First Bad Trailer for How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

July 20, 2008

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Trailer

There have been an excessive number of trailers that debuted this week, most of which were great. This is not one of the better ones. The first domestic trailer for the Simon Pegg, Kirsten Dunst, Megan Fox, and Jeff Bridges comedy How to Lose Friends & Alienate People has finally debuted online. Not only is that the most ridiculous title, but this looks pretty damn stupid. Physical comedy and sight gags are a thing of the past (in my opinion) and this looks like a comedy stuck back in the 90's. In the movie, British journalist Sidney Young is hired by Sharps magazine and is thrust into the glamorous world of celebrities without being entirely ready. The only good thing in this is the appearance of the voluptuous Megan Fox, but besides that, it looks pretty bad. I really just can't see this being any good.

Watch the trailer for How to Lose Friends & Alienate People:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the How to Lose Friends & Alienate People trailer in High Definition on AOL

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People is directed by "Curb Your Enthusiasm" regular Robert B. Weide, of the Oscar nominated documentary Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth previously. The script was written by Peter Straughan, of Sixty Six and Mrs. Ratcliffe's Revolution previously, and is based on the real life memoirs of Toby Young. MGM is releasing How to Lose Friends & Alienate People on October 3rd.

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  • Buttons
    all i can think about is the joker.
  • Keith
    I second Buttons. but, i didnt think the trailer was THAT bad. it looks like a decent romantic comedy, if there is such a thing. And simon pegg is in it, come on now
  • Even I am still thinking by watching The Dark Knight again today ... 😉 but this trailer was good ...not great or perfect but good ... just good :-) It will not be better than Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz for sure . Simon Pegg is really good actor and I think he will get nice roles and movies day after day ..... I am not sure how much his U.K accent will be liked in USA 😉 but I think Hollywood need this guy because his look too ... he is so good for transforming from completely idiot in to a Superhero or Superstar :-)
  • Kevin
    It looks alright, better than run fat boy run at any rate
  • Alex
    Is the guy in 1:16 supposed to be a parody of Matt Drudge?
  • Squiggly_P
    Simon Pegg is a funny funny man. Even tho this is a kinda lame trailer, I'm not gonna rule this one out yet. The thing is, pratfalls and gross-out 'humor' actually sells here in the states, so it wouldn't surprise me if the studio was cutting this trailer to make the film look like just a bunch of that. Bridges has a pretty good track record for being involved with decent flicks, and Pegg surely knows what good comedy is.
  • emil Lamprecht
    I'll wait, I need to see more I think. Simon Pegg is a pretty funny guy, and while this admittedly looks... sub-par, part of me needs to believe he would continue working to live up to Hot Fuzz which is perhaps one of my favorite comedies.
  • Chris
    And yet this is still a 100% improvement on that godawful 'Surfer, Dude' trailer.
  • Stuart Mellor
    Why is physical humour not funny when everyone praises it in Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E? By no means am i calling either of those bad films, infact Wall-E shot towards the very top of my best film list, but some of the big gags in both films were about physical comedy, and now when a live-action film tries to do it, its not funny any more? Can't have two sets of rules..
  • Mike Johnson
    Have you seen the 10 second teaser for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, that is a total waste of film.
  • Max
    Wake up people.Simon Peg is hilarious!!
  • Carlos
  • Darrin
    that looked alright. any way it does have the very hot megan fox. I will check it out.
  • Yeah, the film certainly does not look "bad." I totally agree with the consensus that Pegg and Bridges (especially) tend to do decent films--save maybe 'Run Fatboy Run' on Simon's part. And holy hell, could Kirsten Dunst maybe do something funny? I'll check it out simply for that possibility.
  • Goudos
    How to Lose Friends & Alienate People doesn't look that bad. I would actually see it before Flash of Genius, Ponyo the Cliff, and I would see it three times before I even thought of looking at Surfer Dude (which looked like "Physical comedy and sight gags a comedy stuck back in the 90's").
  • It doesn't look bad. Not everyone is past slapstick.
  • So... I don't understand, this has nothing to do with Batman?
  • Ivy
    I think this might be an instance of a bad trailer. There have been a lot of those lately.
  • Kail
    My friend actually went to a Test Screening of this movie, and he told me it was very funny, especially if you're a Lebowski fan.
  • Curtis
    it wasn't that bad ill still watch it when it comes out to dvd for the sake of Megan Fox and i mean come on Simon Pegg is in it.
  • Dusty
    damn it all.. why do I have to like Pegg so damned much... this movie has nothing of interest for me... but then again... I thought Run Fatboy Run was gonna be terrible, but had a blast(though wife was pissed that I liked it at all). We will see... I may donate $8 to see it... well maybe $5 for the matinee
  • twispious
    shit,enough with the dark knight already.seriously.anyhu,this doesnt look half bad as a lighthearted comedy and both dunst & pegg are okay.
  • ImaginaryVisionary
    Pegg and Carrel may be on the only comedic actors around right now that can still pull off slapstick comedy. Carrel did a good job in Get Smart this summer, and I think this looks pretty funny as well. To me it takes a little more skill to pull off comedy minus the dirty humor, and while Dirty Humor and .....whatever the hell Will Ferrel does wrong and right....seem to be ruling the comedy world at the moment, I think there's more intelligence and a sense of timeless comedy in movies like this. Looks kind of like a sidecar movie along the lines of a Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
  • ScoopUK
    I actually got the chance to see this a few weeks back in the UK, and to be fair it's a pretty good romantic comedy, not at all as slapstick as this trailer makes out. The comedy really works well throughtout, not least because Pegg reworked the script alot to put more of himself in his character. Personally, I think this will perform alright at the box office, not massive, but certainly turn a profit. It's one of the few romantic comedies I wouldn't mind watching again sometime.
  • adam
    looks like all the good parts were in the trailer so i guess theres no need to really see it now.
  • RandyG
    22: twispius: shit,enough with the dark knight already I agree! One morning these fanboys are going to wake up and feel awfully embarrased. "Did I really say, "All I can think about is the Joker?""
  • Andrew
    "...voluptuous Megan Fox..." Megan Fox is anything but voluptuous.
  • Cyfer1
    it looks WAAAAAAY better den fatboy. im in but den again im a Simon Pegg fan
  • nacnygogetter
    It looks fun. Simon Pegg and Jeff Bridges!!! Srew Miss Fox if I want to watch tan plastic I will look at my moms boobs.




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