Paramount Confirms Transformers 2 for 2009!

September 24, 2007
Source: BoxOfficeMojo

Michael Bay on Transformers

I've been following SlashFilm's continued coverage of the debate over whether Michael Bay would be making Transformers 2 by 2009 or not. There is so much that is making the whole situation fuzzy, specifically the issue of time (it took 12 months from start to finish to make Transformers) and the impending strike next summer. Paramount has confirmed today (via BoxOfficeMojo and ComingSoon) that Transformers 2 has been set for release on June 29, 2009. This doesn't help the situation, in fact it makes it worse, but at least the studio is committed to a 2009 release.

Reports currently state that Michael Bay is attempting to film another movie before the strike next year. This means he would have to complete it from start to finish before starting on Transformers 2 and having that completed by June 2009. There is where it gets a bit hazy. Can Michael Bay really complete two entire movies in nearly 21 months time? It took a full 2 years between his last movie (The Island) and Transformers. Is Paramount trying to push Transformers 2 and get that off the ground before he can take on the other project?

Transformers has currently grossed $313 million in the US box office so far. The 2009 release date is set to take advantage of the 4th of July yet again, which seemed to go over incredibly well this year.

For those of you who didn't exactly love Transformers this summer, just think about this. Some of the greatest films out of trilogies recently are the second film: Spider-Man 2, Terminator 2, Evil Dead 2, just to name a few. That's not always the case (look at Ocean's 12), but I've got a feeling that since the intro has been shown, now we'll get into the real action.

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  • Mark
    I'm one of "those" who didn't exactly love Transformers this summer. It was complete garbage (only those still awed by CGI could say anything more). Yeah, I'm sure the second movie will be just superb... Is Michael Bay directing again? Oh wonderful.
  • Zach
    I guess that a sequel was inevitable. Bummer.
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  • Looks like it may be 2010 now. :( Stupid writer's strike!
  • hellboy
    dude i loved the first one i wounder if the second one well do better
  • I hope u will make Transformers 2 the movie soon and fast cause i am a transformers fan since i was real young and when i heard the movie was coming out i was like yes i always prayed that one would be maid so if u do it would really make me feel so happy because i tell u now i am a number one comic fan of it and i have still the original optimus prime in the box when they sold it when they came in metal and still have it till this day so i wish that if u do this movie i would like to be one of the people to see it and rated 1 thru 10 and u probably know my answer if anything e-mail me or give me a call and let me know wats going on with the movie thank u 407-431-7950 or 407-699-4556 ask for luis ............ you all have a good day
  • jakie montelongo
    this is movie better not be cheesy, dont kill the first movie
  • avoidz
    "For those of you who didn't exactly love Transformers this summer, just think about this. Some of the greatest films out of trilogies recently are the second film...." That's not very reassuring; especially when you mention it's "not always the case". In this case, I can't see Michael Bay pulling his thumb out and delivering a brilliant movie. Transformers was awful and a sequel is a horrible prospect. Seems there's no accounting for taste lately...
  • Janette Garza
    People you have to be born in the 80's so that you can really love the Transformers. So if you were not born in 1980 don't post your stupid comments. I personally thought that the Movie was a great hit and I can't wait to see the second part.
  • avoidz
    Er, more like born in and around the mid-1970s. G1 Transformers started in 1984, so being born in the 1980s you'd more likely be sucking and chewing on the toys than playing with 'em :)
  • gen1 fan
    im glad they are making a sequel to transformers. i hope they add in the real devestator this time by combining the 6 constructicons and also have the dinobots in there michael bay keep up the good work
  • MrUnderArmourX32
    To All The People Who Said Transformers Wast Good, They Are Probably The Same Fags That Think Harry Potter Is The Best Movie Ever, And Play Dungeons & Dragons, So Keep Your Little Retarded Comments To Yourself, That Movie Was Amazing, The CGI WAS Great, The Cars Were Great Especially The 2009 Camaro, Shia Labeouf Was Great, And Megan Fox Was OHHHHH Great, Guys Are Retards To Not Like This Movie, Can't Wait For The Second One
  • Yeah, the people who think this movie was shit, you have no taste in movies. this movie was spectacular, i watched it 5 times in the movies. everything about it was perfect! i hope the 2nd one comes out soon, cant wait (: whoever doesnt like it, stop making fucked up comments, your all losers. thanks (:
  • Fredrick mayes
    For people who thought The Transformer movie sucked ya'll must have not watched or been around the transformers toys etcetera.... You have to have played with the Transformer toys and watched the cartoons as a Kid to appreciate this movie. if ya didn't then of course you are not gonna appreciate it. DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures' co-production Transformers set an industry record for a non-sequel of $155.4 million in its opening week, surpassing the previous record held by the original Spider Man in 2002. That was just in the first week, so it must not have been too bad then.
  • Jay J
    You guys.. am from Malaysia.. I've been a fan since 1986.. there no such thing as stupid in this know what, if you're a fan of the Transformers, you'd knew about the beast wars, beast machines right?!.. now tell me, isn't that one complicated yet sophisticated story line for an animated series.. then,, here we are..the blew away the transformers fans all over the world.. and hell yeah it pist-off some because of some characters have changed it forms, but yet again Micheal bay did a very good job making them all look cool as well as photo-real!! I bet you that the sequels will be mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..




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