Check This Out: Dragonball Leaked Teaser Hits!

October 1, 2008


There's not much to say about this besides that it's a very short teaser trailer for Dragonball that has no audio and was shot with a video camera. It was shot on the showfloor at the Brand Licensing Europe Expo and is a rather shoddy video, but considering there are rabid Dragonball fans out there, I thought we'd run it anyway. In fact, I don't even have anything to say about this because it's so hard to watch that I don't want to comment on the footage. Anyway, I'll shut up and let everyone else take a look at this on their own. Is it just me or does it look like nothing more than your standard cheesy kung fu action movie?

The actual full teaser trailer isn't supposed to show up until Max Payne in November, so we've got a month or so left. Until we see that, this leaked teaser is all we've got - enjoy!

Watch the leaked teaser for Dragonball:

[flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/dragonball-leak.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/dragonball-leak.jpg 480 360]

Dragonball is directed by James Wong, of Final Destination, Jet Li's The One, and Final Destination 3 previously, with a script written by Ben Ramsey, of The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet previously. The film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. 20th Century Fox is releasing the Dragonball movie in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009.

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  • Jaf
    I commend the director for doing the best he could with what he was given. I mean, this wasn't some big-budget tentpole and his interpretation just had to be so compromising that I couldn't imagine it looking any other way (bar a few more million dollars).
  • REAL6
    Its sad to say but, The movie: The fist of the North Star made in the 80s looks better. hahahahhaha
  • Peloquin
    This looks just like Mortal Combat or Street Fighter and we know how those came out...too bad though because I'm a huge Dragonball fan and I was hoping they wouldn't ruin this too much
  • garbage
    Garbage!!! it reminds me nothing of the cartoon, absolutely nothing. its just some gay action movie with a farmiliar name and characters but nothing more. ill wait for DVD.
  • arakai
    looks like bullshit
  • arakai
    look at the last part of what they said: 1st ever live action movie coming---- wtf?
  • Nthngmn
    I didn't know there was a Double Dragon remake.
  • aznkillerzz
    big disappointment looks nothing like the character
  • ?Noob Saibot?
    fucking bullshit
  • Frame
    Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane in Iron Man looked more like Master Roshi than Chow-Yun Fat does here.
  • @ Jaf The budget was set at 100 Million...just so you know...
  • This looks AWESOME ly bad. Let the Street Fighter flashbacks begin!
  • Jimmmyman
    LOL, if you look closely you still see his emblem swapping sides
  • Sean
    For one you got both the release dates wrong... Max Payne comes out on October 17th. Dragonball hits theaters April 10th. Btw the first trailer looks good, cause like you said there's no audio and it was filmed on a shaky low-quality camera. All in all I have to say I'm surprised it looks this good.
  • This is Dragonball? It looks more like Super Mario Bros. - The Movie.
  • Spideyfan84
    What a way for a producer to wake up one day and say "Let's spend some money and screw up an international cartoon hit just for fun"? Please, people who have the money for this, THINK TWICE!!!! (or at least once!!!)
  • Cmurder
    Hey, the first Mortal Kombat kicked serious ass! The sequel blew huge ones but the first was dope son!
  • Itri
    There's a whole bunch of guns in the teaser...Wow. Just, wow.
  • atg2040
    Did they watch ANY source material before they shot this sorry excuse for a movie??
  • Blue Silver
    I'm still holding out for the finished product! I still remember people bitching about the incomplete Autobot footage that leaked from last year's "Transformers" a few month's ahead of it's release date!
  • Whats everybody bitching about? Ppl are judging the movie based on screen shots and a trailer that was shot on a crappy camera. Just wait until the real deal come out before you just go and assume it sucks. And for those of you who are crying about it not looking like the anime, think of this: Its a real life movie so there are some limitations and do you think you could do any better? The budget is 100million! Never have I seen a movie with that kind of budget. Just wait and I promise you'll like the finished result.
  • Gee
    Watching This Hurt Me So Much Why Would They Fuck Up One of Best Cartoon's Of All Time DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN Oh Yea Gotenks Is The Best
  • Chris C.
    Looks like every bone of originality in Dragon Ball has been surgically removed. I'm skipping it.
  • wow ummm, WHAT!?
  • Ray
    Fuck this movie! AAAAANNNND everyone who says they like it! Those kinda people deserve to be ass raped with a basball bat with nails on the end! Fuck this trailer and fuck the director for making this happen!
    Fuck everyone who say they hate it because they chicken shit liars who cant argue intelligenly.
  • sean
    man i do not know what to think of this. i used to love dragonballz and all that, but i grew out of it and etc. i miight see this, but i hope this just can do everything dragonball z did......
  • L
    #26 way to kill your own statement, heh. This movie looks so godawful. I always wonder how there is a struggle to get anything into Hollywood with such fine examples of garbage. Goku isn't even Asian... are you kidding me?
    Yep 2009 version of Double Dragon......
  • Everything about this movie looks fucking miserable.
  • vegeta
    Piccolo needs to be green. That is all.
  • MrSatan
    Man this is looking horrible. It looks nothing even like the series.
  • deadfan
    This is the worst thing i've seen. Fuck anyone who wants to compromise this and say well it's real life version of Dragonball. We didn't ask for a real life version or even an live action Version. I mean Lord of the Rings came out good cause they stuck to source Material. So fuck this movie.....
  • D-9
    vegeta! We expect more from you on this, your our source of distain , or a thumbs up. C'Mon Dammit!!!!!
  • gabriel
    from that crappy video, the movie looks like they just took the idea of dragonball but didn't follow through with the details that are just as important. that being said, i'll still watch it even if i don't like the preview and even if it gets the worst reviews. i owe it to the series. BTW,when Goku jumps, it looks like he has nice skills, not superhuman abilities like he's supposed to have, and the movie looks like it had a fraction of the 100 million dollar budget.
  • deckard
    I'd rather eat a bowl of rancid squid, then watch this crap. Street Fighter with Kylie Minogue and Jean Claude looked better.
  • jimmy dean
    PLOT TWIST!!! Jesus and Goku are brothers.
  • Red Buttons
    lol. I never watched this show, was on while i was in middle school. But since it is a Fox film, i will wait for the DVD.
  • Darren
    looks decent i just have to hear the acting and if they act good then i might bring my lil cuzin (he is obessed with that show he is 7 though) if not i wont waste his time
  • Joe C.
    All these remakes, all they do is get the names and concept of the original, why can't they try make to them with similar style to the original? This is a movie about Dragon Ball but IT'S NOT a Dragon Ball MOVIE. They didn't even use the original logo or at least an 2008 version of it!! I still don't know why they didn't cast an Asian for the role of Goku. It's cool that Chow Yun Fat is Master Roshi BUT AT LEAST MAKE HIM BALD. Where are the shades? Which series is it based on? Dragon Ball or Z? Where's Krillin? Akira Toriyama is going to hate this!!!
  • Darrin
    where is the sound.
  • vegeta
    @D-9 Ha well I'll have to keep my skepticism in reserve until we see the full trailer. For now, we wait...
  • Sean
    @Joe C. Dragonball. @Darrin Who knows?
  • PWO
    All of Asia will go on a boycott after this, not just Japan, China and Korea.
  • bond
    If said that trailer look good then you know nothing about movie. I have seen dragon ball that look more like dragon poop. For director out there please ask around before you FK things up
  • Hyacinth
    45 (PWO) : Don't worry! The Philippines too! We were a big Dragonball fanbase back in the day and this just says, "you have destroyed a classic"
  • Nikhil Hariharan
    To #47, yes, the Philippines had such a huge Dragonball fanbase, heck even most of the most popular Dragonball(z,gt...) where owned by Filipino admins. Props to you for keeping the series alive 😉 Now for the director of this movie...fing thanks for ruining a classic. Man..this just wastes the potential of a future Dragonball Z movie...
  • Tkaihea
    Come on guys. Why are you guys judging this on such a shitty quality camera and no audio? Omg!! Why are you guys judging the whole movie based on this? At least wait until the actual trailer gets released and then comment on how it looks. I have nothing to say about this teaser simply because of the quality and sound is at least 30 to 40 percent of what makes the trailer.
  • L
    I don't know why people keep thinking this is a audio and visual problem. It's really not the problem at all. The problem is that its some High School douche bag dressed like Goku for Halloween training under Chow Yun Fat w/ a Hawaiian shirt, fighting that yellow guy from Sin City. This has garbage written all over it and the fact that people are arguing against this makes me sad for humanity and shows me that anyone can be a Youtube millionaire. It's not the production value, it's the thought value that sucks.
  • dre
    hopefully when they make the dragonball Z movie. it will be completely separate from this crappy looking movie. remember dragonball and dragonball Z are 2 completely different shows. There is still hope, but the hope doesnt lye with this movie. GARBAGE!!!!!
  • malax
    gotta watch the dragonball series again, because i keep comparing this "trailer" with dragonball z
  • Peloquin
    I see everyone hating on this story, but with not much advice to the film makers on how they could have made a better version. Does anyone have any constructive criticism which could perhaps help the movie? I don't know enough about DragonBall (always been a big Z fan myself) to recommend certain story lines or villains they should use or even some cool sets from epic battles. I agree this looks pretty bad, but are there any Dragonball fans out there that have an idea what criteria would classify a good Dragonball film?
  • dre
  • Dan Link
    Justin is hot, I would hump him!!
  • Lauren
    I'm holding out on an opinion until I see a teaser at least with sound.
  • Pickle
    So many premature haters on this board. I agree with the very FEW logical posts above and will wait for an OFFICIAL teaser or trailer before I pass judgment!!
  • jmoney
    Booo. Honestly guys I hope I'm wrong about this and will gladly stand to be corrected.... The problem with converting Dragonball to a movie is the same problem with converting a Popular TV Show into a movie. Too much information & characters to cram into a 90-120 min film. Are they going to condense Goku's Dragonball series childhood into the opening credits?? I seriously hope to stand corrected. This look potentially disasterous.
  • Bruser
    @Pickle Do you know that you one of the mere few in the world stubbornly and futilely trying to hold out against the rage of the public against this garbage?
  • Peter
    Was that a Kameha at the end.. before the title ?? oh men, this movie it's going to suck so bad
  • tom connolley
    first of all justin chatwin looks in no way shape or form like goku, vin diesel would've made a better picolo, anyone else thinking the guy from kill bill vol. 2 shoul've been master roshi honestly terrible casting even i can tell that and i dont watch dbz often im more of a Death note fan, the directors should notice the live action death notes because they made a almost flawless transition from anime to live action. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope its not as bad as it looks otherwise i'll probably ending up wasting the money i plan to spend on seeing it
  • Sean
  • FAT
    So sad, that's looks creepy.
  • Ken Masters
    What the mother fucker bull piece of crap shit did this abomination came out of. Of course its too early to say from this early footage, but its making Dead or Alive look Oscar worthy. Anyway, a live action Dragonball movie would have probably been done a lot better by the Japanese who make the Power Rangers type TV shows. Im guessing about 16 Million tops on its opening weekend bust.
  • avoidz
    A shoddy video for a shoddy movie.
  • insanartist
    Thats probably the only thing I will watch for that movie......................gonna suck
  • Aucklander
    as bad as it looks ill still be there to watch im an avid fan Dragonball and DBZ. Even though it looks like crap im sure ill get a good laugh out this movie haha.
  • James
    Ok first off i wanna say im completely-100%-with-out-a-doubt against the abomination these a-holes are trying to pass off as the once and still beloved Dragonball. Now to all those who say give it a chance, im not gonna curse at you and say you dont know what you are talking about because im sure that everyone here saw and loved DB DBZ DBGT, but i mean you can only lie to your self for so long. This movie IS crap!!
  • safichan
    the japanese will HATE this movie like hell!!! WTF!!!
  • a;lsfj
    Movie is gonna be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Danny Z
    That's gay chatwin doesn't even have black hair (not even for this god damn movie!!! Could have at least died it black. I don't think the role of goku needs to be asian. But could they at least pick someone who looks like goku doesn't matter if he's white, middle eastern looking, or mexican. I mean come on SERIOUSLY!!!.... People wouldn't want Iron man to have a silver and black suit. Am I right or am i right.
  • Zalds from the Philippines
    hey dre, BASURA nga to, putcha! walang bahid dragon ball to e... BULSHIT!!! they've ruined an Asian Iconic Anime!!!
  • Knight
    I hope they can it and start over. The big draw to the movie would be its name and the charatcters associated with it. The preview containedthe name and that's it. I don't think anyone would pay to see it the way it looks now. Super Saiyens? It doesn't even appear like they are in the movie because I for one didn't see anything super.
  • Acitone
    This is going to be the gretest discgrace ever. I loved DB/Z/GT and these guys have totally screwed it up. I hope something seriously stops this seemingly terrible film from actually hitting the theatres.
  • philly
    seriouslly... everyone bitching about this movie needs to get over it... the movie isnt out yet and ur bitching about it... "goku isnt even asian BLAH" he wasnt asian in the fucking show either dumbass... he was SAJIAN!!!!! which for all you know sajian could look like a white person... just because the show was an anime dont make EVERYONE in the show asian.... sorry it dont meet ur standards yet but wait til you see the fucking movie before giving it a bad rap... thats just fucking ignorant
  • PWO
    @philly If you are ignorant enough to think Saiyan don't look Asian (even when Vegeta himself said that pure Saiyan have Asian traits), then you should try imagining an Asian or African Clark Kent.
  • TyroneBiggums
    @PWO Exactly right. The Sajians were meant to look Asian, which is why Americans and others were drawn DIFFERENTLY. Now, I wasn't the biggest DBZ fan. I watched the Cell saga and that was about it. But some things simply weren't meant to be on the big screen. DBZ was one of those. Primarily because it's hokey as all get out. That's ok for a cartoon. We pretty much expect it. But a multi-million dollar, big-screen production?




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