What is Cloverfield? Intense New Extended Clip Revealed!

December 13, 2007
Source: CloverfieldClues.com


Just when I thought the day was starting to wind down, I stumbled across what may have been the most exhilarating discovery of the entire month. We've all seen the latest trailer for Cloverfield, but the question still remains - What is Cloverfield? J.J. Abrams and the team at Paramount have released a special widget for your use which contains an extended clip. It's the intro scene with Rob at his party and the Statue of Liberty's head, but it's the complete scene without any edits or cuts. This is the most intense and exciting thing I have seen in a long, long time. You need to watch this right now!

Just click play below to watch the extended clip from Cloverfield. J.J. Abrams is also hosting a special contest for whoever gets the most "grabs" of this widget will win a special early screening of Cloverfield in their own hometown. Freakin' sweet!

Click on Grab This above to add it to your page on Facebook, MySpace, your own blog, or wherever you want. The more places the better! And if you want to enter the contest, if you click on Grab This it will provide a form for you to sign-up and the codes needed to put this on your own page.

I still don't know what the f**k the monster is, nor does anyone out there. This will remain a mystery until January 18th. The only thing I can tell you is after watching this clip, I am PUMPED. I can't wait to see this movie. It's already a classic in the making and it looks like it is going to be intense as all hell!

Cloverfield is directed by Matt Reeves (The Pallbearer, "Felicity") and written by Drew Goddard ("Lost" and "Alias"). The film arrives in theaters on its designated day when it also actually takes place, January 18th, 2008.

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  • Nick O.
    "Rob, I saw it! It's alive!" nice.
  • max
    OH MY GOD! kick assssssss
  • Stephen
    Saw this a little bit ago and I think it has sold me on it complety now.
  • cufford
    All I can say is: Holy shit!!!
  • IHateChildren
    I'm cautiously optimistic about this one. However, I have a feeling that the monster is going to be: a. Boring and unoriginal (Godzilla, Martians) -or- b. Imaginative, but stupid (The Moon, Ted Kennedy) And knowing J.J. Abrams, it's probably going to be the latter.
  • BTW, where did you find this?
  • Vangel
    WOW I really thought the hype behind this movie was getting a bit much but this clip has pretty much converted me! such a good and idea and such an original way to do/show it, good times
  • I'm intrigued because of the way it is shot. It feels real...
  • Oh my god... I can't wait, seriously. This is going to seriously be the scariest movie ever, because it's so realistic. I got chills watching the trailer!
  • Looks awesome but I fear that the shaky camera motion will really turn me off after a few minutes in. GET A TRIPOD FOR CHRIST SAKE!
  • Micah
    Tsk tsk, why can't you people see it for what it really is - an animated, headless Statue of Liberty bent on wrecking destruction across The Big Apple. ...ok, that might just be a bit of a stretch.
  • As I said in another comment before weeks the movie looks great and the CGI stuff is good and even I mention that the most difficult part are the tracking of the shots because there is a big deal with the camera movement ... and for all the head of the statue in the middle of the street ... is a CGI ... I would be happy that the idea of the movie be in the same level of the making of it ..... because it is important for me how this creature come and how it will end ... :-) There many movies that have a great CGI but no good Idea and of course there is a great ideas but with a bad CGI and there you will begin to ask .... ask what if ? :-)
  • Brian
    Is it just me or does the acting seem pretty terrible? I also wasn't too impressed by the initial explosion...I guess I'm a tad picky about CGI. Don't get me wrong, I'm still stoked for this. However, I definitely think improvements could be made.
  • sean
  • Hey guys, can you go back and re-grab the clip again? I added the contest entry info but I have to start at 0 grabs. Help FS.net out and re-grab the new code again! Thanks!!
  • Spike-the-Poet
    The Blair Gamera Project...
  • Armand
  • oscar
    Originality is dead . Everything is derivative. Invasion of the Body Snatchers with Nicole Kidman : the fourth remake I Am Legend : the third remake . Set in NYC AVPR : released around the same time , set in NYC the n'th remake. Enjoy the Trailers because that will be the best scenes you will see . These will be followed by lots of scenes of thin self absorbed twenty somethings. Like the Day after Tomorrow the trailers will be all that is remembered 3 months from now.
  • Maximus
    Ok, so these trailers have officially freaked me out an sent chills down my spine........and I cant fucking wait. I'm hoping its not going to be one of those movies where the trailer is the God of the decade, and the movie is mediocre at best, but the vibe im getting from this is its going to be epic.
  • Doc Valentine
    This is great....I've been waiting to see a better trailer of this flick. Being a Sci-Fi buff...you can't not like this one. Is this another Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, or Gihdra? I love the monsters...Hurray for a different type of originality. The sounds are good, except for the shacky cameras, it would be hard to follow scenes that could take you of the catch. We need the stills of the shoots and the realness of imagenary monstery. I'm getting chills in the wait of post Japanese city smashing. Let's see if we can run the way they did. Be for real though...can you imagine New Jerseys coast line totally demolished by a gigantic Weakie in the midst of a Nor'easter hit. He- Heeee.
  • jim b
    looks like it one bad ass flik
  • David
    Could be trying to take Godzilla's Thunder but still looks amazing
  • Doxie
    Well it looks pretty bad ass, but I'm still skeptical if I'll go to the movies and see it. Every time there's been a huge hype about some movie that's "reality based" it's turned out soooo bad. The fist of these was the Blair Witch project. How bad did that turn out. It really could have been awesome with some imagination, but it was horrible. So many movies have had the best scenes on their trailers lately, that I'm worried the rest of the movie won't live up to the trailers. On the Godzilla, Gamera ideas, from what I've found out it is not them. Abrams was inspired by seeing his child with his Godzilla toys and decided they needed to make a new monster that was all their own. So, this is supossed to be something totally new but inspired by things like Godzilla, Rhodan, Gamera, that kind of stuff. My husband said immediately it was Godzilla, but it sounds nothing like Godzilla's roars anyone who is a godzilla fan knew that one immediately. I just really hopes it lives up to it's expectations. I'm getting really tired of being let down after paying so much money to see a movie in a theatre
  • vitodawg
    i dont think its gonna be half as good as the trailer makes it out to be. godzilla minus ferris bueller
  • Bietch
    Looks great but unfortunately if it looks too good... well you know the rest! I remember the incredible Godzilla trailers and you remember how that one turned out. But I gotta admit, seeing a new spin on destroying the big apple always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, ya know?
  • Renae
    It isn't any of those things mentioned above. It's Al-Qaeda... and a very good representation too. Frightening as hell!
  • Alrighty.. I still didn't go see this movie yet but I'm guessing that it's just a typical pumped up version of Blair Witch Project. I'm guessing that we'll probably not even see what this thing is even at the end of the movie just so they can cash in and make sequels. Just like the never ending show LOST. It's a terrible way to waist your time. Nobody communicates anymore, they just sit and watch TV all night and eat cheese burgers. No wonder our society is so lazy and overweight.




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