Clint Eastwood's Changeling Trailer With Angelina Jolie

September 11, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Changeling Trailer

Another new trailer has debuted this evening, this one for Clint Eastwood's Changeling. Angelina Jolie stars as a mother whose son is kidnapped in 1928. The Los Angeles Police Department allegedly finds her son and returns him, but she claims it's not the same boy. From there, the story unfolds into mayhem, as you can see in the trailer. This is definitely Oscar material, for Jolie and Eastwood as well as writer J. Michael Straczynski. Not only does Jolie star in this, but John Malkovich makes an interesting appearance as Reverend Gustav Briegleb. We've been hearing buzz about this since it debuted at Cannes in May, but I didn't expect it to look this good. Clint Eastwood looks like he's still hitting them out of the park!

Our Cannes correspondent Marco gave the film a B+ rating back in May, saying: "At almost two-and-a-half hours it's almost strange to say that Changeling feels like one of Eastwood's less padded films. There are a few courtroom scenes that slow the pace here and there but the film dazzles for most of its running time." The film does have some mediocre reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as well. Thoughts?

Watch the trailer for Changeling:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Changeling trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Changeling is directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood, of Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, and Letters from Iwo Jima most recently. The script was penned by comic book writer J. Michael Straczynski, who has written numerous scripts from episodes of "Jeremiah" and "Babylon 5." Universal is releasing Changeling in theaters starting on October 24th this fall.

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  • Shige
    I only judge from what I have seen in the trailer but it seems to be an absolutely horrible performance from Jolie. The kind of modern soap opera performance with zero credibility. It surely looks interesting enough though, since I have no clue about the plot.
  • Tia
    This looks absolutely wonderful. October is too far away. Angelina's performance looks strong and heart-rending.
  • Man I hope this means John Malkovich is gonna be making a comeback because I miss that guy. Oh and my girlfriend looks like she is gonna be great.
  • Man that looks so cool!
  • BT
    Looks like the reviews from Cannes were right, Jolie's performance looks excelent.
  • JMS wrote this! Dude, this is gonna be like Captain Power, except it's Oscar-caliber Captain Power!
  • Darrin
    i thought this would be boring, but this looks incredible. i hope angie gets an oscar.
  • Silver
    looks great....chills
  • Cameron Cubbison
    Great to have Clint and Malkovich reunited (not onscreen though) from In The Line of Fire. Clint is such a great, natural storyteller. His movies always feel absolutely smooth and lean. I just hate that some people have started to attack him saying every movie he intentionally makes now is "Oscar bait". I guarantee Clint doesn't give a rat's ass about Oscars, especially since he already has four. He just makes great movies and moves on to the next one. Simple as that. I wonder if he's really going to have Gran Torino ready for release in December though. I mean he's probably the fastest director working today, but even so. Be awesome to have two new Clint movies in as many months. Worried about box office for Changeling though. People don't flock to see Jolie in serious roles, and I swear every dark or unsettling movie in the last five years hasn't made any money (except for Dark Knight, but that's a whole different breed).
  • JD
    This looks Oscar worthy! Who would have thought that Dirty Harry would become one of the most talented directors of all time! @#3, I highly doubt Angie dates overweight retards like yourself. Also you probably smell!
  • Keith
    Looks to be another great film from Clint.
  • Whale Rider
    Jolie is getting her 2nd nomination and maybe her 2nd win? She looks damn good here and so does Malkovich. To start I predict the following nominations: Best Picture Best Director Best Actress Best Supporting Actor
  • JD your only jealous that I'm a man and your still stuck in pre puberty trying to grow a set of balls!! Besides Angie uses my fat rolls to keep her warm at night. And just cause my IQ is in the teens doesnt mean I'm dumb my mom says I'm special. So go eat dirt.
  • JD
    You spelled your wrong.
  • Josveta
    Nice! Acting looks good, I think Malkovich might shine in this
  • mrbobbyboy
    This looks absolutely third rate. The sort of overly-simpering, award-seeking drivel I expect from hollywood but not from JMS. That is not an oscar performance - I'll put up my house as collatoral that AJ doesn't even get near an acceptance speech.
  • Emeric
    The trailer looks terrific & it only sets up the first half of the movie! "Great to have Clint and Malkovich reunited (not onscreen though) from In The Line of Fire. Clint is such a great, natural storyteller. His movies always feel absolutely smooth and lean. I just hate that some people have started to attack him saying every movie he intentionally makes now is "Oscar bait". I guarantee Clint doesn't give a rat's ass about Oscars, especially since he already has four. He just makes great movies and moves on to the next one. Simple as that." Well said, Cameron. The story is always the thing with Clint. His humanist instincts, his interest in character & the rueful, melancholic feel he brings to bear make his movies immensely powerful. And he's also a gifted composer/producer/director of actors! I'm so grateful he continues to make movies for grown ups. No wonder he's regarded - as Sight & Sound observed in this months issue - as American cinemas finest living filmmaker.
  • Heckle0
    Come on...everyone has missed the other great actor in this...Jeffrey Donovan. Now staring in the best show on USA Burn Notice. Cant wait to see this.
  • "...scripts from ... /Babylon 5/", forsooth? He created and ran the series and wrote over 90 of its 110 episodes, plus all the TV movies. But the real story on /Changeling/ is that he wrote it in 12 days and Eastwood shot the first draft as-is. What impresses me about Jolie's performance here is that she has consciously chosen what was accepted as a "normal female voice" in 1928, altering her natural pitch. This important actor's tool is neglected by most male performers nowadays, and almost never used by women, but she is applying it to brilliant effect here, nailing down both the period and Christine Collins's position as a woman, and ipso-facto outsider.
  • Wells
    #14 - He didn't spell "your" wrong. He used the wrong word. You're not too smart haha. Also, is it just me, or is the trailer music being used more and more?
  • She should just adopt.
  • Dusty
    Looks interesting... I am just pumped to see Jolie locked up.. lord knows she is looney anyways... hahaha... interesting story.. should be a couple good twists in there
  • REAL6
    Sounds like she wants her son back.
  • bltzie
    wow! this is going to be great! Go Clint!
  • Shige
    I feel like AJ is miscasted in this one but I am only judging from what Ive see in the trailer.
  • Looks awesome. Eastwood loves his muted colors huh?
  • raider98
    #1 you said you have no clue about the plot when alex already talks about it you DUMB ASS!!!!!! AND BY THE WAY THIS MOVIE LOOKS GREAT
  • JBeans
    This film looks pretty solid but I could not help but notice a VERY STRONG resemblance between this and Iron Jawed Angels the HBO film about womens rights. Both have someone standing up for something/getting jailed because of it/the insane card is played/mass protests for how badly they are treated etc. Would like to know if anyone feels the same way
  • Ray G!!!!
    Looks pretty good!
  • "They should have called this movie, GIVE ME A BREATH MINT" Sorry, Clint Eastwood was talking about this on Ellen yesterday and it would make sense if you saw it. Anyway, this looks truly amazing and the trailer is beyond words. I love Jolie and this definitley makes her a front-runner.
  • Mae
    From the trailer it looks overacted....I was bummed because I was planning on seeing it. The actress doesn't seem to be able to pull it off. (trying to hard to act) I can think of so many others who I believe could have made this movie really something.
  • Nice to see Jolie in a different role, this looks good!
    jolie looks great and mae none cares if you see it, you probally think jennifer aniston, is a great actress,i saw this movie and it was as all angies movies are great
  • M
    Changeling is a must see - a cruel, sad but true story about a mass murderer, abuse of power and psychiatry, the world's torturers...




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