Roger Ebert's Top Ten of 2007

December 21, 2007

Still one of the most respected and well-known critics around, Roger Ebert is still chuggin' along and reviewing movies. He started in 1967 and although he's still battling with cancer, 40 years later he's still telling us what's good and what's bad with his one thumb. I can't keep saying it, but this is another one of those lists that you've got to take a look at. If you haven't seen Ebert's top ten movies by now, then they should be the ten you make a priority to catch this holiday.

1. Juno
2. No Country for Old Men
3. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
4. Atonement
5. The Kite Runner
6. Away From Her
7. Across the Universe
8. La Vie en Rose
9. The Great Debaters
10. Into the Wild

Again, an odd selection, including Juno in the number one spot - but still admirable. Where's There Will Be Blood, which has been otherwise sweeping every other top ten list? And I'm glad Across the Universe finally got a mention somewhere! Thanks to Awards Daily for originally posting the list.

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  • Peter
    2007 is not even over, what an arrogant prick
    • Jimppqq
      what an idiot, this guy
  • Foshi
    @Peter WTF, theres only two weeks left of 2007 and I am sure he has seen everything that will be coming out in the next two weeks. It's not like AVPR is going to be making his list now is it? Anyway, I have seen most of those movies except for the ones that haven't been released here yet. I can't wait to see Juno.
  • scar
    bravo ebert...good job!!! here is my list (btw bravo as well for writing beyond the valley of the dolls) A = 4/5 stars: Sicko Across the Universe 310 to Yuma Gone Baby Gone Assassination of Jesse James... Lust, Caution Eastern Promises Juno Bourne Ultimatum Sunshine 28 Weeks Later Namesake Chapter 27 (Thanks Sweden) 300 Grindhouse No country for old men This Christmas Atonement Angel - A Once Michael Clayton Before the Devil knows you're dead The Lookout Bee movie Revolver Transformer I will be Legend Kite Runner Silk Lars and The Real girl Sweeney Todd ... The Diving Bell and the Butterfly The Savages B = 3 stars: The Orphanage Wriscutters: the love story Evening Away From Her Waitress Interview Breach Into the wild In the valley of elah There will be blood American gangater Lions for Lambs Control La vie en rose I'm not there Margot at the wedding Youth w/o Youth Persepolis Cassandra's Dream Bella Rails and ties C = 1/2 stars: Romance & Cigarettes The Ten Ocean's 13 Hot Fuzz Simpsons Knocked up The Host The Number 23 Disturbia (ehh remake) Zodiac Home of the Brave Charlie Wilson's War Kingdom Rendition Redeacted Southland Tales December Boys Ira and abby Daywatch hey you guys think??? email me...?
  • Ha! For anyone who read Ebert's article defending "Crash" as the Best Picture Winner (it was his number one, so it has to win Best Picture)... this has got to be amusing.... I wonder what Ebert will say when Juno isn't nominated.
  • Keith
    @scar I cant even begin to go through all of my grievances with your list. 300, sicko, sunshine, and grindhouse over michael clayton, before the devil knows your dead, the diving bell and the butterfly, and the kite runner??? and zodiac 1 to 2 stars??? Evening over knocked up and charlie wilson's war??? very unique list i must say.
  • Connor
    Roger Ebert has his head too far up his ass, because he is missing a few good movies on his list. 1. 28 Weeks Later 2. 300 3. Transformers And where the hell is 30 Days of Night? I heard that it was very good and very well made. It's a good thing I don't listen to this fool anyway.
    • Jimppqq
      Before you show you disrespect for the authority, it might be advisable to let others know that you have SOME degree of intelligence. 28 Weeks is not a good film at all, 300 pretty much sucks, and Transformers... man, it's hard to find Michael Bay fans nowadays.
    • Jimppqq
      Oh, sorry, pal I forgot about 30 Days of Night. All I can say is, you have great taste in movies - enough to mock Mr. Ebert.
  • Peter, Ebert and other professional reviewers see movies before they are released in theaters. Congrats on looking like an ignorant prick.
  • CloudZeroX
    To: Scar I agree with most of your movies, and in their catagories, but then again I agree with Keith in the fact that the order is a little wrong. But I can tell you have great taste in movies. To: Connor Agreed that Ebert missed some of the years' best film, but then again 30 Days of Night was one of the worst Vampire movies I have ever seen, especially with today's technology! Completely unrealistic too, they would have just killed everyone the first night.
  • patti
    DUDES EVERYONE crities get to see movies BEFORE they get out so stop complaining, oh btw good job !
  • michael S.
    I am now in Portland, Oregon and haven't seen Great Debaters yet. I agree with many of the films on Ebert's list, but Juno at # 1? It is more like 20th on my list. Where is There will be Blood, and Diving Bell and the Butterfly which haven't come here yet, and The Savages? How come there are no documentaries on his list like No End In Sight and Hear and Now which Ebert praised when he was at Sundance. And what happened to Once, the little picture that could which was an audience favorite?
  • Tascky
    To answer your question about "There Will Be Blood", he put it on his list as "Tied for 11th place", indicating that he had just the same affection for it as he did with the other films on his Top Ten.
  • Mike
    28 Weeks Later 300 Transformers??? Come on, great movies but they are what they are. Juno, No Country for Old Men, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead are exellent, this year's crop of films have been superb compared to previous.
  • ron
    anybody who insults roger ebert better watchout. who the fuck ar u to judge one fo the greatest american critics of all time.




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