Must Watch: First Punisher: War Zone Teaser Trailer

June 12, 2008
Source: IGN

Punisher: War Zone Trailer!

The first teaser trailer for Punisher: War Zone has arrived. Like The Incredible Hulk this weekend, this new Punisher is a reboot that starts from scratch, but honestly it doesn't look that bad. There are a few cheesy parts and the dialogue isn't too hot, but overall, I'm actually impressed. It looks like a colorful (not even kidding) and ridiculously energetic action extravaganza. Also like Hulk, I think Marvel made sure this pushed it to the limits and featured even more over-the-top action. Ray Stevenson replaces Thomas Jane as vigilante Frank Castle in Punisher: War Zone and goes up against Dominic West as Jigsaw. It really looks like they're trying to turn this into the next Iron Man but in December and they may pull it off. So strap on your bullet proof vest and enjoy!

Thanks to IGN for debuting this first teaser trailer. This looks like the year comic book movies are making one hell of a comeback after X-Men 3, Superman Returns, and Spider-Man 3 all disappointed.

Watch the teaser trailer for Punisher: War Zone:

[flv: 598 254]

Punisher: War Zone is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Lexi Alexander of Green Street Hooligans previously. The script has gone through numerous revisions, however the latest draft was finished by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, who both wrote the script for Iron Man. Punisher: War Zone arrives in theaters on December 5th later this year. The latest poster is featured below.

Punisher: War Zone Poster

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  • DoTheMath
    It looks to me like another big flop. No incredible scenario, no cool action. It'll fail.
  • Nthngmn
    ugghhhhhhhhhhh i was really pulling for it, I was. I even thought Frank Castle really suited Ray Stevenson. Even more so than Thomas Jane. Alas, War Zone isn't a picture book....and soon as the pictures started moving....ugggh. The dialogue was terrible. The clich├ęs were horrendous. And the Matrix-meets-Hitman-meets-Mario Van Peebles-style-chandelier spinning was unbearable. Hopefully the teaser isn't a true indication of what's coming. There's still some hope left. "iron Man in December"? Far from. Timecop in December, perhaps.
  • Richard
    Uhm eh! I was hoping it would look better, hopefully it will be better then that, I dont look like how they made him look like Steven Segal
  • Dyvion
    Ugh. The first punisher was great. Good story, great action... very believable. This just looks like someone got too much of a budget and decided to go prop crazy. No thanks.
  • MikeyC
    For an early tease it wasn't so bad. Any one notice Brad Street Hotel? Timothy Bradstreet is the long term, consistently amazing cover artist for the current Punisher comic. A nice nod i thought.
  • Nate
    Ya it wasn't totally unimpressive. But I really enjoyed some of the stuff in in the trailer like when the lights turned off and he showed up on the table with the flare was pretty sweet. And the one where they first showed the two sides of the wall with him on one side and the bad guys on the other, that was pretty badass too.
  • Matt
    Hey, i saw that spinning shoot 'em up thing in Boondock Saints.
  • David
    "God be with you Frank." "Sometimes I'd like to get my hands on God." LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
  • sean
    It looks ok, not that great though, but i will be a good winter release
  • Wow this is cheesy as hell. Too bad.
  • D
    "This looks like the year comic book movies are making one hell of a comeback after X-Men 3, Superman Returns, and Spider-Man 3." Not so much. Or rather this nor Wanted would be a good example of that quote. At least it doesn't look as horrible as Wanted.
  • Frame
    I thought Jane was a fine actor to portray Castle on an other-wise mediocre action flick. While I actually think this new one will fare better in quality (not saying much) it still looks very 'straight-to-video.' The skull sucks, too.
  • Curtis
    It doesn't look good at all. it had some pretty bad dialogue and i dont think Ray Stevenson makes that good of a Frank Castle thought Thomas Jane was much much better. I hate to say this but it almost reminds of one of Steven Segals crap fests that he is so famous for. Looks like ill have to wait and see what the next full trailer is like to actually convince me how this is gonna pan out but as of now it looks bad.
  • Scorpio
    I loved Thomas Jane as Castle, He was the best thing about the original. An everyman hero and someone to root for. This movie seems to play off like the THQ video game, and looks to me like a Direct-to-DVD. Dolph Lungren laughs at this cheesy movie. "THE GUILTY WILL BE PUNISHED!" as in the producers.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    that vest makes him look weird, oh geez, i wanna cry now. they were doing so well with Thomas Jane, what happened??!
  • Darrin
    hey for a teaser that looked great. When the theatrical or red band comes out, i already know that everyone minds will change.
  • Iron Man Fan
    This looks really cool!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YA
  • Garrett.king
    i agree with Darrin (#16) this IS just a teaser. I remember how many minds were changed after the official trailer for STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS came out..and that was just yesterday. not take teaser trailers as serious as you do..wait for the official red band trailer and be surprised. I actually like Ray Stevenson as Frank. I enjoyed the first wasn't THAT good. This looks like it has potential.
  • You know, if it wasn't for the fact that I was explicitly told and the fact that they guy has the skull on his shirt (that you can barely see), I would never in a million years figure out that this was a Punisher movie. And that's why I probably won't see it.
  • Man the first one sucked. I don't even like the Punisher, but I've read enough comcis to know what it does right. The first one didn't do any of that. This one's got Jigsaw, at least. And some scenes where he shoots down people unfairly. Kind of like Batman with all the magic sucked out of it, but with enough gore and vigilate-friendly dialogue to make it into something people want to wear on a shirt. And I'm pretty sure they sell those shirts in faded black.
  • Sean
    WTF??? Where the hell is the guy from the last one?
  • Ricky
    ....that preview was terrible, and I bet money this movie gets pushed back into the the black hole abyss that is the spring movie season because it will get bogged down with reshoots and publicity overhauls. As it stands with this preview that movie won't even break into the top 5 during the Christmas movie season. I actually thought Thomas Jane did an alright job in the last Punisher. The movie wasn't bad, the plot wasn't that great and it was a backhand to the Punisher comic books, but even in retrospective that movie looks better than this one.
  • I was thinking the same exact thing as #7
  • Brian
    No. Wrong. This is all wrong.
  • TCox
    Ok, so it's not really that bad. Not good, but not terrible either. We've all seen worse. I'm not a big Punisher fan, but I am a Thomas Jane fan. Not sure about Stevenson. This won't be on any "must see" list for me.
  • maybe the writers were on strike when they were making this? errr... didn't like it... :(
  • Matt Suhu
    One can already tell that at least this will be better than the first one with Thomas Jane. Watching that was a complete waste of $10 and 100 minutes of my life. What kind of "punisher" goes out and places a fake fire hydrant in front of the villain's car so that it can get towed away?! Just blow up the car! This one has some descent action scenes and at least he doesn't have a rambo wannabe bow & arrow getup like the first one. And this guy actually looks kind of bad ass, as opposed to Tom Jane's pretty boy characterization.
  • Looks like they half copied "The Boondock Saints", especially the scene where Castle hangs from the ceiling, turning and shooting...boah, i first thought they just cut in the Boondock scene...
  • Garrett.king
    I'm gonna answer this once and for all. There was a weird time when the sequel to The Punisher was in question. And because Thomas Jane felt like it was never going to happen (and he held on for a long time waiting for it to happen) he let it go. then all of a sudden they had a script and were off and running. I wasn't dazzled by the first movie, but I didn't hate it. It had some good quips, but something just didn't seem punishery enough. I thought Thomas Jane portrayed him fine for that point in Franks life. I think one the official trailer comes out some minds will be changed. I've stated this already. And the Boondock Saints were not the first to use the upside down shooting thing. Though it is the freshest in my mind as I can't think of where I saw it before that..but I KNOW I saw it before I ever saw the boondock saints. I remember reacting to that like "Hey, they did the (insert forgotten movie title here) thing. but this time it's funnier." anywhoo. there ya go.
  • MarioTenorio
    Great!! I love Action Comedies.
  • Ripper
    They were going to make a sequel but Jane said no and insted did The of the best moves of his career....cause if this was going to be the sequl minus the dead family reboot. He was smart to walk away. Alas i will reserve jugment in full until i see it..cause i will. Thomas Jane WAS the Punisher and everyone else will be the Roger Moore to his Sean Connery.
    What the hell!!!!!! why didnt they just put STEVEN SEGALL in this as the punisher. MARVEL IS GONNA BE ON TOP THEY SAY 2011 THEY SAY, THERE A POWERHOUSE THEY SAY!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!
  • Unlived
    This looks a bazillion times better than the last one. It's a comic book movie people!
  • lOGAN
    An horrible trailer !! A huge deception ! Ray stevenson is playing so bad that it's almost difficult to watch the trailer. About the actions scenes: Nothing to say ,not bad, not great, just normal but i was hoping better than what i saw on this trailer Too bad,
  • I think this trailer sucks... there is so much potiential in Punisher that the studios just seem to miss. Havent we seen the hanging upside down bit in Boondock... one time too many.
  • Garrett.king
    alright, that's IT IT'S JUST A FUCKING TEASER TRAILER PEOPLE! a TEASER TRAILER. A fuckin TEASER TRAILER. hello? did you get it that time? YOU don't know any real part of the story, haven't seen any of the cooler action stuff. CHILL THE FUCK OUT. IT'S A FUCKING TEASER TRAILER! GOD!!
  • Jim Bob Leroy
    Aw Shucks this loooks mighty fine to me. Us po' folk love dis stuff. It's just bright lights and no think'n needed. Keeps the kids entertained for a few hours, at least. You college boys aren't the only ones that watch movies, rememba.
  • Reece
    Its gunna be lame Thomas Jane is the only Frank Castle
  • Wow. That was pretty bad. I really liked the first punsiher but this looks like a misfire.
  • Ymmij
    Epic Fail
  • D
    Garret, I heard that the Punisher had a side kick in this one. I can say that it's going to suck. Until they base one off the Punisher Max series it's not going to be good. Hollywood ruins good comics, and seemingly makes shitty characters like Iron Man good. I guess I'll be pulling for the Deadpool movie as I can't stand that guy.
  • Garrett.king
    Sidekick? if you're referring to Detective Soap he's hardly a sidekick. And next of all did ANYONE see the Punisher movie from the fuckin' 80's with Dolph Lundgren? now THAT was some serious horse shit. and Iron Man was never a shitty character.
  • skullfracture
    WOW! interesting choice of shots for the teaser - there is a brief one of Jigsaw next to the BRAD STREET hotel, which is awesome!! and what an opening!!! "NOO!! BOOM!" yeah, i think its gonna deliver. im sure it will have the odd john woo bit, which is cool. but more than anything i wanna see Frank Castle doing what he does best as opposed to the aforementioned fire hydrant thing from the last one. i liked tom jane but i also very much like ray stevenson and his voice in this sounds awesome! please please please be the punisher film that im hoping for!!
  • jono
    looks fucking shit
  • Nacaddin
    Does anyone think he looks like he's wearing a neck brace in the trailer? I mean I know it's part of the body armour but I watched that teaser like five times and it always looked like a neck brace to me.
  • Jim Hill
    I am a huge Punisher and the teaser looks awesome. Some of the lines that people are saying are corny are straight out of the comic books. Tom Jane was ok but got punished more then punishing so I definetely wouldn't even say that he IS the Punisher. The twirling round the chandelier thing wasn't original in boondock saints either cause for the people that actually do remember that movie they laugh afterwards cause it only happens in spy movies so is not the 'boondock' thing and seriously why should a move be held to one movie ?! Lot of potential and am looking forward to the next trailer.
  • Ash
    I want to say that the upside shooting was in The Crow, I could be wrong though. Thomas Jane wanted to do this movie. When he saw that it was going to suck, he dropped out. Jane was very passionate about getting this movie made. He held out a long time. All that effort and time he gave to the project and he drops out. You know it has to be bad. The teaser did nothing to dispute that. Do not waste your money on this.
  • Ash
    Another note. You're right Garrett, it's just a teaser. But you forget what a teaser is supposed to do. It's supposed to give you just a little taste of whats to come. Without revealing too much, it's needs to get you excited and jacked up, and then leave you wanting more. Did this trailer do any of that? I think we all know the answer.
  • Cyfer1
    The 1st Punisher was good man, I think yall hatin on my man Jane. This looks okay, but that vest is weird tho, i imagine its built up like dat 2 try and protect from neck shots, but it looks weird nonetheless. but screw ill get the orig dvd anyway coz im such a Marvel fanboy.
  • Merc
    Looks pretty damn cool to me..... any senseless action violence is good for me, with or without cheesy lines. Though his quote about wanting to get his hands on god was awesome.
  • dlong1
    the first punisher ruled I was looking forward to Jane as the second this looks cheesy and unbelievable how could you ruin a good story you could have added to it with a great follow up but lets go cheesy I will wait for it on dvd or on demand
  • soapy
    fuck that it cant sack up to iron man and the trailer looked pretty goofy. the new punisher looks goofy shold have been thomas jane.
  • AndrU
    Ray Stevenson is horrible!, did you see her face?, it's like OVER-ACTING. The body armor is too big, don't look good with that kind of body armor. I don't like this movie!, Thomas Jane! where are you?.
  • The Punisher series has been horrible, yeah the first one and second one was quite ok, but now it is just blatant blooshed, bad acting.aaaarrh....and blatant Blasphemy!!..soo stupid!! :o(
  • Gabriel
    #54 - What "series?" The first one with Dolph Lundgren isnt even considered part of anything you idiot
  • I refuse to watch this movie since Thomas Jane is not in it. This guy from the King Arthur movie just doesn't look like he can act and Jane did an excellent job in the last movie. Also, the scene where he is dangling from a chandeleer looks unrealistic, ignorant (as he is an easy target), and copied from a scene from that movie based on the first person shooter with the bald guy with a barcode on the back of his head. I'll not waste my money on this one :(
  • If you love gratuitous violence, this is for you. Just saw the movie 4 hours ago and couldn't believe the amount of blood and violence. The plot leaves much to be desired, but I think the movie captures the Punisher in the way the character is meant to be. Just wish there was more verbal interaction between the Punisher and other characters, maybe a little better story. Otherwise, recommended!




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