Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Possibilities Update

February 12, 2007

In an interview that Moviehole had with screenwriter Terry Rossio, who's worked on all the previous Pirates of the Caribbean films, has said that he will be writing a script for a fourth Pirates movie. However that doesn't exactly mean that it'll get made into an actual movie.

Here's the quote from the interview:

"It's like the fourth Indiana Jones picture. There are forces in play to make it happen, and forces in play to make it not happen. I think we will try to write a screenplay. I can't say if we'll be able to solve the challenge of making a good fourth film, or if our screenplay will be enough to get a film made."

Despite a lot of complaints from viewers that the Pirates series is heading downhill anyway, given the success it's likely to continue. Even look at the Saw series that had a fantastic conclusion with its third film yet there is no way they will stop making them given how successful it was. It's bound to happen! Until then we still have to finish up the trilogy this summer with Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End on May 25th!

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    I personally loved the movie, considering I am a die hard fan of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner. It was a bit confusing at times, but eventually it comes to you. I thought it was genius how The Swamp Lady was the love of Davy Jones. I also think Elizabeth Swan has no right in kissing all the good looking guys in the Pirates Movies. Yes, I'm jealous. Oh yeah, she becomes captain! I liked that idea because it shows that girls can be leaders. Everyone was fantastic in the third Pirates, and we finally get to meet Jack Sparrow's father! All in all I urge you to see the film. It may be a long 3 hours but its worth it!
  • Lisa
    Loved all 3 movies and the 3rd one did not disappoint! I am hoping there really will be a 4th one..I just hope I don't have to wait 10 years like with the Die Hard and Indiana Jones movies.
  • bc
    the pirates of the carbbean films are amazing it would b rude not 2 make a 3rd one. number 3 woz more than amazing i cld watch it over again hopefully a 4th one will be made
  • piper
    i think it was awesome all three the best movie !i hope they make a 4 that would be awesome
  • Melissa Fl.
    Pirates of the Caribbean is the best. I love that for 2hr to 3 hr's we can get away from reality and adventure off into the world of tresures, and pirates. I love 1,2 and 3. They have to make a 4th. I want miss Swan and Jack to get together that would make a great 4th movie. We need to make a website that people can vote for a pirates of the caribbean 4.
  • Alisha Tok
    it was great but a bit too long next time make it about 30MINUTES SHORTER!!! the plot was fine the story was fine the twist was the worst thing, the length was long and the width was wide.the boeringest bit was probaly the bit in between the fight in singapore to the bit where you see jack at the end of the world . it was pretty random but good. that monkey is the coolest little creature on top of the world but jack is better. the movie starts at the gallows and they hang a little boy which i thought was pretty funny. and then they ripped off Harry Potter with the coin falling through the mist and the name coming up. I should know. I wrote it. And harry does DIE. i should know. i am JK Rowiling even if i cant spell my own name proper. and my E-mal adress is rsheville and my name is JK rowhatever. alright in not JK rowling but i am JRR tolkin and yes i am a hobbit A SEXY ONE IF YOU WERE WONDERING call me. i am also Jessica Alba and i CAN turn invisible. also i be Sasha Baran Kowen or soemthing, AKA Borat and Ali G. You really want to know who else i can be? alright, i am the incredible hulk. dont make me angry, you wont like me when i'm angry. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!. iam also THE QUEEN of ants and my job is to write songs for Fall Out Boy ,Pan!c At THe disco , silver chair ,Thirty seconds to mars ,Kisschasy, ACDC, Queen Billy joel, nickleback,billy talent and ............................................................................................................................................korn RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you know, that they are all the same people? yup. let's go to POTC why did the Kraken die? it never did anything to you! adn it was my bubbah or was also, on some saturdays, my bad word/homie G in da house. AND that's what i did in my Summer Holidays. XOXO PS. The Senate is a Ginger. KILL ALL GINGER KIDS! they scare me. and THATS what i thought of the movie the Lion King
  • Jesse James
    This had nothing to do with Pirates of the Caribbean Three At Worlds End! I am outraged. As my mother used to say, the only good Jew is a dead Jew, but who listens to their mothers? And the Kraken is NOT your Homie G, but my boyfriend. Ha! Screw you Tom Cruise, I came out of the closet! Oh now Kirby is back in there. Dammit! This is Jesse James, signing off. Who loves me? I DO!
  • Patiently waiting for the new series
    ghtyftufyufultdcwe674g6vastd weklytqkvbfypgi gko4 gtotttttttttttttterrrrrrr.,gfjklhtgbny gvhjvbhgnubungjiy mbb bmhyijkmv jfh/ n bbnb,cf hhhhhhhhhpoljpkyoyktji9ty0uktyoujity9jhityjuyuuyuyuyuyuuuuuuuufugjgjhgjhjhjjhjhjhjhj HI
  • Johnny Depp
    There IS going to be a fourth Pirates, but it will be a huge rip off of The Queen. I will be acting the Queen. It will be filmed in black and white, in the middle of Gunning. Keith Richards is my REAL father. Love you all, especially you, Paitenly waiting for the new seiries. Call me.
  • Patiently waiting for the new series
    Alright hon.
  • emily
    i think pirates is the best film in the world and i will be devostated if there is not a fourh film!
  • amy
    i was really in to pirates 1 2 and 3 and i am really looking forward to the forth. the way they finished the 3rd on there has GOT to be a 4th. I dont want them to kill of will turner i really want to see him in the next. i would like to see elizabeth to. we all need to know if she will find her lover again and try and find a way to keep them together. huge pirates of the caribbean fan!!!!!
  • Michael Tobin
    I think that there should be a 4th because pirates are my favorite movies...let alone orlando bloom and johnny depp are my favorite actors...If Keria dosen't do it then fine they should pretend that she died and then have will come in because he is my favorite character and i think that the movie wouldn't be has good as the other ones if jack and will aren't together than what makes the movie..and will is a captain now..i mean damn he is a awsome captain..but if they want to kill off will then fine...but make sure it is the last movie and make him die in a awsome battle againest jack or someone...but if hes not in it and there is a 4th one..then kill jack or barbossa and make this a 3 hours long movie and then i'll be happy..but if will isn't in it then that will suck big time. I would lauph if elizabeth was in it and will kills her
  • The first Pirates of the Caribbean was great, not too sure about the other two, tho the special effects were top notch... if they come out with a fourth will it maintain the quality of the first?
  • POTClover
  • boobaa jones
    read some rumours about will and elisabeth won't be on the 4th. But jack sparrow looking for atlantis
  • Katie
    yeah i really liked 1/2 but what i didnt like about the third was the fact you spilt will and eliabeth and you made will the captian of the flyingdutchman cause now will cant see elizabeth for 10 years and that sucks i really wish there would be a 4th movie so then you can figure out a way to get will off the flyingdutchman!!!!!!PLEASE MAKE A 4TH AND BRING HIM BACK!!!
  • Pirates trilogy is outclass simply mind blowing its far far away from conventional action or thrill based movies but has its own class and own audiances any ways i am looking for the fourth part , exceptions are always there so cant say nethg but Like it or Not The Trilogy is Awesome and its a must watch movie series i would like to see Johny , Orlando n Kiera in the Forth one but some say that Will Turner character will not be their if they have to make 4th part , quite boring and unlikely decision
  • natlie
    I hope the forth film will be live action like the first three films, and I hope Zac Efron is not in it, Because those would make me sad. And Johnny Depp Rules!!!
  • Nadia
    OMG OMG OMG PLEASE PLEASE do the movie!!!!! I LOVE ALL THREE OF THE MOVIES! and I LOVE JACK SPARROW!!!! and i dont really mind that Orlando n Kiera arent going to be in the fourth one... cuz it wasnt about them it was about JOHNNY DEPP!! I will be REALLY mad if they dont make another one and WHO SAID ITS GOING DOWNHILL!!?!?!?!?! i LOVED ALL THREEE!! ITS NOT GOING DOWNHILL!!! !! and Barbosa is going to be in the Fourth one YAY! he is REALLY funny! omg PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THE FOURTH ONE! I WOULD HATE HOLLYWOOD or who ever that didnt want to do the fourth one!! I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!!!
  • Jamila
    omg omg omg eww PLEASE NO ZAC EDRON.... thats really mean but i REALLY dont like his acting or singing or him.. :) he is so werid.... ugh PLEASE i beg you NO ZAC EFRON! Other than that I LOVE ALL THE MOVIES!!!! AND JOHNNY DEPP




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