First Official Friday the 13th Teaser Trailer!

October 22, 2008

Friday the 13th Teaser Trailer

In addition to the fantastic Watchmen trailer, the Scream Awards played host to another trailer debut - Friday the 13th. This is a shorter, less-violent version than the one shown at Comic-Con, but it's officially online for our viewing pleasure. I don't care that this is a remake of a classic horror franchise, this looks good, damn good. That finishing shot in this trailer really sums up the intensity in this - it looks like it'll really ramp up the horror genre in a way we haven't seen in a while. I think that's partially due in part to the performance of Derek Mears as Jason, but we'll see more of that later. For now, enjoy this teaser.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Friday the 13th:

[flv: 500 206]

Friday the 13th is directed by ex-music video director Marcus Nispel, of 2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Pathfinder previously. The screenplay for this reboot was penned by writing partners Damian Shannon and Mark Swift of Freddy vs Jason previously. Although this Friday the 13th is not a sequel, it is technically the 11th film in the franchise and follows Jason's last apperance in Freddy vs Jason in 2003. Friday the 13th is currently set to open on Friday, February 13th, 2009.

Friday the 13th Poster

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  • CK
    Im still not sure what to think of this movie. I think it could be good, but then again as long as it is not Jason Goes to New York, it can't possibly be bad.
  • twispious
  • yawn.
  • Darrin
    i like the fact that jason runs
  • tuwhitt
    instead of teleporting?
  • The Delightful Deviant
    i liked the comic-con trailer a little more, that one got me more excited. that fact that Jason runs makes him like a 100 times scarier for some reason.
  • Bob
    not bad
  • Big r
    #6 i agree, he also goes underground. I think this will be awesome. it seems hes so much more intense and in your face.
  • Big r
    and that poster is wicked!
  • Im sure this will be a somewhat effective horror film for todays audience, but what made the original so good was it was a type of violence that was fairly new at the time. It was really scary!Now that we have seen it all, there's little that scares anymore! Still I'll see it!
  • REAL6
    This shit looks so fucking whack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Jason trying to run.
  • Cody
    Yeah alex ur right that last shot is what makes me at all excited about this movie for some reason. He just freaking pwns her face.
  • I love how they updated the character by making him run, how insanely original and 2.0. Can't help thinking I've seen it before, maybe 13 times or something, but they do make him run, so it's different right?
  • REAL6
    BTW, you're wrong. 'Although this Friday the 13th is not a sequel, it is technically the 11th film in the franchise and follows Jason's last apperance in Freddy vs Jason in 2003' Jason X is tenth. There is no 11th in the series. unless technically you wanna count that horrible movie Jason Vs. Freedy??? This is the EMO generation. Jason EMO. from now on thats what ill call remakes.
  • TN
  • Jim
    Yeah, not all that thrilled. So he actually moves around this time, if it's the same lambs to the slaughter film as the earlier ones who really cares?
  • Dusty
    *throws up in his mouth from seeing this worthless junk*
  • angryKid
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Pathfinder...really? Aren't there any other directors out there? Just cause you did some horrible pieces of crap, you get to do more work? Where's the Free Movie Money window located exactly? damn.
  • coyo
    sigh looks good my ass.
  • khkj
    oh my god i HAVE to see this
  • I like it. He charges, better more powerful, awesome! Hopefully it will not suck! But the two fellows who wrote Freddy vs. Jason that debacle, are back yea... :(
  • Jack Donaghy
    How hyperbole.
  • dylan
    I'm with Alex on this one aswell. I don't give a flying f*ck if it''s a remake or a retelling I'm just glad to finally see Jason back on the bigscreen again as the brutal, unmerciful monster he was back in the day. I can understand peoples concern because it is a Hollywood remake, but I'm not too worried about this one because afterall the Friday movies were always meant to entertain and nothing else. I don't really know what everybody expects, but I'm going into this for the sheer pleasure of watching J hack a bunch of horny, pot smoking kids into pieces and thats it. Just go into it and have fun and I'm deffentially there opening day. :)
  • blaine
    jason has run before. in one of the old ones he is chasing a girl through the woods near the beginning of the film... stop trying to act like its something new to all those who know nothing about the films.
  • werdnafaz
    DIE!!!! hahaha
  • dave13
    I actually got a little scared in that trailer. I might just watch this. I really like him coming from underneath the building.
  • mammogram
    I like how in two parts of the trailer, they have the flashlight go over "Camp Crystal Lake" and "Jason". Just in case you didn't want to be surprised.
  • Roy
  • Fisherr
    Derek Mears scares the crap out of me he looks like a real freak. The Only movie i remember for this guys is The Hills Have Eyes 2
  • Poor. I guess we can see this infront of SAW V this week?
  • This looks like complete and utter crap.
  • Kyle
    Yeah!,Of Course Jason Runs!
  • wm
    At least with him running, we'll know how he keeps up with the kids in the woods. The other films he walks REALLY fast and knows every shortcut and still kills everyone. I've seen all the originals, who cares if they do a rebirth. I will keep the first 2 close to my heart and watch this like I did Zombie's Halloween...with a grin. I'm glad this isn't PG-13. Just think, our parents said the same thing about the The Fly when it was remade...
  • Uruk
    Jason kicks ass!
  • Cherry
    the fly was remade?!
  • lalafrog2003
    im excited :)
  • peggy
    this looks really good can't wait till it comes out
  • Kitten
    i'm not sure how i feel about this.... i'm a die hard horror fan so i'll have to see it. it's just a little weird to see Jason move that fast. but i'm hopeful i enjoyed Zombie's Halloween. i'm just happy to have a new movie to add to the rest of the collection of classics... this only means Freddy's next.
  • stevee
    Yawn!!... We all have already seen the same genre movies like this where a retarded guy runs around with his home made mask, hacking and slashing lots of people. To mention some exampels, Texas chainsaw Massacre, Rob zombie's Halloween, Venom, Scream, urban legends and lots more. What difference this movie makes compared to the others?? Come on!!! The year is 2008. Hollywood is venturing into the next level of film making technology and yet still some people come up with the 70's show. And Jason running and moving around real fast is soo isn't a monster like he used to be. Looks like some high school kid in a hockey mask trying to scare the pants of some sissies on Halloween. I'm not been disrespectful of the movie, i mean i'm a fan of jason vorhees and freedy kruger but don't anybody think its time to change according to what technology we have now?.. This movie doesn't look like a remake of the classic cause its looks the same.. Nothing different except for Jason of course being not soo Jason after all.. Jason Vorhees is a legendary icon and i don't think he needs a makeover. It will totally divert his character from the real one.. They should have focused on doin a sequel instead of a remake.. oh and of course, please try to spend more money on making a movie next time..




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