Another Full Iron Man Trailer Launches - Holy Sh*t!

February 28, 2008
Source: MySpace

Iron Man Trailer

Just when you thought this incredible day was over, Iron Man decides to drop in and make one hell of an appearance! A brand new two-and-a-half minute trailer for Iron Man has just launched over at MySpace and it's epic. This is the same trailer we were gushing about from WonderCon. This the same trailer that had me saying this would easily be the best comic book movie of 2008. I'm glad we didn't have to wait too long, because now it's here for all of you to enjoy in premium quality and to watch over and over again for three more months. Check it out below and get ready for Iron Man this May!

Everything about this trailer and this movie look perfect. From Robert Downey Jr., to Jon Favreau, to Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, to Terrence Howard as Roadie, to Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane. I seriously cannot wait - this movie is going to kick so much ass!! I only wish I could be sitting in a theater hearing people cheer next to me when the Mark III armor is shown for the first time in the trailer!

Watch the new trailer for Iron Man:

[flv:ironman-myspace.flv 598 258]

You can also watch the new Iron Man trailer in High Definition on MySpace

For more on the movie, head to the official Iron Man website at:

Iron Man is directed by Jon Favreau, of Zathura and Elf previously. The movie was written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Mark Fergus (Children of Men, First Snow), and Hawk Ostby (Children of Men, First Snow). Iron Man hits theaters everywhere this summer on May 2nd. The latest poster for Iron Man is featured below.

Iron Man Poster

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  • jeff thompson
    i have to say this movie is pretty awsome robert seems like a perfect match for tony stark
  • Nick O.
    I just saw that trailer in HD while I was watching Lost!
  • Nick
    I'll admit my excitement is definitely growing for this movie. Buuuuuut, I am by no means in agreement with the following statement: "...this would easily be the best comic book movie of 2008." The Dark Knight looks far superior in my opinion. It's simple, Batman>Iron Man.
  • Are you sure it was the same one? I heard the one on Lost was only 90 seconds, and this one is 150 seconds... Double the length! Also - does the video load quickly for you? My internet has been acting up and we're trying some new servers. Is anyone having load speed issues at all?
  • Loaded fine for me... and I also saw the one on Lost.. and didn't recall anything longer on this one... but then again.. I am too busy trying to sit down and not step into my garage to make a big-ass-red-metal suit with a blue chest and a rocket the size of a pencil to shoot at tanks from my wrist. And lets face it, this is not the worst thing you have caught me doing..... Hurry up May 2
  • Nick #3, to be honest... And this is the one and only place you'll ever hear this... I'm making those statements about Iron Man to prod fans into action for defending their movies. If they agree, then great, if not (which most don't) then they've got something to argue about. I'm inciting discussion simply by saying that... :) But to be honest, The Dark Knight is probably my summer flick, too. I think Iron Man is just stealing all the hype at the moment because we haven't had a new TDK trailer since, what, November? But when it comes down to it, you're right, Batman is going to kick all ass... ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Stephen
    The trailer is the greatest.
  • Jojo
    This is epic and mindblowing. This will be an extremely joyful and entertaining comic book movie with loads of comedy and action. I will be there opening weekend.
  • Nick
    That's what I like to hear Alex. Like I said though, this does look bad ass. And that clip where he shoots that rocket is ridiculously bad ass.
  • Alex, unless you are like me and lost all interest after BB was such a waste of my ticket money. Find this blue flower, let me get you high, and teach you something that motivate you to destroy Gotham, wait save Gotham I mean, for justice, and then I will come back to kill you after some hill-side gypsies save me. BLAH BLAH BLAH... Ironman is unique and introduces a whole new flying(not gliding with red, devil bat eyes) hero. NOW I am sure I just took the heat for eliciting fan responses... hahhhaha... bring it on... haha SIDE NOTE... I am interested to see how TDK will turn out though and will be there in the theatre giving the Warner boys my money
  • akumared
    Holy crap. This movie looks awesome... i wish i had a time machine so could go see it now... can't wait.
  • Nick
    Wow. That.....that just hurts Dusty.
  • Ross
    After he shoots the "tank" at the end, they finally got it ti look normal. It was too robotic in the other trailers. Nice job! This is one, that people might regret waiting for the DVD. Must see it in theaters.
  • Heckle0
    I just pee'd a little
  • Gah. Apparently MySpace "high def" means a Flash video, not even near x720 res. And not downloadable. Where's the .wmv-hd? Or .mov-hd? Or .divx-hd?
  • Bleek
    Two words: Holy Crap. Tis' going to be a mighty Winter (Southern Hemisphere) P.S: What's the Audioslave track nearing the end called?
  • Ben
    This looks fantastic. I was afraid they'd pull a "Superman Returns" and save all the action for the sequel, but this new trailer puts those doubts to rest. Thanks Alex. And the loading time was perfect - no problems at all. Also, to throw my two cents in - The Dark Knight is going to own some souls this summer, mine being one of them. But this looks like a solid third place attempt (after Indy, of course. Although I'm not sure whether Indy or TDK will take the top slot in my book. We'll have to wait for a real Indy trailer to find out...).
  • I think it's very interesting how the fanboys are setting Iron Man up in a contest against The Dark Knight. When you think about it, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are two sides of the same coin. Rich, brilliant men using their personal fortunes and technology to battle evil. I'm a die-hard Iron Man fanatic, so my vote is firmly in the Iron Man column. I think in terms of big summer explosive action, Iron Man will be the film to deliver. The Dark Knight will be all about mood - especially with the specter of Heath Ledger hovering over it. Warner Bros. is going to have to tiptoe around that when they promote the film.
  • Tushar
    Does anyone know the songs played in the trailer? They're freakin awesome. Looking forward to see this one
  • avoidz
    This looks pretty damn great! Iron Man and The Dark Knight should fill our superhero requirements for this year :)
  • Noddy
    Supremly looking forward to this now, this trailer totally has me sitting in the cinema upon release, I'm actually looking forward to this more than the Dark Knight. Also very happy to hear Electric Eel Shock in the trailer who are one of my fave bands (Last 10 secs or so) with the song that is funnily enough called 'Iron Man'.
  • Capa
    Is it just me or does the last shot with the tank look like a computer game? Apart from that, looking good
  • elliotstan
    I think this looks amazing. I never knew anything about Iron Man prior to seeing the trailers but now am extremely excited. I think its going to be amazing. Looks like they got it just right with Robert Downey Jnr.
  • TCox
    Wow. Batman vs. Iron Man. Bruce Wayne vs. Tony Stark. DC vs. Marvel. What a great summer it will be in theaters. I've always preferred the Marvel characters over DC, with the exception of Batman. He's probably one of the best fictional characters ever created. Iron Man, on the other hand always seemed like a bit of a knock off. Not so much the hero Iron Man, but the man underneath, Tony Stark. You have to admit the similarities of Stark to Bruce Wayne are obvious. With the said, I have a hard time deciding which movie will be the one to see, if I have to choose. The Dark Knight will more than likely be the winner this summer, but not so much because it will be a better movie. With Ledger passing, there will be a huge draw to see his last completed film. It doesn't hurt, that Batman is a much more recognizable character than Iron Man. Iron Man looks like it's gonna be a great flick, and I'm sure I'll see it in the theaters, but....The Dark Knight can't lose in my opinion.
  • spider-ed
    o my god!! i think i just creamed myself!! that was amazing, and black sabbath's iron man song couldnt be any more perfect! lol
  • avoidz
    Yeah, Capa, maybe those last few shots in the trailer are incomplete CG shots, because they certainly have that PS3 look about them.
  • Joel
    Nick, let's check the scoreboard. Batman= Guy with a belt. Ironman= Guy in a full suit of power armor. Batman= Batarang. Ironman= Repulsor Ray Batman= Swings from a cable. Ironman= Can fly. In space. Or under water. Or where ever he wants to even if there isn't a convenient building handy. Batman= Emo rich-kid. Ironman= Billionaire jet setting playboy Batman= Nutcase with a flower, crazy cougar in a cat suit, and fat kid with an umbrella for enemies Ironman= The Hulk, the Mandarin and Doctor freakin' Doom! Ironman>Batman ๐Ÿ˜› All kidding aside, it's a great year for the comic geeks when we have not one, but TWO comic based movies coming out that look as fantastic as IM and TDK! Oh and Tom#18...arguing about which of our comic heroes is best is what we fanboys DO! It's the best part of being a comic geek :)
  • Sorry Nick #12 - yes .. I still love Batman too... I was just not a huge fan of the story development on BB.. but it was still enjoyable to watch
  • Avelanch
    The Dark Knight>Iron man, but only by a small small margin. I can't wait to see both (earlier IM trailers were iffy, but this one sold me).
  • This looks truly wicked. And the music used in the trailer rocks! I confess I'm looking forward to this more than Batman. I enjoy Batman but I find the weight of expectation that everyone places on it means it can be as free or give you as many surprises as something new can. I enjoyed Batman Begins yet it still had the predicatability of the ticking bomb, crumbling buildings, race against time finish. I love Bale but I just didn't engage with the characters as much. Maybe it's because my heart will always be with Batman:Mask of the Phantasm as the best version of Batman created. To close I say bravo to Jon Favruea (sp). This seems to have a great mix of script, characters, good performances, kick arse action and some seriously cool shit.
  • atgeeks
    The song at the end is IRON MAN by black sabbath,
  • JC
    Too much information is not necessarily a good thing. I was intrigued by the first trailer and now I'm a little bit worried that I've seen the high spots already.
  • CSpuppydog
    Oh meh gawd... freakin hot sex man. Alex I am so excited for this. I am pretty excited for TDK as well but I am a Marvel man and Iron Man ha salways been my favorite comic book super-hero. But hey are you guys doing the summer camping thing again this year? Cause I know we are going to camp for this and The Dark Knight.
  • Ian
    I've got a little man-crush on IronMan. As if I can wait for May. Oh.. and I am SO f**king Robert Downey Jr.!! - sorry honey; I know this wasn't the most appropriate place to tell you... I'm a little ashamed.
  • Johnny
    Just to get your appetite going a little more, if you have a look at the screen credits on imdb for the upcoming Hulk movie, you will see Tony Stark / Downey Jr listed. Cameo or some real screen time? Either way Iron man looks incredible and the Hulk with Ed Norton and possible Downey Jr could rock as well.
  • Ale
    All I can say is... HOLY SHIT! I cannot wait for this to come out. The TRAILER alone beats every other comic-book movie. Including Capt. America vs. Red Skull.
  • Mike Roquemore
    The first song is Back in Black by AC/DC I love 'the jericho' I need one of those in my back yard!
  • Cornell Fan
    @Bleek, Tushar: Soundtrack question - the Audioslave song towards the end is "Cochise" from their first album. One word for Iron Man: Bad. Ass. Bale's Batman: Greatest ever caped crusader. However Iron Man will draw more people, because while we know the RDJr. story, but Iron Man will be a discovery. What a perfect marriage of actor and role.
  • Richard Sinor
    The first trailer was Great but this second trailer is DOUBLE-GREAT! Richard Sinor
  • Robin
    this is DEFINITELY going to be better than any batman movie. hear me out. Tony Stark (cast perfectly) invents and builds all of his own stuff, right? batman, on the other hand, uses his immense wealth to BUY his stuff from Morgan Freeman, the real hero of those movies. the message behind batman is that rich white guys can do anything they damn well please, while Tony Stark is just wicked smart. hate me for it, but indie is old, Shia laDouche is going to ruin his movie, and he doesnt even do his own whip tricks anymore. suck it.
  • Cody
    Wow...just WOW!!! Emailing link to everyone at work. For being posted yesterday and seeing all these comments, it looks like this movie is turning into a frenzy. However, the trailers have delivered thus far, and I know damn well that I won't be disappointed!
  • blagger
    Heavy Metal music for the Iron Man? Perfect. Robert Downey Junior and Gwyneth Paltrow? Superb. So just on the music and the actors this movie is a hit. Can't wait.
  • J
    @ Robin Batman didn't just 'buy' all his stuff in the original comic books, that's little more of an invention on the movies part... he did use his company and research to develop the stuff he has, much like Tony Stark, but don't mistake him for an idiot who had no part in creating the stuff he himself uses. Tony Start and Bruce Wayne are almost identical in terms of who they are. They are both billionaires who use their wealth and intelligence to fight crime. The only real difference between them is how they arrived to those circumstances and the specific tools they use. Iron Man might have the edge in technology, but Batman definitely has the edge in skill and deception. Oh, and Joel, "Batman= Nutcase with a flower, crazy cougar in a cat suit, and fat kid with an umbrella for enemies Ironman= The Hulk, the Mandarin and Doctor freakin' Doom!" I like you how tried to brush off the Joker, Catwoman, and the Penguin as just weird carnival freaks while trying to say that the Hulk, the MAndarin, and Doom are any different. Joker might be the most iconic villain ever, plus the catwoman is hot, which is more I could say for any of Iron Man's enemies. In conclusion, they're basically the same freaking character with a slightly different setting.
  • David
    In a response to J - Batmans enemies ARE ALL weird carnival freaks. That's why they are all LOCKED UP IN A MENTAL INSTITUTION - Arkham. Batman himself needs to be locked up in Arkham; because he's as insane as the enemies he fights. Iron man is a better character in my opinion and im not just speaking from a Marvel Biased point of view. I'll be watching both movies; but I honestly think Iron man is going to be the better flick.
  • Kellray
    FOR ALL Who asked about the Song and did not get an answer...... it is Audioslave.... song name is Cochise (don\t remember exact spelling, Google It). And the other one ... is Ozzy Dude :)...
  • Man! That is awesome! Batman is my fav. superhero so I want to see that more but this one is pretty damn close!
  • Zach
    Winter is coming, Mr. Stark.
  • Joe
    Batman can suck my balls.
  • Alfredo
    Watched the trailer 3-4 times in the past hour or so. F**king awesome! TDK tickles my dark moody bone, but Iron Man just sends shivers all over. When he punches what seems like War Machine on top of the head and there's the explosion. Wooo!!!
  • frank
    wow, So another movie where they save the american people from terrorists hiding in the desert. come on.
  • Fish
    Don't judge the movie. This movie will be awesome, too awesome. It totally kicks ass. I've watched it over and over and over. Three great movies this year The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, and the Invincible Iron Man. Next we need a new trailer for The Dark Knight.
  • Frank2
    To frank: You're embarrassing the rest of us out here with the name man. He gets captured in the desert. He fights crime in the city. ... get with it ... Anyway I agree with the sentiment that this trailer has sold the movie. I was a little nervous after the first few trailers hit, but this is just fantastic. As for the concerns about the way it looks... they are still working the kinks out of all the graphics and what not. Rest assured with the budget this movie has they will have everything ironed out (haha... ironed out...) by the time this hits theaters. See you all on opening night!
  • Darrin
    dont mean to burst anyone bubbles but all the trailers keep showing over the same thing but one had like two seconds more of gywneth paltrow. how long is this flick, i hope at least 2 hours or more.besides it does look good
  • Spider
    Damn! It appears that Jon Favreau did us proud! I knew he'd impress! This flick is quickly shaping up to be THE comic-book movie of the year!
  • frank3
    I'm embarrassing the rest of you? Well that was easy! It's just a 'name'. I must apologize for offending you with it. Please, by any means do not take my 'name' as a personal attack. I am sure you are all fine, upstanding characters with respectable 'names', each and every one of you. Now, please excuse me while I go and '...get with it ...
  • I am impressed by a hollyweird movie. This is a rare event. I do hope that the movie lives up to the hype. These days a lot of the best parts of the movie are in the trailer. I don't want to walk out of the theater feeling like I've already seen the movie not once but twice. D
  • Cunty McCunt
    Marvel always has the best comics. Batman? Who cares. Some faggot that wants to be a bat? Yeah that's cool. NOT.
  • jason_md2020
    Ummm.......IMAX? (Please,please,please,please...)
  • Chout
    I dig how someone stole his Mark I & is fighting him while he wears his Mark III. I suppose they had to have him fight a worthy opponent at some point in the movie. It should be interesting to see what comic opponents he will face in the second one. I know Mandarin is his main enemy in the comic but didn't see him int he trailer.
  • atgeeks
    I don't know why everyone keeps pitting batman vs iron man, I mean why can't both be good movies, I just hope that both don't suck, hollywood doesn't have a good track record of making comic's into movies, I mean we can all list the comic's to movies that suck. Batman Begins was a hell of a lot better than than batman beigns or any of those other BS Batman's. I mean even superman wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Less face it, I've seen a lot of movies where the trailers rocked and the movie suck, and vise versa, so lets just hope that the plot is good, and that the acting is even better and that the action is all that. and I'm I'm talking about both Batman and Iron man.
  • john
    Wow, just wow. I cannot wait for this movie. Make a video game out of it and call it Tribes meets Ironman.
  • kain
    The important part: RD Jr. is portraying a superhero that's actually Likable. That in and of itself is ground-breaking. I mean, when was the last time you watched a big-budget superhero movie and weren't subtly annoyed with the character's self-righteousness, melodramatic depression or mediocre sense of humor? The movie looks awesome, only flaw might be a lack of villain character development, but then it's the first superhero movie of a trilogy and it's rare that any of the spotlight is taken off the protagonist. As far as which one will score with viewers more, I'd say Iron Man will win points on newness, special effects and protagonist likability, and Dark Knight will win a lot of points with the late Mr. Ledger and everything people love about a well-played Joker. All in all, Iron Man would have to have a really cool ending to win overall, I think, to leave the audience with the best impression before they gauge Dark Knight later. Either way, we fanboys ultimately win so it doesn't matter. =D
  • kain
    ...Black Sabbath's Iron Man riff could probably sell the movie all by itself.
  • Robert Robot
    The walking animation isn't right.
  • TheDeepDark
    "Either way, we fanboys ultimately win so it doesn't matter." Amen, kain. A-****ing men.
  • crabby
  • ColonelPudding
    My problem with the Iron Man comics was Tony Stark was the most embarrassingly dull character ever. The fact that they just cast Robert Downey Jr. for this just blows that away. This movie may well be better than the comics.
  • Matt
    Robert Downey Jr. is an awesome actor. I think he is very underrated. I am having a very difficult time thinking of a movie that he wasn't awesome in.
  • Super Dave
    Brian Clevinger of said it best, "I think it's safe to say that what the new Iron Man trailer does to me qualifies it as pornography." And I wholeheartedly agree.
  • WOOOOHOOO.. as this is why I love comic movies... gets everyone excited... LOVE IT... up to 68 posts.. too much fun... well 69 with mine.. haha
  • Skeptic
    Nice plug, Dave.
  • jason_md2020
    Oh yeah, about the trailer music, after he says "Oh yeah, I can fly", and they show scenes of him flying in the mark II, what is that hella cool industrial sounding track they're playing. Anyone know?
  • Djoser
    What it comes down to is Comedy vs. Tragedy. - Dark Knight is going to be DEAD serious. NO pun intended. - This movie smartly takes the cue from Spider Man and pleases a general audience by not taking itself so seriously. Why so serious? Yeah, Bats? Why? Long live Marvel characters, just take one look at DC's website to see that their entire line of comics- including Batman, now- look and smell bad. With respect to Heath Ledger- I will definitely see that movie. But this is something fresh, and I'll be eating my popcorn out of entertainment, in this case, not just because I'm bored and waiting for the guy in the bat suit to kick some ass. I'd like to remind everyone that, despite Batman Begins' strengths, Christopher Nolan still is very poor at directing fight and action scenes. Every time an action sequence came up, it was just a flurry of activity and no one could tell what was going on. Favreau: from Swingers to Foggy, to Elf (Zathura? I know my nephew liked it... effects looked good) to THIS. That's what I call progress. Dark Knight is GQ. This is a little more SPIN, Magnet, Rolling Stone. I'm psyched.
  • Djoser
    And # 21, that's Black Sabbath you're hearing, not Electric Eel whatever. They're a bunch of jazz musicians that turned up their volume, put a Bat-Eating black magician at their helm, and consequently invented Heavy Metal. Look 'em up. ... That'd be some nicing icing on the cake if they riff on Tony Stark's favorite band featuring a guy that EATS THE HEADS OFF OF BATS for PR. If you're listening, Marvel, there's your 'Knight-Piece' in your summer blockbuster PR right there! Tony Stark sees a bat: "Ugh. I hate those things. Why do you think Sabbath's my favorite band? Dude bites the heads off of Bats. My kind of guy. (snicker)" Throw that in your commercial, and you'll silence all Bat-detractors. GO MARVEL!
  • Awesome trailer!!! thanks for the cool heads up :) One of you commenter's brought a great question: Which flick has a bigger buzz online Dark Night or Iron Man? I will check this out tonight and get back to you
  • Darrin
    i heard that incredible hulk trailer is coming this month,so martin we shall see who have the bigger buzz : dark knight,iron man or the incredible hulk
  • Sean
    Well I think Batman will do better than Iron Man but I know for a fact there's one movie that will surpass them all; It might not be better visually but it will make more money than both of them at the box office. And no I'm not talking about the Incredible Hulk...let's see if anyone can guess?
  • philip
    sean u mean indiana jones 4 anyway. the lost trailer and this trailer are the same one
  • Michael
    The first theatrical trailer had me. This new trailer makes me want to weep with fanboy joy. It looks phenomenal. Funny. Awe-inspiring. There are very few people who don't recognize the opening chords of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man". Anyone who's ever read iron Man always hoped, somewhere in the back of their mind, that if Marvel ever made a movie that they'd get the rights to use that song. However much they paid, It. Was. Worth. It. "Danh, nanh, nah-nuh-nah, da-nuh-na-nuh-NAH-nah-nuh nah-nuh-NANH!!!" "I.. am.. Iron.. Man!" Gives me goosebumps. And a woody.
  • phil61318
    I seem to recall reading (not being a comics guy, I just enjoy the movies) that Bruce Wayne/Batman was the "best detective that ever lived." We didn't see that in the movies much, except in the original Michael Keaton piece. Tony Stark seems to be equally brilliant, but in a gadety, inventor, mad-scientist kind of way (which is not bad). So the fact the Batman funded/paid for his gadgets makes sense, because it's more about his mind than his tools (no snickering, please). Brain vs. Brawn? Just speculating.
  • @ #72, jason_md2020: The track is "Hell Above Water", by Curve.
  • Corey D
    Alright. This summer will have some major flicks just ready for the plucking. Iron man is fantastic and is as jaw dropping as would be a transformers, spiderman, and batman baby. (given that all those movies were able to procreate with each other). Anyways, on summer excelence, my money would go to IJ:KCS (I love abbreviations), just because Indiana Jones is classic cinema GOLD. The Dark Knight is going to good, but I don't see it really surpassing Batman Begins. BB was good and no doubt the best batman movie to date but lets face it, all other batman movies weren't what is expected of the coolest superhero ever. But the real story is the joker and Ledger's performance. It's supposed to give new depth to the movie.
  • Junkhead
    Anyone know what song was playin' prior to the scenes with Curve?
  • Squeejee
    Okay, I can't believe I know this one and a bunch of people apparently don't: It's not an Audioslave song (!!!) at the very end, nor is it Electric Eel Shock (!!!!!), it's "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. You know, the one Ozzy used to be in. On the trailer, it's looking sweet. I fangasmed a little when I saw the Mark III ๐Ÿ˜› Also, Iron Man > Batman > Ninjas > Pirates > Zombies > Gum on the sidewalk > Annoying snot-nosed Kid > Superman B-l-a-c-k S-a-b-b-a-t-h. Got it memorized?
  • Trailblazer
    Only 2 more months!! I can't believe it's almost here!! :-)
  • K.Manny
    This film will be awsome. Batman Begins was awesome so will this! But I wonder which will be better. Cant wait for both!
  • Kristin
    Possibly the most awesome trailer ever. I went from having a bare, peripheral knowledge of the movie to *having* to see it in about 30 seconds. It's just joyful to watch. All I hope is that the actual soundtrack retains the music (or similar).
  • Bart
    I hated that trailer, I really really hated it. Because now I have to sit and wait for three months before I can see that movie, and I want to see it NOW!!! And I want the Soundtrack yesterday!
  • Theo
    This is the 2nd best add
  • infest
    soundtracks its awesome!! rock on!
  • David A Wright in love
    Reentry into spiritual space a bit hot... colants working... trying to get from the financial future to the present... a bit disorientating... Overshot the current goal a bit. Supertemporal shielding was stronger than we anticipated. I skipped right over the slowdown gateway and back into supertemporal space... I did scrub off enogh inertia to do a flip and hard energization towards greater non reality in a huge burst got one down closter to reality in love. Life blocks, soot suit. giggle grenades love letter lazers... airfreshener lazers... Iron Man and comic books are wonderful childhood inspirations... I share some of my adventures. In the humbe love and mercy Christ guided us to find I try again humbly David A Wright in love Oh, yeah I am a bit warm still cooling down from transitional space... almost got stuck between dimensions... another wonderful story... 060607 066 007
  • kyle
    Ironman bitchslaps the competition growing up no other hero beat ironman and i think that this movie is going to be the best super movie that's ever been made so far.
  • chad
    Any know the second song on the newest trailer? It's after AC/DC and before the group Curve. Great trailer.
  • Djoser
    Just read some crazy news. Thunderbolt Ross has a scene w/ Robert Downey, aka Tony Stark, in the new Incredible Hulk film. That, and that the Hulk will have a scene in Wolverine: Origins. Just like in the comic book. Looks like Marvel's translating their original insistence on an 'integrated' universe to film, as well.
  • Pussykat
    A must see ...wicked .....he hotttt!
  • Djoser
    Norton is exactly the person we need at the helm to this film. What might very well happen is that there will be an extended cut, or a director's cut which will land on the dvd- which, when you look at Lord of the Rings- becomes a VERY smart creative and marketing move. Get it out in theatres because people are waiting for it. Then include all the juicy extras, so they pony up the dough again for their home collection. Listen up, Norton: WE WANT THE HULK. I will say, though, that if I have to wait the whole movie to see the Hulk again, I'm going to blow chunks. I am very, very, very eagerly anticipating the release of this movie. And you wouldn't like me when I'm eager...
  • paul
    well ive seen both trailers and now im sold, that looks a lot better, dont know much about iron chops but he's cool
  • Frank
    very cheap .... sorry ! recommend untill 18 years ..;)
  • Shane
    Iron MAN !!!! WOOT! I am so happy they made this movie and it looks GREAT. I am also glad they rebooted, Batman the way it should have been(Tim Burton's version was lame in comparison). Anway Iron Man ftw!!!
  • Korben
    wow, this looks awsome, Batman is just starting too get boring. This seem too have a lot more feel to it
  • derv0
    awesome, can't wait!
  • ma_rissa
    if comparing the TDK and the Iron Man trailers, I'll probably go with this one...Iron Man Rocks!!!
  • DensityDuck
    Great trailer, but the guys who did the effects apparently REALLY liked that Starcraft 2 trailer with the Marine.
  • Reverend
    1.TDK 2.Iron Man 3.Hulk All will be awesome.
  • Jimi
    I used to be an avid comic reader and while ironman was never my favourite he did get my attention. Robert Downeyโ€™s Tony Stark is a delight to watch in the trailer. And the tin suit is not bad too. The story, (too much has been given away already) is actually plausible and interesting. The cast excellent! Nice one liners โ€“ โ€œYep, I can flyโ€. I just canโ€™t wait.
  • gage
    Still wondering what song is between ACDC and Curve, where he says "i put in harms way" time: 1:14
  • NiKo
    hello my comic friends, This film will be great. The action, the humour, in general... BUT I can tell you, Iron Man: the movie, will never kick The Dark Knight's ass! hmmm...why, little Marvel fans, why? Just because you judge TDK. You have not seen this film, only the trailer, so... don't speak bad about it... Maybe you have seen the trailer, but i hope you like to know, that Mr. Nolan make his trailer always ''spartan'', duo to he is showing NOTHING!!! I saw every Iron Man trailer and spots. Now I know everything about this film.... but of course I will go often watch this film ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like Iron Man... The TDK trailer tells you nothing... it's describing the situation in Gotham and the situation of the Joker BUUUUUUUUUUUT not of our DARK KNIGHT..... And don't forget, Harvey alias Two Face will be also a big part of this cake... The biggest problem of the iron man movie are the villains! Come on... Again this ''maybe'' ''islamist'' terrorists; a reason why you can count with Bush Jr. in your cinemas ๐Ÿ˜‰ and a ''sidekick'' gone jealous xD that's crap!!! Doctor Doom, NOT well-playing-NIP/TUCK-but-crap-playing-Dr.-Doom Julian McMahon, would be great!!! technology vs. technology!!!! ***NICE*** ... At this point, the producers had to improve. And TDK' Joker will be the greatest Joker ever appearing in movies. Why? Because Mr. Nolan have an emotional and delicate dark style of direction, which gives Joker his permission to show his true brilliant enemy character. Now the final question: Who is more dangerous? A massiv copy of myself (-->Obadiah Stane's robot) or a psycho, can't forseeing his motive and his next move??? greetings NiKo
  • Djo.
    First of all, Alex (can I call you Alex?), please remove the 200+ blank lines posted by Jack. (Must have fallen asleep at the keyboard, reading Niko's post). 2nd- Niko: I think the Final Question is actually "What the Heck are you trying to say."
  • Andy
    Personally, I think the whole "who's going to be better" argument is moot. We've got Iron Man, Batman, The Hulk, and Indiana guys can sit in the parking lot and argue about who's better while I'm in the theater watching ALL of them. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark? Can we say "type casting"? He's perfect! Then there's Christian Bale and Edward Norton as Batman and The Hulk, both of whom are huge steps up from their predecessors in those parts. And lastly, Harrison Ford is back in one of the most famous roles ever created. Who could ask for more? I hope this trend of making better comic-book or fantasy-type movies continues. Sure, you'll get the occasional Fantastic Four (which wasn't hugely bad), but we're starting to get more and more of the good ones--Batman and Dark Knight, Spider Man, X-Men, Iron Man (and hopefully a better sophomore outing for Superman in 2009). I say, long live comic book movies, and drop all the nay-saying. Even the worst ones lately are better than the crap we used to get (anyone remember the direct-to-trash version of Captain America, or Punisher starring "I must break you" Dolph Lundgren? If so, please signify by throwing up now). Not only are the newer ones better, they're generally going more along the storylines of the comics (best example--new Batman and Dark Knight vs. the first four Batman films, which were a "Bam!" and "Zowie!" away from being as cheesy as that 60's series with Adam West and Burt Ward). Sure, some things deviate, but that's true with anything based on another medium (books, comics, TV shows, etc.). The studios are getting better every year at picking characters that people want to see, and doing them in a way that keeps the fans of the comic books happy as well as the general public, and they make good movies. And when they screw up something, they (most of the time) learn what to fix the next time around (as in 1st Hulk vs. new one, Dolph Lundgren vs. Thomas Jane with Punisher movies, etc.) And obviously, most people like these movies--they've been getting really good numbers every time one comes out.
  • smart man
    ok who compares dc domics with marvel are you fuckin retarded
  • Max
    Ok I have to say Iron Man is definitley the coolest movie of the summer after all the spider man success I know marvel is just looking for another hit but come on if super haero movies rule the summer then this is going to own
  • paul scott
    With regard to Iron Man's lack of sexy villains...those who have been fans of the comics over the years will argue about the Catwoman thing. I remember Madame Masque and The Black Widow, and the latter was touted as a posible movie on its own. I'm just glad that the movie makers have realised that technology and CGI advances make comic book characters come to life on the big screen. I'm looking forward to the whole shebang, and many more to come. Iron Man, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy, with Wolverine being filmed now and featuring Gambit. Let's hope the Silver Surfer solo movie appears and a 4th X-Men. I personally prefer Marvel characters to most of the DC stuff, but Batman and The Joker have to be up there as institutions, and Catwoman should have had Michelle Pfieffer reprising her role rather than the shitty Halle Berry version they ended up with. Don't get me wrong, Halle Berry rocks as Storm, and Famke Jansen is awesome as Phoenix. I'm fifty three this year, but I will NOT stop going to see my childhood heroes come to the big screen. Okay some of them end up as crap like the early Spiderman/Thor/Captain America movies will prove, but these days the sky is really the limit.
  • Jessica
    this trailer was great i can't wait till the movie comes to the movies
  • This looks like it's going to be awesome - I'm going to see it on the 11th, for my birthday ๐Ÿ˜€
  • joe
    looks better than i thought it would be. dunno about downy as the main character. seems like a very odd choice. perhaps not the first pick by the director?
  • TINA
    I just the advance screening and I loved it.
  • James
    Everyone can debate which superhero they like better (batman for me personally) but thats only how you look at it. The superhero isn't based on simply the powers they have. If you look at it that way then all your doing is going to see these movies is too watch the special effects. It's more about the character development. Thats what is so important about these superheros. Also, lets not jump to conclusions until we see Iron Man and TDK
  • Rollie
    This is a great movie, saw it yesterday afternoon, extremely pleased, cant wait for the DVD and the Game
  • Satish Mistry
    Just saw the movie on Saturday it was awesome!!!!!! I would honestly if I got the time/chance to, I would see it gain in theaters. Iron Man is pretty badass and Downy Junior actually did a good job playing him. PS. Stay after the credits (no more than 5 minutes) and you will see the sneak into the second one!!!
  • earl
    that was the f ing best movie i have every seen
  • Rob!!!
    i saw iron man on the 3rd may & now i want an iron man suit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... .... oh yeah and robert downey junior was a good tony stark. Can't wait till The Dark Knight & new HULK!
  • ur mom
    i like the movie iron was so good but the thing is i wish there was just a littlke more action...seroily. MORE ACTION. but it was good i give it a 10.. because it kept me entertained..:) whoohoo!!
  • Sha
    As much I love love love Batman. Iron Man has trumped Dark Knight. However I do appreciate the producers for upgraded the caliber of acting for Dark Knight, Batman begins was a bit of a disappointed, i.e. Katie Holmes served what purpose??? Rober Downey Jr. is fantastic! Perfect match for the film.
  • vikki
    that is the best movie ever
  • verdict
    Ironman OWNED. Simple as that. There's been a question so far yet unanswered; does anyone know what song plays from the mid 50s into 1 minute and 20 seconds'ish in the trailer? It plays through the scene when he's firing the repulsors in his gloves, where he speaks about being put in harms way..
  • Hema
    I think this is the best super hero movie ever made. Robert is now my favourite actor...and I had never seen him in any other movie before!!!
  • Jacky
    Seriously, Batman? Okay, maybe it is a good movie, but iron man is completley the best! The trailer does NOT do it justice And seriously, Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect person for the role: 1st, he LOOKS like the original iron man 2nd, His attitude fits the part 3rd, He sells the part So whoever says he's not the best person for the role, has obviously never seen the movie, or is retarded And YES Robert Downey Jr. was Jon Favreaus (or however you spell it) first choice, he said it himself.
  • Addina
    Iron man's the best!
  • Andrea Salvi
    GREAT IRON MAN !!! What is the main point ? It's about a great mind, an inventor. Imagination is more important than knowledge !!! (Albert Einstein). Each time you invent something, you feel good !!!
  • akshay
  • cartman
    Iron Man 2 coming soon in 2010 WOOOOW. It will make more money than Iron Man 1 in the context that it is up against Tim Burton's Wonderland fairytale. Robert Downey Junior is a true comeback kid.
  • Yeah I can't wait for Iron Man 2. Should be excellent. Love the blog and will be back.
  • Marcelo Fortes de Andrade
    Homem de Ferro e sua trilha sonora espetacular... \../
  • Edgewavelectronics
    4GB USB 2.0 Iron Man 2 Marvel Comic Flash Drive Japan
  • gibrann




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