The Dark Knight Full Theatrical Trailer Debuts!

December 17, 2007

The Dark Knight Trailer

Stop what you're doing. Put down the remote, stop clicking the mouse elsewhere, drop everything and come watch this trailer now! This the first full trailer for The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, that played in front of I Am Legend over the weekend and it is jaw-dropping amazing. Every time I watch it I still get tingles down my spine. From Batman gearing up again in a new Batsuit, to the Joker, played perfectly by Heath Ledger, to seeing Michael Caine as Alfred again, to Detective Gordon destroying the Bat-symbol skylight. This is going to be one hell of an awesome movie next summer, so fire up this trailer up right now and enjoy!

From this trailer and the IMAX prologue, I get the distinct feeling in my bones that this could be the best superhero movie of the past decade. No movie since 2003 has ever even come close to giving Lord of the Rings: Return of the King a run for its money as my favorite movie of all time, but I'm seriously wondering if The Dark Knight will. Do you feel the same way or are you just excited?

Watch the full theatrical trailer for The Dark Knight:

[flv:tdk-trailer.flv 602 256]

You can also watch The Dark Knight trailer in High Definition at

The Dark Knight is again directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige) and co-written by Nolan, his brother Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige), and David S. Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins). The movie will hit theaters worldwide on July 18th, 2008 next summer.

The Dark Knight poster

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  • Woooohhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... Heath Ledger is doing a great job ... and of course Christian Bale must be more in the character now . Great trailer and again I have a big hope in this movie ...the best of 2008 :-)
  • Stephen
    I have been pretty much been watching this since 8:28 last night.
  • sarah
    it looks good. i just wish that they couldve kept the original chick instead of maggie gylenhaal (who i do like). also, it sounds like heath ledger is trying to do a jack nicholson voice, anyome else think so? and, im assuming from the trailer that they are cutting out the plot line with joker having his face permentaly messed up. its ok i suppose, just different. but overall it does look good and im excited to see it.
  • Matt
    Wow. I don't usually fanboy trumpet for movies, but I am incredible excited about this. I also wish they had kept the original girl, I hope the love story isn't tacked on because of it. I didn't really hear Nicholson in his voice, Ledger sounded way higher pitched and more spastic (I love it!) God this is gonna be good, now I really have to IMAX I am Legend for the 7 min preview!
  • I love how everyone is coming out now and saying that Heath Ledger is the perfect joker after they've seen him acting and in the trailers/footage. Of course it's necessary to actually see him to confirm or deny a belief that he could be the wrong choice, but all in the same, this is giving everyone who said he was perfect from the very beginning that much more clout. To me, it's one of those... you should've trusted Christopher Nolan all along - would he really cast someone wrong? Or, as is apparently the case, would he cast the perfect person. And that's why I say Speed Racer is going to be so good too - would the Wachowski's really screw up that bad? I doubt it... But that's a different topic for another day.
  • nick
    "To me, it's one of those… you should've trusted Christopher Nolan all along - would he really cast someone wrong?" Katie Holmes.
  • I'm not sure if I love this trailer all that much. I much prefer the prologue, which you can now watch in crappy cam quality.
  • Batman has always been my favorite superhero, so to say that I was excited for the upcoming Dark Knight trailer is a huge understatement. Here I was, sitting in a theater to watch I AM LEGEND, really thinking I wasn't going to catch a glimpse of my favorite superhero or my favorite super villain. But to my surprise, I did! But I will say, I was definitely let down. On a positive note, Heath Ledger was simply amazing from the few clips I saw of him. Not the classic joker from the comics that I always have wanted to see, but for this trilogy, he looks fantastic. Crazy and demonic, and someone to truly be feared. I was a bit skeptical, but not anymore. On to the bad stuff. 1. Maggie Gyllenhaal? Ugh. Just my opinion, but I can't stand her, even if she is a great actor. She just doesn't hold up as pretty on screen as Katie Holmes, and for me, this is an important element when you are looking at someone throughout a film. 2. Trailer structure.... Not a very well paced trailer if you ask me. A lot of this actually has to do with the shot selections, which were very impressive overall. None of the action shots had much punch and looked like someone had plopped down a camera somewhere to capture an explosion or two. 3. Which bring me to cinematography... This was the real letdown to me. I have come to expect a lot out of Chris Nolan. Batman Begins and especially The Prestige were SO well shot. And Dark Knight just looks flat. A bunch of wide angle centered shots, which are actually crooked/tilted off-center if you look at them again, some out-of-focus shots, etc.... Just looks like it was filmed in a lazy way. Part of this could have something to do with the fact that they filmed with an IMAX camera which didn't allow them to do handheld. It weighs like 70 pounds or something, so they were pretty limited. Even the DP admitted it on a behind the scenes video. Anyways, I hope this film will really shine. I am very excited to see it. But for now, I don't even have a trailer I want to go back to again and again in anticipation. Here's hoping to a better trailer and a great film!
  • Josh
    I think I just shat my pants.
  • tw
    i think i just came
  • Charlie
    Is it July 18th yet????
  • Nathan
    It might be a little early to say this, but could this earn Ledger a Golden Globe or Academy Award nomination? Just from the clips in the trailer and what I've heard from the prologue, it seems he's put a lot into this role. Sure it's only a comic book movie, but it would make a nice change from the same old nominations each year. Also, I'm a heterosexual male with an unblemished history of female conquests (tee hee)...but I think I love Christian Bale and Chris Nolan...AWESOME TRAILER!!!!
  • Keith
    incredible. downloaded the hd version and i cant stop watching it. pretty hilarious when alex bitch-slapped all of the heath ledger skeptics haha. and hopefully the speed racer skeptics too. as far as maggie gyllenhaal goes, she looks very similar too katie holmes and she is a great actress, so she fills the role well. nick said casting katie holmes originally was a bad choice, but i disagree with that completely. i thought she did a great job in Batman Begins. did anybody else think so?
  • Foshi
    I like Maggie a lot, she's the perfect choice to replace Katie Holmes. @Keith I agree, Katie did an excellent job in Batman Begins. I don't understand the hate for her that so many people talk about. Maybe it stems from her marrying Tom Cruise, who knows? The trailer is sweet. Everything I thought it would be and more. Now I just have to see this movie.
  • AWESOME! I saw this during Legend and looks even better now. I just hope they get the prologue online soon but it will probably be longer because that is the big draw to see 'Legend' on IMAX.
  • ha1rball
    sadly i was in the same group of people who didn't know if heath ledger could pull it off but after seeing what i have seen over this weekend im thinkinh he is gunna be the best villain any movie has ever seen!! this movie is gunna blow people away!!
  • I agree with a lot Marty has said. I didn’t really get a sensational feel that would lead me to believe would occur coming from Alex's intro. Comparing the trailers from Lord of the Rings and Dark Knight, I’m sorry to say Dark Knight loses horribly. The movie should be great, but this trailer was quite bad.
  • miracle disease
    wohooo!!! can't wait for this one! ledger was great as the joker.. love the laugh!!! he's one crazy clown!
  • Boo-Yah
    I'll admit that when I first heard Ledger was going to be the Joker, especially with some of the other names that were being tossed around for the part - I was skeptical - despite what Nolan did with Batman Begins. However, the more I read about Ledger's preparation for the role and the first couple of photos that were released, I quickly realized that I was going to be wrong. I was even more convinced after just hearing his dialouge and laugh in the teaser trailer that was released a couple months back. This is the icing on the cake though. Uber-pumped for 7/18...
  • Cornholio_By_The_Sea more "comics-for-kids" BS....a real goddamn action adventure with heroes and villans....looks absolutely bitchin' could give sensitive types nightmares from the realism....CANT WAIT....
  • makethemsuffer
    whats the big deal about new dark knight trailer . film looks like batman begins. pish. i didnt c anything in trailer that made me go wow.i will c it when it comes out but if u want batman. they need michael and tim back. now that is batman. the classic .
  • bltzie
    Loved it! I think there might be a little surprise in this, I mean come on, no Harvey Dent?!! This is gonna be awesome!
  • Richard
  • deepak
    man!! dis is awesome... dis is more dan wat i've expected from dis movie.. dis'll be de best movie of de 2008 summer. i jus cant wait.. ..
  • Ali Gazali
    Batman fights the crow! And we all know: no one can beat the crow!
  • I know this new version of the Batman franchise likes to rise above the standard hollywood fare but this trailer certainly didn't. Ok it showed a little promise with the completely different joker interpretation but it did seem to have an explosion at every pause when it thought its 10 year old audiences attention might be beginning to wane. I look forward to the trailer that appeals to fans and adults who will be enthralled more by performances than tokenist bangs and crashes.
  • Maggie?!? Wow, major female-interest upgrade! Like Payne I wasn't totally captivated by the trailer but am very much looking forward to this one nonetheless.
  • This trailer didn't suprised me at all. It's amazing as I always knew it would be. Trust Nolan.
  • Fitty
    "And that's why I say Speed Racer is going to be so good too - would the Wachowski's really screw up that bad? I doubt it… But that's a different topic for another day." Guess you missed the second and third matrix and that crapfest V for Vendetta.
  • lolllll
    seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeriously fitty, v for vendetta a crapfest? maybe it was just above you because you had to repeat the 4th grade
  • Zeus
    Anyone that's degrading Jack Nicholsons Joker is either 13 yrs old or a jackass. Nicholson was asked to do a total different Joker. If he was asked (even today) to be the joker in this way he would be much better than Keith whatever. He looks like a transvestite. Maybe he'll be great, who knows.
  • Douglas Frinquelli
    # 21 I could'nt agree with you anymore! The worst thing these nitwits did was letting/ or firing Tim Burton. Tim Burton made visually beautiful movies. Those movies were much better than these guys are turning out. Batman Begins was a really good movie. Batman and Batman returns are classics. Those were movies that incorporated things that never have been done before. I know that they're trying to be more realistic ( which I've always wanted) but they may have gone too far.
  • Tim Burton created a visually entertaining film, but it wasn't the type of Batman we've been seeing in the later comics. So while I still dig the old Tim Burton films, this is more true to character. I have to admit, though, I can't believe everyone's pining for Katie Holmes - beautiful and her previous movies like 'Pieces of April' I thought she did a fantastic job, but she was horrible in Batman Begins. All of it felt like forced cheese, overly excited or trying to be passionate without any real substance. I was hoping they canned her, and I'm glad they did.
  • jordan
    OH MAN!!! fuck "Cloverfield".....THIS is going to be THE film of serious chills just from the tailer...cant wait to see the entire adventure....
  • Ieyke
    Heath Ledger looks like he'll be one hell of an awesome Joker, though I doubt he's a as totally out of his mind as the comic book Joker. Getting rid of Katie Holmes is great; she's so useless. I really can't think of any of Maggie's stuff that I've seen, but at least she looks better. The Dark Knight looks awesome, but honestly I'm looking forward to Cloverfield and Iron Man a LOT more.
  • leila
    I have just watched the trailer and my hopes are high I have an utmost respect in the joker caracter so I will patiently se if Heath Ledger delivers the aura the joker must have ...I am sooooooooooo impatient
  • Sinner
    Looks OK. Movie tickets are expensive ya'll. I'll rent this one. I'm telling ya. Cloverfield, Narnia 2 & Rambo. That's it.
  • sanz
    Trailer looks fantastic in my opinion and I seriously can't wait for the film now that I've seen Ledger in action as the Joker! Especially considering I thought Nolan had seriously F#cked up in picking him... I've seriously been proven wrong! I loved Burton's batman films and always liked Nicholson as the Joker, but Nicholson always did play Nicholson in my opinion (as in it was always very evident that his own character was heavily inserted into the Joker) but Ledger appears totally unrecognisable in this trailer... to the point where I'd not have known who it was if I hadn't known, and ontop of that he's also f#cking scary! Very very impressed and think he might just have outclassed Nicholson's perfermance.
  • David
    Good point Sanz about the joker being ledger, He could be better than Nicholson (I Hope Not Tho lol)
  • Josh Faulkner
    Bale's performance in Batman begins was new, realistic and all round success of which he deserves to win awards for. But its not just the acting of Heath Ledger now that is no doubt the worlds greatest talent but also the combination of talent between Ledger & Bale that will make this movie the decades greatest.
  • Cyfer
    Not Bad!Ledger looks 2 b killin it as d Joker!which suffice 2 say is hard 2 do after Nicholson!(nah he dont sound like he's imitating Nicholson at all)i for 1 do not like katie holmes OR maggie gyllenhall for this role.(not saying that they're bad actresses or that im upset about som1 marrying Tom Cruise) just that they're wrong for the role.i would have cast Nadia Bjorlin , maybe even Jessica seems like Gyllenhall was chosen for a slight resemblance 2 Holmes who was wrong to begin with.Anyway thats my 2 cents.
  • David
    I wonder how good they make two face in it???????????????????????????????
  • ALyssa
    Wow. I had no idea Heath Ledger was even in this! I think his accent is amazing considering he is from Australia and his voice sounds so different! As always Christian Bale looks amazing and has a talent for acting like no other. I just got even MORE excited for this movie.
  • howloon
    Mr. Bale is easily the best of all the Batmans (Michael Keaton? still boggles my mind how he got cast; and George Clooney is always George Clooney on screen, just like Nicholson is always Nicholson...well, except for here and there in About Schmidt, but anyway...). Am i hearing this will be released in imax too? sexy. Katie Holmes blew, Maggie is an improvement but that's not saying much, never been a fan of her smarmy dishwater smirk. i can only imagine the bonehead LA bullshits that forced that casting decision, so many better options available. but this Joker is looking to be one of the classic characters of film...
  • bayanorak
    the film will be shrouded in legend, especially since Ledger won't be around for a sequel
  • emilio
    omg heath ledger is dead
    I have seen so many of his movies, i was really hurt by the news of his death ( RIP )
  • christopher M. Phillips
    This is an absolute tragidy...This makes 2 deaths related to this movie! A few months ago one of the crew members died(a camra man I believe but dont know for sure) and now Heath Ledger. I feel so bad for these families! There was barely any news covered when the poor crew member died. It is all very very sad and I believe it will be a while before we see a third instaulment after all that has happened. May they both rest in peace and may their families have their sorrow eased! God bless them all!
  • Ken Kellar
    This movie has the potential to be one of the greatest Batman, and even comic book, movie ever made. Unfortunately, Heath Ledger won't be able to enjoy the success and fame that he will garner in what looks to be the greatest portrayal of the Joker ever to grace any media so far. His name will live on in this movie, and he will never be forgotten.
  • laufan
    Goodbye Knigts tale... You're such a good actor however you're gone..tsk tsk tsk
  • Robyn
    Good bye heath this truly looks like one of your best!I never thought id so you play this kind of part but wow you did good!
  • I LOVE HEATH LEDGER, and this is just heart-breaking, to see that this was his last movie to finish in his very short life. He is THE BEST actor to ever live, this just can't happen. I me, Brokeback Mountain, Patriot, and A Knights Tale, they are ALL MASTERPIECES, and always will be. And now, The Dark Knight, it looks like another masterpiece just waiting to come out! I can't wait, although, nobody ever expected you to ever be a villian, but even though you are in this ONE movie, you did it so perfectly. And for the people that say Maggie Gylenhaal shouldn't be in this, screw you, Heath was really good friends with her and they always will be! It's really sad because he has a BEAUTIFUL daughter named Matilda, who looks EXACTLY like Heath, and he loved her more than life itself. Michelle should have NEVER broke up with him, sure they split, but taking Matilda and away from Heath was the BIGGEST mistake anyone could have done. Anyway, this movie looks great and I can't wait to see it! Sorry you had to go, we will miss you very much. Love, Christina T.Moccia HEATH LEDGER (APRIL 4, 1979- JANUARY 22, 2008)
  • Joe Rouhana
    Great movie!!! Sorry for Heaths tragic Death!! so SAD!!!!!
  • Magen
    OmG!!! Yes Oh yes oh yess yess yessssssssss! Damn thats good shit! I absolutly can not wait to see this movie!!!!! and by the way... those who dont really agree on the fact that they changed the woman.. well to be quiet honest, batman was a bit of a man whore anyways.... BUT I SSSOOOO WANT THIS MOVIE!
  • JakeDaGr8
    This trailer is awesome. Heath Ledger I know will be the only true Joker, dark and sinester. (Sorry for his passing, he is a very good actor, and will always be remembered.) I loved all the tid-bits that they shared with us over the internet. What a great marketing strategy! I will love this film, and I know that Christian Bale is going to be awesome. The anticipation is killing me.
  • beef merciful
    if your favorite movie ever is fucking return of the king then you either have really bad taste or haven't seen any other good movies.
  • Ddyq
    Ugh... I must say I am seriously underwhelmed. It seems like there will never be a good Batman movie.
  • Ram Kunchur
    This is the freakiest trailer i have ever seen....the movie is gonna be mind blowing....and yeah people this little trailer does not feature Batman's another nemesis "Two-face"....I think both Joker and Two-face are gonna beat the shit outta batsy....but thats great isn't is? I mean what would a superhero be without some insane supervillians?....the costume looks superb!....and yeah i love it when ledger says "Comeon!....Hit Me!"....damn he looks pissed off.....I bet this one's gonna hit the bullseye of 2008........Lets hope we get a more detailed international trailer soon....and yeah Heath Ledger...R.I.P....
  • SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWSOME batman kick jokers crapface sorry Heath RIP dawg
  • that guy
    yeah, katie holmes was the only wrong choice for these new Batman movies.
  • Parker
    "I LOVE HEATH LEDGER, and this is just heart-breaking, to see that this was his last movie to finish in his very short life. He is THE BEST actor to ever live, this just can't happen. I me, Brokeback Mountain, Patriot, and A Knights Tale, they are ALL MASTERPIECES, and always will be." -Kristina Actually Kristina, he was working on a Terry Gilliam project when he died so it's still unknown as to what they're going to do about that. Another thing, i think you have the Kurt Cobain syndrome in declaring that someone is amazing postmortem, it's obvious you're a Heath Ledger fan, but it's quite a stretch to say that Patriot and A Knights Tale are "ALL MASTERPIECES". I saw both and they were horrible, especially A Knights Tale. Honestly, I think it's movies like that, that made fans question whether or not he was the right choice for the joker. Best actor to ever live? Now that's taking it to a whole new level! I like Heath Ledger, I think he was a fine actor, but I just had to call you out on claiming that his movies were masterpieces. I'm a big Christian Bale fan but you'll never hear me call his role in SHAFT (sam jackson version) a masterpiece...
  • Maria
    I wouldn't really say that those movies were horrible but it wasn't a masterpiece either. They were enjoyable to watch with the mood it was intended for it but Heath's role in each of those movies did show glimpses of his talents and potential for bigger and better roles. When I first heard who was playing the part of the Joker I honestly thought that he could actually pull it off, while everyone didn't really agree and were even hesistant about it because no one could ever replace Jack Nicholson"s Joker, I didn't have a doubt in my mind he could play a good joker considering that this joker is a different take on the character of the joker than Jack Nicholson't Joker. Because Heath was one of those rare actors that can really get you in to his role and make you forget who the actor is and focus more on who the character is. I think his portrail of the joker is going to be a glympse of how great his potential was.
  • Grace
    I predict this movie will be the #1 blockbuster of the summer, for many reasons. For one, finally the Batman movies have moved away from the colorful almost animated and somewhat comic trend, like Batman and Robin and Batman Forever. Christian Bale, hell of an actor and an ideal Bruce Wayne. But what's gonna take this film all the way to the top ten most grossin films of all time is unfortunately the death of Heath Ledger. Besides the fact that he was a great actor, it was also his last film. It's like art, much more valuable when the artist has passed. Respect to the family. Rest in peace Heath, you were and still are on my top ten. You were just warming up.
  • Grace
    I predict The Dark Knight will be this summers #1 Blockbuster and very likely one of the top ten highest grossing films of all time, for many reasons. For one, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have broken the trend of the colorful, comic, almost animated Batmans of the past. Christian Bale, an incredible actor resembles the perfect Bruce Wayne, and a bad ass Batman, best I've seen yet. Last but not least, the man who owns this movie, Heath Ledger, his unfortunate death will knock this movie out of the ball park. Like fine art, the film will be much more valuable with the passing of the artist, who created a masterpiece role, the joker we all fear and love. Rest in piece Heath, you'll always be admired. You will be so missed, your death was not in vain. Prescription drug awareness is on high alert now. Love you.
  • Ashlee
    I cant wait!!
  • Esther
    Where is Katie Holmes?
  • Megan
    Katie Holmes is having personality 2.1 downloaded at her local Scientology center.
  • Shannon
    Heath Ledger RIP. The movie looks great! Can't wait to see it! Top priority for summer now! Good news people... Not Heath's last movie! He was in production with another one also starring Johnny Depp due out next year!
  • herman
    I really like heath's film. He's such a good actor,is a shame such talent will never been seen again . I will make it my mission to watch this matter if is good or no just to show my appreciation for heath's talent.RIP my friend.
  • Jimi
    I have got to be honest, I was less than impressed with Batman Begins. don't get me wrong. It was a good flick but not as good as Tim Burton's original Batman. Jack Nicholson's Joker was spot on and Michael Keaton was a good Bruce Wayne and a adequate Batman. Bale is perfectly cast as the Dark Knight once again and the trailer is excellent. And he is joined once again by a super cast. The only thing that can mar this movie is the very sad passing of Heath Ledger. He always delivered a strong performance.
  • bltzie
    Katie Holmes is having personality 2.1 downloaded at her local Scientology center. Megan #67 HHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH, that's a good one!
  • ok
    em.. That was "Batman" a Copyrighted character. and they are used everything "Batman" has .. and renamed him to 'The Dark Knight'? Good luck with that..
  • LittleClaz
    Oh my God. This is going to be awesome. Fuck Jack Nicholson...Heath's got it made! Cannot wait!
  • John
    this looks good but I am already missing the Tim Burton vision, seems to be Gotham needs to be a little askew and off center of everyday reality.
  • KC
    em.. Batman is the Dark Knight always been always will be...OK..ok...
  • joe
    this just doesn't look that great. seems like people are latching onto it b/c of ledger's death. heath's performance here looks pretty good but the trailor and the plot just looks so-so. i loved the first dark knight movie and the whole concept of what batman really was. much more appealing and accurate than the goody-too-shoes BS they created with the original batman series.
  • Rob!!!
    woohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!... ...woohahahahahahahahahah!
  • MR T
    Man Heath Leger looks legendary, Damn why did u go kill urself, BTW Batman looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than Iron Man, and Iron Man Looks fukin good, so thats sayin somethin
  • Rob!!!
    na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha JOKER!
  • Rob!!!
    is it just me or does the new joker look loads like eric draven from the crow?
  • Daisy
    Aaron Eckhart is gnna be two-face for whoever is wondering :)
  • Rainxo
    wow this looks really good. was a bit disapointed with batman begins, it took forever to set the scene at the start but once it got going it was great. shame they didn't feature two-face in this trailer but i suppose they were drawing the focus on heath ledger and his unfortunate death:( owell cant wait to see this one :)
  • ali
    this is very interesting ? am really shocked
  • Brian
    i went to the premier last was the best movie i have ever seen
  • mish the fish
    I think that we should not get carried away by the death of H.L which seems to have clouded our judgement of his acting. Personally I think that Christian Bale personifies the Batman we need, want, and who is above all the best of them yet. The Joker will always be superseded by Jack Nicholsons' and then by Heaths' through his untimely death, regardless of him befitting the role. The furore surrounding this only highlights the need we have to immortalise him even if his acting was mediocre or un-memorable. Undoubtedly this will be the best Batman film ever, but not because of Heath Ledger, but because of the ensemble of the great cast and great director that made this film great. It takes more than one actor to make a film. The mystery around HL death will always follow this film in his and the films epitaph and we will only see it to highten our morbid desire to see the last film he ever made. I also cant wait to see this film but I will not applaud it unless it is worthy of praise regardless of the media hype and post-mortem delirium. Mish the Fish
  • mia
  • tom
    The fact that people were on here hyped about the movie and the HL performance just from a preview makes me take the reviews of people just coming out of seeing the movie with that much more of a grain of salt. Many say they were skeptical. Yeah right. They were just like the people on here, sure fire ready to see it, already had their minds made up they would love it. I wish people would wait a few months, or years before proclaiming it the best movie they have ever scene. If it is I doubt they have seen many films.
  • ballonya
    hes dead
  • adam greene
    i loved this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mish the fish
    i agree with Tom (87). from mish the Fish (85)
  • Yeah! Late comment I've been, but yes, it was one of the best movies I've seen.




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