Teaser Trailer for Will Smith's I Am Legend!

June 8, 2007
Source: Apple

I Am Legend trailer

Will Smith's films seem to be in the news a lot today (the other being an I, Robot sequel), this time his upcoming Holiday blockbuster I Am Legend. This brief teaser trailer is definitely worth checking out and is a great introduction to the concept of the film but not a great introduction to the kind of action we'll see. Given the coverage of I Am Legend's "most expensive scene ever shot" that cost $5 million and was filmed in New York City, I would expect we've got some great action scenes on our hands, but alas, I'll let you watch the teaser trailer for yourself and decide.

Watch the I Am Legend teaser trailer here:

[flv:i_am_legend_teaser.flv 598 254]

You can also watch the I Am Legend trailer in High Definition at Apple

I Am Legend was directed by Francis Lawrence (who also directed Constantine). The film hits theaters on December 14th. You can check out the first teaser poster for the film as well below.

I Am Legend

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  • The trailer looks pretty good, but the music during the next half was very distracting. In my opinion, the song sounds like a direct rip-off of Clint Mansell's glorious Lux Aeterna. Does anyone else think the same thing?
  • marty mcfly
    i guess I should be ecstatic that they're finally making this film, but we got Will Smith and a guy that directed "Constantine" and Jennifer Lopez videos. I hate Hollywood.
  • Gregg
    Is this movie suppose to be like The Omega Man done back in the 70s
  • Hahaha aww Marty, it looks pretty good, like an epic popcorn flick. And Constantine wasn't bad...
  • Charlie
    Gregg, this movie and Omega Man were both based on the book I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. For those of you who haven't read the book (and a bunch of you must have in the 53 years its been in print), this is one of the most praised vampire novels ever and certainly influenced great horror writers of our day, like Stephen King. Matheson has written so many great things like the novel What Dreams May Come and many of the best Twilight Zone episodes. This trailer is better than I expected considering the director, but I'm very nervous that the novel, which got its scares not necessarily from vampires but the agony of being the last man on earth, will lose something in translation.
  • Angela
    Can someone please tell me what the name of this song is playing in the trailer. I know it sounds much like Lux Aetrena or Requim for a dream. or etc. etc. I know what it sounds like what I do not know is what it is. PLEASE .
  • Harris
    It does sound like Requim for a Dream (from LotR: The Two Towers trailer)...very similar. Searching...
  • RenĂ©
    I'd love to know which music it is as well. It may sound like a rip off to some but it's new to me so I would really like to know. Does anyone know?
  • Harris
    Check here: Apparently, it's a new mix of songs with the most prominent being Fatal Fantasy - Music Junkies.
  • john
    i think i read somewear its bout zombies again
  • miracle disease
    looks promising... however, will it be like 28 days/weeks later type of movie? if so, i hope it's better but nevertheless i'd still watch this movie
  • Bill
    I too want to know the music cause its really familar. And its a great song with last stand kind of moments .And I dont think Will smith is the last man on Earth theres probably a pocket of people still surviving somewhere most are probably crazy and one of them probably is a girl, and I dont think its zombies. Maybe aliens cause when the I went down at the end of the trailer, it feels more transporter ish from a space craft.
  • Pookie's Lil Sis
    Looks good so far. Not enough there to really make a WILL OR WON'T SEE decision. I guess I'll just have to wait until we get closer to the release to see more.
  • Day
    Lets see if it can be as decent as the original omega man movie. Really enjoyed watching that when i was a kid. The concept is really intriguing.
  • Jenny
    It is a vampire film, not a zombie film. Based off a book, here is a synopsis, but it I warn you, it might kill some twists to the film if you read it:
  • Andrew
    The first adaptation of I Am Legend was "The Last Man on Earth" by Vincent Price which actually did focus a lot more on the agony of being alone. It's actually one of my favorite movies. I liked it a lot more than Omega man.
  • Pete
    This isn't a rip off of Lux Aeterna. It was done by Clint Mansell for the movie The Fountain its a beautiful soundtrack. The track itself is called Death is the Road to Awe and it is mixed differently, much like Requiem for a Tower is the mixed version of the original song done by Kronos Quartet. I'm trying to find this version because it actually sounds pretty sweet. Its a more...militant? or aggressive? or just a more thrilling sounding version. Don't get me wrong, I love the original, I just want to hear more of this new version.
  • Sokey
    You beat me to it Pete. I instantly recognized it from The Fountain soundtrack (LOVED the movie). Clint Mansell is amazing.
  • CertusAnimadverto
    Ugh No, The song is not from the Lord of the Rings, It's done by Clint Mansell and it is Lux Aeterna, or Summer Overture from Requiem for A Dream, And on the other commercial the song is Death is The Road to Awe I think, not positive, but I dont want to go listen to all of my Mansell right now, but it is also an alter of a Mansell song, which is from The Fountain I'm just curious if they did this with Mansells approval or if he's gonna sue, cause I love the originals they are beautiful songs,
  • Boom Shink
    Omega Man
  • Kristina
    Here's another trailer.. does anyone know what the music is called in this one? I love it but I havent been able to find it Thankss
  • The Right Answer
    You dummies The Song is "Two Rocks and A Cup of Water" by Massive Attack
  • Shehan Perera
    umm im gonna have to disagree and say that its ACTUALLY "Death Is the Road to Awe" or somewhere near the end of that song..which is from the soundtrack to The Fountain as stated above WHich is a great movie btw but perhaps mostly also due to the awesomeness of Mansell's work!.
  • Shehan Perera
    actually correction : there are 2 trailers the first one- the music is a rendition of Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell the second one- starts with "Two rocks and a cup of water" by Massive Attack and ends with "Death is the road to Awe by Clint Mansell
  • eli d.s
    what is the music used in the firwst half of this trailer!!??? i have been looking for it forever!!!!!!! eli
  • Fang
    What is the name of the song in the 2nd trailer starting at 0:30 seconds. that one sounds real nice but can't get any place to find a concrete awnser
  • buenos15
    man, that's exactly what i thought when I heard the song. Total ripoff of Clint's. I just went to see the movie today, though, and there's this great piano song in it. Anybody know what it is?
  • Awesome call on the music I keep listening to the trailer over and over to hear it. has anyone heard of the site ? It some kind of photography contest using that crazy god still loves us poster from the beginning of the movie. thought yall would like to know about it.
  • yogi septian malik
    i think " i am legend" the best film , sad and scream , and see on cinema
  • Dan
    yo people, the sweet sounding part of the is "TWO ROCKS AND A CUP OF WATER" by MASSIVE ATTACK. get that into your heads. watch the movie - its awesome.
  • Klein
    lol i watch this movie 7 times :) its Awesome you guys should watch it u wont regret it.
  • Me!
    Can anyone tell me the piano piece during the movie and at the end of credits after the Bob Marley song?
  • reilly
    any1 know the name of the bob marley song at the end of the film plzzzz write back to me tanxx
  • Brock
    It's "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Legend
    Ive seen this film and its amazing, theres so many people saying its not as good as they thought it was gonna be, but i thought it was really good and really griping
  • mike
    everyone who says this movie isn't good has bad taste obviously. this movie was great. i personally think one of will smiths best movies was i am legend. i thought that part when he had to kill his dog was really sad though :-( but overall a fantastic movie. i recomend anyone who hasn't seen it yet to go and watch it. you will be glad you did. 5 stars.
  • whysit
    Just thought i'd let you guys know that i found the music version to the trailer that we've all been looking for... I don't know if any of you watch football but the NFL has also been using this version. Okay, here it is.... Reqium for a Dream the Remix Project -21- Lux Aeterna Full Orchestra version. I found it while downloading music from LimeWire. Good Luck and happy downloading :)
  • Robert
    THANK YOU COMMENT #21. I've been searching for that harp piece for days!
  • ppp
    Fatal Fantasy - Music Junkies !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dave
    hi i would like to know about the music, where he showered the dog. the song was like.."dun worry~bout a thing~" anyone know whats the name of it? thanks
  • Owen Ring
    i heard that there making a sequel to i am legend starting with the alternate ending instead of the original ending so will smith will return
  • Mike
    For Dave replying to your comment, The song is Three Little Birds - by Bob Marley Other songs I remember hearing is redemtion song (end credits), and "Stir it up", all by Bob Marley. Cheers. If they are making a sequel they should have used the alternate ending in theatres, then people may get confused. I heard they didn't use it because they knew this movie was going to get pirated A LOT.




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