Another Horror Movie Full of Ghosts - The Uninvited Trailer

October 3, 2008
Source: IGN

The Uninvited Trailer

There is one good reason to watch this trailer for The Uninvited: the beautiful Arielle Kebbel in a bikini! Other than that, this is a typical horror movie about ghosts haunting a big house. Maybe I'm just not a horror movie guy, but The Uninvited looks as uninteresting as the title suggests. And that may be because it is a remake of another Korean horror movie. Thankfully I'm not invited to any screenings and can easily forget about it. In addition to Kebbel, it also stars Elizabeth Banks and Emily Browning. If you're a horror movie fan or otherwise have some sort of fascination with ghosts, then be sure to check out this trailer.

Watch the trailer for The Uninvited:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch The Uninvited trailer in High Definition on IGN

The Uninvited is directed by brothers Charles Guard and Thomas Guard, who are making their feature film debut after directing a few shorts. The screenplay is written by Craig Rosenberg (After the Sunset) and writing partners Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard (The Great Raid, Prince of Persia). This is actually a remake of a Korean horror film titled Changhwa, Hongryon from 2003. Paramount will be releasing The Uninvited in theaters everywhere starting on January 30th, 2009 early next yearly.

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  • Cedric
    Another rip-off from asian cinema. A Tale of 2 Sisters was great, but this will never be as good, scary nor a mindfuck as the original was.
  • Man, Elizabeth Banks is showing up in *everything* lately. Nice to see David Strathairn is burning off the last of that goodwill built up from Good Night and Good Luck.
  • I wonder if that black stuff tastes good and if it touches me would I get a sweet black suit?
  • Napoleon Dynamite
    To bad about Emily Browning, finishing school for three years and then have the misfortune of being cast in this...not that she'l mind the expore I guess.. wow, she's gonna grow into a real heartbreaker I bet.
  • Perturabo
    no,no,no!!stop that shit to change very good asian movies into amrican style shit movies!!!
  • cracker
    Looks like a prequel to "What Lies Beneath"
  • Darrin
    that black thing is but this movie looks decent.
  • Why would a Korean movie be in English?
  • Brazelton, enough already! You've been saying that for all the other 19 movies Elizabeth Banks has been in this year. Ohhhhh, I see what you're getting at now.
  • Red Buttons
    LOL with Kev John. I never know if #8 is serious or not. If serious = D wars If not serious = LoL
  • Viper
    STOP MAKING REMAKES OF ASIAN HORROR MOVIES!! JUST START AN INDUSTRY OF RERELEASING THEM IN COUNTRIES THAT DIDN'T GET THEM THE FIRST TIME! If it has to be dubbed then fine - that's better than these crappy remakes! Same goes for other countries who have their horror movies remade by America. Example: Quarantine. Thank god The Descent wasn't remade, although they still F'd with it and changed the ending.
  • Micah
    I'm not intimidated by Elizabeth Banks. The only thing about her that ever has and ever will startle me is her hair from the Spider-Man movies.
  • Rick
    Looks like it could be a solid movie if it wasn't for the cheesy zombie/ghosts and was just a straight suspense/thriller kind of movie.
  • This has none of the subtleties that make A Tale of Two Sisters so haunting. There were probably around 5 lines that were mentioned in the trailer that weren't there in the original, which left a lot more to the imagination. I'm saddened that this is Emily Browning's homecoming; I really thought she could have been bigger. Also, how the hell do they ever expect anyone to be scared of Elizabeth Banks? She's so sweet.
  • Alfredo
    Seems different enough from the original to ALMOST look original.
  • miracle disease
    just as i thought, so they just changed the title... damn! can't they write something original?! i mean, it's been proven, from the ring to the eye, that hollywood can't remake asian horror films any better... this one i'll definitely let it pass...
  • The Delightful Deviant
    Emily Browning would be the only reason i'd watch this, unfortunately it is not enough of a reason.
  • Rory
    Please tell me this isnt the 'Venom Spin-off Movie'... =P
  • Redge
    Looks like shit...
  • edward
  • Bucky
    So.... all you have to do is watch this trailer and that's it. I just got the whole story in about 3 minutes, guess I don't have to watch it now. Thank God.
  • JohnW
    Why do they always use the bathtub in these movies lol. Personally I love good horror movies. Unfortunately there are very few of them. Thats why I hope Del Toro makes At the Mountains of Madness after the hobbit.
  • Really, agrere w/ all of you guys on Bowning, but christ. Elizabeth Banks is EVERYWHERE!
  • vickers
    Oh come on now another rip off of Korean cinema...geez people get creative and try not to ruin another seriously good movie...A Tale of Two Sisters. The original movie had a very good plot twist and this one looks like crap. I keep hearing horrible rumors that they are planning a watered down version of Oldboy - another great movie bites the dust!!!!
  • Chessedip
    Wonderful movie!!! It's true that most people prefer "Tale of two sisters", which was also good, but I personally LOVE this movie. The end is great (The clips without her sister seemed dark). I've seen a ton of horror movies, and this one is on my top 100 list. Long live Emily Browning!




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