First Look: Nic Cage in Alex Proyas' Knowing

June 10, 2008
Source: USA Today

First Look: Nic Cage in Alex Proyas' Knowing

Just last week, Kevin wrote about the plot details of Knowing, the latest sci-fi thriller film from Alex Proyas. Now just a week later production has started and the first official photo has been revealed. USA Today has debuted our first unimpressive look at Nic Cage as Ted Myles, but at least it gives us a great idea of what to expect - catastrophic mayhem. As a reminder of the story, in Knowing, Cage discovers a letter buried in a time capsule outside a school. It doesn't mean anything to him until he sees the digits 911, which sets him on a course to prevent further catastrophes. Maybe Proyas will finally get back to his roots?

Both Nic Cage and Alex Proyas speak out regarding 9/11 concerns. "I know that number jumps out at people," Cage says. "But that's just a beginning point for the movie. And that doesn't mean you can't mention it. It's time for a return to dark thrillers that are relevant. We're already living in a world where up is down." As for Proyas, he gives one of the best explanations. He explains that although a film should lose its aim to entertain, "there's still a need to address what's going on in people's lives. Hopefully, we do it in a light that's a positive experience but still responsible." Amen to that!

Nic Cage in Alex Proyas' Knowing

It seems that the filmmakers involved in Knowing may be just a bit worried that the mention if 9/11 may bring up bad memories for moviegoers, but I think they're just covering themselves. What I mean is that both Cage and Proyas addressed 9/11 in the article, which is interesting because with films like United 93 and World Trade Center, I didn't think it was such a big issue anymore. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Knowing and hope that it delivers like Proyas' older films The Crow and Dark City.

With a first look photo like this, what do you make of Alex Proyas' Knowing?

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  • CJD
    It's hard to take Nic Cage seriously anymore (Ghost Rider, National Treasure 2, the movie where he predicts the future)..yeah Nic, show us something good.
  • David
    So, it's Lost?
  • conedude13
    They say its half the battle. 😛
  • CJD
    David - my thoughts exactly the first time I saw it. They should make a Lost movie.
  • Florian
    No, i thought that was a teaser ! :'(
  • Christopher
    I felt, when they announced the end date for LOST, that they should go on to a movie to serve as a true finale to the incredible story. But back to the subject at hand; yeah Cage's latest films haven't exactly been on par with some of his more impressive roles but he is one of my favorite actors of all time, I have faith that he has the power to return to his glory days. This is the first I have read of this particular movie, but I can see some potential. Take care all.
  • tuwhitt
    There's a plane crash in the picture? MUST BE LOST!!!! Give me a break. Hopefully this is a return to form, Garage Days and I, Robot both did nothing for me, although Garage Days was a trip.
  • Is that Criss Angel? Bwahahahahahaha!
  • Curtis
    a picture doesn't really help me change my mind i need a trailer or some more info, but its likely i wont like the movie seeing as tho Cage is staring in it, i think he is a washed up has been.
  • jman571
    "Why is it burnt?!" "Why is it burnt!?" "Why is it burnt!?" *punches a woman in the face* LOL, I'm sorry, couldn't resist. 😉
  • jman571
    omg... now I'm embarrassed.... I messed up the quote :(
  • Tom
    Great, yet another horrible movie starring this horrible excuse for an actor.
  • Squiggly_P
    I don't see why people are dissing this movie so early. The concept is fairly fresh, Proyas' previous work has been top notch, and i really don't think people ever give Cage a fair shake. Yeah, he's not been making the greatest films lately, but he's by no means a hack. I've got nothing but good vibes on this one. Besides, look at the way Proyas directs his casts. Brandon Lee - let's face it - was not the best actor, but in The Crow he shined. His direction of his actors is impeccable, and I don't doubt that this film will continue that. I, Robot wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't really awful, either. The plot for "knowing" sounds like it's right up his alley.




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