First Look: More New Dragonball Promo Photos

July 5, 2008

First Look: More New Dragonball Promo Photos

The battle of the Asian adaptation has yet to really begin, however I'm certain that the upcoming Dragonball movie has the most buzz out of any of them (including The Last Airbender, Street Fighter, and Tekken). We already shared a few promo photos of Justin Chatwin as Goku and Emmy Rossum as Bulma before, but today we've come across a few more. Is this film starting to look any good or is it looking worse and worse every day? Honestly, I'm not turned off by these photos - but then again, I really need to see a trailer. I'd like this to be a great movie, but Chatwin always looks so goofy in every photo that I can't take him seriously. Hopefully that's just how he looks in photos and not in action…

Thanks to for sharing these photos. You can check them out in full over there.




Based on the popular Japanese manga created by Akira Toriyama, whose work spawned best selling graphic novels, video games and a phenomenally successful television series, Dragonball centers on the heroic Goku, a powerful warrior who protects the Earth from an endless stream of rogues bent on dominating the Universe and controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name.

Dragonball stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. The movie arrives in theaters on April 3rd, 2009.

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  • Viper
    *mild uncomfortable noises* Where's the orange?
  • Emmy Rossum really lost her career didn't she?
  • Garrett.king
    god this looks like shit
  • LW
    Hahahah! Chow Yun Fat wearing a "hentai" sweater... just awesome ^^
  • Alex
    Wow the cast one of the whores from the Real World as Chi Chi. This is going to suck. Furthermore, it is really annoying how hollywood is whitewashing asian anime franchises (a la Speed Racer and soon to be Akira).
  • bltzie
    chow yn fat is master roshi... thats not master roshi in fact that's not goku and thats not bulma looks like shit
  • 3nigma
    I know Goku wears the blue gi in Dragon Ball GT, but in regular Dragon Ball he wears orange. Hey if Chow Yun-Fat is Roshi, how come he doesn't have his shades on and why isn't he bald like the original character?I also know Bulma is suppose to have blue hair, but Emmy Rossum looks hot anyway. I can already tell this film is not going to follow the exact storyline, but I'm a #1 fan of the whole Dragon Ball series and I hope this movie does not let me down. Trailer, soon please.
  • Josh
    ok.....sooooo why is this being made exactly
  • Samuel
    in dragonball when we are first introduced to goku he wears a blue and white gi uniform i know this 100% becuz i have the manga at home he starts wearing the orange gi when he studies under Roshi but the hair on this kid is silly just silly, i didnt really expect them to try and copy the hair for everyone but for the sayians its kinda important ( i figure they will go into DBZ since its a trioligy) that we will see a real live super sayian (oh god) think the appeal of Goku is that he's niave but i doubt we'll get that with this movie he's wearing street clothes which was rare for goku while i doubt he'll have a full knowledge of the world around him i doubt we'll see his signature pat-pat. it sucks they wont use asian actors for asian roles my thinking behind it is that hollywood thinks that if there is no white actor people wont be drawn to see it. secondly this "dragonball" movie seems to have a dark tone to it (i say that because of the lighting and because instead of white goku has black on his gi uniform.
  • Jesse
    Wheres the picture of the alien? Other sites have the pic of the alien.
  • Iron Man Fan
    What Garrett.king said
  • I don't know if it's my hangover but I feel like upchucking.
  • Darrin
    when i see a trailer i would decide.
  • steveb
    So I'm a pretty big dbz fan, The orange happens when Goku starts training under the turtle hermit, I believe. Can't really remember 100%. I'm wondering if the outfit he's wearing is a result of some sort of time spiral, it looks more like picolos colors, without the arabic flair. We all know this will suck. I will still try to watch it.
  • ariel
    ok, this really looks like crap. but man, am I gonna watch it, I know it.
  • Josh
    i dont need to see a trailer. i laugh every time i look at Goku....itll probably be worse when it is in motion
  • Josh
  • I need to see what Lord Piccolo looks like (plus a trailer) before I make any judgements.
  • fhernandezy8
    cool pics i like master roshis shirt hehe..
  • Raheem
    This looks GREAT way better den expected. im glad dey kept master roshi a perve lol and goku looks kool wit dat pole bulma sexy as hell but im def seeing dis
  • Nthngmn
    looks horrendous. Nightmares of Super Mario Bros. come to mind. And by the way, in the original Dragonball, where Goku is significantly younger, he wears a blue robe. I'm assuming that's what the movie is based on. Only until later on does he wear orange.
  • Mike
    Looks good! Roshi's cool, Justin got some tricep showing. I also will wait for trailer before making stupid "its gonna suck" comment like so many less attentive posters.
  • Sean
    Therse aren't like real posters people, you need to chill. There scans from Japan and we won't get any real posters for awhile. And according to Christina Inman, the Fox representative of Mexico said the trailer and a few scenes have already been shown at a Cinema Expo in Amsterdam. And that maybe at the end of this month towards the beginning of next, we should get a trailer. But she's not very reliable and it's just a maybe.
  • Garrett.king
    all I said was "it looks like shit" does. but I am waiting for an official trailer ( NOT TEASER ) and need to see what Piccolo looks help me god if he is a white human instead of a green Namekian. I'm gonna kill someone! though I do look forward to a sequel with possibilities of Frieza.
  • Curtis
    meh i dont no what to think of these pictures, i no there trying to make them look less goofy then if they followed the way everyone dressed in the anime. Im not going to say this looks like crap in till we see a trailer/teaser.
  • L
    It really looks like some cosplayer filming a home movie in his basement. I put this on the scale of Super Mario Bros, but worse
  • Man Dragonball was such a shit show.
  • Nettle
    I'd just like to point out that Avatar is NOT Asian! It is heavily influenced by anime and Eastern style, but it's a domestic cartoon by Nick.
  • Galethog
    oooh come oooon! com'on!!!! whyyy! tell me whyy!? >.< How does such a great n epic anime end up like this? DAMN! If only they'd have stuck to the original concept... I can tell this is going to suck because it just doesn't look like Dragon Ball. ... and yep, Avatar isn't Asian.
  • Squiggly_P
    Why does it looks like it's being made in the 80's?
  • Mike
    Sadly looks most posters are pretty typical intheir responses to DB, yet none of this official from Fox.
  • Ryan
    Does any one else hope that this does kind of suck? That way they learn what they did wrong. What are the odds they'll pull an Incredible Hulk and completely re-cast and re-make for DBZ?
  • Hey...HEY... maybe it'll be like the show and they'll spend the whole movie powering up to throw bigger balls of light at some asshole who's going to crack the world in half with its dick in the sequel, which will be animated, to tie in with the show reboot.
  • Galethog
    LOL ^ I'm only seeing it because am a DB fan, not because Im convinced or even a bit turned on. The guy looks lame, the hair is pathetique, Roshi's even lamer and Fox usually disappoints; sooo.....
  • How hilarious would it be if all the people saying how horrible this movie's going to turn out end up loving it more than a mother loves their baby? Haaa.
  • DBEnthusiast
    I don't know about that dude playing Goku. As a huge fan of the DB series, the least this director could have done was find someone who's a bit more cut. This alone might give the film a D rating for movie goers.
  • Tirrell
    AAAAAAAAaaaawe damn! They done messed it up....Bad
  • Great
    ive said it once... imma say it again... If they make this movie out of paper, ill wipe my ass with it. I think it will get better use that way... cause it already looks like shit, so why not add it.
  • Don P
    AAAAAhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaahh This is going to be off the chain man. I just wish they show Goku with his tail.
  • Tyler
    I have seen better cosplay then this.
  • Horrible
    What? American's playing the part of Japanese characters? How unrealistic... This is going to suck so bad...
  • renji
  • Jimmy
    Not original enough...just like what hollywood did to the movie called "Street Fighters"...
  • Seriously?!
    I dunno what to say. This is not even funny as a joke. WTF, this is gonna really suck. Who was in charge of this!? They need to be shot before this movie ruins my childhood.
  • Ekino
    Our whole country's basically boycotting this flick now, and so are the other true DB fans worldwide.
  • xavier
    goku wears the orange after he trains with roshi dude read the manga or at least watch the whole dragonball series not dragon ball z dragon ball the series in which the movie is based and if we want to start talking about whats true gt never existed it was created by funimation the ones that created the series BASED on the manga every adaptation changes the movies is another one so expect changes specially the fact that the movie will try to bring the story as close as it can to reality
  • Jarred
    well from my guess it looks like Roshi is a wash-up, he looks homeless-like and poor. Maybe after Goku finds him he'll shave off his hair and be bald because he needs to go back to being the best human fighter ever and train Goku, giving him the orange suit. And by the way, goku's arms were not that huge in the show dragon ball even when he was a teen towards the end. Since they are making a sequel which will be based on one or more story from the DBZ era, he's going to beef up a ton, just like that once scrawny actor Shia Laboeuf for Indy 4, he gain over 15 pounds of muscle, so I have no doubt Chatwin will be jacked for the next movies... if they make any more.
  • Maykyuu
    From the looks of it, the movie doesn't look like it's going to go well. But Chow Yun Fat looks just awesome because his shirt is hentai which is just perfect for the character. But as for Bulma and Goku I absoulutely hate whose playing them. Bulma's hair needs to be baby blue and as for Goku a cosplayer at an anime convention could probably do better. If I become a director or producor I am so renewing this omg it looks terrible.
  • lISA age 16
    sorry yh im a hard dragonball z fan who is not white or asian but i always imagine that if there was going to be a dragonball live action or wateva i always imagine him being japanese or at least aisan because....... he is!! And before ANYONE OF U HU says "BUT HE IS AN ALIEN" must think agen because yes he is from another planet but hello he has asian features IF U CAN'T SEE WAT IM SEEING then i fink u got the wrong show because a pale skin man wiv black hair and martial art suit is defo asian( japanese etc) But the film is a go ahead so theres is nothing that we can do is there? i dont think i i would go and see the movieā€¦..soz but i hope it flops. Making Justin Chatwin as Goku is like making Denzel Washington as BATMAN!!! see wat im saying! PLEASE DONT RUIN THE ANIME SERIES!!! - oh it to late to say now just hope..........
  • Andres Pages
    I have said in the past that we had to give a chance for this movie, buuuuutttt... i completely change my mind after seeing this shittyyy ass pictures. this movie is going to be worse mortal combat. characters look nothing like the real ones and please goku never in life wore any of those crappy costumes, give him the orange and make that kid work out plz. he looks like he cant even beat bulma, how the fuck can he beat picolo.. BOTTOM LINE, THIS MOVIE SUCKS AND IS GOING TO PUT A BAD NAME TO THE GREAT SHOW THAT THIS ONCE WAS.... wrap it up and forget it about it assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Guy
    They have the OrangeGi up on So for all of you bitchin about it you need to go take a look....
  • PWO
    Yeah, there's an orange gi on the poster, and he'll be wearing a tshirt in the actual movie
  • Meek
    the blue suit is underneath the orange suit, thats why the suit is orange AND blue! so ok...
  • Khem Sage
    i hope it doesnt end up like that Double Dragon movie that came out a while had the wrong story line and the characters didnt even match thier parts.i mean Chow Yun fat isnt even an old man.Goku couldnt have been older than 9 or 10. there may be alot invovled with the story that cant be put in the movie but at least get the basics right. i think ill just wait for the bootleg
  • Caydnn
    *feels slightly sick* This is shocking and horrifying. Someone called this Emoball Z on another post and I had to laugh. Too true, I mean, is Goku wearing an argyle sweater? And to make him a teen in highschool who is picked on by bullies is..... I'm speehless. I couldn't stand that little punk in war of the worlds(Tom Cruise needed to beat those kids) and now they're trying to cast him as the heroic and beefy Goku? And for anyone that says Goku was supposed to be skinny at this point, duh you nimrods because he was supposed to be eleven, and a shrimpy eleven year old too. I started watching DBZ when I was 14 ten years ago Justin Chatwin is freaking older than I am!! He's sixteen years older than Goku should have been let alone too old to play a highschool student with out dyeing away freaking gray hairs. This is what happens when Hollywood wants to capitalize and make money off of something everyone already loves but then tries to change it to appeal to more people. They'll never learn because undoubtedly most DBZ fans will go see it out of morbid curiousity and they'll still make a profit. I wonder if the director is even paying attention to what the fans are whispering (or sometimes shouting) because I'm sure they could at least fix a few of the more horrendous blunders they've made in postproduction. Like Bulma ( love emmy rossum!) with dark brown hair. uhg. Watch Piccolo just be a normal looking human. The Director should just go commit suicide for this disgraceful monstrosity. Harsh but apparently he's too thickskulled to pick up on peoples more subtle opinions.
  • I've seen 1 trailer for this that actually looks semi legit. But it's disappointing. I'll post a link at the bottom. Granted to make this movie you would need to make it accurate, and with a good cast and unfortunately thats not what they did. I can already see this movie is gunna bomb and maybe do good in theaters but won't sell any dvds. They should have had a better cast then made it to the storyline. From what I heard it is gunna be like Goku is actually in school and shit. I don't know anymore details, but it explains won't do good. Here's the movie trailer link. P.S. that is supposedly Shenron...
  • Darkness
    this film looks like its going to be another street fighter II film from hollywood, it looks absolutely shit. Im sorry but the guy playing goku looks like he should be in step up 2 or something gay like that.
  • Vegito
    Ok, we all know that this movie is gonna be the biggest load of shit in a long time. They are sooooo gonna mess this up!!! Goku don't look the least bit like him, Master Roshi seems to have taken a bath in Oil of Olaz, way too young!!!! And comment.......Man, this just sooooooo totally sucks for any DB and DBZ Fan!!!!!! But don't worry, in a couple of years, we'll be complaining how they messed up Naruto, One Piece, Akira, Cowboy Beep-Op and so on =)
  • Stephanie
    OMG! This is going to totally suck! I am a MAJOR DB/DBZ fan and their is no way that this is going to work out at all! I will tell you why: 1) Nobody even looks like the characters. 2) No way will anybody be able to do the moves and attacks of Goku or any of the Z Warriors without killing themselves, 3) They will not be able to tell the storyline with just one movie. What they should have done was made this movie another anime movie like how they did with Yu-gi-Oh! That would be somethign worth watching. This is a terrible parody and it makes me disgusted that they are going to be ruining such a great anime series. What a terrible thing to do. This is going ot be a major flop!
  • zam
    please... everyone boycott this film... download it or stream it online.. and within 10 minutes you will be happy you saved 12$ cause James Wong and Ben RAMS-ASS dont deserve a single penny.... as they have done NO research and obviously have ZERO interest in making historically epic films.... Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh spent 3 solid years writing lord of the rings.... thats even before anything was green-lit... WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! Noone can argue that LOTR and DBZ are not on similar massive scale in terms of complexity in their own universes... damn it... dont go and see it... stream this fucking turd... Never hire WONG again... and FUCK the studio too for pawning this off on a teen movie film director... CAN THIS FILM... and wait... and if you DO go ahead with it... I will pull a HULK... but the remake wont be shitty too:)... Ill pull a HULK and make the second one EPIC....
  • Guirsch
    How are you plan making an epic Goku if you choose an actor who looke liek a younger Ben Stiller. I do not understand.
  • anon
    Basically they are fucking it up... story is fucked, direction is overly fucked... I am the DBZ scholar... and this film should blow away all that have stolen from its original manga content: batman, superman,street fighter, matirx, heros.... almost all modern awesome film has taken a leaf out of DBZs background.... especially the unbelievably original action/fight choreography for its time.. and now, they cant even stand up to themselves when they can use the very material they have,... I thought James Wong, being Chinese... would understand the massive significance of this film... and how not to fuck it up or rush it during writers and actor strikes... and for the writer:.... who the fucking hell is Ben Ramsay... Goku never goes to school you fuckwit... This film will enrage so many fans and the indifferent/neutral people will be pushed even further away... its an absolute abomination what they are doing... and I feel ashamed and embarrassed for Akira Toriyama... Take the greatest uplifting and magical fantasy ever made, on a par with the first Star Wars and take a giant shit on it... One day I will remake this film and it will be awesome... realistic, story driven and NON bullshit stylized.... stylized in a manga comic is cool... but it does NOT translate into live-action film... you need to ADAPT you fuck knockers. You put it into the realm of our world.... have you seen heros...??? well, that should be called DBZ and your film should be called ''Ramsay an d Wong: How to fuck up the best franchise ever''. What they have done is worse than episisode one prequals... and I havent even seen the film... 1 still and 2 amature actor interview vids is enough to know they havent got a clue... hers some advice... DO a PROPER amount of pre-production, get the LOOK and adaptation down... keep the story TRUE... lord of the rings style... whilst snazzing it up... its already GOLD... dont try to make it better... you cant. get proper actors that are not kids. bring on a massive JAPANESE crew... Japanese ass. directed in collaboration with a successful US director Akira Toriyama setting up shots... in collaboration with a DOP. Studios... shut thsi shit down and make sure Wong and Ramsay never work in this town again and do thier research... I vow to remake this shit stain in ultamite glory bringing it world renown to the level of the first matrix... thats all..
  • Ferdj
  • Brad
    ok this is the history of the outfits from dragon ball era... when bulma first finds goku he does wear a blue outfit similar to the one in the picture. except goku is a small child in the cartoon with a tail. he eventually trains under master roshi and gets his first orange suit. after that the inly thing that changes on his suit is the belt and the emblems on his back and chest. as it goes for the movie.... i think i would rather see a CGI movie rather then a live action.... thats just me though.
  • Coby V Jr.
    yall needa stop bitchin and wait for da damn movie! Save da stupid comments til after the movie dumb asses.
  • You guys are stupid!!! in the dragonball series goku wears the all blue until he receives the orange from Roshi....




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