Check This Out: Transformers Concept Art - Aircraft Carrier That Never Was

July 7, 2008

Check This Out: Transformers Concept Art

Sometimes I come across things so damn cool that I just can't pass them up. Today is one of those days. Concept artist Tim Flattery recently posted a few examples of his work from Transformers on his official website. Let me tell you that this work is so beautiful that I'm considering ordering it in high resolution and framing it above my bed to stare at all night long. No not really, that's just a joke, but I might considering something like that. Realistically this concept art kicks some serious ass and the best part is two of them feature the rumored aircraft carrier transformer that never saw the light of day. Apparently the idea of this robot was mentioned by Michael Bay last year as potentially showing up in a sequel, but was denied recently by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. We can still dream…

A few examples of Flattery's work can be seen below. A total of 15 images can be found on his website.

Transformers Concept Art

Transformers Concept Art

Transformers Concept Art

Transformers Concept Art

Last year when Bay first mentioned that an aircraft carrier transformer was one that he wanted to include in the film, rumors quickly spread saying that the cost was too high to make it happen for the first one, but that it might show up in a sequel. After you look at this concept art you might understand how expensive that would be and now, of course, it's not going to show up in the sequel either. But don't fear, I'm sure we're going to see a plethora of other equally awesome robots like Jetfire the SR-71 Blackbird. Doesn't this make you even more excited for the Revenge of the Fallen next summer?

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  • Matt Suhu
    the aircraft carrier probably didn't sell because it'd be toy that needed to be in water when in disguise mode. hasbro is all about money.
  • I know some Internet Douchebag is going to call you on this, so it may as well be me. It's Revenge of the Fallen, as reported here a couple of weeks ago. :) Although to be honest... I like Rise of the Fallen better.
  • Woops... Thanks for pointing that out - just fixed it. Either one works for me, cause I'm looking forward to it no matter what!
  • dac_fan
    I'd like to see Omega supreme
  • Curtis
    damn those are amazing looking love them all, im glad they didn't have the aircraft carrier i always thought it would ruin the movie.
  • Rob G
    Ho-ly shit, that would have been/could be epic...Possible base for the Decepticons?
  • Any mention of Unicron on the big screen and I will piss myself and the poor soul sitting next to me.
  • Darrin
    dude that look wicked. what with these producers. bring as much transformers as possible.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    i rather have the Destructicons over Unicron, Unicron is a bit over doing it, Devastator (the real one), Soundwave and Shockwave would be alot better, maybe put Thundercracker in the film too!.
  • Grazatron
    I was always fond of thinking that the Air Craft Carrier was goin to be Omega Suprme. He was going to be the one who would be able to stop Devastator (the real one). I mean where else could you hide a Transformer of that size? No where better than in the ocean.
  • Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt
    I dunno man, could I be any less excited about yet another Michael Bay turd? No, I honestly could not.
  • EtotheZ23
    I think that they should hide omega supreme as a space shuttle or train just like he was. Maybe he could scan the spaceshuttle or a supersonic train as he entered earths atmosphere! then they could have someone to battle with devastator! Would make for a kick ass battle scene!
  • Daniel
    Broadside and Tidal Wave are both carriers in different generations of transformers. They don't have to introduce someone new.
  • Max.W
    Like the first I have no idea what I'm looking at. They should never have given the rights to that director.




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