Afro Samurai Headed for Live-Action with Andre 3000 Starring?

August 5, 2008
Source: MTV

Afro Samurai

There is a panel I missed again at Comic-Con this year but would've loved to attend - Afro Samurai! If you're not familiar with this awesome anime series, it first launched last year and features the voice of Samuel L. Jackson as Afro. Some of the most interesting news to come out of this panel includes details about a potential live-action big screen version that Jackson will spearhead, but not star in. MTV brings us the latest details from Jackson, who reveals that "we have a live-action plan" and that "hopefully, that script will come together and we'll be able to do that in the next two years or so." If there is one anime series that I'm really excited to see head to the big screen, this is definitely it!

On the show, Jackson is an executive producer and the voice of the Afro Samurai, but he has decided not to be the one to bring the samurai to life. "I won't be doing that… I'll be the dead father. I'll show up in some spiritual scenes, and give him some guidance. We'll find some young guy that is capable of doing all those things and make it really cool." That's a remarkably smart decision, but who does Jackson have in mind? "You know, when I look at him, I see Andre 3000. So, maybe so." Andre 3000, aka André Benjamin, has starred in a few movies recently in addition to being one of the founders of the group Outkast, including Revolver, Idlewild, Battle in Seattle, and Semi-Pro. Although the film itself wasn't top notch, Andre was one of the best parts of Semi-Pro, so I might agree with Jackson's decision on this one.

If you're concerned that this will never see the light of day, I wouldn't be so worried, because if anyone, Jackson is the man who can make sure it gets made. Apparently he's a big fan of the show has made it a priority to get this movie made. Here's some additional enthusiasm to get you excited for this adaptation. "'Afro Samurai' is an interesting hybrid we did, hoping that people would like it, and people embraced it. It just kinda happened. And now I'm walking down the street and people are asking me about 'Afro Samurai.' When's it coming back? When's the game coming out? Apparently it has resonated with a lot of people as well as it did with me when I first saw it." Again, if you're not familiar with it, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the first season on Blu-Ray over on right now!

My response to all of this: bring it on! The entire series from the start has been under Jackson's wing and thus I don't think it will have a problem being adapted. While others may complain about the Cowboy Bebop movie or how bad Dragonball looks, I think Jackson and the entire team involved on Afro Samurai know exactly how to keep the spirit and tone of the show as part of a live-action movie. And I can't wait to see it happen! Am I the only one looking forward to an Afro Samurai movie?

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  • big r
    maybe its me but i dont know about andre, i havent seen his movies to say. Ive never been too familiar with afro samurai, but i do love anime!
  • hmm, I guess I can only say.... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gana
    Great newssssssssssss....nice anime....bloody samurai with afro look. Nice dual combine of samurai and his soul.... i think jackson got right thing to do with appearence as death father...may be they make as 300 style or sincity like picturisation of the movie. it will be good........mostly 300...nice n bloody...hope he become number 1 in coming years...hehehehe
  • Darrin
    they should make it the same way as the cartoon.
  • Jojo
    Dragonball will cool fools.
  • Have been looking forward to this.
  • PimpSlapStick
    Oooh yeah... I'm All about Sam Jackson,I'm a ATLien and went to highschool with Andre 3000, the dude got talent both musically and acting plus he looks exactly like the character and has that laidback coolness Afro has. It's perfect casting.
  • big r
    ???? this is getting lots of attention, where can i go to check out an episode or something? Ya know, to get ''familiar''
  • andrew
    afro samurai is a very intense character that strictly means business, i don't know whether Andre Benjamin has the ability or the physical attributes to play this out, but if he does get the part i sincerely hope he won't disappoint us fans. i just hope they really don't mess it up, i like the idea of Samuel as the producer and dead father tho, but when i first heard of this being adapted i do have Samuel in mind as the afro samurai himself since he did the voice work anyway.
  • Nettle
    #8 is probably the best place to go for watching anime. Here's a link to a channel, but I'm having problems finding episode 1. On another note, this actually sounds decent. The only thing I'd have to say is whether Andre would be able to pull off all of the crazy acrobatics and stuff. I'm looking forward to this.
  • Blue Silver
    Afro Samurai?...with Andre 3000?(and they say Topher Grace can't carry a Venom movie)----I smell a huge stink bomb...........
  • NCL
    I like Andre but I can't see him as Afro. They need someone big, tall and buff. Please.
  • Samurai Champloo is what they copied to make Afro Samurai, if you were going to watch anything watch Champloo, it's better. Andre 3000 has a good presence though so maybe it will be good, doubt it though, even with Samuel L Jackson swearing in the coolest voice ever it's not so good.
  • PimpSlapStick
    #12 You want just another stereotypical brute of a blackman as a character who is by his nature agile and stealthy, nothing in any of the depictions of Afro Samurai shows him as "Buff" "Big" aside from his height which is debateable, this character ain't the Terminator he's a goddamn 70's inspired Black Samurai. He's more Jimi Hendrix with a sword than Jim Brown with a battle axe, try watching the actual anime sometime.
  • Curtis
    Im totally in i loved the series i wish there was more though, looking forward to the next season hopefully it gets made soon and im really hoping this movie gets made, it absolutely has to be rated R or it will never work but i have faith in Jackson and crew, really looking forward to it!
  • BigTone
  • jason_md2020
    "Heyyyyy.....He's got an RPG in a muthafukkinbackpack!!!" They better keep Ninja Ninja as Afro's travelling companion. Also Ron Perlman did the voice of the main badass who killed Afro's daddy. Is he gonna be involved? (Pleas say yessssssss....)
  • Joe
    Oh yeah they absolutely have to do this movie! Andre 3000 is the perfect pick to play Afro, I can't wait to see this movie. They don't need to wait two years they need to start work on this right now!
  • maybe someone has mentioned this,but wasn't ron perlman actually the voice of afro and sam was the voice of his concious?
  • I know exactly who would be the perfect Afro Samurai lead...ME! I watch the show; I'm a big fan. I have been studying martial arts and been competing for a long time. I have mastered the bo, kamas, batons, tonfas, nunchukas, naganita, sais, and the samurai sword. People even tell me that I lok like Afro Samurai. I have the body and the acting charisma to bring this character to life.
    • 101tatsu
      me too XD i have the body and the eyebrows i just need my afro to grow lol
  • exodus_127
    If i remember correctly, I actually didn't think that highly of Afro Samurai. I found the fighting scenes a bit stiff and unimpressive. They seemed to take alot of short cuts then buffed up the effects to hide it's flaws, or had him stand there with a grimace on his face to look cool. If anything, i think a live action version of it will be an improvement. So with that, i agree with #13, Champloo is better. And for live action i'd rather go watch something like Zatoichi.
  • [19] No, Ron Perlman was the voice of Justice, the No. 1 after killing Afro's father. Sam was both Afro and Ninja Ninja, his conscience. Andre is an interesting choice, yet I wonder who the other serious choices would be?
  • VisionarY
    what about denzel washington or wesley snipes as afro? but i like the idea with andre 3000 too!
  • what?
    Wow...visionary...your no visionary. Denzel and Wesley?
  • Deathcycle
    They should get Maxwell to play the part of Afro.He'd be perfect.
  • Arron
    Yeah pysically I can see Andre 3000 playing afro but i'd want sam jackson dubbing over him I like afro's voice too much. and I hope they get the RZA on board too.
  • Mantronix
    I hope they get this mpovie right, Manga films don't work as good live action. My choice for Afro Samuarai is Wesley Snipes or Michael Jai White, this can work a good franchise so long as the story and dialogue is right, with a descent budget the editing has to be right lighting and cinemaphotography custome design, what worked in the animated feature wont work for film so this movie has to be right and a minimum of 2hrs no more or less.
  • senyar96
    andre 3000 would make a great afro-samurai , but i wanna know who will play Ninja-Ninja
  • Ninja Ninja
    Yes! People that I can share the love for Afro Samurai with! I am extremely excited for this movie! I love the series, I loved the video game and the way everything will come to live-action on the big screen will be simply remarkable!




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