First Look: Oliver Stone's W Teaser Poster

June 5, 2008

First Look: Oliver Stone's W Teaser Poster

As we mentioned before, one of the more talked about films this year will certainly be Oliver Stone's W. As filming continues in Louisiana for a quick October release, we get our first look at some of the artwork behind the project from In discussing the film, Stone has often said it will be a fair portrayal of the 43rd President. Seeing this material and the many "Bush-isms" is pretty much the writing on the wall for how this will pan out. That's not to say Oliver's previous statements were wrong; portraying the facts can certainly be considered a fair account. But I imagine any hope for a positive light is quickly dwindling. Was anyone really holding their breath?

The teaser artwork can be seen below in full. We hope you get a kick out of this like we did.

Oliver Stone's W Teaser Poster

It's amazing to think these remarks came out of the mouth of our President. Democrat or Republican, this is quite embarrassing. Culling all of these wacky quotes into one place definitely makes me think the W instead stands for "What!?!". I'll definitely be seeing the film and will probably enjoy it seeing as that Bush will be out and gone only a few months past its October 17th release.

W. is directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Nixon, Alexander) with a screenplay written by Stanley Weiser (Project X, Wall Street). Lionsgate recently picked up the distribution rights to W. and will be releasing it this fall before the election.

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  • Dirk Diggler
    F'n LAME This movie is gonna suck.
  • Awesome. Hopefully the movie will be as funny as the poster
  • Djozer
    Very smart. It takes Oliver Stone to make those Bushisms sound fresh. So depressing, but somehow on a satirical movie poster, it provides hope that - perhaps - Oliver Stone has some kind of dark humor in store for us. They could, after all, have called it- "WTF". (Perhaps the Naked Gun guys will have fun w/ that)
  • DemonBlue
    That poster kicks ass! It's going on my wall. Bush's idiotic quotes never cease to kill me.
  • DemonBlue
    If this poster is any indication of the film's tone, I'm thankful Stone isn't aiming for a serious drama(a' la Nixon).
  • As much as I hate Bush, I will love him forever for coining the term "The Internets."
  • Scott
    Let's hope this is a dark comedy rather than his attempt to rewrite history ala JFK...
  • Scott
    ...or The Doors, for that matter, which was a great rocknroll movie but largely innacurate...
  • Not yo mommas cat
    I think that poster is pretty funny. No telling how the movie will turn out, but just idea that Stone is making it when W is still in office is kind of cool. I want it to be good, but then again, it is Stone. So I bet it'll be too self-important.
  • tuwhitt
    What a lame poster, old over-used quotes, they're not even funny any more. It's so easy to just grab some stupid quotes from bush (and there are a lot) and just slap them on a poster. That's not satire, it's just lazy. Hopefully this isn't a sign that the movie will result in nothing more than "BUSH.. LOL".
  • Non-biased? Mhm.....
  • funnytunney
    As a Bush fan, i actually love these quotes... I also love how amateur this website is. "and will probably enjoy it seeing as that Bush will be out and gone only a few months past" ya quotes like that just make these articles uninteresting and tripe. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to hear about the movie more
  • Tommy Funney
    As a Reagan Fan, I despise your stealing my name, f.t. As the ORIGINAL Tommy Funney, my spelling is patented and closed to MY USE ONLY. I declare a showdown, at Sundown, in Dodge-town. Because only I have the right to misspell things correctly. And only YOU have the power to affect no change. That's why we isn't uncorrectly spelling things on our internets- It's all because of YOU, and your skullduggeringly un-funney tunney ways. Are you with me, in for a fight to the victory, or against me- in a fight FOR me? Showdown at Sundown! -T.F.
  • @ 13 -- If you're familiar with the site, you'd know that we're not only about presenting news and the like, but also opinions and starting conversations. and you can go back and read many of our other articles written on the film if you'd like
  • chris
    hopefully this will be stone's return to quality filmmaking.
  • funnytunney
    kevin, i'm sorry if my comments sounded like i was taking a cheap shot at the site i just meant that quote sounds more like you're voicing your political disdain for our President rather then giving your opinion about the movie. i love the site i guess it just sounds like this article was less about the movie and more about mocking a person, but i see that's not what you intended. as for the site, i read just about every article that's published and have repeatedly helped out with events so i do have a fair knowledge about the site's purpose and know it's all about discussion
  • Tommy Funney
    Guess that means no showdown. Aw, shucks-!
  • moldybread
    there is nothing faintly amusing about Bush or his family...the damage done to every working man/woman and the country as a whole by the most criminal administration in history does not warrant showing him in any positive light...I certainly hope this film falls flat on its ass...jmho...
    i guess this is gonna be a comedy
  • Shige
    funnytunney How do you ever become a "fan" of a president ? as for love for remarks, well I can understand and idiot can be loved because his stipidity is kinda cute but if the same stupidity harms millions I cant see where the love comes from.
  • funnytunney
    by "fan" i mean i support him, although i know he's not perfect by any means but no one is anyway besides it's obvious from your remarks you think he is some madman or something and i'm not debating my political views, i just think if someone like Che is getting a movie that's supposed to be a fair and human portrayal of a leader, our President deserves one too like i said though, i think this discussion should center more on the movie but everyone is perfectly entitled to take it wherever they want
  • Shige
    By stating you are a bush fan and supporting him while condemning this whole article you brought this into a political discussion your self. I am very curious how any movie can be fair to any famous political leader. They all have blood on their hands. At least Bush has made idiot of him self over and over so its only logical if this turns out to be a black comedy. Thats fair in my book.
  • Tipycal Mele
    I don't think I've ever heard anyone say "I'm a fan of Che Guevara." I've seen T-shirts, and I've often gotten into fond discussion of 'the Motorcycle Diaries', but what can I say- the guy could write! Bush - for all the volumes of Bushisms he's produced - can hardly be expected to write his own memoirs or autibiography w/out a team of ghost writers. I think this film is appropriate, b/c whatever version of his story comes out in the 'Authorized' biography of George W. Bush will undoubtedly paint him as an uncontested hero. Which no political leader has ever been, either.
  • Djo
    Kail- hold on now. Plenty of Bush fans are God-fearing, missile-wielding Disney channel friendly folk. No fair callin' some 'un you don' even know a jerk. YOU'RE a jerk! Nyeh! (just anticipating the reply before it comes)
  • Kail
    Bush will go down in history as the worst president ever, and the most repetitive joke, and the source of Michael Moore's vast wealth. Bush is not a villain, far from it, in fact he's a good man, he's just a complete idiot who doesn't know shit. funnytunney is a jerk
  • cs
    I hope it has "wanna buy some wood?" from the 04 debate with Kerry
  • blake b
    Has anyone stopped to think about the fact that you can find just as many mistaken/idiotic phrases from every president we've ever had? Or almost every President has been treated the same way? (constant parodies/jokes) It's just that people today are taking it much more seriously.. I'm just saying, it's not just President Bush that has gotten this treatment.. The media tries their hardest to twist everything into an interesting story.. i'm not saying he did not say the things he did, it's just everyone exagerates like crazy!!! and yeah i know i spelled exagerates wrong, but i've never had to use it before and i don't feel like googleing it lol..
  • David
    I don't know; I saw Oliver Stone on the Colbert Report and he was saying he may be the "greatest president ever." Naturally I assumed he was being sarcastic, but I really can't tell. Personally, Im thankful for alot of the things President Bush has done for our country and think it's a shame so many belittle our President while he's been in office. Not to say he didn't bring alot on himself, but the overall tone has been disgraceful, in my opinion, towards our Commander in Chief and our troops. I hope to God Sen. Obama does not get into office, however if he does, I will not be so base as to put up stickers reading "not my president" and the like. Criticism is fine, but I hope people learn what respect means again. Not sure this movie will help.




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