First Poster for Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox

July 23, 2008

First Poster for Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox

The first poster for Fox Atomic's upcoming thriller Jennifer's Body has been revealed just in time for Comic-Con. I'm guessing that this will be featured on the show floor, but it honestly doesn't look too enticing (or doesn't it). A couple of guys might change their mind when they realized that those are Megan Fox's lips. In fact, I'm a bit worried that some freaky guys might use this as "practice" (don't think about it). Either way, this is the first official media related to Jennifer's Body which means we'll probably see a teaser trailer by the end of the week. If you might have forgotten, the film is a high school thriller written by Diablo Cody about a possessed cheerleader who specializes in killing her classmates. Additionally, this poster image seems stolen straight from HBO's True Blood. Which one came first?

Jennifer's Body Poster

Jennifer's Body is directed by visionary filmmaker Karyn Kusama, of Girlfight and Aeon Flux previously, and is written by Oscar winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, of Juno previously. The story is based on an original idea imagined by Cody about a newly possessed cheerleader named Jennifer that turns into a killer who specializes in offing her male classmates. Fox Atomic is releasing Jennifer's Body sometime in 2009.

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  • Diablo Cody is composed principally of pained screams rendered sludge through black, miserable rocks. NO THANKS.
  • I've just posted this and released it is almost exactly the same as a poster for True Blood which was released 2 days ago.
  • ha...that's pretty interesting. someone's gonna fold
  • Pickle
    The copycat routine doesn't bode well for either film. On that note: Yawn!!!
  • Good work naming your movie after a song from Hole, Diablo! :: eyeroll ::
  • To be fair, it's not a terribly interesting or original idea for a poster.
  • Darrin
    who gives a crap about the poster, when is the trailer coming out
  • AJ
    Yeah I don't like the psoiter at all, the true blood 1 looks much better and the hair in this one totally looks awful
  • Izzy
    I put money on the fact that this will be exactly like Juno, only she kills people instead of getting pregnant.
  • Curtis
    the only reason im looking forward to this movie is because Megan Fox is in it other than that could care less and i dont like Diablo Cody one bit. a meh poster, they couldn't come up with there own idea so they had to copy someone elses how original.
  • Lola
    I don't know why everyone has to be hating on Diablo Cody; I really enjoyed "Juno." However: the premise sounds like something straight out of a "Fear Street" book and Megan Fox, while super-hot, isn't the world's greatest actress. I remember her best from a straight-to-video Olsen twins flick and that Lindsay Lohan flop "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen." Pretty wooden stuff. Oh well; can't judge a book by it's cover.
  • Alex
    Why does everyone keep trying to hype this self-admitted whore Meghan Fox? I dont even think she is that great...
  • Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt
    "directed by visionary filmmaker" - Hey, way to copy/paste directly from Fox's press release! Tool, tool, tool, that's you Alex.
  • I really hate that poster ... Why they make it so look like drawing ...why they don't put Megan Fox's face normally ? And the name of the movie and that poster ??? come on ! Jennifer's Body but we see here face it look like the poster for the Documentary movie : Inside Deep Throat (2005) !!! 😉 Sorry guys but the poster is really not good .
  • wetworks
    Nah, I'd rather see her body, too... I don't understand what you people are complaining about, if you can't see the difference between these two posters, Come On!!! Clearly Megan Fox's tongue is to the left (her right) while the True Blood poster goes right. And if you can't tell the difference between buck-teeth and vampire canines, well, good day to you sir!
  • Guys ... who said it is Blood ? it is strawberry juice :-) ...this movie will be more about strawberry than blood :-)
  • volvo
    I always wondered if Megan Fox slept with Michael Bay to get famous. I mean, she just seemed to come out of nowhere. (I'm probably wrong.)
  • Butters
    Eeeww! It's all sticky!
  • Roger
    Is this a joke ? Exactly the same poster here : HBO True Blood. This is so pathetic...
  • True Blood did it MUCH better too.
  • Clamson
    I probably won't go see this movie so much as smash the case the poster is hanging in, and then brutally fuck it. Yeah, that's probably it
  • SuicideBlonde
    And um, "original idea"?!?!?!?!?! Yeah, 'cuz there have NEVER been any cheerleader-turn-slasher movies before. PUHLEASE! That's about as original as a 'teenager gets pregnant' movie. :eyeroll:
  • awesomenp
    idk when i see blood on the lips i only think one thing..........vampire!!! but i am totally wrong for sure this will probably not be another vampire teen movie
  • Lilah
    Both True Blood and Jennifer's Body are referencing a photograph of Angelina Jolie by Martin Schoeller taken for Entertainment Weekly July 18, 2003. The image shows Angelina licking blood off her lips. If anyone was ripped off, it was Martin Schoeller, but, the Jennifer's Body poster was changed anyway. So...
  • Cameronskinn
    megan fox that movie was so good cameron skinner




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