Another Boring Photo of Nic Cage in Season of the Witch

December 5, 2008
Source: USA Today

Another Boring Photo of Nic Cage in Season of the Witch

Yesterday, USA Today debuted another official first look photo for Season of the Witch, a medieval movie starring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman. We actually debuted a first look at this during Thanksgiving break, but I'm sure it got lost in the vacation mix, so we're glad to feature this one today as well. To give you an idea of how one-dimensional the plot in this, here's the updated description from producer Charles Roven. "Wherever the witch has gone, the plague has followed," Roven says. "So they need to transport her to the mountains and perform a ritual that will lift whatever enchantment she has on the land."

Season of the Witch is actually a 14th-century supernatural thriller about a couple of knights who must take this witch up into the mountains, as described. "He has come back from the Crusades and has lost his faith in the church and in God," Rovan says of Nic Cage's character. Is anyone actually that interested?

Nicolas Cage in Season of the Witch

I expect there's going to be a lot of supernatural things in this, since it's about a witch, but we haven't seen anything else and don't know much about the story. Why aren't they showing us some photos with something really cool? Dragons? Mythical beasts? Season of the Witch is being directed by Dominic Sena, of Gone in Sixty Seconds and Swordfish previously, with a script written by Bragi F. Schut, of only Charlie Thistle and "Threshold" previously. The film is currently shooting but doesn't have a distributor yet. Based on the current schedule, I expect that we'll be seeing Season of the Witch either late next year or early 2010.

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  • peloquin
    Damn, here's cage again...that's like 4 times this week for four different movies...craziness Maybe you should replace your Sunday Discussion with "Cage's movie of the week"
  • Check his imdb, he has like 0ver 9000 movies coming out this summer
  • peloquin
    I was just reading up on him and found out that Francis Ford Coppola is his uncle and he changed his name early on in his career...maybe this explains his many movie offers, I'm sure Coppola has many friends in Hollywood.
  • Kenneth Van Castle
    The storyline has the potential for being interesting. 14th Century society, Crusade knights, a witch, and of course, a look at the plague and how it affected these nations. However, I cannot stand Nicholas Cage being a part of it. Ron Perlman, good casting. Nicholas Cage, in my opinion, has a face and voice that takes away from the character. I really wish he would stop acting. Not only that, but any mythical signs or clues depends on the direction of the film. Depending on whether they want to make it as 14th century society where girls were wrongfully identified as witches, or she's actually a witch and the ride into the mountains become much more arduous, which is actually the better way to go about it instead of some road trip on horses. That was half of King Arthur. It has potential, but the direction they choose will affect how much, and it's already lost some value with Nicholas Cage in it.
  • Antonio Cruise
    cage really needs to just stop making movies... i mean when was his last blockbuster hit.??... the rock.??
  • wm
    When was his last great performance?...Wild At Heart!!
  • Scott McHenry
    The movie sounds good but having Cage in it just sucks.
  • peloquin
    Well I'd say the last good movie he had was Gone in Sixty Seconds and since this has the same director maaaaaybe it could be decent.
  • Ali
    "Another Boring Photo of Nic Cag..." What kind of a retarded title is that? Just because you don't like him or his movies, you want everyone to jump on your bandwagon? Enough with the "I hate this movie and that movie and I want everyone to feel the same way" attitude, if you have any type of news about a new movie, post about it but don't fuckin belittle it or its cast at the same time and BEFORE IT EVEN GETS RELEASED of all things. You're the fuckin admin of this site for cryin out loud, show a little bit of class, because to me this site is seriously starting to go down the shitter.
  • Evan
    This is a fucking blog #9. Quit crying.
  • Matty
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Cage, again, looks ridiculous.
  • There should be a "Best Headline on" contest and this should be the winner. Sorry, #9.
  • You all love Nicholas Cage, deep in your heart you really love the guy. As do I. I mean he's a cool dude, The Rock was good, So was Con Air. Lord of War was great! Cage is always gonna be there get over it.
  • The Rambler
    he should just do millions of sequels to Con Air.
  • so he's really going to stick with that hair huh?
  • sarah
    Wow! You guys are tough! I *like* his hair in this. And I love the white horse. And the movie can't be any worse than a hundred crappy films Perlman has been in (remember "In the Name of the King"?) -- and I love Perlman. Cage has done some things I like but like most actors, there are ups and downs. And the acting is only part of the film's final story making. So why not give it a rest until the movie at least has a trailer, eh? Geesh.
  • Big r
    #11 You had me crying over here. That was so funny
  • BaDGuY
    Nic Cage is so OUT...stop casting the guy
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    God DAMMITT!!!!!




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