Disney Debuts the High School Musical 3: Senior Year Trailer

July 14, 2008

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Trailer

You knew it was coming. And I know you want to watch it - don't lie. Disney has debuted the first trailer for High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which will actually be arriving in theaters (and not just on TV) this fall. I was reluctant to post this, but I know there those of you out there who have a weakness for High School Musical as your guilty pleasure. Alas, that's not a good thing to admit (and I'm not one of them - never even seen the first two), but if you care to start your morning off with some energetic song and dance, then you're more than welcome to watch this trailer. Otherwise, I'd suggest you stay far away - you might throw your computer out the window by the end. Enjoy… if you can!

Watch the first trailer for High School Musical 3: Senior Year:

[flv: 480 360]

High School Musical 3: Senior Year is directed by Kenny Ortega, of Newsies, Hocus Pocus, High School Musical 1 & 2, and "Gilmore Girls" previously. The screenplay was written by Peter Barsocchini, of Drop Zone and High School Musical 1 & 2 previously. High School Musical 3: Senior Year arrives in theaters everywhere on October 24th - see it if your dare. The poster is featured below.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

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  • Josh Rowe
  • Keith(notmuchofaname)
    Shoot me
  • Keith
    Why is this on No, I don't want to watch this.
  • Hahaha, it's all just for fun my friend! Gotta spice up the typical comic book news with some crap like this every once in a while... :)
  • The link below the trailer is the IMDB page of "Quarantine"... Was that on purpose ? 😀
  • Maxx
    I used to work in the Disney Store and every day dozens of kids would come in and ask about High School musical and my sister loved it so I watched the first one head actually imploded...after the surgery to put my head back together I thought "hey if there is a sequel maybe it could be better." oh I was so wrong...I am worse off than Humpty Dumpty at this point...whatever happened to those Disney movie cartoon musicals...remember Aladdin? Or Beauty and the Beast? I didnt know God could punish you with movies...yet He did with the High School Musical franchise... lol of course I may have not liked them but a lot of young kids do so good for as a young actor without any real work, good for all of the kids in the movies for getting a nice paycheck...
  • SmartGuy
    Only in the magical world of Disney could there somehow be a connection between The Dark Knight and HSM3. Oh yes, I'm speaking of the 1992 film Newsies (directed by the same as the film above). With Christian Bale in the lead role. Note: Newsies is actually a great film, not to be associated with this pile of rubbish. :)
  • gal
    what the heck were there smoking when there got the idea of this idea..Why do they make the public watch it on TV AND now in theatres? And now they have "Camp Rock" and a "Hannah Montana" movie. CAN'T YOU SEE? DISNEY IS TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE. IT'S HAPPENNING! THEY'RE ALREADY HERE! YOU'RE NEXT! BLOCK THE DISNEY CHANNEL! They're wasting celluoid. Sweet, sweet celluoid...
  • I don't want to watch this (and I'm not lying)
  • LeeMan
    if this movie beats saw v at the box office (and it probably will) i will seriously be very pissed off. the only way i would ever watch a h.s. musical film is if batman and joker team up and go to the graduation and slaugther them all and then maybe head over to camp rock and do the same.
  • sean
    ok, hs1 had its little perks..... hs2 just killed it.... now they are making a f***ing 3rd one???? Whats it going to be about, winning a basketball game, break up between the too, ashley tisdale on permanet pms........ what the hell else is new....
  • minadrake
    the only thing i liked about that was the last few seconds but like the last 2 films, i'll leave it to my 5 year old sis
  • Darrin
    for every kid 10 years and younger this is a dream. just wait till they say it will be in imax. hahahahahaha. Way these shows are really annoying too bad i would actually end up seeing it just as how i end up seeing spider-man 3.
  • Lauren
    You know what people, if you don't like it, don't watch it and stay the fuck away from it! I'm so sick of this BS. It's not meant for you "mature" people. It's meant for the kids younger than fifteen and anyone else who's inner child hasn't died inside them. It's just fun. That is all it is. Leave it alone or leave. Now, to the only positive comment on it. =] It looks like its going to be better than the second one. "Troyella" (oh, yes) might get a little annoying again, but I for one, just AS MUCH AS TDK, can't wait for it. Yeah, you can be a Batman fan and HSM fan. (No connection to Newsies counting)
  • Steven
    Wait a sec! You mean you guys aren't excited!? What about the big game scene where there is a duet between the player and the girl in white that's in the crowd? I swear, I think she sang that she was in heat!
  • funnytunney
    numerous times, in the book of revelation, it speaks about signs of the apocalypse... i wonder if the apostle john had a vision of this...
  • David
    LOL! P.O.S.!
  • Nettle
    If High School Musical goes to college I'm gonna die. It'll be about beer bongs and date rape and all the cool, hip things that happen at college.
  • Evan
    As a huge fan I think it looks very good. Kenny Ortega will not disappoint.
  • Keith
    Alex: I didn't read the full excerpt at the top of the page, just the first line, so I thought you were serious. thank god :)
  • I can't believe I'm the only one who wants to see this! Wait, we are talking about more Vanessa Hudgens nude pics right? You say there's some kind of movie she's in? High School WHA??? I swear, officer, she told me she was 21.
  • Nathan
    The scene at the basketball game with the ballad was just funny. It epitomizes everything that is unintentionally funny about this whole thing. In the interest of full honesty, Stick to the Status Quo from HS1 was an awesome song.
  • BRBomber
    Alex, you are the most sadistic man in the history of movie news do you live with yourself!?!
  • Reece
    dammit, i hope there are better movies coming out on my bday than this.... (-_-)
  • Garrett.king
    i can't believe i just vomited
  • Garrett.king
    also..where's the goth, nerd and geek demographics? this movie is just about Jocks and preps, stupid bullshit like that. maybe if it was being fucking original I might try it...and I mean original like Sweeney high school. now THAT would be a fuckin movie!
  • cream of sumyunguy
    you guys are funny. but yeah it is a kids movie so don't be too harsh. And thank Alex for keeping variety on the site. even though I won't be watching it I still like to know what's out there and comment on it if I want to.
  • terces7
    That was like The Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and Britney Spears all in one
  • Wow, I really can't believe this got made. Never saw the first two and have no intentions in the world of seeing this one.
  • Kail
  • Nate
    why wont it just die...why
  • XXX
    zac efron must die the evil boy may play "Light" in the american "Death Note" movie in 2010
  • Garrett.king
  • Nettle
    @32 & 33: Yes he's awful and I really hope he decides not to do it, but he is the PERFECT Light. Tall, good looking, exact same hair color, even the same age. The only thing that would need to change is his eye color and that's no big deal. The only thing I wonder is if he can pull off such a serious, insane character. Light is far darker than anything Efron has done so far and he might not be able to fit into Light's shoes.
  • Kelley and Alec
    Next up is High School Musical: First Year at College! (shoot me please, and I cringe when I see theatre's choosing to put on mainstage productions of this stuff.)
  • SillySil
    OMG i am so excited!
  • -V-
    I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL... I LOVE ZACK EFRON.... you're not nice...! i like it..and if you hate it.. don't need to tell it in this way...!! 'zac must die'..?!?heyy... i just think you're just stupid person.... i'm Italian...and i love HSM!!i can't wait for the 3th!!:D go girls!! kiss xxx V
  • -V-
    sorry ZAC..not zack...:P
  • "i'm excited, yet embarassed to have to publically see it" i am definately excited for this one to come out...hopefully they will make up for the 2nd one. the third one actually looks like it would be the sequel to the first one rather to follow up the 2nd one. HSM is my secret passion and don't want to let everyone know i'm going to see it when i purchase my ticket. The 1st one ROCKED! 2nd one could have been BETTER! and this one will ROCK! THREE TIMES MORE!!
  • Kyle
    I have a couple younger siblings who will likely want to go see this and ask me to drive, I will tell them no, and then my mom will probably force me. I've seen bits and pieces of the first two, and there has to be something good (probably that Disney magic) that keeps these movies coming. Thank god the cast has already said no to a fourth. It would sound really stupid. "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: COLLEGE EDITION." Gag me.
  • elitom
    I like high schooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll amd I went see the movie high school muiscal 3
  • Yara
    HiGh ScHoOoL MuSiCaL RoCkSsSsS !!!!!!!
  • Ashley
    I like HSM 1 & 2...I'm excited to see the 3rd make of it. Zac can be a serious actor...before he got the HSM roll, he did some serious sided movies and television series. He's branching out and I wish the best for him. I think he'll become a very respected and constantly working actor in Award winning films.
  • biaaaa
    i love you!!!!
  • Mai
    I love High school musical soooooooooooo much & I love Zac hary& Venessa so much
  • Mai
    I love High school musical sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much & Ilove Zac hary &Venessa
  • vanessa
    i love high school musical i really want to see the 3rd one so bad it looks really awsome so all you haters go die in a pit of lava
  • vanessa
    i love hsm it rocks i can't wait for the 3rd one i want to see it sooo badly and i'm 15 so deal with it all you haters should die in a pit of lava zac efron is so cute also i love him
  • rachel
    UGHUGHUGHUGH!!! GRRRR!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dumb! why do people even think they can sing? owhyowhyowhyowhy did this evil torture have to be apart ofour lives? High school musical is my personal chamber of torture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yucky yuckyyucky!!!!
  • rachel
    yuck they cant sing. Serious peeps, serious!!!
  • july17
    i love all the hsm movies i cant wait for the 3 its awesome its gona b better then quarantine
  • july17
    i lo9ve hsm 3 i hope that all the haters get sucked in to a black hole and never come back
  • Lauren
    july17, you do realize that comments like yours make it fun for 'all the haters' to come 'round and hate? I love HSM. I can wait to see HSM3, but people who post comments like "july17" and that "vanessa" with her painful-to-read-run-on encourage people like "rachel" to post comments like theirs. Please, it's okay to say you love an actor that everybody else loves as well, but don't go 'i love him you guys are idiots so go die'. That's idiotic. But I highly doubt those who I am targeting will pay a speck of attention to my comment. Alright, guys, go and make yourselves more of a laughingstock. I'll be laughing with the haters.
  • In fact I like such movies which refers to the school life. And we can remember our school life also more understand our children maybe.
  • max s.
    @14 guess what i'm a child and think that this franchise is probobally one of THE WORST things that has ever come out of hollywood along with everything else in today's "disney"(quote marks for this isn't the disney from 10 years ago) vault @15 are you a frickin' moron for thining ths movie will be good and that they are good sigers and i thought there were already big enough idiots in this world @16 lol @18 they will probobally say This is wrong and then sing some huge song about not smoking weed and drinking @19 how can you be a fan of shit like this @26 very true i never noticed that there were no goths, nerds, geeks, orall those other high school clan like groups and just focus on the slutty high school bitches and the dumb jocks and followers of the jocks that we all have hated in high school @38 what does this have to do with you being italian and once again how can you be excited for this shitload @40 like 38 and 15 how can you be ecited for this @41 so very very sorry @42-49 once again how do you get excited @52-54 HOW CAN YOU GET EXCITED FOR THIS SHITFEST I miss the old disney with movies like hunchback of notre dame, lion ing, and all the other great disney fliks




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