6 n more even tho rocky 6 aint bad i rekon its mint btw , for a 62 year old man i think he is a proper legend
  • caveman
    rambo is one bad ass. if the cut the sceens it will suck, the bit where the guy is liquidizedits great
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  • Thanks for posting this trailer up. It made quite a few grown men happy last Friday afternoon. Good to see that John is back and not in some kind of sanitised, pc movie. Our only concern is how the trailer gives the impression we've got kick arse action just as the Rocky Balboa trailer gave the impression we would get plenty of training montage and fight action, which unfortunately we didn't. Fingers crossed.
    Stallone has done what few actors have ever accomplished, he's become a symbol. He wrote and directed most of the Rocky and Rambo films and in these works, it really shows what ideals he believes in. Rocky was all about the guy who never had the chance, and was somehow destined to always struggle to win. That's life, that's what we all can relate to. Rambo is all about never forgetting those who gave their all in battle, even if their own country forgets about them. Soo much of a symbol he's become, that in Philly people know him as Rocky, not Sly. Anytime anyone in the armed forces goes above and beyong valor, they're tagged as "Rambo" or "Rambette." That's why Sly's so great, he did these films for the people, to send a message out there.
  • kcb
    Cool man. Stallone should be commended since he is one of those rare breeds who write the scripts, directs and also stars in his own movies. I don't care how this movie does in the box-office, i will still watch it.
  • kev
    A definate must see feature.
  • robert
    WOW john rambo looks AWSOME!!!SLY IS BACK ON TOP!he looks great and kicking some ass,forget die hard this is the film i wana see.loved rocky balboa as good as the first.SLYS THE BEST BRING ON CLIFFHANGER 2!!!!!!!
  • Mike
    I was hoping that there would be another Rambo flik and lo and behold... Holy Crap Johnny!! Some of these comments on this board are disturbing... Is there anything you would fight for or die for? I'm sure you would want a "RAMBO" to bust through the door and save you when some sadistic muslim terrorist is about to shove an electric cattle prod up your ass before slicing your head off. There will always be the lunatic fringe in our society the believes nothing bad is happening in the world and if out of sight its out of mind. Thats sad. I wonder what her hugeness Rosie O'Donnell is going to say about this non-PC movie. Someone I personally know works for the government and tells of the black ops that go on. It's good thing that the general public doesn't know about this stuff because we would start an uprising on Capital Hill. People in general don't want to know what it takes to keep America safe and free. By the way, I saw a pic of Stallone on another website and I have to tell you he's in way better shape at 60 than I am at 42. It's no wonder he can still do action flicks. To an earlier comment about the headband he wears; Rambo is part indian so he wears one like an indian.
  • sean hutton
    this new rambo movie is going to be the best onr yet.he is a ass kicking fighting machine.there is so much blood and guts i love it so much o though sly is getting pretty old this is still a great inpersonal view of rambo i dont know if he is going to die i think he will but i still think the movie is going to be great. rambo is the best.
  • DEV
    Bloody brilliant like somone said earlier why shouldnt he bring back rambo all the rambo films have shown war to be wat it is like in real life,russia in afghan,armerican pows left to rot in some jungle but the first rambo is typical of todays society in the sense of an armerican war hero coming home to wat? yes some come home to their families and will always be a hero in their eyes but wat about the ones that come back to nothing how much help do they get? i know a one man army is farcial but you have to give stallone credit for the way he trys not to make it as farcial as it could be,in all the first 3 films he shows suffering and sadness and some humour sure its a war movie not to private ryans standard but this is after all a one man against the bad guys war movie. hes still the best and as somone said earlier looking forward to a film for the first time in years
  • BillB
    So, what's the diffference between this and the last three Rambo films, or any of the half-dozen other films with similar settings and themes? (There'a a Vietnam war movie coming out soon ... 'Rescue Dawn'... hard to tell the difference in action sequences). Oh, yeah, right - this trailer 'rocks' because it features vivid bodily carnage, disemboweling, beheading, throat-cutting... ah, such wonderful entertainment value. A previous comment stated "There will always be the lunatic fringe in our society the believes nothing bad is happening in the world and if out of sight its out of mind. Thats sad." What's sadder is that explicit bodily mutilation is becoming commonplace in films, for no reason other than to provide thrills for an otherwise violence-jaded audience. Those whose heads are in the sand ('out of sight, out of mind') are simply irresponsibly ignorant; the perpetrators of insane violence are the 'lunatic fringe'.
  • OMG
    I had to pick my jaw up from the floor at the amazement that someone actually paid to have this made. You would have thought that for Stallone to even think about making this film he would have insisted in having his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. Not so. Maybe all those steroids he was busted with in Sydney have leeched what was left of his brain. Or maybe his mortgage payments got a little too big to handle. He has upped the gore porn, perhaps an attempt to appeal to a wider audience - gotta love how he also throws in a cross (go with god my son - ha), and a desire to help a poor war torn country (which of course will justify decapitation, throat crushing etc). What can I say, sad, just sad.
  • robert
    omg is sad,just SAD!RAMBO ROCKS!!!
  • I was liked the Rambo a kid in the 80's. I'm glad to see Rambo turn 'dread an put it on back.'
  • eddie-boot
  • Jim
    Looks fucking great!
  • REAL6
    Yo i cant fucking wait to see this. brings me back to the 80's and real movies. not this sponge bob type popcorn bullshit!!! BUT WHOS WITH ME, I THINK THIS TRAILER SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITH "GRINDHOUSE" PEOPLE WOULD HAVE BUGGED OUT EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dave
    This is going to be the greatest movie ever. He's like... Brock Sampson's dad or something... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea7nhTjXV98
  • stinkle
  • Sylvester Schwarzenegger
    this is going to be bloody as hell. i'm sure all the bad guys deserve it too. now, we need to get an online petion going to get ahhnold to do a final CONAN movie, you know, where CONAN dies a king, goes to valhalla tells CROM the riddle of steel, then kicks his fuckin ass and becomes a god himself! if its comes true, then I CALLED IT
  • onewhoknows
    violence in movies has never effected kids, its when the kids from broken homes too poor to afford t.v.s or go to the movies start roaming the streets with no outlets that they turn violent and take out their frustrations on others. art has always been the best outlet for aggression. we should hope to see all of our worst fears purged through art, this is the information age, it would be unhealthy to hide any facets of our inner selfs. I want more sh@t like this, more sex in movies, more everything! we will be free when we see all there is to see. down with you p@ssy fear mogers that would halt our growth! hail Rambo!
  • Bumppo
    Looks like Stallone is going to kill Rambo off with this one.
  • Jay
    Wow! This is the best Rambo of them all. It looks absolutely awesome. I can't wait to see it !
  • Heather
    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! Sly rocks....for a man of his age he looks damn gooooood....He has been my hero ever since i can remember and i admire everything about him....Rocky Balboa was brilliant and i cant wait for this new Rambo movie....Scared shitless that he is gonna die in this one!!!....I certainly hope not...A dignified retirement is what he has earned...BUT...knowing slys alter ego our john rambo will wanna go out in a blaze of glory...lol....Despite what happens in this film I hope that we will still see some new films from Sly...Good on ya Sly...Love ya forever...
  • Magnus
    From what I saw this looks like it'll be one of his best action films! The only people who won't enjoy this movie suck anyway...face it guys only people who suck don't like the Rambo movies. So there it is plain and simple...if you don't suck your going to love this film!
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  • Walshie
    Great to see Sly back to his best after a few years out in the wilderness, Rocky Balboa finished that series off in a brilliant way lets hope this does away with the memory of the awful Rambo 3.
  • Bradley D
    Baaaaaazilly. The return of the 80's action film for the first time since the end of that glorious decade. Hats off to the decapatation and throat rip scene. Love it. Top notch stallone.
  • Saraka Zaine
    John Rambo movies are way ahead of their time for the rest to follow - that action looks mind blowing and does not even need the special effects. The 90's killed the 'Real Action Hero' and we had to put up with the Pit's and the Cruises. Time for real action...............Go Rambo time to make a new Legend!!
  • Fenny.
    As I had mentioned prior, Stallone, is a lot smarter than the critics think. the violence will be "an accurate reflection of the reality of that region" (Burma), as Stallone himself put it. It will be extreamly graphic, controversial, and disturbing, from what I beleive and from what i've learned. It will be an in deapth screenplay and epic, ( for those who will think that this film will have no deapth), based on real political issues, and btw, Sly is not ashamed of his age, and incorporates it into the script, he even makes fun of himselfe... he knows what the critics are saying about him, and is prepared,. this is First blood redux.
  • masihenger
    hell yeh , impressive he keeps getting younger day by day .........i mean look at him this guy has guts to do rambo in this age ........he is challanging himself ...thas wat is different in him. this guy must have really worked hard on himself in the movie. he is bringing 2008 down man , down to his foot steps
  • Bruce
    "Violence and more violence…and we are surprised that our kids kill themselves. (Peter on May 20, 2007) Normal kids know when to draw the limit, fools take death as the easy-way-out.
  • Keith Jones
    I liked First Blood ok because of the whole outsider theme; Rambo was a product of a fucked-up war and you felt like he was more of a victim seeking salvation, and you hoped that somehow he would find inner peace. But I'm not sure about the direction ol' JR went after that--a one man killing machine going out to save the world from tyranny blood for blood? It's as though he never got around to working on himself, never found any real answers. It's time even our action heroes turn toward diplomacy. Gut-wrenching gratuitous violence is bullshit and does nothing to comment on the state of the world. It's just part of the machine, another game. Nobody feels a thing.
  • Dallas
    To those who complain about the violence: IT'LL BE A RATED-R FILM! Parents that would bring their kids to see R-rated films are the problem, not the films themselves. Does every adult have to watch "Happy Feet" type movies, just because some idiot parent may bring their kid to see a violent movie? Each, single, movie has an MPAA rating AND a short description as to why it received it. If parents can't read that one black box of text and make a common-sense judgement, it is then no wonder our society is so messed up.
  • Awesome Rambo!!! It's like the real movies are back! This is fucking great, man! My hero is back! I've been watching Rambo part one, part two and part three for a million times! I can't fucking wait to see another one! Yo, Rambo, include me in Rambo 5. Let's kill them all!!!!! Yeahhh!!!!! You're my hero Rambo! Sylvester Stallone movies rock! Why can't all movies be like Rambo movies? call me Rambo at 0063322549800.
  • Labhras
    Holy shit
  • Cant wait!!
    Just amazing. Damn why Rambo 4 cant come on this summer instead of die hard 4 :( Thanks Stallone for giving us another rambo!!
  • I've been watching Rambo movies for so many times ever since I was five. How come I grew up good. No drugs, no violence with my life. From my father to me, from me to my son we love Rocky and Rambo. The best movies I've ever known. To the pessimists out there, it's just movies!!! We should even thank Stallone for giving us another Rambo. Another entertainment in many years. Stallone is old already but it ain't over 'til it's over. Keep making many movies and I and my family will see them all. We just can't wait for Rambo 4. Wish we could see it now on pirated dvd. Aside from Manny Pacquiao, Rambo is our Hero in the Philippines! hehehe! God Bless America and Rambo!
  • Billy D
    fuck all u haters. sly is the best action hero there is and always will be, no matter wat age he is. u sad homo's
  • Cool!!! I can see that the force is still strong with Rambo. He's the greatest. But it would be so much fun if Rambo had a light saber and a flying saucer. Is there Indiana Jones 4? Is Chuck Norris filming another Delta Force movie? If yes, that would be awesome too! How come the Die Hard 4 film makers spent so much money on guns and ammos, etc. yet can't even provide Bruce Willis at least a "Chuck Liddell" wig. Oh, one more thing; to the idiot parents who blame violent movies as source of their children's crimes - KISS MY ASS! Watch Mr. Bean movies. Vote Rambo for President!
  • Ben
    Im Shocked....I wasnt thinking much of this movie when I heard of it, but now I've changed my mind.
  • fenny
    LoL, k, lets not try and get too out of hand. Yes its going to be graphic, and violent, (and probably going to make Hostel look like Sesame-Street, but that will not theme of the movie. Its going to more about injustice, and Well, again, as Stallone himself put it... "The success of my last Rocky film offered Rambo a second life. I rewatched the previous films and I wondered, what is the current war today which goes by most unnoticed - those which immortalize genocides and violence and create mal-adjusted persons, rebels, mercenaries to wreck any peace ideal? I met war correspondents; I read a lot! Everyone that I interviewed answered me: there is a terrible political, social, religious war in Burma." ...again, wer'e going to have to wait and see what the final outcome is going to be like, but expect some Righteous Justice here, !, "And He...shall Layeth the Smack-Down, and his wrath was exceedingly Great"...Rambo 5:28
  • mike Burnett
    I know that most of you are happy to see that there will be a 4th RAMBO...well, Me too. BUT... This is still only a movie and that is all...no reason to get too worked up about all this..besides some of us only have "one" pair of underwear"..
  • Ryan Ding Dong
    He Didnt punch the guys head off, he has a machette.
  • anthony s
    superb, sly is the man, what a trailer wat a movie this is gonna be cant wait , go rambo..................
  • Stallone's got a lot of spirit. Just a movie but people should reflect on with the reality. He tries to tell us something.
  • Stallone is amazing. He still kicks ass. atta boy idol! Long live Rambo! I hope that Stallone could send me some money for the movie. Send to: Alegre Beach resort, sogod, cebu phillipines, look for the cute telephone operator. :-)
  • Could have been better if I was in a supporting role in Rambo 4. I'll promote this in my country. :-) :-) :-)
  • xbx
    I've watch an x-rated film of Stallone and saw his "mini-me" dick.
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  • ZZZ
    sik bre. i love him x x x
  • Rambo and Barny together in a movie would be perfect for all ages.
  • Wow! that's fantastic! Can't wait to see Rambo slaughters Asians again!
  • Until death do us part, Rambo.
  • It ain't over until it's over, baby!
  • steve
    Sly is a legend..This looks to be as entertaining as any of the previous versions and i must say, don't hold back the gore...that's what we want to see in this sort of film...bible thumpers and tree huggers beware... Steve
  • hail Sly!
  • Lee
    good to see you back SLY !!! and looking good at your age too !!
  • Some guy
    This is the greatest moment of my life. It was Rocky VI.. and now John Rambo!
  • fenny
    Actually, you'll kinda notice that the Black hair, and the GH, make rambo look a lot more Native, (because, Rambo is Native and German)... I've alway's wondered From which tribe?
  • Bob
    Hell YES! The 2:00 mark of that trailer made my hair stand on end!
  • John
    So many losers on this page commenting on his age and being too old. Sly understands what most people don't.. age is just a number. Have you guys actually checked out the latest Rocky?!! He looks in better shape than most 20 year olds. The dude is ripped.. and strong.. and even in the clip... he looks completely believable.. like the freaking warrior he is. Just because you looked at yourself in the mirror at 40 and realized you were fat and that was going to be the way it was the rest of your life. Sly never did this. If his Rambo character was real, and you met him in the middle of the jungle 1 on 1, looking just as he does in this movie, you'd be scared shitless. So why is this far fetched in any way?! People are dumb.
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  • ha
    people are definitely getting Stallown3ed.
  • Mike
    Some of the young ones might not get it! But my age group[35+] Alot of us grew up on Rambo, Sly i think this is your best one yet! I will have my admission ticket on the opening day!
  • i love rambo movies!
  • Mike
    Dam.. this movie looks so awsome especially the violence. they brought up a few notches, like that scene when sly slit that guys throat WoW i just cant wait till this movie comes out Hail Sly!
  • the Hood Talkin…
    At a Time Of War Over Sea's, We Need John Rambo Who Seems 2 Embody American Justice......... Can't wait For It's Release Hope None Of Da Violence Is Cut Out.
  • REAl6
    Ive seen this trailer no lie way over 200 times and damn it still looks fucking sick!!! THIS MOVIE SHITS ON BULLSHIT TRANSFORMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Scott Dalrymple
    For those of us that were around in the 80's when action flicks were "ACTION FLICKS", this movie has been a long time coming. Not all of Stallones movies have been great but, his action films have always entertained. Another posted comment said that Rocky and Rambo were legends or icons! That is true. Everyone in the free world knows who "ROCKY" is, and "RAMBO" is almost as iconic. No one knocks the average joe for making his living in a factory at 65 so why should Stallone be knocked for plying his trade and doing what he does best at 60? The plain truth is, he is doing it better at 60 than most actors of today could do it at half his age.
  • Observant
    What the f*ck is wrong with all these idiots?? "Duh, did he just push that guys head off? " You quite clearly see him chop it off using a machete. The fact that you see the machete, and hear the blade noise id surely evidence enough... and to top it off you see him FORGE the damn thing earlier in the trailer! It's not science... [Awesome trailer, PS. I'm a perfectly intelligent guy but i still like violent movies if they're fun. These f*cking naysayers don't seem to appreciate that it's HUMAN NATURE to enjoy the macabre..]
  • 60 year old Sylvester Stalolone back again, Fuck Yah. Rambo is a killing machine and i can't waite to see him kick some more ass.
  • 60 year old Sylvester Stallone back again, Fuck Yah. Rambo is a killing machine and i can't waite to see him kick some more ass. Rocky was a boxer and instead of watching Sly punch, we get to see him shoot some bullets and kill some bad guys, woooooooooo.
  • Col.Trotmen
    What this movie is going to need is a good supply of body bags! Way to go Sly,great to see you back. Good luck with the opening. Oh, just one more thing. If those so called movie critics don't agree with the story,just remember "if you're pushed enough killing is as easy as breathing"
  • That MuthaFuckin' Madman
    Gonna keep it simple. FUCK YEAH! It's about time RAMBO came out of retirement. How about Rambo 5 : maybe Sly can become a vigilante a la Death Wish? Hell yeah.
  • Yushin
    I think I just came in my pants. Finally an action movie, that is actually rated R
  • Edward G. Trust, but Verify
    I would like to repond to "Elvis", writer # 18, who claimed that Americans tortured people at Guantanimo. Elvis, in the future, you would be wise to not beleive everything you hear. Perhaps Americans did torture inmates (terrorists) at Guantanimo, perhaps not. At this time however, there does not exist a single piece of objective evidence to indicate that any torture has occured. What does exist in abundence, however, are unsubstantiated claims (Claiming one has been "tortured" is a technique literally right out of the Al-Quaida instruction manual) and willing listioners, like yourself, who are apparently even more willing to repeat what they hear, without verification. Should you choose to continue slandering the American military men and women, or anyone else for that matter, please demonstrate a little integrity and make sure what you are saying is true or at least is supported by the evidence. Elvis, you may believe what you say, but so does the neighborhood gossip who destroys other people's reputations. Elvis, are you one who thinks before he speaks, or a mere gossip?
  • Kent
    This Trailer makes Rambo 2 and 3 look like a Rate G picture. Is it just me, or did O'l Johnny gets meaner and badder as he got older?! Can't wait till 2008!
  • Rambo
    I am AWESOME all those who don't like me shall die!
  • Shane
    OMFG !!!!! Thats the most awesome trailer i've seen in along time !! This Rambo will for sure sell out seats big time....I cant wait till 2008 either, this movie is full of Rambo not giving a shit and just killing those who deserve it badly, i like the beat of the action music too...NICE !! Go Sly !!
  • Erik Garbowski
    Nice taking the main theme to Land of the Dead as the background music. Pretty good trailer though.
  • Grits n Gravy
    Best line ever - "When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathin'."
  • strongbow
    after watching that trailer i think rambo is back with avengance, roll on the release date; oh yeh
  • matt
    As far as the political implications of this. I am glad that Sly decided to not make it about fighting the Taliban. i think its a calculated move on his part, and it benefits greatly. people rarely talk about other countries human rights violations unless the US is interested in going to war with it, and Burma is the perfect place (politically neutral for an audience) to have John Rambo go up against. The guy that helped write it wrote the screenplay to the Fugitive, so its going to be an interesting film to see. I also think its more of a calculation because in my opinion Sly's a bit embarrased about Rambo III. Why? because basically he's propping up the Muhajadeen in that film, and he decided to go against the grain with John Rambo. Can't wait to see it.
  • Marc Wilson
    Is it true that it comes out in this last rambo installment that the character john rambo is a homosexual? It always seemed that rambo and troutman were secret lovers in the first three movies. Supposedly sam elliott and stallone had a torrid homosexual affair on the set in this latest rambo movie. That john rambo finally comes out of the closet still remains to be seen. I cant wait!
  • I really think that the commenter #234 named Marc "Homosexual" Wilson (before this comment) is really gay, and can't do any other thing in his life but suck dicks! What a loser! Homosexual or gay people don't like Rambo because Rambo does not give a damn shit with them. Gay people suck and that's what they really are. Fuck you Marc "Homosexual" Wilson or whoever you are. Fuck your grandpa too! You disgusting shit!
  • NPI
    This is a great trailer, I can't wait to see the movie. Finally someone is doing movies for men (Rocky VI and Rambo IV). Marc Wilson go fuck yourself because this movies are for men not disgusting homosexuals like you, go rent The Sound of Music and cry like a girl.
  • Hell yeah
    I think John McClane and John Rambo should get together and do sum damage!! How awesome would that be!
  • Lost Rod
    I'm actually looking forward to this film but it gets rediculous how so many foks think people over 50 are basically wheelchair bound. However, I would like to have seen the following premise for the new Rambo film: Rocky Balboa is on a "support the troops" tour of Iraq when his MWR convoy is attacked and he is taken hostage by insurgents intent on execution the Americon icon on a live web broadcast. John Rambo goes into to rescue Rocky ...
  • Fenny
    "...it is in dying, that we awaken to eternal life"... This may be a hint to the final ending of John Rambo. There was rumour that Rocky was going to die in Balboa, but, this time we may actually see the death of a truly great character.
  • Tony
    RESPECT.....Rambo is back, and the trailor looks awsome. No place for the soft values, its Hardcore Actin. Welcome back SLY, we love U....and those U doesnt like it , go watch ur Brokeback Mountain Faggot Shit.
  • J-C
    Rocky is the best movie EVER !!!! I wanna see Rambo team up with Dutch (from predator) that sh*t would be awesome !!!!!! SLY is the fucking man. Fuck these 2000s "We are so sensitive" pussy sh*t . Bring the 70's & 80's back motherfuckers !!!!!!
  • dick
    if i was a homo,Sly would be the man i would worship!
  • sammy
    I love it! Its a bit more violent now and he looks more reserved, calm as if he knows what he's doing. He is a more experienced Rambo in this one. He is not relying on his skills but more on his instincts and experience. It's no secret in the movie that he has aged now, Im sure the script will somehow imply that.. but theres only him who can do the task and he is not happy and at peace with himself because of this... He is a Killing Machine and it is indeed really a lonely life. I just wished that he shed a few more pounds in this movie... becuase he looked rather large. He couldnt get himself bare chested, I guess they are trying to hide his gut. Anyway, Sly will always have his critics and thats not because he is bad actor, but people just want to make fun of him becuase of the invincibility he has ingrained in his image which became a stereotype... But the guy is really talented. Do you people know that he wrote Rocky which actually won an Oscar for Best Picture! He was nominated there for Best Actor too! Burgess Meredith who played his trainer, won best supporting Actor... If he were a clown as some people portray him to be, how do we explain these achievements... Especially the box office, not just in the US but in the World! But people will always criticize the greatness of his work for the sake of criticizing. From the sound of voice, the way he says Adrian, etc, etc. and so forth.. There's two more movies he made that I really like... Over the top and Assasins. I will watch this movie for sure. This is his last installment in the Rambo series and he will retire as an Actor now and turn into Directing. Nevertheless, I think this movie is going to kick ass...
  • russ99
    Trailer looks awesome, but there's one thing missing... no Richard Crenna. Without his (unintentionally) hilarious lines, John Rambo's going to feel a little empty, despite all the excessive violence.
  • nachelas
    se ve muy verga esta movie, el rambo es mi idolo y creo que esta movie va a estar muy cabrona y muy violenta.........vientos RAMBO.
  • sly may be around 50 years old but he certainly isn't past it. should be a good movie
  • Awesome
    haha this is keen as mustard Rambos the hardest bloke out!
  • Mark7
    Today's movies suck! But this looks great! A throwback to when action movies were actually good! Thank you, Mr. Stallone! Leave it to an 80's actor to bring back some good old fashioned 80's action!
  • ben dover
    He should do a Tango & Cash part 2 that movie was great
  • NinjaTech
    Now I can't wait for the Judge Dredd sequal, they can just call it....Dredd!
  • #58, it is going to be rated R unlike other movies and tv shows that should be or should not even be made period with the SMUT they put on tv and movies.....pretty backwards on your words, feel free to move to Canada. good work sly, way to bring your two best characters to a closure in one year! love ya and happy 61st and onward!
  • wow! very nice trailer! i'm going to love this! but i feel sad that some people criticize stallone because he got old. for me, he's still the greatest. better than tom cross, brad pet, orlando broom, johnny deaf and all the gay actors out there. stallone's my idol for life. let's bring back the real action! yo, adrian!
  • why not make a movie - RAMBO vs. James BOND or RAMBO vs. TERMINATOR? just like alien vs. predator or freddie vs. jason. makes sense, i guess. anyways, i still wouldn't watch it.
  • Court jester
    Looks a belter if the trailer is anything to go by. Good work Sly.
  • GB
    Thank god, a good man movie where the chick doesn't save the day and the guy doesn't look stupid. For once (like the good old days) the man saves the day. When shit hits the fan, they call on Rambo. Just like it should be. Can't wait.
  • gbp
    everyone is retarded who has said he punches a guys head off, listen and watch and you hear and see a knife fall from his hands, chaunces
  • GB
    someone wrote a messege about violence getting out of hand and that they are going to move to canada soon, and that this doesn't send a good messege to our kids. well, for 1 it's Rated R, so kids shouldn't be seeing it, 2, how about all the media promoting homsexuality? tv shows, etc, everytime you turn the tv on, there is a gay couple on. I think action films are the least of our worries these days.
  • stallone is still a hundred percent super sex machine. only now that he is powered by viagra.
  • John
    I still say John Rambo takes Chuck Norris,,,,Round kick and all,,,,bring it Chuck,,,Rambo has got ya covered !!!!
  • ahmed
    last rocky is one of the best movie i have seen. hope rambo 4 also will be the best.
  • In my own opinion, I like the part when the americans get tortured. Based on my calculation, somehow they deserve it in real life.
  • I cant wait till I see this movie its like a trip back in time to the eighties where this great man ruled supreme on the silver screen in terms of action movies . I saw Rocky Balboa and it was like a nostalga trip and showed us and younger audiences Stallone at his best where a hardman can yet be vulnerable .I hope he does more movies because I think the cinematic world is sick of action stars looking like male supermodels for example Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt I have almost got all of Sly's movies and I think he is brilliant at action he is like a good old fashioned action star where they are all substance and definetly all style not like his younger counterparts I think the creators of movies should get Sly and Bruce Willis in a movie together and make a good old fashioned action movie like a seventies or eighties themed action thriller I think it would be a box office smash I remember the Rockys and the Rambos they were cinematic icons and people tend to forget Rocky won an award for Best Picture at the academy awards in 1976 which Stallone wrote himself he is not just a star he is a creator as well he also wrote and directed 4 out of the 6 Rocky movies he is the only action star to have 2 iconic movie characters Rocky and Rambo in the cinemas worldwide in the same generation the 80's give us more Sly
  • long live the king of action movies!
  • Mel
    I just got done watching Rambo 3 . I think this is great!!! There will never be another John Rambo so go for ittttttt!!!
  • fcknroach
    whats with the comments about americans need to get tortured? those idiots needed to be tortured for being stupid asses kind of like you. im a fuckin american and proud of it. you pussys need to stop blaming the american people for what the american goverment does. im sick of all you anti american fucks crying about this bullshit, and never saying shit about these arab , islam , fuckin jihad fucks who need to be tortured. shut your mouths ass licks, remmember RAMBO is a fuckin american. As for you anti gun ass wipes crying about kids killing themselves, this aint nazi germany , we can watch all the violence we want so shut your pie hole
  • fcknroach
    whats with the comments about americans need to get tortured? those idiots needed to be tortured for being stupid asses kind of like you. im a fuckin american and proud of it. you pussys need to stop blaming the american people for what the american goverment does. im sick of all you anti american fucks crying about this bullshit, and never saying shit about these arab , islam , fuckin jihad fucks who need to be tortured. shut your mouths ass licks, remmember RAMBO is a fuckin american. As for you anti gun ass wipes crying about kids killing themselves, this aint nazi germany , we can watch all the violence we want ,so shut your pie hole
  • Murshid
    Excuse me if my grammar is poor, I am from Saudi Arabia. America may have faults here and there, mistakes have been made, many unnecessary people have died throughout history. But as it has grown, the US has evolved and progressed. Their democracy has worked. I feel my country has been stuck in the past for many thousands of years. Many countries envy the US for promoting a quality standard of living that many nations only dream of ever achieving. My country suffers from corruption and religious extremism. I know many people who would kill me if I revealed that I am an agnostic, a term I only could learn using the internet. I would be called Heretic. I wish one day I will move to the US and teach my language and culture to a place that I believe will bring all nations together as a world with one name, a world of one race that is humanity. The extremists must be stopped. I like to see Rambo come to my town and shoot people who feel that it is their god given right to rape woman. I want Rambo to kill the evil in this world, but most of all, in my town. I hope the US will bring more troops to the Muslim countries. They bring hope for our future.
  • Mike
    Im a big stallone fan. Plus I am a philly boy and so is stallone so im a big rocky and rambo fan. This move looks freakin crazy in a good way. PHILLY STAND UP!!!!
  • Rambo is a pussy.
  • Nah... another dirty old volkswagen with all flat tires.
  • brilliant bastard
    The film starts with a wide shot zooming in Rambo doing tai-chi. From there he goes to teach some little kids English and, while he's talking to their teacher (a Buddhist monk), he reveals he's a broken man trying to make peace with himself. We begin to sympathize with his character. His old world comes crashing back when some war correspondents hire him for a boat ride and pickup. Things go bad right away as the intrepid journalists are taken prisoner once John heads home. He is also taken prisoner a week later when returning to pick them up. The justified killing starts as he breaks away and, from the sidelines, takes out the black hats one and two at a time, except for the explosions that take out rooms full of generic baddies. All the while he's working toward a bunker where the commander lives with his personal bodyguards, all of whom are martial arts masters. In spite of fatigue and myriad soft tissue injuries, he bests them all and serves up the coup de gras on the commander in a classic John Rambo/Rocky Balboa moment that brings cheers from the audience. But I won't give away any more...
  • grunty
    Hey Murshid, America isn't a democracy and hasn't been for a long time. It's a bipartite dictatorship. The last election shows that electoral power can be easily circumvented and then the actions justified. There are much better role model nations on the planet.
  • Murchid
    I believe that America is far from perfect, but is the most successful country, leading in economic growth and progress. Their greatest strength to me is the division of church and state, where in my country, many decisions are made because of faith or belief in god, and then opposing religions will disagree, and conflict erupts, and it becomes very confusing. Then guns come out and argue with violence. America does more work in other countries then any other powerful nation in the world. Although the motives to achieve economic stability may be for financial gain, that is still a good thing, because from stability comes progress and education. America promotes freedom and democracy while terrorist leader are trying their hardest to spread the chaos of ancient times in our country to every place in the world... this is because they are blinded by a false religion. I am scared as I write these words, fearful of my government somehow tracking my location, though I know it is just paranoia.
  • grunty
    The only reason that the US 'leads in economic growth' is because the US government spends half of their annual tax revenue on the military, to the tune of around 500 BILLION dollars a year, the largest single budget. The current state of the US dollar shows what a house of cards the US economy is. How do they lead in progress ? Socially ? Absolutely not. Culture ? Well, they did give us the Blues. Good job! Perhaps if some small portion of the 'defense' budget went to social programs they would stack up better against, say, Canada or the countries of northern Europe. As for separation of church and state, that's just a much-touted piece of propaganda. One need only look at the current administration to see that. The difference is that it's a more benevolent church than you are used to, Murchid. One nation under whom? God and guns are never a good mix, I agree with you there... The American government's foreign aid level per capita is appallingly low once you exclude military aid. Given this economic leadership you speak of, they should be setting an example for other nations. When they require policy changes by the aided governments to 'earn' help, it's no longer 'aid'. Look at Central America in the 70s and 80s and the Middle East since then. The LAST thing the US government wants is peace in the Middle East because it won't benefit the empire the US is trying to build. Please don't kid yourself into thinking it's out of philanthropic motivation.
  • Murchid
    How would peace ever oppose the building of an empire? I would like to tell you I support this empire you speak of. I see this empire being called Earth. I do not believe America functions solely on philanthropic motivation as I posted before, much of their efforts derive from economic needs and competition. That is not to say that America is without philanthropy. Just about every American I have ever met is overflowing with philanthropic sentiments... I feel genuine desire from Americans to see my part of the world succeed on every level. The Policy changes America requires are based on reason and logic. If my government remains unwilling to step up against extremist factions, growth is stilted, money stops, education stops, and hope is extinguished. America is trying to plant the seeds of economic and social progress in my country, but so many people are too stubborn and bitter to see the obvious good in it. Our failure in this country is driven by ego, religion, and emotion... all of which are irrational. I understand logic. I understand the military is the first step in enforcing the rules that will be required to create a paradigm of economic growth, religious freedom, and woman's rights. I see the divide over this war in the newspapers here, on the internet, and all over the world. This argument that we should be left alone because we have a different culture is drastically flawed. Because something is cultural does not make it right. My cousin was murdered not because our culture is different, it is because our culture is wrong. If text books that teach man is superior to woman are considered my culture, then that is wrong. If it is my culture that demands Jihad, that is wrong. I have read about the American sports player who in trouble for killing dogs and holding dog fights... I am not sure which sport, or his name... but I found interesting the arguments saying, it is this man's culture to have dog fights. It is culture? This means it is good? The basic code of conduct in terms of laying down rules and guideline for how humans should treat one another should not even be considered culture, it should be part of education. Blogs and message boards on the internet always seem to carry a very critical opinion of America’s work in my country. I wish they were more supported.
  • grunty
    "I see this empire being called Earth"...a little rhetorically excessive, but I think I understand your point. By extension then, isn't it contradictory to have any one nation at the head of such an empire ? I was referring to the empire the US is building. It has nothing whatsoever to do with global peace and harmony. If anything, it's the antithesis. There's really not much question who the NAFTA free trade agreements with Canada and Mexico benefit. When Canada had a perceived advantage in terms of their lumber industry (stumpage), what was the US response ? A boycott of Canadian lumber products which was later ruled to be contrary to the agreement, resulting in a settlement in Canada's favour which the US has apparently ignored...What's next, the Mexican auto industry ? I'm afraid you misconstrued my philanthropy comment. At no point in any of my comments have I referred to the American citizenry. I've met people from all over the world and...well...people are people. The fact that the US government doesn't mirror that proves it may be 'by the people' but not 'for the people' and isn't that really the heart of a true democracy ? My position in all this is simply that the US government is no 'knight in shining armor, righting the world's injustices'. If that were the case, they would be in the poorer parts of the African continent rather than the oilfields...but of course genocide is more difficult to resolve than oppressive regimes. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly appreciate your perspective and you have my utmost respect for holding on to what you feel is the right thing, regardless of how anyone else feels about it. That's what made the US a nation in the first place...
  • Murchid
    It seems though that if America was not judged with this preconceived notions of conspiracy, which I find silly, the world would be a better place.
  • grunty
    Conspiracy...how so ? Questioning motives and citing examples of behavior doesn't define a conspiracy. To throw that out 'conspiracy theorists' as an argument is to request that one not question a government whose entire Middle East 'campaign' was based on a lie. No one would take the word of a liar at face value, so why should we believe a government whose entire tenure has been steeped in the deception of, and outright lying to, the public. Remember that, based on deliberately fabricated intelligence, a lot of NON-AMERICAN soldiers have also lost their lives after those forces were committed in good faith. That is undoubtedly one of the most horrific and abhorrent crimes any government can commit; facilitating the deaths of people who erroneously believed they were taking part in something that was based on noble intent. Like everything else in life and nature, the truth is in the middle somewhere - in this case somewhere between the conspiracy theorists and the government's press releases. Neither side is especially credible IMO. The recent release by the CIA of previously classified documents proves that there is some truth to what the hardcore conspiracists have been saying for years. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US government has committed actions in the name of economic and military supremacy rather than global peace and health, and that there exists within the government a willingness to circumvent democratic channels to achieve things, like the election to which I alluded above. No sir, the US government is indeed broken. The government has stated repeatedly its official story that Iraq was providing aid and shelter to the group responsible for the Sept 11 bombings, hence the invasion, right? This was after the WMD search was determined to be fruitless. From what I've read, there's still no evidence of a tie between Hussein and Al Quaeda. Anyway, a year and a half after the Sept 11 incident, the US was back in Iraq to overthrow an 'evil' government. It's also important to remember that this was done unilaterally, WITHOUT the sanction of the UN. As far as I'm concerned, that should automatically negate them from having a voice there, but that's another argument altogether. Now let's look at the aftermath of the attack on the USS Cole almost a year earlier, bearing in mind that it was committed against a warship. Therefore, by the US' own definition it wasn't terrorism. What WAS terrorism, was the subsequent Hellfire attack on a vehicular convoy SUSPECTED to contain one of the people responsible for the attack. This Predator-launched attack was committed IN Yemen on a CIVILIAN vehicle - it doesn't matter if Bin Laden himself was in the vehicle. Ethics and laws have to apply BOTH ways regardless of how inconvenient they may be. Isn't that where your respect for the US comes from ? Consider the case of the Syrian/Canadian Muslim, Maher Arar who was detained (while transiting through the US) for trial as a suspected terrorist. It should be noted that, while holding dual citizenship, he's actually a resident of Canada. That's an important point. Apparently it was determined that he was indeed a member of Al Quaeda. He was then sent to Syria (a country that the US was aware sanctioned inappropriate interrogation techniques) for trial, not sent back to his home country of Canada. After a year's incarceration, he was cleared by the Syrian government and allowed to return to Canada. Both the Canadian and Syrian governments have cleared him of any terrorist links whatsoever. Had Syria tried to extradite him directly from Canada, it likely would have been refused as the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service was aware of the Syrian government's practices, as was recently revealed by the media there. Yet, the US government still hasn't changed their assessment of him. It's also important to remember that this was done unilaterally, WITHOUT the sanction of the UN. As far as I'm concerned, that should automatically negate them from having a voice there, but that's another argument altogether. Looking at all the information that can be confirmed and discounting what can't isn't conspiracy. It's the shortest path to the truth - regardless of how disappointing or embarassing that truth may be. Every example I've quoted is public record, not theory of any kind.
  • grunty
    EDIT: On rereading that, my "Middle East 'campaign'" comment is a little licentious without another lengthy explanation. Please substitute for "Iraq 'campaign'". Man I wish there was some way to preview and/or edit !...
  • brilliant bastard
    It's ok dude, just sound out the big words: A...W...E...S...O....you get the idea little fella?
  • cant wait , huhhh
  • funnyman
    I REALLY HOPE HE GETS LAID IN THIS ONE, HE GOT ROBBED IN THE LAST 2 OF SOME PUTAN,does anyone seen that he just broke half of dozen genva convenctions laws with shooting those guys with a 50 cal?..ha..to bad we could of not used those arabes for taget pratice
  • There's a couple of awesome new photos that hit for Rambo IV today. New article on the front page, head there to check them out: Burly New Batch of Rambo IV Photos - http://www.firstshowing.net/2007/08/21/burly-new-batch-of-rambo-iv-photos/
  • Guerilla Man
    Have you guys that complain about the violence been in a war, i have and it's much much worse A movie that would have the same víolence as in a real war would probably be rated X
  • Guerilla Man
    Have you guys that complain about the violence been in a war, i have and it's much much worse A movie that would have the same gore as in a real war would probably be rated X
  • brilliant bastard
    Jeebus, funnyman, are you still in grade school? Sorry, let me rephrase that so you'll pick it up: "R U stil n SkOoL." First off, i I'm going to die for a word, my word is poontang (Putan , wtf is that?)....quick, where's that from ? Geneva conventions don't apply in 'actions' such as those portrayed in Rambo movies. Shooting combatants with a .50 isn't a contravention anyway... which " half of dozen?"....moron.... Arabes ? Taget ? nuff said, I retract my SkOoL question....
  • brilliant bastard
    pratice ? Well, at least " I really hope he gets laid" was right, even if it was all caps.....friggin' monkey... guerilla whatever, you DO realize that there's no such thing as 'Hollywood combat documentary?' If you'd ever actually seen combat or even live-fire, you would've realized this the first time a fireball was shown as a primary HE explosion...RPGs don't make fireballs, C4 doesn't make fireballs, and it's virtually impossible for the normally-equipped infantryman to make a vehicle burst into a fireball. It simply can't be done with jacketted rounds because copper won't spark on the metal gas tank, diesel won't explode, and newer vehicles have plastic tanks anyway. No ignition source.... Hey, maybe for your 14th Bday, try it in your mom& dad's backyard !!
  • brilliant bastard
    BTW, grunty and Murchid - keep it up!!! I didn't expect intelligence on a Rambo thread...........
  • 556
    Was hoping to see rambo kicks extremist radical muslim azz but oh well... just toooo political at this time even for hollyweird. Great action nonetheless.... RAMBO ON!
    As great as Rocky Balboa is this will be right up there! I cant wait to take my girlfriends Brittney and Marie to the midnight showing, dont tell Tab I don't want her to get jealous. See you on Dickens driver!
  • Cant spell who cares…..
    Dear Long Live Sly, We would love to go see the new Rambo with you. It is our favorite movies of all time. Did we ever tell you that you remind us of Sylvester Stallone. Your so studly! Maybe we can have a Rambo marathon at your house. Cya later, Marie and Brittney
  • Frank S.
    Hm, he's over 60 now isn't he? You can see his face is bloated but that can be due to the 'roids.
  • mad quilter
    Maybe Bruce, Stallone and Arnie could do a movie "Die Hardly: Rambo Commando". Seagull and vanClam could be the villians.....wow, this shit almost writes itself !!!
  • brilliant bastard
    Wow, thanks for proving my point with your insightful thoughts. You actually went to the trouble to type and post #287 ? Thanks for agreeing about my brilliance, even though sometimes it IS burdensome. If you reread my post #279 and sound out the big words (get Mom to help) you'll suddenly discover that I was referring to half a dozen conventions of the Geneva accord, not half a dozen combatants. I was originally going to post "how do you know when you can't even SPELL "Geneva Convention". Just for fun, I googled your spelling of it and guess what ? No hits !! Nada, nuthin' - friggin monkey... "Jeebus" is a blatant rip from Homer Simpson, but I'm guessing your trailer doesn't have cable. I noticed that the only thing you seem to spell correctly with any consistency is curses. I guess you just pretend to have a spray can in your hand ? I think there's some moldy bread in the back of my fridge that's more eloquent.
  • funnyman
    i finally realized something, SPELL CHECK can make anyone {like yourself} look smart, homer he is intelagent compaired to u..ok gump??"
  • brilliant bastard
    Ummm....good for you ? Learning English works even better. How's that Geneva Convention research going ?
  • Some of you "ladies" need to get your panties out of the wad their in. If you can't see the entertainment value in an old school action flick then go rent the "Pianist," and shut the hell up. Don't feel insecure because an actor who is a hollywood icon makes a movie and people want to see it. Yeah, we're all aware of how old he is. Bottom line is - who gives a f#$@!? He could still kick your ass and make it look easy so what's your point? Last I checked, this movie wasn't being advertised as a documentary. The people in the entertainment industry make movies for just that; entertainment. If your primary interest is in the true blast potential of C-4, the penetration capability of any given FMJ bullet or whether or not every action sequence is feasable and within the parameters of current UN treaty then watch the history channel or CNN and stay out of the theatre where people have paid $8 to escape for 2 hours. Yes, vehicles explode and 100 to 1 odds are do-able in the movies; what f#$!ing rock have you been hiding under that you didn't know that?! John Rambo looks to have everything a summer action blockbuster could ask for and any guy worth his testosterone would agree. But that's just one girls opinion... :)
  • brilliant bastard
    funnyman, it's a word's selection and not its spelling that makes one literate. Spelling simply implies familiarity with the language. At least now you know why you're posts are entirely underlined.... Cate, I love your fight ! Where's the entertainment in seeing a movie full of gasoline exploding ? Hollywood movies are eye candy and nothing more, intended to stimulate the baser parts of the brain. Realistic explosions would make them part of the story, not the other way around. How about movies with some acting and some story to go with the adrenaline ? Hostel ? Layer Cake ? Ronin ? 28 Days ? Hell, even Raiders and BladeRunner were interesting to watch. A 1 1/2 hour fireball with a soundtrack of grunts, yells and machine gun fire ? When you can write the plot on a matchbook ? Having bad guys standing around so they can get shot or blown up ? I don't really care about the violence, but it's just dumb and boring and that's what people paying for. What does that say about people, or should I say sheeple ? Personally, I like some potatoes and veggies with my steak....
  • Stan
    -the story we have seen a thousand times, at least it is uber-violent...too bad it is in indochina, WHY DOES HE STILL HAVE A MULLET AND HEADBAND??? Give him a normal military haircut, why not give him grey hair??? They should have set it in the middle east and shot the film like Saving Private Ryan...this looks really cheesy, which is unfortuante because First Blood was a great film.....I CAN"T BELIEVE NOBODY TOLD HIM HE LOOKS LIKE A RETARDED TROLL WITH THAT MULLET....nobody told thim that this genre is dead for a reason, it died when John McClaine was born, a real man in extraordinary circumstances,(bloody feet, hysterical, but a bad-ass, a real man)....Die Hard was riveting for this reason....as soon as these characters become like cyborgs I lose interest.. oh well I'm sure a lot of people will enojoy the movie anyways..
  • Gman
    Many of you are missing an important aspect of this film which Stallone should receive full credit for. He is making the public aware of a war of genocide waged by the SPDC military junta of Burma for over five decades, and that the majority of the aid workers active in the region are either Christian missionaries, or Vietnam era ex-military volunteers. How many of you took one minute to Google "Burma army atrocities". Now use the same search phrase at any of the World media websites and you will have almost no news at all! There are not many who are willing to make cross border missions to help the Internlly Displaced non-Burman ethnicities, but there are those who not only make those trips, but they help train indigenous teams of medics with bible study backgrounds to bring spiritual aid, medicine, food, clothing, and materials for making simple shelters in the deep jungle hide sites. Some of you need to learn to get out of the theater once in a while, and learn about some of the World's sore spots that your beloved media refuses to acknowledge. The SPDC government in Burma uses destruction of villages, forced labor, forced relocation, rape as a weapon, seizure and denial of food, murder and torture as standard operating procedures. There are a hundreds of thousands of externally displaced refugees in Thailand, and hundreds of thousands more internally displaced refugees either living in concentration camps where they are used as slaves and beasts of burden, or living in deep jungle hide sites eating leaves and bugs and watching their children and old folks die of simple curable diseases like diarreah. Stallone makes a powerful social statement here about how the genocide in Burma is being sanctioned by the World media by virtue of not making the atrocities committed by The Burma Army on behalf of the SPDC junta front, middle, or even last page news. On behalf of those who do care about what's happening (Right Now) in Burma, Thank You Mr. Stallone. Gman
  • brilliant bastard
    Gman, I agree that civilians who put themselves in harm's way for humanitarian reasons are greater heroes than all the world's soldiers put together. Unfortunately, I disagree with you about this film because his films don't have a history of humanitarian messages. In fact, to suggest otherwise in most crowds is seen as a joke. It does make me wonder how you know that this is his personal statement against the junta's actions. I think this will do more harm than good by trivializing it. Was Rambo 2 made to highlight the plight of potential MIA's still in Vietnam, or an attempt to cash in on the previous year's hit "Missing in Action".... Do you credit Rambo3 with making the Soviets pull out of Afghanistan ? Never mind policing reforms from the first film.... Nobody will research Burma as a result of this 'film'. Sorry, dude - if you're looking for a message, he's cashed his check and gone home....
  • Gman
    I'll stand by what I said. Some of you need to open your eyes and stop judging the World by what you see in the theater. Look at what you wrote, you should change your handle to cynical bastard. When I heard about Rambo IV, I was in the home of a family in Thailand who are Burmese immigrants. That is a nice way of saying the husband and wife in their late 50's had been chased from their homes several times each before they met in their late 20's, and several times more before they ended up in Thailand. A friend of theirs, also a refugee from Burma, came over excited with the news that there was a new Rambo movie being made about the horrors in Burma. They were all about as happy as if they had won the World Series, just to know that someone might learn by any means about the atrocities being committed by the Burmese government against their citizens. There is no movie theater, liberal, cynical B.S. that you are going to hand me that will change the hope that these people were given just because of the making of this movie. Think about it "Dude",..... a freakin' army attacking your neighborhood with mortars and automatic rifles,.... then going in and looting your house before burning it to the ground..... Seeing your next door neighbor's bullet riddled body laying in his driveway..... Unarmed people scrambling for safety..... In the meantime, the army goes around and destroys all of the supermarkets so that you won't be able to find any food..... And then, just in case you think you might sneak back to salvage clothing, food, or something to carry water in, you find out that they have placed landmines in your neighborhood by having your leg get blown off by stepping on one. And oh...by the way "Dude", the attack won't be mentioned on the news....like it did'nt happen. You ought to be ashamed, and you ought to go learn more, and you may just find that this movie is a case of art imitating life. You can laugh at what I'm saying and go see the new Die Hard movie, or you can go online like I said above and learn what is going on and then ask the question why a brilliant bastard such as yourself did not know that while you eat your buttered popcorn and jujubees in air conditioned comfort, the Burma army is burning someone's grandparents alive in their hut....and their won't be any fat liberal directors to say cut to stop the action. Don't you get it? Please, the rest of you with a few brain cells left, Google "Burma Army Atrocities", read for a lousy half hour, and then ask a friend to do the same. Then ask yourselves, no matter what your age is, how something like this could be happening continuously all of your life and you have never read about it in the newspapers, or seen anything on CNN, FOX, etc. As for nobody researching Burma because of this film, you are wrong from the get-go.... Stallone researched Burma because of this film, and God Bless him for bringing hope to the hopeless. Enjoy the popcorn Sincerely Gman
  • brilliant bastard
    Hang on a sec. After rereading my post following yours, I would have taken me to task for it as well. I absolutely did NOT mean to belittle the situation in which this movie is set, only to say that this movie won't affect anything. IMO, the first loyalty of any armed force is to the protection and support of the unarmed populace. A regime that uses its arms on its populace is inherently corrupt, end of story. Ghosts of Rwanda Hotel Rwanda Last King of Scotland These are some great films with a message, but the new Rambo film will make more money than all three combined. Any one of them is more enlightening than than all of the Rambo films added together. That incongruity is why this film will do little to help Burma's citizens, short of an initial shot of cash. Like all of the Rambo films, this was a "war-torn (jungle) locale" and the nations politics had little to do with it. When permits were purchased for filming, I doubt the citizens ever saw any of that money. The extras could be hired cheaply and had a secure place to stay during filming. Stallone doesn't have much humanitarianism in his resume, so why would that change now ? I would love it if this HAD been used as a platform for public awareness, but I don't see Stallone having that much credibility. He punches people and blow sh*t up. Look at his career.... And noob, thanks for that eloquent "me too". You are a poet unsung.
  • Gman
    Somehow, I am not at all surprized that you re-read your post, perhaps you should have re-read mine. As a humanitarian aid worker who has worked with the refugees from Burma, I can assure you that you did belittle the situation in which this movie is set, which therefore should give no educated, caring individual any inclination to believe you have the mental capacity to judge that the movie will not affect anything. I think you are basing your opinion on "your" incapability to be affected. Even though that seems to be your completely uneducated guess, probably based on what a movie reviewer said in the Hollywood Sun, which was based on an equally uneducated guess, based on the movies he/ she watched or not, and regardless of my telling you quite clearly in no uncertain terms that it has already had a great effect, on a great many people. You are still looking at the cold hards facts of life based on movies. You are still trying to look at life based on money. You are still trying to be the judge of what Stallone was or was not thinking when he decided to make this movie. And I still could care less about your opinion which has obviously been formed and programmed by liberal thinking Hollywood executives that have taught you to judge and think by those terms. It is public knowledge that Stallone did his homework, and that he went to people who would know, and asked them what was the worst regime of persecution on the planet where the government commits horrible ongoing atrocities against their population, which go mostly unreported. As someone who is educated, does know, and does care, Stallone's decision to make the movie about Burma was the biggest single media contribution to the World finally knowing the truth about what is going on in Burma. And what is your obsession with whether the films you mentioned made money? I certainly hope that the idea of producing those movies had something to do with telling the story of what happened. The fact of whether Stallone makes a lot of money on Rambo IV, has no impact on anything that matters to the Burmese refugees. The fact that the World stops for even a moment to say "Why Burma?", matters a lot. Take some time off. Worry about others who face tragedy daily. You may find that there is more to you than just being cynical, arrogant, and uneducated. Get out once in a while, and learn about the real World, do some homework before you spout assinine statements that impress people with how little you know about the real World. The attack scenario I outlined above was the candy coated version, I left out the parts about what the Burma army does with your Mother, your Wife, your Sister, and your Daughter, while they make you watch, and bang on your stump with a rifle butt. Enjoy the Bon Bon's Gman
  • Cheney !
    hee hee hee BREAKING NEWS....Arnie is getting jealous....and is making a Commando sequel....hee...hee...hee
  • Razor Ronnie
    I am sure this movie wont encourage violent behaviour on the streets or the playgrounds. When are we going to learn? If you want to turn the streets into a bigger bloodbath then they alreadya re then keep churning out trash like this.
  • Gman
    That is a mighty judgemental statement to make based on just the trailer. Your cynical, passive agressive statement makes it sound like you are OK with gangs taking over your neighborhood by force, stealing, raping, and killing as they see fit for their gang's agenda, giving your kids one choice, join them or die. And if the police or someone else tries to stop them from doing that, they are going to make things worse. Last I checked, this film has to do with Christian aid workers traveling into Burma, to bring aid to unarmed people who have been attacked by a real army, as in machine guns, mortars and landmines. For whatever reason, these Christian aid workers are captured by that army, and Rambo is asked to try to free them. Did you ever stop to think that this movie might inspire someone to have the guts to stand up and say that half a century is enough time for unarmed people to have to suffer at the hands of a brutal dictatorship? You asked the right question though. When are we going to learn? You are going to learn when you put aside your liberal agenda, and get involved with helping the oppressed, instead of supporting the oppressors with your misguided remarks. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke) If this was one of the many movies about gangs fighting it out for rights to stand on a corner selling crack to your kids, I can see your comments as making some remote sense. Although just like the Christian aid workers in Rambo IV, you could have gotten involved in your community, even if it meant risking your own life to do so. If this was the case, I doubt you would have a problem with anyone who had the guts to join your cause at the risk of his own life. I'll say for the record that yeah, Rambo is being Rambo, and he is Rambo-ing one of the worst armies in modern history as regards human rights violations. But the rest of it, what you see happening to unarmed civilians, is not far from the reality. Men, women, children of any age, grandmothers and grandfathers, are slaves, beasts of burden, and target practice for the Burma Army. Yes, your comments are misguided, they should be directed to the liberal media who fails to report the human rights offenses in Burma which are nightmarish beyond your comprehension, and have gone on for decades. You obviously have Internet capability, just in case you think I am stretching the truth, Google "Burma Army Attrocities". Or to learn about the real Christian heroes who train indigenous teams from Burma to provide food, clothing and medical aid to the internally displaced refugees who have been attacked and made homeless by the Burma army, visit : http://www.freeburmarangers.org . An education is a terrible thing to waste, or to refuse. Gman
  • Razor Ronnie
    Gman you are a prat. You confuse this garbage with political reality. Burmas problems will be solved politically and by international pressure not by terrorism. Jaw Jaw instead of war war. Grow up son.
  • Gman
    Razor Ronnie, you must be another moviehouse politician. This "garbage" you have accused me of being confused with, "is" political reality in Burma. Only it is the army Rambo-ing unarmed civilians. As for Burma's problems being solved politically, and by international pressure....bring it on, it's only been over half a century now. And as far as your idiotic remark about terrorism, that "is" the policy by which the Burma government controls it's people. I'll say it real slow for you this time. Before there will be any political pressure, people have to know there is a problem. Your liberal World media fails to report on Burma's policies of terrorism such as: Atrocities against civilians Starvation of the population while rice rots in the fields guarded by snipers Forced relocation Forced labor Rape as a weapon Confiscation of land and crops Political prisons Denial of education to children Denial of medical attention Destruction of villages Murder Torture Just to name a few.....go unreported. If this movie makes people stop and say "Why Burma", that is the first step. Although, for people like you, who refuse to be moved by the suffering of others, it will have no meaning. As for your "Jaw Jaw instead of War War. Grow up son" comment, thats really a sweet thought. It's too bad that while we wait for the Jaw Jaw part to begin, the Burma Army is carrying out the War War part, and many people's sons will never have the opportunity to grow up. But probably instead of writing to ask your congressman what he is doing about the genocide in Burma, you will probably continue to babble on with more glib remarks you heard from a CNN commentator. People like you are part of the problem in Burma. Publicity about the regime by any means is part of the solution in Burma. Gman
  • Razor-Ronnie
    Gman your still a prat. Anyone linking Rambo to Burma must be a nutter. You are the weakest link goodbye.
  • brilliant bastard
    Actually Gman, Razor Ronnie's jaw-jaw comment was a quote from Churchill, not some 'CNN announcer' and, since you seem to like to quote, here's another Churchill, "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. " Really, I can write an entire post in quotations and by attacking others about perceived political leanings as well, but it's not constructive... Had you been following the news ('liberal world media', no less !), you'd surely know that the issues in Burma are on the UN's current agenda. Surely that qualifies as 'jaw-jaw' ? No, IMO this film is only going to muddy the issue. I do find it interesting that it's clearly-defined Christian aid workers as the oppressed by a military regime, but apparently no mention of the Buddhist majority. THOSE are the clear lines that Hollywood likes. What did 'Black Hawk Down' do for Somalia ? 'Three Kings' for ME refugees ? How and why would this be any different ? Unfortunately, I don't see any way to convince you that, while admirable, your passion may be a little too focussed for rational debate. This "machine-gun messiah" will only add to the problem. Like Ronnie said, the solution is diplomatic. Spouting a river of outrage and tears won't change anything. A year after the film's release, the lack of public involvement in these issues will reveal the sad truth to you: the public is more concerned about fuel prices and having to save more for a house following the changes in the subprime mortgage market. This genre just isn't an effective political vehicle. Period. I will be happy to resume this with you after the film's effects have been seen but, until then, your blind idealism prevents rational discussion with you. A shame really, because you made some good points...
  • Gman
    Razor-Ronnie Considering that the movie is set in Burma, and it features Rambo, I thought that would be a no-brainer even for someone without a brain. You are pathetic and incapable of coherent conversation. You are excused from further embarrassment. Gman
  • Gman
    Mr. Bastard, Nice to see you've done some homework, unfortunately, you did'nt learn anything. ********************************************************************************** "Actually Gman, Razor Ronnie's jaw-jaw comment was a quote from Churchill, not some 'CNN announcer’ and, since you seem to like to quote, here's another Churchill, “A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. " Really, I can write an entire post in quotations and by attacking others about perceived political leanings as well, but it's not constructive…" ********************************************************************************** The only quote I have made in all of my posts was one that any caring person should be able to apply to the situations I was describing, along with their hopes, actions and prayers. And, I attributed it to the man who said it. The fact that you attribute the "Jaw Jaw" statement to Winston Churchill, does not mean that it makes any sense in the context of discussing a brutal regime which has been allowed to continue it's genocidal policies for over half a century. Too quote another statesman "A regime that uses its arms on its populace is inherently corrupt, end of story." (brilliant bastard) But, why did the story go on? At the peril of untold thousands of Burmese citizens, you seem only to cling to your fanatical right to assure me that this film will not succeed in bringing the problem to the attention of the World in any way. And I am sooo impressed with the part about the UN, if you are able to describe the actions they have taken on behalf of the Burmese ethnic groups as well as the (imprisoned) Burman Democracy advocates, please enlighten us as to what they were. After that, you go back to babbling about what you saw in the movies again. ********************************************************************************* And then: "Unfortunately, I don't see any way to convince you that, while admirable, your passion may be a little too focussed for rational debate. This “machine-gun messiah" will only add to the problem. Like Ronnie said, the solution is diplomatic. Spouting a river of outrage and tears won't change anything." ********************************************************************************* You are right about that, I am focused on saving lives in the region and long before I found out about Rambo IV, after spending months anylizing the politics in the region, the inadequacy of the UN, and the failure of the media to do their job and report, I had decided that without publicity...there is no hope. And what are you focused on, cynicism? Pessimism? And WTF are you talking about diplomacy for the captured Christian missionaries? It's a freakin' movie! I'm talking about real people being attacked by a real army, and "Jaw Jaw" just is'nt having the same impact at ground level as the Burma Army mortars. Your problem is you keep flip-flopping between reality, and Hollywood. That, is why this conversation will continue to go nowhere. I know you desperately want to somehow make sense here, but it's not happening. I think you have eloquently expressed your deep desire that nothing about this movie will aid the Burmese refugees in any way....you should be proud....yeah "PROUD BASTARD". Keep up the great work, and pray every day that you will be right and I will be wrong. Tell you what, as a peace offering I would be honored to send you as many high resolution photos as you would like of (real) corpses rotting in the jungle with their hands tied behind their backs to commemorate your intellectual victory over Rambo IV. Yep, you are just way too intellectual for me. I'll give you one more quote, since you will be dissappointed without the proper quota of quotage. "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of one of these brothers of mine, You did for Me" (J.C.) Let me know about the photos I'll hook you up "Dude" Yours fanatically Gman
  • Razor Ronnie
    Having looked at the issues I have to say I fully support the Burmese government. Clearly they are under a lot of pressure from peasants like you and frankly they shoudl be firmer with the population. I would suggest the introduction of the gas chambers would quickly resolve the problem.
  • Gman
    Razor Ronnie, May God bless you and protect you and your loved ones from evil. Gman
  • Gman
    Brilliant Bastard, I apologize for the remark about the photos. It was over the top. I've said what needed to be said in these posts. Real life is different from the movies. May the Lord guide and protect you. Gman
  • Gman
    Yes, I'm sure you're right. God bless you too isidro. Gman
  • Razor Ronnie
    And god bless tiny tim...I am sure he watches violent rambo movies with uncle scrooge. Gman thanks for offering my family the protection of the lord but frankly I prefer to do it myself. God can be a bit unreliable at times...........
  • sammy
    i cant believe i reading alot of negative wrighting here on the rambo 4 movie,it clearly shows a good old fashion action film with a good old action star in it like sly,when was the last time at the cinema you actually watched a great all out action film with brill scenes like that on rambo 4,i watched it on http://www.youtube.com and i cant f-----g wait to be honest.bring on sly next film.anybody who slags this film off and has not seen it,dont bloody go to cinema then and stay home and play with ya self over some crap porn i bet you got in ya house,get a life and enjoy,its only acting ,its not reall,if you want to moan and slag about somethin,go to ya gordon brown and lower taxes.moan about something usefull.
  • Gabriel
    Hello people! wake the f*** up! this is a mans movie! not for girly girls,women who are anti-violence,nor broke back men who complain.This is an all out blood & guts action movie! but hey i cant speak for those liberals on here who think about sooo many things wrong with this movie,that it takes them from their pathetic lives which they cannot control anyways.Rambo goes in there and kicks ass! dont you remember the other films? I dont think he went in there to have a tea party to discuss vioelnce and gore over tea and crumpets like most of you.THIS IS FICTION ,PEOPLE!! not to be thought over like seeing if your gay boyfriend wants a panty party with your brother and dad.you people think too much and act too little.Grow up!!
  • jj
    I can't wait for it to come out. If its to gruesome don't Go and everyone stop complaining.
  • Frank
    "They drew first blood not me."
  • shhh
    I think it looks good, well as good as any of the other shit thats been comin out, i grew up on stallone movies though so i like em and i find the people that get on here and bag him and his movies out funny, if u dont like em why are u here, us fans of stallone and his movies dont care what u think, and to the ones that say he's old and tryin to make a comeback, good on him what have u done.
  • dan
    normal night out in swindon cant wait till it comes out stallone you are a legend
  • Action Man
    I have watched all 3 series of First Blood movie on DVD last night when i read somthing about the 4th movie about to come out next year on the magazine some time before. I love to look forward to it and watching Rambo keep kicking some ass....!! see u next year my dear friend - John Rambo
  • SS2GOhan
    WOW, Deep conversation over the Rambo 4!!!!!! This movie is going to be a hit. We need action films that are just fun. Not preaching to us or giving us issues to think about. That is what the news, schools and your family are for. I just want to see Rambo kicking all type of a** and taking names. See you at the movies...
  • pistoff christoff
    man, i hope this movie doesn't cut the violence, the character John Rambo just isn't the family type of guy. To those who aren't into the genre, go watch some disney cartoons or some romantic comedies. this is testosterone time here! I like to be entertained, and to me this movie looks like it'll be a lot of fun to watch and talk about after. Good job sly!
  • Dave M
    Damn.............. Damn.... Damn that looks good..
  • Darrell
    Wow, this one looks like it might be worth watching (unlike the last two of the series). BTW, for those of you who think that Sly can't act, apparently you haven't seen the original First Blood. That scene at the end (when he breaks down crying) was some damn good acting. And for all you pansies who are bitching about the level of violence: if you don't like it, don't watch it! Why would you waste your time bitching about it? I don't bitch about your gay-ass Bette Midler movies; I just ignore them. You should try to do the same...
  • jawa hater
    all you anti america commies can get fucked. Keep talking stupid out of your pie hole and john rambo will be coming for you.
  • Bill-Bo-Baggenz
    Holy fucking shit I can't believe this. I don't give a shit what anyone sez Sly is the man and finally there doing shit the right way All these assholes are making movies PG to make millions off the kids--- but what there left with is a pile of crap movie If you make it real, and reality is brutal and sick -- You can make a film that will not only be great, but live forever!!!!! I cant wait to see this movie. Its really great when filmakers realize that the real fans of thee original movie have grown up and need something with alot more edge. And if anyone is listening out there, the best movies are emotionally compelling. And for me a Guy, There no beter way to compel me than with the brutal and harsh reality that society usually hides from everyone. Example....Braveheart
  • John Wayne
    Stallone is a poof I am the only real All amercian action hero. And I made more films then Stallone
  • ATIK
    RAMBO is the one and only person on Earth can show the reality in side the Drik or vision. I have no doubt about his RAMBO 4 and its going to kick some top ten movie ass in HOLLYWOOD. His action and his action point of view Is to coooooooool, I love the way he use the arrow against the psychotic killer. And absolutely RAMBO is the killing machine against the people who kill without any kind of reason. Best of luck SLY (I LOVE THE LINE OF ATTACK YOU ACT.) ATIK FROM BANGLADESH CELL +88 02 01552427521 Email: atiq1973@yahoo.com
  • ATIK
    RAMBO is the one and only person on Earth can show the reality in side the Drik or vision. I have no doubt about his RAMBO 4 and its going to kick some top ten movie ass in HOLLYWOOD. His action and his action point of view Is too coooooooool, I love the way he use the arrow against the psychotic killer. And absolutely RAMBO is the killing machine against the people who kill without any kind of reason. Best of luck SLY (I LOVE THE LINE OF ATTACK YOU ACT.) ATIK FROM BANGLADESH CELL +88 02 01552427521 Email: atiq1973@yahoo.com
  • Razor Ronnie
    His action and his action point of view is so cooooooooooool Atik you are a complete cretin. Back to serving your pints of Cobra with the curry you paki idiot.
  • That was one of the sweetest movies yet. Slys still got it.
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  • Luke
    It looks pretty sweet to me. And look all you skeptics out there. If you didn't like Stallone in his younger prime days then you're not going to like him now. So accept it and move on and let the rest of us Stallone fans have our favorite soldier back for 90 more minutes.
  • Chris
    Simply Awesome. I can't wait!! Only one thing missing and it's that original Goldsmith music. See youtube.com for the 1+2 official trailer with the "goldsmith" original track. This is incredible and the feeling you get watching these same trailers with the original music inserted into the clips by a fan is 10x as good. Don't be afraid to bring back the Rambo soundtrack !!
  • Chris
    Here is the link to the fan-made trailer. If you're anticipating this movie, you have to watch this trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlMhB7ys-K4
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  • #46 deserves a screwball award for suggesting CHUCK NORRIS as Rambo. What the fuck?!
  • axeman
    RAMBO , them explosive arrows rule !
  • YES it is definitely Payback time! He is the original one man Army Special forces!!! Killing machine John Rambo!! I wish they had added some special gadgets like James bond for the modern world but he seems to do fine chopping people up FOr FREEDOM .Godbless America And John Rambo.. FREEDOM!
  • sonny
    rambo is gonna fuck people left right and center in this film,not just on screen but off screen too,i remember when blood 2 came out and the newspapers were going ape shit over the violence,i cant wait till they see this ass kicking fucker comes out in december time,remember you negative fucks out there,its only a movie,sly is very intelligent to have wrote all the rocky films and alot of others too.give the guy a break,he is 60 yrs of age and looks good for it too.does not take drugs like like most people do years ago,he is a health freak which is good,not bad by the way what ever way you look at life,he likes the action scene ,and cannot fucking wait for rambo 4,who the fuck sid put chuck fucking norris as rambo,wat a fucking big fucked up plebb who ever you are,why dont we just get fucking danny de vito to play him ya sad bastard,go back to ya playstation toss bag hahahaha
  • Marcelo Figueroa
    estoy impaciente por ver la nueva pelicula de Stallone . Creo q no es mas violenta sino q se aggiornò a lo q actualmente se ve . Por el trailer creo q està en su mejor momento para despedirse del personaje como debe ser , por la puerta grande . Si bien sè q es algo propagandistico y q los buenos son siempre los mismos creo q no hay q analizarla desde el punto de vista de politica internacional ya q esta cambia muy a menudo sino q hay q erla con los ojos del espectador avido de ver una buena pelicula de accion . Tiros, explosiones, etc. Tengo muchas ganas de ver nuevamente a John Rambo en lo q mejor sabe hacer . Saludos desde Buenos Aires - Argentina.
  • casper
    holy shit this looks good, rely on me among the audience.....
  • Chris
    all you people leaving comments are a bunch of dorks, get a life losers!
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  • Tony Donut
    I still think he should have been the Punisher. Of course that movie needed a better script, director, budget, etc...
  • roger chattaeu
    Trailer looks pretty interesting. I think Sly should have dropped about 20lbs and should NOT be clean shaven. He should at least have a 5 oclock shadow. The story line looks interesting and deems to be action packed. I am definately going to see it!!
  • John
    That look sweet but when is it coming out?
  • marcus
    i like this movie whitin violence but rambo is un guerrillero long live terrorisem and rambo
  • Adam
    That Movie looks fucking crazy
  • Thanks for this. I am a long time Rambo fan. This is the best news of 2007 :) I'm just waiting 4 this one
  • mark
    I've been a huge fan of sylvester stallone's since my childhood, he is definately back on top form and this looks like it is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride of a movie. I just can't wait.
  • Ramo
    The BEST action packed Rambo movie is here, 😀
  • Steve Carlsburg
    This is going to be the best action movie to come out since the 1991 release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  • Carl Stevenson
    Comments 17 and 44 are two of the stupidest things I have ever read, but me reading back that far really don't speak wonders about me either.
  • ghost
    that looks awsum im a rambo fan ive got all 3 on dvd and this i gotta see......
  • I love Sylvester so much that I want him to marry my daughter evenif he could be my father -he's a little bit old, but anyway still sexi!-.
  • This movie looks just plain AWESOME! I liked the first three, but this one looks like it will blow them all away! Sure, Stallone is older, but he still has it going on from what I can see in this preview! I thought Rocky Balboa was the best of all the Rocky movies. It looks like this will be the best of the Rambo series! Personally, I'll be in line on opening night!
  • Joseph Eshelman
    THIS MOVIE LOOKS BETTER THAN TERMINATOR 2 AND BOOBTOWN 2 COMBINED!!!!!!!! Rocky was good and this looks AMAZING!!!! Sly, don't get down cuzza fag critics, just keep these movies coming and I'll be a fan FOREVER!!!!!!!
  • Jacko
    First of all, this movie is going to be amazing. And whats this, "He's hurting for money"?? Are you joking? Rocky Balboa grossed like 178 million dollars or some shit like that, and Stallone being the writer, director, and main star gets a huge chunk of that. I seriously doubt he is lacking cash, I'm pretty sure he just wanted to make a badass RAMBO movie that will make you cream your pants!
    Fuck you John Doe#33. Low IQ my ass. I love all the Rockys and the Rambos and Im pre-med at Yale. John Doe, suitable name, thats what we call our cadavers here and as for me..."I'd take pleasure in cuttin you...boy." And as for the rest of you pussy ass little bitches that are complaining, go see the remake of Swiss Family Robinson or some disney movie but dont complain about Rambo just cause Stallone portrays the bad ass all you nancy boys wish you could be. And John Doe, I hope you die of gonnorhea and rot in hell.
  • just wondering
    You'd think a pre-med would spell gonorrhea correctly.....
  • Gromit
    Didn't see a whole lot of people mentioning it, and it seems like not a whole lot know... So I thought I'd just put out there that aside from directing the latest Rocky and Rambo movies, Sly Stallone Also directed rocky II, III, & IV. Not to mention having written all of the rockys and the majority of the rambo movies.
  • Peter Zombie
    Wow I think this film is going to be great for all who love classic action movies. Rambo is the ideal tuff bad "A" and when he rips someones throat out before rapeing a girl...he has my vote. Sly is the man no matter what people say. GO GET 'EM RAMBO!!! peter co.
  • Dan
    Wow! what's next. Top Gun 2? 😉
  • Bill
    Stallone is back! Rambo IV "To Hell And Back" looks like it's going to kick butt. No-one makes as great of action films as Stallone. We really needed Rocky and Rambo in the last year, especially after the bad action films that have been out in the last few years now. Bond (with Daniel Craig) is DEAD, but long live Rambo!
  • kiembeni
    thats was Bleeping AWESOME!!! I wasnt breathing the whole time!! Welcome back Rambo!!
  • Gan
    THAT'S WHAT ACTION IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE!!!! Can't beat the classics!
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  • baad ass
    finally, a real action movie with a baad ass action hero for real action fans. the current cinderella action stars should take some notes
  • Cryogenix
    I was a teen of the 80's and was a huge Rambo and Rocky fan, and even I have no interest in seeing this over-the-hill, over-pumped, actor do this kind of work. He looks pathetic and foolish, plain and simple. In looking at the three trailiers for R4 (nothing but big explosions, it seems), this next installment looks lamer than Balboa (which I never paid to see)... Stallone...give it a rest, already. Your time has already come and gone. Quit making yourself look retarded. You can't pull off this kind of stuff anymore. You don't look tough, cut and pissed anymore, you look lumpy, tired and ready for the grave. Thanks for everything before the last two franchise installments, though. Very great stuff! You used to kick ass... Now you're just stepping on your own sagging ass.
  • braddock
    i watch the trailers. i did not see much good in them. because of his age stallone does not have the same ability for facial expressions as when he was young so he does not look believable. his skin is not tight anymore and he appears very old. i think copland was his biggest mistake because he put on so much weight, and for that age the skin does not rebound well once being stretched that much for that long. actors should not sacrifice their health [put on weight for example] to play a role. when you are young you can bounce back quickly. but when you are old it is very harder. anyway...i do not plan to see this new rambo film. x-men replaced rambo and rocky. they rang in a new era of action heros of the future. rambo is too dated.
  • Henry
    Being a (U.S.M.C) combat warrior myself, I welcome the break from actual combat and rather relish seeing someone acting out our daily affairs over seas on the big screen. This a good pause from reality, Atta-boy Sly. Some believed your career was dead, Damn, what a come back. Great clip!!! I feel sorry for those who refuse to go see this movie believing that sly is to old and Rambo is dead. fools, I'll just say it now, in your face.....
  • Sylvester Stallone still got it. He sure can kicks ass.
  • moore guns-a-blazin
    That looks like a bad-ass flick,-- count me in as a new "RAMBO" fan!!
  • Greg
    Everybody should just quit crying about it. Christ, if you don't like it, don't go see it! Funny how Sly can still kick ass and make a good movie(Rocky Balboa was the best one of the series) and he's over 60 years old. The rest of you crybabies are washed up after 35 years and 3 kids. And you don't even work in Hollywood or the movies. Let Sly embarrass himself if thats what it comes down to. Us men want to see him kill people!!
  • Mine
    Rambo is spelt with a B you know
  • Greg
    Hey Mine, spelt is actually a grain, I think you meant "spelled", right?
  • Rose Stallone
    I made a Huge mistake of seeing other comments posted...Didn't anyone learn to keep their fricken mouth shut if you cant say something worthwhile? I love the action and will see it as much as possible. Dedicated Sly fan and will always be. To all you haters...go out and read his biography...learn the REAL story... learn to appreciate and get a life instead of fake boobs... Plastic surgery for a face lift to satisfy you because you dont want to see someone age is so elementary -You dont deserve to see the trailer! Go Rambo!! wish you could take out a few for me !! LOL
  • Slurp
    Hell yeah! Johnny gets an injection of classic-Chiba-esque Street Fighter whoop-ass! Gotta love it! I hope this puppy is X-Rated for Violence! Just like it should be. GLTY, Stallone!
  • Gregslurp
    Hey, Greg, "spelt" is past-tense of "spell." But, hey, thanks for the lame attempt at being an English teacher. Just like "meant" is past-tense of "mean," in your post. GLTY!
  • NotanEnglishTeacher
    Hey Greg - you are incorrect. "Spelt" is the UK English version of the US English word - "spelled". The two spellings are correct and used in the appropriate context. It is a common cause of confusion between the Brits ad the Yanks. I love them both!!!
  • NotanEnglishTeacher
    "Spelt" is the UK English version of the US English word - "spelled". The two spellings are correct and used in the appropriate context. It is a common cause of confusion between the Brits ad the Yanks. I love them both!!!
  • NotanEnglishTeacherSlurp
    Hey, NotanEnglishTeacher, rock on, bro! GLTY! I love everyone, too! :) Love those English birds!!!
  • RockOnSlurp
    Hey, Stallone, GLTY!
  • remo
    Well first it not about money it about a guy finishing something Before he does die one day I have the first book still got it Man! Does that book have a Lot of killing in it? And that what he does Rambo he is good at it As for him being too old? To play the part The people who say that kind of thing Have not live in out of the way places and had to find food not just go to the shops Other wise they know old men can be just as hard as this The young think it just like there x boxes You have to be 20 and bin to the gym With lots of guns and just blast away And the older guys who say he past it Have never had to fight for there life they just had to look at there TV to feel like they know every thing All you are is sad because some one Still Has fire for life but you don’t Well let me say this Go up against a guy who been to war Most of his life With just your hands And see how you go or feel about doing it ? Going to love the new movie!! Love seeing older men kick ass
  • Chuck
    Coming in January '08 Looks killer !
  • RemoSlurp
    Hey, Remo, Bro'! I met Morrell a number of time, met him out here in Santa Fe at the gun range -- Caja Del Rio; Used to go silhouette shooting with him. He's a kick-ass guy! First Blood is a kick-ass book! He thought the Stone Man did a great job with the First Blood, first one! Kick my ass! I love the film, because, like, it starts out with these half-assed title sequences and it looks like a rinky-Mc-freakin'-dink Low-Budget-B-Movie piece of junk! But, then, the keen eye will reveal some-thing -- And that is the J Goldsmith score! No B-Boyz here! So, the smart, kick-ass guy will see this ain't no low-budget extravaganza! Then it's a kicking-ass film with the busting-ass super-kick-ass! Time to kick ass, yeah! Kick my ass! Or, as Fawlty's bro' would say, "Bust 'is Ass!" Yeah, for the reality, I know it, bro'! But, hey, even though he shoots more than his clip holds! WTH! It's a film, man! Kick my ass! Man, Rambo is back! Just gotta kick my ass! Stone Man, you got the testicular motion going, my man; you got it goin'! Kick my ass! GLTY, Remo and GLT the Stone Man! Everyone, everywhere, is kick-ass! I love you all! GLTA!
  • David
  • Olga
    I just LIVE the trailer!!! Can't wait to see the movie on Jan. 25. Sly is not back - he has ALWAYS been here! Olga
  • Rob C
    RAMBO! RAMBO ! RAMBO ! RAMBO! Colonel "How will you live John?" Rambo: "DAY BY DAY..." I can't wait 'til May! Another addition to the freakin' classics!!!!
  • Billy Reno
    I'm still waiting for "Oscar 2"!
  • SPC Lionel
  • ddd
    boo ya, about time rambo comes back to beat some ass, the trailer looks sweet!!!!!!!!
  • slodeth
    Looks awesome!!! Maybe this time Rambo will actaully get to retire after this movie. Of course I am sure there will be more civilians to save....bleeding hearts unite. Good work John Rambo...you have once again risked life and limb for those that show little appreciation. I salute you!
  • Zak
    Holy shit i've never seen Rambo do any of those stunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't fucking wait till it comes out in theaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • JOsh
    Murdock....... I'm coming for you.
  • Rat Rattus
    This movie just sucks.Where's the script?Where's the plot?Where's the movie?!I know what the directors think "With all that blood and gore who's going to notice that this movie is cheap and doesn't worth a damn buck?".It just sucks,it's aimed at teenage losers who think they are badasses if they watch movies like this.Seriously you people need professional help.Go see a shrink.
  • sonny
    who is this rat rattus,what a fucking stupid name,go and get a fucking cock up ya arse ya sad rat gay-on,this is a site for guys not gay ons with cocks up there arses,why you even on this site anyway ya fat fucking tube,i bet you are one of those fat ugly fucks who sit at home and slag films off aint you and got no fucking mates either,i just know,i bet you dont even go outside ya bedroom ya fucking sad fucko.go and play with ya titchy tiny little cock and go and play on ya x box if you have one,hahaha
  • sonny
    good news guys,stallone is ready to write and direct the deathwish movie from the original charles bronson movies,another saga hey,this is the site you can see for your selfs.just copy and paste onto your browser http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/stallone%20has%20a%20death%20wish_1049074
  • Paul
    Sly please stop.
  • imissyousuperman
    Hi John, I am very happy to see you again! you are my hero forever.
  • sly
    this rambo will be f***ing awesome i've done it again
  • Max
    Stallone seems to be trying to hard to pretend he still has his youth. It's actually very sad. I used to look up to him when I was a kid but now he seems like a joke. He cares too much about trying to feel young than he does his own reputation. I havn't watched the last Rocky movie and I am deffinately not going to see this lame movie either! At least Arnold is doing something useful with his life. Go Arnald!!!
  • dean
    This looks like complete crap. The trailer makes the movie look so dark. The colours the dialog and the gore. There is far to much gore in it, the first 3 had tones of killings but hardly no gory. The first 3 were also energetic this one just seems like a complete massacre. It is exactly what happed in Rocky Balbao the character of Rocky was funny, energetic and determined, in Rocky Balboa the character lacked so much energy and appeared to be a depressed old fart. The movie also lacked a good brand new soundtrack just like this new Rambo appears to have also. If you watch the trailer from the third rambo and this one you'll see there is a big change. Bring back the old 80's Rambo, not this desperate attempt for another seqeul.
  • Jake the Snake
    I for one applaud Sly for making a full tilt boogie rated R masterpiece. None of this dilluted water down crap I have been seeing in the theaters lately. To all the nay sayers: You make take basket weaving or buy a puppy and take a dive of my nutsack. This movie will take ass kicking back from limbo hell. The cast of bad guys should have been movie critics going into the meat grinder. I just pray to God that the studio execs dont tone down this to the point that it will make US real men cry in shame. I am going to be bold and say that Chuck Norris aint got sheiite on Johnny Rambo. All those Chuck Norris jokes may be replaced by inserting Sly's name in its place. Thank you gentlemen. Fuck you all you sensitive pussy-ass-coksucking-pukes-chickenshit-assholes. Not backing up this movie should be punishable by death in account of treason to America and second the world male population.
  • Billy Reno
    I can't wait for Rambo V, when he crushes a Taliban's windpipe with his IV stand when they bumrush his nursing home. And when are we going to see, "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Again!"?
  • damo rouncer
    stallone has created yet another ass kicking fest of "the blood and guts routine". Sylvester is in my top ten method actors of all time. what a great and legendary action film creator. cant wit to see the finished product.
  • Looks like another great action movie in the tradition of America vs the other guy! love it!
  • Rick Shrack
    It's about time someone made a statement of some kind against warring factions by some of these foreign anti-American clowns. Especially the radical Islamic faggots. Go ahead, bring your crap over here, Osama Obama. This is just a sample of what American CAN and WILL do to your arrogant butts. Go ahead, take over our government and schools...you are doing a fine job of that through the liberal Democratic clowns. TRUE patriots will still hunt you down like the dogs you are and eradicate your worthless asses from the face of the earth.
  • laughing at rick
    Don't follow current events much, do you Rick ? C'mon......say it......you know you're going to....."liberal media faggots" Once again you've restored my faith in murricans (and public schools)
    RAMBO's got L33t hax!!
  • Johnny Sixpack
    Rest Assured Gentlemen, this is a movie not for the weak of heart or for weaklings period for that matter. If you want to know a remedy for what ails you, ask Johnny Rambo. Got stomach pains? Sore throat? Body aches? Crink in your neck? Johnny Rambo's got the cure! Look what the Docta has ordered!!!
  • BigTime
    I hope he kills kids, man I'm stoked. Picture Rambo, at the Olive Garden, and the family at the table next to him is ignoring their tantrum throwing two year old, then he punches all of their heads off! Lighten up folks, its a movie.
  • Bullitt
    The only way to watch this movie is with a smile in the face, because It can´t be taken seriously.I grew up with Rambo movies and I wont be in the same line of those who say violence in cinema is trash(remember Sam Peckimpah) but this movie looks like a bad joke to me. NEXT STEPE COULD BE A JOHN RAMBO vs DIRTY HARRY MOVIE...god, hope Stallone is not reading this maybe he thinks Its a good idea.
  • Mark
    This is going to be a huge hit!!! No question about it, action fans and stallone fans will go see this...and for all those idiots like Rat Rats-are-in-his-ass, they will be so angry the movie is a blockbuster. Hey Rattus, stop eating the crisco!!!
  • KYLE
  • KYLE
    anyone who thinks this rambo looks stupid ABSOLUTLY LOVE THE OPPOSITE SEXES GENITALS
  • KYLE
  • cm2006
    one writer said this can't be taken seriously. I say it can and it must. I'm using civilized language otherwise I could say a lot worse. I've lived in N. Thailand for 10 years. I know firsthand what this movie is about. The Karen are being attacked by the Burmese govt. How can you be against this movie. I was saying to my wife, we have visited the Karen both in Thailand and across the border at least 7-8 times. We've seen the guy missing a leg, another without an eye, another not a full set of fingers. Actually this is the Rambo movie where all the liberals should get on board because the Burmese govt vs the Karen genocide is something we can all agree on, even if in Rambo I II III people didn't buy into the Vietnam vet going against the Russians in Afghanistan or the Vietnamese Communists. Who can disagree with this films' premise. Two of our best friends are Karen leaders. We've been both in the Thai refugee camps for Karen and across the border three or four times. They are serious about their survival. Don't make fun of this movie...please. cm2006
  • Tina
    I think it's a good idea to make this sort of "up to date" with the cool, ultra-violent B-movie style made famous by Tarantino and Rodriguez (the former more so than the latter)... very nice idea. I saw the old ones as a kid and they were okay, but not expressly memorable. I'm so seeing this though Stallone is getting hella old, or at least looks hella old. Also sort of cool that it somewhat addresses current issues. I also laughed when I first saw it... I was like WHAT? Lmfao... I was expecting the old Rambo styled action. Taken off guard in a good way! And #33, I think I'm at least moderately smart as I have an above average IQ and am currently pre-med... I want to see it... that refutes your assertion... sorry. :)
    hey im a very big fan of stallone, n this time stallone proved that he is the best action buddy of hollywood. RAMBO 4 contains ass kicking action which must be sen by every stallone fan.
  • Santhira
    hey man, stallone was always a great motivator and gives high hopes to do impossible things in our life......through the his movies....it does mean u go and fight and make all those violence...but use it to fight ur daily life problems , struggles ...or whatever obstacles..... nonsense whoever said, he wanna make some extra cash.....we should give millions for him to make Rambo 4... Anyway stallone born in this world, did something to millions of people in this planet ...that is motivating and inspire to achieve the great things....well he did inspire me as well... Whether Rambo get old , his strong mind never get old.... we will be missing that we wont get this Rambo any more in future.... normally i wont watch any single movie in theather...but i will watch this as it worth it more than i pay...not just movie bit the inspiration
  • Action Man
    it definitely a must watch moive of 2008. I am 100% sure i will leave home, buy a ticket and watch Stallone kicking asss.....Miss u Rambo!!
  • Ray
    May 2008 lol
  • Ray
    Yoday, I'm going to see Cloverfield, and JOHN RAMBO!!!!!!! W000000t, what a good day it will be =)
  • Agez
    Rambo f****** kicks asses you nerds. RAMBO BAMBO is the MAN! I grew up with rambo, and i die when RAMBO BAMBO dies. So let's call t a fair deal, me and my mighty AK-47 to flush you fucking nerds down the toilet huh? RAMBO KILLS. RAMBO BAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
  • Joshhhhh
    looking forward to seeing Rambo 2nite! If you have Facebook, you should check out the "Get Rambod" application, and attack your friends Rambo-style! You can find it here: http://apps.facebook.com/getrambod/
  • bary bloody good guy great in bas
  • Mike from santa maria
    I saw it and loved it,there aren't movies like that anymore. Action on top of action and killing. Its good that someone came out with a movie that didn't have a monster or fake ghost in it finally. thats all thats been coming out in the last 10-15 years is thrillers and ghost/scary movies. Relax you church goers,killings been a part of human nature from day 1 to survive. this is just a movie,a MOVIE! so relax on the preaching for once!
  • Cryogenix
    This is the worst Rambo film (and one of the worst films) I've ever seen. There's no story, no intimacy with Rambo that makes you feel anything for him, the supporting cast can't act and say their lines with nothing behind the words. One redundant and ineffective reaction shot after another, with mindless explosions with bodies being blown all over creation. It didn't feel like a Rambo film and it doesn't belong to be called rambo, because there was absolutely no "finesse" in killing people and real, convincing purpose for the story. The first 20 minutes of setup are grueling and slow, the middle is poor character development and just questions/answer, question/answer. Stupid. The ending was like playing Quake. Just shoot anything that moves and watch all the body parts go flying everywhere. The one-liners are practically non-existent, Rambo (wisely) keeps his shirt on the whole time, so we don't have to see his over-pumped, mishapened body. Rambo just looks like a big, blockheaded dork stomping around the place. Just a very bad film, but with special effects for the killing scenes.
  • David in South Carolina
    I can't wait to see the movie tonight. It's going to rock.
  • Warrior Princess
    This is one of my newest favorite movies,i love it!
  • Maddox
    Man did this film ever suck! What was Sly thinking when he wrote this? An abundance of the movie was wasted on river shots. Lame ass piece of garbage!
  • stenli KV
    Ej! Fil se jos ne prikazuje kod nas.... Jebes ga, kada dodje kod nas u kino i kada ga pogledam, onda cu dati svoj komentar....
  • armhuer
    Amazing Film! The best of the series. Sly took this movie serious and its the goriest movie I have ever seen!!
  • leonidas
    It was a pretty good movie. I wanted to see more of Frank Stallone, and Jerry Goldsmith music, that will defenatly add. also I would like to see the origional (teaser trailer) dialogue/footage inserted. that would definately add. the Ending was pretty awsome and had me cheering the whole time...extreamy intense. (also, the Big WW2 bomb explosion scene could use just a little touch up of CGI).
  • leonidas
    Kind of Like the Nuke Explosion in Terminator 2... Then the movie will F***ing ROCK!!!>
  • nexus1304
    it was da bomb! in a bad way! and i mean bad in a bad way not bad in a good way! i been robbed by rambo! give me back my $13 sucka! plus money for pop, popcorn and corndogs!
  • dr.sanjay
    hi hez back with bang.....at 61yrs he still tough, agile active....amazing axn seq with equally good blood shed....i am hoping for rambo-5......very shortly. very good work done mr.stallone, u hav been inspiring us since our childhood days plz keep gng , we want c u more of ur axn on screen. coz u don't believe wat i saw wen i went watch rambo-4, der was crowd from 10yrs to 70-75 yrs old people .... may be dey wer in der middle age wen dey saw last rambo -3....
  • Vimal
    Dear John Rambo I just love your old school blood and guts movies. I grew up on your superb flicks. Love to see more & I dont think age should be deciding factor. Go Rambo GO.
  • leonidas
    When you can find somebody who 1) Directs 2) acts 3) edits 4) writes (screenplay) 5) all at the same time... let me know. as for the rest of you Homo's who criticize this film, The fact that none of you will make it into hollywood makes your gay, cock-sucking comments as unintelligible as a mentally-handicapped burmese soldier.
    Congratulation, my frien Silvester Stallone the movie is very good, excellente... I will see the movie in México city...thank for my comment...bye,bye Gustavo Ramos Oropeza
    happy to se you bak in a new mouvie!!!!! really hope to see you again in anoter new mouvie soon!!!! STALLONE you are the best!!!!!
  • Justin
    If you wanna go see a bloody war, see Rambo!. This movie rocked! If you want a story, why are you even reading this, go to one of your funny, foo foo type, or drama movie forums. I'd give it a 10 but two fingers got blown the hell off during the movie. Gets an 8
  • Sarah Jane Barker
    The surgeons knife is why the dude looks so good and god knows what drugs. good luck to him, he is getting what he wants. I only hope your family are not killed by some arsehole copying what they see on screen.
  • Sam
    Why are people judging the movie with Sylvester Stallone the celebrity and not the Actor? Judge the movie with its characters starting with John Rambo himself and you will see an appreciation of this movie. The Movie is realistic. The Character Rambo must be in his sixties by now and the movie clearly shows how Rambo has become more inclined with his smartness and experience than his physical abilities.. He now fights with a team, He now fights with pure cunning and cleverness unlike the past Rambo movies where he was like a super hero out of this world. The political implication of the Movie is realistic too. Asian Wars are very difficult to solve. Asians bascially dont want to lose face more than anything else, and the brutality is very evident. In the Philippines for example, there is no such thing as prisoners for both the government troops and the the Rebels. Not too long ago, Musliim rebels beheaded Government troopers they caught by ambush. Gosh, God knows what else werent reported. The First Rambo became a hit because it was simple and realistic. The second Rambo was a success because the It marked the 20th year of the Post Vietnam war, The public is still enamored and intrigued by the War as to its contraversies and facts plus the fact that Ronald Reagan was the President at that time Today, with the Generation X, a generation that is actually proud of ignorance and indifference, they just bash just about anyting except skateboarding and grass. Not even the class of the flower generation.
  • SS2Gohan
    WOW!!!!! Now that was an action movie!!! This is one of the best Action movie I seen in a very long time. I was not there for an Oscar winning movie. I was there to see Rambo kick all kinds of a$$. IT'S RAMBO PEOPLE!!!!! Great movie to see with friends. Go and enjoy!!!
  • Jack N
    This movie makes you wanna rock out with your cock out! Watching this makes you want to blow your load! Hang out with your wang out! This is hard-core! This is bust-a-nut acction at its best. If you want to see full frontal assaults, thisis for you. You don't wanna miss this in the theater, it will suck donkey to watch it on dvd. Its not meant for dvd. If you dont watch this your a queer as folk. you ought to be castrated for not being man enough to watch this flick you sons of bitches. I say it like it is.
  • Freako
    Dude that movie is pretty sweet I like how it has those good Christian morals haha. Naw but seriously this is a good last film for him. Nice work Stalone
  • malik haider
    for old peoples it will be great but we dont the choice of new genaration but lets see what will happen after its release
  • Confused
    What the hell did you just say?
  • shhh
    just watched it and must say it was fuckin awsome, if u wanna see a real action movie then they dont get more hardcore. loved it!
  • fennmeister
    I would probably watch it again (if I wasn't broke all the time). "You didn't kill for your Country...You killed for yourselfe" ...(John J. Rambo said it best)
  • view jon rambo http://www.detodopando.com free thanks
  • David
  • Perasso
    I growd up with Stallone´s movies. I saw them a lot of times, I´m a great fan from Argentina.(Country of monzon, Bonavena, Maradona, etc...). I saw Rambo IV and I like it very much, but it doesn´t a script , it´s like Homer Simpson did it. Thanks anyway Mr Stallone, regards . John Paul Perasso from ARg.
    Hey ARNOLD, your a fucking wanker
  • D. Mobley
    John Rambo is the American Soldier. I loved this character since First Blood. It is a down right Blood Red U.S. movie. True Grit! The 1st movie was the most emotional. The connection between Rambo & the Colonel made the charater human and real. A man's MAN. In a since, Stallone's career has symbolized this type of character. The scene in Pt. 1 "First Blood" when John Rambo was talking to the Colonel over the walkie-talkie and explaining how he can't find anybody made me cry my ass off. That was one of the most emotional scenes ever. It relates with other real life scenerios as well. Brilliant series. I will always be a "Rambo" fan. This episode should be just as exciting as the rest of them!
  • Movie dude
    You we have been hearing rumors about a 5 Rambo and I hope that they don't screw up an awesome series with some BS actor to play Rambo cause only Sly can play Rambo that is who he is no one else could play or capture Rambo in any other way
  • I Like rambo 4. so does my friendsa
  • Chris Magro
    I saw the movie which i find great and adictive, I saw it till the end. But things can always be better for example when Rambo appears for the first time hunting snakes he had a smoth shaved face it would have been better if he had a beared which make him not easily to be recognised, longer hair, and maybe asian tattos. Do not forget that now he is a diferent man which have been living away from the modern civilisation this have changed his attitude evreyone noticed that it was included in the movie, when he thinks more for himself than for the others, before he decides to help the others. It would also be better that Rambo starts getting more flashbacks when he is sleeping. I am looking forward to see the next movie.
  • maxtheman
    gimmer a break. nobody is gonna pay money to see this junk, mark my words. The just doe4sn't know when to quit. Rocky 97, Rambo 214. Ooops, I was right. The drivel was released and it flopped. Hmm, seems Rocky fizzled as well. Hey Stallone, go away, nobody cares.
  • Scott
    To maxtheman: No, you were not right. Rocky Balboa was actually very well received by critics and audiences alike and Rambo fared quite well also. No, they did not gross $400 million like the dark knight but, they were still good movies. Stallone puts everything he has into his movies, heart, body and soul, not to mention the intense research that went into Rambo. All actors should put that much effort into their roles. The difference is, Stallone MADE Rocky and Rambo. They are as much a part of him as his hands and feet. He has created internationally known characters that more people like than dislike. Can you say you have created something equally recognizeable? My guess is no.
  • mohan
    sir pl send ur coming rambo movie detils with website address
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  • Wow this is really ass kicking, but i love Sylvester he is so hot...... and Hunk... THx for this nice post..
  • That was a very cool movie! And of course, the main character smashing role.
  • The movie was awesome.. I think they took the right decission of making it in the jungles of thailand that gave a real edge to the movie.. Sylvester Stallone is no daubt one of my favourites and i can't wait for his upcomming movie (The Expendables).
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