Empire Debuts Two New Interesting Star Trek Photos

October 28, 2008
Source: Empire

Empire's Star Trek

Empire has done it again. They've managed to capture the world's attention today with two new Star Trek photos and a beautiful cover to go along with them. Hardly two weeks after Paramount unveiled an exciting series of photos, we've got two more to add to the ever-growing gallery, but these aren't any old throwaway photos. Both of them are rather interesting, one featuring Spock standing at the front of the USS Enterprise with space extending out behind him, the other featuring Kirk inside some sort of futuristic EVA armor. If you're as excited as we are for Star Trek, then you'll definitely want to take a look!

Unfortunately Empire doesn't have much clarification for what we're looking at beyond what we've already said above. The cover, which features a full version of the photo at the top, can be found here. They did, however, give us a good teaser from their upcoming Star Trek issue and interview with Abrams: "For me, the costumes were a microcosm of the entire project, which was how to take something that's kind of silly and make it feel real. But how do you make legitimate those near-primary colour costumes? How do you make legitimate the pointy ears and the bowl haircut? It's ridiculous and as potentially cliched as it gets. How do you watch Galaxy Quest and then go make a Star Trek movie?" Good question, Mr. Abrams.

Star Trek
Star Trek

Star Trek is directed by J.J. Abrams (of "Lost" and Mission: Impossible III) and is written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (of The Island, Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). This is the 11th movie in the Star Trek universe, following most recently Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002. Star Trek is set to land in theaters everywhere on May 8th, 2009 next summer!

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  • TBone
    Someone please tell me they see what I see...this movie just sounds and so far looks stupid.
  • Josh
    im pumped beyond words
  • You know... I'm really looking forward to this, but between the pic on the cover of EW and the pic at the top of this post Kirk and Spock look like they're more than BFF. Vic
  • Icarus
    Kirk and Spock look like they just got finished 'mind melding' with each other in the headline picture. I'm excited for this, but on a super casual level.
  • D-9
    How more clear can it be....we have allready discussed this. The colour pallet is from the 60's, and paying homage the the orginal series.....ON TV! WTF?! This is freaking common knowledge. Christ!
  • reaperslogic
    Why do all of the photos with Spock and Kirk look like ads for Men's Chatlines?
  • TBone
    @5 Whats the word for people like you...Trekkie?
  • JosefG
    In the second shot, it looks like Kirk and crew are strapped in for a literal rollercoaster ride. Not excited. With only 3 seasons, the show never got a chance to turn from wine to vinegar.
  • tronicIO
    nope its flamer. he/she usually acts that agressive...
  • Chris H
    Yeah they're not in any kind of futuristic suits. It looks like they're strapped in on a shuttle craft or something.
  • twispious
    i have no interest for star trek or whatever this shit is,but the casting choices and production values (judging from the poster/photos released so far) looks good.spock and kirk make funny names
  • Blue Silver
    Love Star Trek! However, in the top pic--the guys look gay! 'Brokeback Starship'????? The other pics look mighty cool.
  • Big r
    Why post that your not interested in the movie? Does that make any f#ckin sense? I for one am looking forward to this movie. Its funny that half the people who have negative comments think they can do a better job making this movie, but yet they are here posting comments.
  • django
    Has anyone read the script anywhere? All this looks so-so, so I'm trying to figure out just what they have up their sleeve. I mean, if he's going for 'realism', why not go to Roddenberry's novels, and design a Vulcan that actually LOOKS like a person who'd not only exist but survive and evolve on a magma-spewing planet's surface? Or is that just nit picking. Guess I just wish Spock looked cooler. There's no denying that Nimoy looked and acted like a cool customer. General audiences even agreed w/ that. This dude, I'm not so sure about. And I won't believe this guy's Kirk till I see him punch some alien guys in the face, and wiping blood from his lip so he can punch them again. Show us the tough guy, enough of these doe-eyed shenannigans!
  • BadKarma
    is it just me or do these two look like a couple of twinks
  • Dusty
    I have NO INTEREST in seeing this NOW ... seeing those two actors as Nemoy and Spock... have taken this away from the fans and given it to the teenie-boppers, but I will not post anything negative since it bothers Big R #13 that we would dare express OUR OPINIONS to hopefully have others to think a little more critical about the films that they are just excited for INSTEAD OF just because it has someone from the show Heroes in it. Absolute saving grace to why I will probably go see it though(aside from my wife luvin Quinto) is the casting of Pegg as Scotty(Run FatScotty Run) and and Ryder(oh lala).
  • The_Phantom
    I'm pretty sure Chris Pine will do a good job as Kirk. He was good in "Smokin' Aces"
  • ha1rball
    Chris Pine has a big head....
  • big r
    You make a good point #16, dont take it personal or the wrong way. Oh and i dont watch Heroes so i wouldnt have any reference to that point in your post. I guess some should think a bit more critical, but i think ill reserve my judgment for at least a trailer. Hurry Alex!!
  • Drake
    those two writers are just there to take our money. first transformers 2 then star trek
  • C-Young
    Definitely not Hetero looking...
  • I have to admit the technology I've seen so far looks unoriginal. Those translucent mac-looking tech and free-floating graphical displays are totally unremarkable. I now really do hope there will be more recognizable TOS style technology in this movie, now that I see the alternative is just as predictable looking as what we've already seen in the original series. I have to hope that the story will involve refitting the Enterprise later in the story with technology that connects this film to TOS, regardless of whether it's an alternate time-line. I've tried to remain open-minded about the reboot, but come on JJ, give us SOMETHING. And I don't mean Galaxy-Quest inspired hardware!
  • Rolando
    As a star trek Fan, fan not die hard fan unless you count me only in the very first ensemble cast and none of the spin off, I am open to revisiting classics. But I do have troubles into buying Chris Pine as Kirk. An that's a real problem! And by the way, TOO MANY photoshop airbrushin' work in the cover photos and a lot of the official photos so far that I have seen in differents sites. But those are only my words.
  • D-9
    WRONG AGAIN T-BONE! ( AS USUAL ) I work in the medium and it is obvious and all of these questions have been asked....and ANSWERED! Do you mean was I alive in the 60's when ST began. Yes. Any other questions? DO I watch Boston Legal for Shatner's Denny Crane....or for the writing? Do I watch "Heros" for Silar...or for the Cheerleader? Trust me Boner....I am no Trekkie....I just observe and rely on obvious input. OBVIOUS! Jesus Christ......Like I have stated before. Repeating myself....UGH! Boner gets an and I.
  • Conrad
    This really looks like crap. It looks like another space-astronaut flick only this time with Star Trek theme. I am not sold on this at all. Screw J.J. Abrams - overrated loser. Prince of Mediocrity is what I think of him.
  • TBone
    @24 Its obvious that you are upset because these screenshots, as a lot of people are pointing out, look horrible. I come to this conclusion by observing and relying on obvious input (hahahahaha). Oh man, Im sorry these pictures dont do it for you sexually....nevermind, thats way off point.... I want to thank those of you who are fans of the series but have voiced your concern. I am not a fan of the series but set out to give this movie a little chance, and so far it is blowing that chance with these terrible shots. Thank you for your feedback D-9 (is that a rap name?, its ok if it is, TBone is my porn name hahahaha). Youve just been TBoned!
  • avoidz
    Homoerotic Trek.
  • vu
    I''m still gonna watch it but the first pic looks Star trek meets gay Abercrombie photo.
  • avoidz
    Queer Eye for the Trek Guy.
  • JL
    Not a Trek fan, but I want to see another trailer. A real trailer, not a teaser. Those guys do look pretty gay in the headline photo, though.
  • 790
    Federation scum,,, Here are your 2 finalists for the 2009 American Idol Championship!!! ^ Your votes will decide who wins!!!
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Well, I think if you know anything about ANYTHING know what D-9 is. Spare me the insults on your elder D-9. He likes the color and photos. Like he said common knowledge.
  • Tricky Trekki
    OH God Why? Why? Doesn't look like anybody with brains and common sense is making this poor excuse for a movie. Mr. JJ Abrams sir, who ever told you this was a good idea was lying to your face. When I heard there was a new Star Trek Movie coming. I had a completely different vision of what was to come from you. All you have to do is Watch Tim Allen's Galaxt Quest to see how big a Bomb this movie will be. This has to be a Joke right? Is this really what you are sending to the theaters summer 2009. Screw those who say that the costumes should look like those from the 60's becuase in Star Trek Canon thats what was worn at that timeline. That was then their concept of the future. SciFi has evovled since then. The Simplest thing to do would have been to do some variation of the costumes from The Wrath of Khan or something new and different. Never go backwards to the 60's. The Enterprise looks crappy inside and out. Took your blueprint from Galaxy Quest it seems. I've seen better Starships created by amatuers. They could have went with a design that worked in Star Trek - the Motion Picture up to Star Trek - Undiscovered Country. It's possible they've written a good story, but it won't mean anything if people are too busy laughing at the actors on screen. Hope the studios didn't spend to much money on this movie. Somebody is going to lose their shirts on this one.
  • 790
    Yeah I agree, Tricky Trekki. Oh and I've read Paramount is blowing over 160mil on this.
  • Love Star Trek! However, in the top pic–the guys look gay! 'Brokeback Starship'????? The other pics look mighty cool.




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