Check This Out: Awesome Terminator Salvation Concept Art!

November 10, 2008
Source: io9

Awesome Terminator Salvation Concept Art!

There was a rather exciting leak of behind-the-scenes footage from Terminator Salvation recently, which we can't run or we'll be hunted down by Warner Brothers' lawyers. However, io9 has come to the rescue today and served up a helping of wonderful high resolution concept art photos from the upcoming film. As we (and the filmmakers) have mentioned before, the machines in Terminator Salvation have been reversed engineered in design from the previous films - since this takes place in a future that is before the future we've seen in any of the first three Terminator movies. Beyond that introduction, I'll let all of these badass images speak for themselves. You'll know what I mean when you see them - just take a look!

I've posted a few of my favorites below, but there are more concept art images that can be found on io9 - so just click any of the photos to head over there. Seeing these kinds of machines makes me so excited - we finally get to see what the gritty Terminator future is like and it doesn't seem like McG is holding back at all!

Terminator Salvation Concept Art
Terminator Salvation Concept Art
Terminator Salvation Concept Art

In the highly anticipated new installment of The Terminator film franchise, set in post-apocalyptic 2018, Christian Bale stars as John Connor, the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet's operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind.

Terminator Salvation is directed by McG of Charlie's Angels and We Are Marshall with a script written by writing duo John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris (Into the Sun, The Net, The Game, Terminator 3). This film marks the return of the Terminator series after Terminator 3 last hit theaters in 2003. Terminator Salvation is set to land in theaters everywhere next summer on May 22nd, 2009. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Safi
    No matter how you may feel about the Terminator series - one thing is for sure. It's going to be one bad ass movie! :)
  • Level1Alt
    is it May yet?
  • j money
    Bale is going to hit another one out of the park.
  • big r
    Its about time something regarding this movie came up! Get on your P's n Q's Alex B!! Im just messing, these look awesome. I really cant wait for this movie to hit theaters!
  • R3last
    isn't that hydrobot coil thing scorponok's tail from transformers?
  • Matt
    HAHAHAHAH number 5 i thought the exact same thing too. Anyhoo, this art is pretty awesome, im looking forward to this movie, lets home Christian Bale can help to save this franchise, which im sure he will, he ROCKS!!!!
  • fanboy d
    meh. the movie looks like it's going to be everything people compained about in the third matrix movie.
  • Cap
    I love the hydrobot.
  • Matt Suhu
    yo man...this looks pretty awesome. i hope we're not cheated in which the film only gives us glimpses of such robots rather than full out action sequences.
  • Scott McHenry
    Holy shit
  • Alfredo
    sick! The look of the technology is very Matrix/Transformers. That headless robot would look friggin sweet holding that Terminator guy's gun.
  • L
    Moto-Terminator.... just horrible
  • This does not bode well...especially the motor makes we worry: let's hope it's fake!
  • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis
    hi from greece. I also had doubts about the moto-terminators UNTIL i watched them in action (leaked footage). They are really great as they move really fast. Personally i don't like the rubber-skin face of T-600
  • Peloquin
    @ 5 and 6... I thought it was one of Dr. Octopuses tentacles from Spiderman 2
  • jimmy
    That giant Harvester (which looks awesome) better have cameras (eyes) on its back and everwhere - otherwise we have the stupidest thing ever. I don't want to see stupid crap with people sneaking up behind it because its designed in giant human form. The reason the regular Terminator units have only two eyes in front is because they are designed after real humans to infiltrate resistance camps - that is all. Everything else should be designed as efficient killing machines.
  • avoidz
    Bleh. This looks like Transformers 2 concept art. I hate it. Snakes? Hunter-Killer Motorcycles? WTF??
  • moldybread
    this series was dead at the end of should have been left to rest in peace, not dug up and repeatedly demeaned by unimaginative hollywood hacks...
  • Peloquin
    @ 18... I disagree with you...I'm a huge Terminator fan and I'll take any excuse to be engulfed in that environment and those characters again. There's no need fighting Hollywood to stop making sequels or remakes because they're going to do it anyway so we might as well look on the positive side and enjoy Bale's interpretation of Connor and MCGs point of view on a previously created world. James Cameron is accredited on IMDB as helping to write this as well so maybe that will persuade to get excited for it.
  • No Segway Terminators? We all better hope this thing is going to be chock full of action and awesome SFX. That may be the only thing to save us from a McG hosejob.
  • vu
    "I am a robot, I like robots, I have a robot vagina!"
  • this looks really horrible... so long to the original Terminator mythology...
  • Invid
    I felt the motorcycle hunter killers was something that should have been left out, I kind of still feel that way. With the release of the third trailer a few days ago it looks as if they aren't so bad and the film overall looks a lot better than I had hoped. I watching it regardless on opening day.
  • I loved all Terminators- 1,2 AND 3.. Everyone wants a happy, mushy, hollywood ending.. but when you anylize and think about the various paradoxes- 3 makes the MOST sense.. You cant stop the inevitable, only post-pone it.. Keeping Connor alive ensures the resistance will exist. I dont get why people complain about 3, but everyone loves the Back to the Future movies. In BTTF, if you think about it, Marty creates a -perpetual paradox- the second he ever decides to deviate from his current timeline.. point being- no matter WHAT McFly did, or HOW he did it, he was ALWAYS destined to alter the future somehow, before his time.. the only variable was HOW he did it- but not IF.. Very similar concept to T-3, which, in turns, not only makes T-1 and T-2 make sense, but all fit together.. T-3 can just be one of many alternating timelines.. And from what I understand, Salvation picks up from T-2 anyways.. As far as the motorcycles- I think they make sense.. and Im not one of those guys that likes something, then finds no faults in it.. I honestly think that all the T flicks are making good sense, so far.. If you are a mechanicle creature, and you have all sorts of military means at your disposal, and are fighting a war for survival yourself.. wouldnt you also need reconnaissance/scout units to know whats going on asap? Small to travel to as many places as possible, as fast as possible, low energy consumption so it can travel further, for longer periods of time? (ground units ALWAYS consume far less fuel than flying units) Cheap, fast, disposable, distracting.. (build a quick and weak army fast with T-bikes while slowly moving heavy units in the opposite direction). I dont think the creators are just trying to make "cool" robots. I think they make perfect sense. I wouldnt be suprised if theyre were 3 or 4 wheeled ATV scout units for wooded terrains that are near impossible to fly thru, but much faster than walking units.. what better way to located hidden resistance fighters quickly.. My biggest quipe was that I wish the casting agents could find more similar looking, age-progressed actors.. but whatever. If you wanna be a stickler for detail, the Salvation T-800's arent exactly similar to the original T-800s from past movies, either.. the shoulders.. the newer movie T 800s are more streamlined, as the older movie T 800s have a big circular round disk like shoulder joint. S-
  • ...btw, who else thinks that you could combine the storylines of The Matrix and Terminator?? When you think about it, The Matrix IS SKYNET- just much, much further into the future.. super advanced.. whos seen the Animatrix? Theyre were very similar T-800 looking robots pre-cyber squids.. ? S-
  • Wow nice featured i am waiting for it to have a free show for it.




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