First Look: The New Friday the 13th Jason Mask

June 13, 2008
Source: MTV

First Look: The New Friday the 13th Jason Mask

How wonderfully perfect! In honor of today actually being Friday the 13th (of June), MTV has officially debuted the very first look at the new mask in the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot. You may have read a bit about our set visit that we did last week, but at the time we didn't have any images to go along with it. Now here is a video that shows you the first look at the mask as well as what the feeling of this reboot will be like. Freaky? Most definitely, but nothing compares to actually being on set and standing next to an in-costume machete-wielding Jason Voorhees. I hope this is your first of many opportunities to begin to get excited for what's set to arrive in theaters next February.

Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company is relaunching the "Friday the 13th" series, much as they recently did with "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," mixing the first several films with brand-new elements to once again resurrect Jason (this time, thankfully, without the help of a lightning bolt).

Friday the 13th is directed by ex-music video director Marcus Nispel, of 2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Pathfinder previously. The screenplay for this reboot was penned by writing partners Damian Shannon and Mark Swift of Freddy vs Jason previously. Although this Friday the 13th is not a sequel, it is technically the 11th film in the franchise and follows Jason's last apperance in Freddy vs Jason in 2003. Friday the 13th is currently set to open on Friday, February 13th, 2009.

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  • Dave Lister, JMC
    New mask, huh? Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss,
  • nha
    Video not accessible!!???
  • It works for me. Refresh and try again...
  • CJD
    well said Dave - it looks the same as the original to me as well. Is that Jared Padalecki (spelling?) from Supernatural?
  • REAL6
    Nothing they can do will make me like this film at all. Why fix something that dont need fixing!!!
  • I think the only difference with that mask is that it looks broken on the bottom.
  • Pickle
    Hope they do it right and leave off the cheese!!
  • Wow this is going to be bad. Really bad. What will they remake next... Psycho... oh snaps! Take that Gus Van Sant!
  • Guerra69
    I'll see it but I still think they sould make Freddy Vs. Jason Round 2
  • Note to Hollywood: STOP IT!
  • Garrett.king
    I didn't like the original incarnation of Friday the 13th. What new retardation is this? I'm with Barry (#10)
  • Debbie C
    I am totally ready for a new Jason! Go FT13th!!! Can't Wait!
  • vin
    Jason Voorhees rocks!! There has never been anyone remotely as scary as him in any movies ever made.
  • barry greenstein
    Everybody watch drunk history 2.5 starring Jack Black. It's on
  • adamcal
    i think ur all idiots a new jason thats fu@ken great friday the 13th legacy awesome i was like 3 when i watch my first jason movie now im 26 and its still bad ass and thats amazing for somethin somebidy thought up and still lives to this day dont talk crap about jason on a site u obviesly typed in new friday the 13
  • waldorf
    the orginal had Mrs Vorhees as the murderer. Jason was just a kid in the lake and only appeared at the very end. How is this a remake if Jason has a mask? He had no mask when he lunged from the water and grabbed the girl in the boat. By the way, the girl in Jason VS freddy was hot hot hot! That was the only good thing about that movie
  • alwaysmad
    Has anyone had an original thought in their fuckin brain in 25 years??!?!?
  • alwaysmad
    lets all see another mediocre director's/writer's rehash of a great movie that was so specific to the time it was released. We've seen this movie.. Everyone has seen at least one of these movies... STOP REMAKING MOVIES!!! THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE U RETARDS!!
  • lord zorak
    Waldorf, "re" watch the first movie. She was not actually pulled unerwater but Jason. She dreamed it. Guys, they only call it a "new" mask because it's a "new" movie. It's a "re" make Waldorf. It doesn't have to follow the exact storyline. Otherwise, wouldn't that be called a "re" play? I can't say if I like it or not. I will add it to the collection though, becuase I'm a Jason fan. I like Kane Hodder. Who is he you ask? Just the guy who played in the last 4 movies, " Jason Takes Manhatten, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and Freddy vs Jason Or Parts 8, 9 ,10 and 11, if you will. I'll have to get use to a running Jason. Hodder does not run. Love it now or not...we'll all go see it. Won't we? And you guys, especially you, "Alwaysmad" who "take the time" to type 2 bad reviews for a movie that has not come out yet, you'll most likely "take the time" to see it when it comes out. See you there!!! Chi chi chi ha ha ha
  • Andy
    The guy who played Jason in Freddy Vs. Jason was Ken Kirzinger not Kane Hodder! Kane got snubbed for whatever reason, not that I care cause all you need is a huge guy that walks slow and doesn't talk and kills people. I have always liked these movies but Freddy is and always the better of the too. Freddy's the best in horror, his concept dream killer...doesn't get any better then that!!!
  • jay
    I think it's gonna be raw I love jason he is a cool guy I think lil wayne should star in tha movie
  • Fred Kruger
    I for one will go see this movie, the TCM remake was good, so this might be too. off topic, I think someone needs to do a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street in the fashion of the Dark Night. what I mean is the way they took all the campy crap of the 80's and 90's batman movies out and made a truly dark movie. Freddy always scared me, but looking back the movies were very campy. I'd love to see a truly horrifying Freddy movie, it's great material to work with. My dream would be to see Rob Zombie make a new Freddy movie.
  • ross
    This movie is gonna rock,imagine a late friday night showing of friday the 13th,with your date,man its a dream come true...this is so exciting being in a movie theatre again watching this wow,i cant wait to see the gaps there filling out.. oh man michael bay is awesome......freddy couldnt hang with jason in the first one,,why the need for a round 2,,huh,,.....! man im counting the days for this to come out,and im gona see the latest showing possible...
  • Jason Young
    I'm seriously stoked over this reboot since I think this is THE horror franchise that is most deserving and most in need of one. I've seen all the films starting with FvJ which is what drew me in. It had its downfalls, most importantly a huge amount of film for such a small amount of actual fighting, but compared to the rest of Jason's movies it was golden, imo. The others had some good moments, mostly the comedic ones for me, since they were hardly ever scary and the acting left little room for sympathy or attachment to those about to be slashed. What they did have though was potential. I love pretty much everything about the character of Jason and this has pretty much all elements to bring this character as close to his full potential as has been seen yet. Like how they don't want to make an origin story, my first thought was THANK GOD now there's at least no way they can screw it up to nearly the extent of the newest halloween which was truly pathetically done, Rob should be ashamed, even if Mike was a Jason wannabe from the beginning. Also I'm glad its not a period piece, it kinda worked for TCM but it would just keep Jason in a rutt. I just hope they give Jason plenty of time to shine and the victims aren't entirely annoying... I'm also in the pro-FvJ II camp obviously.
  • Chris
    How is Michael a Jason wannabe when Michael came first? I'm personally looking forward to this, since the series really does need a reboot. Plus Derek Mears seems to be doing a great job from what I've seen, and his comment about a "Rambo-like" Jason definitely has me intrigued.
  • afanman
    Jason rules, and I'll be into the new one as much as the old one,Jason is socioty's rage, thats why he can't be killed, his life comes from our hate, the one thing in life that seems to be a constant... love and happiness is fading, while we can allways find something to hate,sad but seemingly true... Plus you should not insult film makers because you didn't like the film, doubt you could do any better..rob zombie made halloween more real by showing what makes a person become a jason or micheal,case in point we did,..parents, kids, socioty in general, it can cause all of us to fly off the deep end,props to zombie he did an awsome job and made a great film greater,and I,m hoping the new friday the 13th is just as good..besides it's just for fun anyway right? Take it for what it is and be glade it isn't real, or we would all be dead....




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