First Teaser Trailer for Alex Proyas' Knowing

July 3, 2008
Source: IGN

Knowing Teaser Trailer

From one destruction of Earth story (The Day the Earth Stood Still) to the next today. The first teaser trailer for Alex Proyas' Knowing has just arrived online courtesy of IGN and it looks pretty damn interesting. Actually, I think the better way to describe this is might be to call it creepy as hell! This looks like the coincidental numbers movie that The Number 23 should have been and wasn't but with an even more epic twist. Maybe Proyas will actually be the savior of Nic Cage's career? He doesn't actually look bad in this, maybe even going back to his roots. So with the combination of Cage and Proyas' great directing and imagination (he did bring us The Crow and Dark City), we've got what looks like a solid epic thriller. I'm definitely interested and this trailer has certainly sold me. What did you think?

Watch the teaser trailer for Knowing:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Knowing teaser trailer in High Definition on IGN

Knowing is directed by Alex Proyas of The Crow, Dark City, Garage Days, and I, Robot previously. The script was written by a combination of Ryne Douglas Pearson ("Simple Simon"), Juliet Snowden (The Need, Boogeyman), Stiles White (The Need, Boogeyman), and Stuart Hazeldine. Summit Entertainment is releasing Knowing in theaters next year on March 20th, 2009.

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  • Darrin
    this looks really interesting.did you see the flickin airplane.
  • Template
    This looks very interesting. Alex Proyas makes some badass movies. I even liked I,Robot it was a fun movie.
  • Boris Van Der Ree
    finally nic cage in something respectable
  • RandyG
    Looks awfully generic. Substitute Mark Wahlberg for Cage and you've got The Happening. It seems like I've seen this style of movie (or movie trailer, at least) a thousand times.
  • Yay, Rose Byrne, she's awesome! The trailer wasn't that good in my opinion, but I think the movie could be pretty interesting.
  • Minic
    Animal Logic, the digital production studio behind Happy Feet, did VFX for this movie. I know this because I did work experience with them last week. They brought up the plane crash a few times. They seem to have a thing for Nic Cage, those guys. They worked on World Trade Centre as well. I agree with Randy (#5), though; it ain't a great trailer.
  • Saif
    His hair didnt bother me this trailer. So i'll probably see this movie.
  • I could have swore I remembered reading about this movie like six years ago when it was going to be Richard Kelly's follow-up to Donnie Darko.
  • chris
    Alex proyas is too good for this to be as bad as the happening.
  • Mortuus
    this looks terrible.
  • Jesse
    Looks boring.
  • Josh
    looks good. i'll see it
  • Garrett.king
    you fuckers don't wait for better trailers to make a judgement, do you? looks decent, I'll wait for another trailer to suck me in. Reminds me of a much larger version of The Number 23. Looks cool.
  • Discateia
    What do i think? I think Alex Proyas is a talented director, and his involvement makes this movie one to keep my eye on.
  • Xerxex
    Gonna be good.
  • Unseen
    That movie looks Frackin sweet!! And yes his hair is a lot more tolerable now.:) I love movies like this even though they tend to be weak, like Number 23, I find them interesting in concept so I hope this one delivers.
  • Iron Man Fan
    Looks Great!! I'm sold
  • Fisherman
    Looks interesting. Worth a try. Alex Proyas does good films.
  • Kelley and Alec
    Miss Lady "What happens when the numbers run out?" "No more natural disasters! YAY!"
  • harrison
    i agree with Saif(#8) i gotta watch it cuz its boston though
  • Ck
    i like how movies tend to surround the thoery of how the world is going to end, or mass amounts of people are going to die in some gigantic colossal epic event or something. its all interesting, but tiring.
  • Kyle A. Koyote
    Mediocre trailer, but given the director I will give it a shot...though I often am curious how the dialogue in these types of movies are so calm and rational. No one seems to actually think they may be crazy even though they are certain they know how the world ends? I just want to see one movie where someone has a nervous breakdown.
  • minadrake
    Wow!! Finally Nicholas Cage is in a movie that looks worthy of his talents of an actor!
  • JC
    logo looks like heroes...HIROOOO!!!!
  • Looks solid and it is nice to see Rose Byrne doing something bigger.
  • twispious
    i think this was filmed here in melbourne,should be fun I guess,hmm.
  • Curtis
    finally maybe something that Cage might be good in im not holding my breath though this could take the same path as The Number 23, im really hoping not because i have faith in Alex Proyas, not so much in Cage though.
  • Shige
    This looks like something M Night would do.
  • Dylan
    I'm sold. I be checking this out.
  • Rob G
    So......The Number 23 + Next = The Knowing? XD
  • Will
    People are incredibly jaded against Cage. I'm assuming that's where the negative criticism is coming from mostly. This doesn't look unoriginal at all. Looks like Cage's out to re-establish himself as a respectable actor. Next and Ghostrider really expedited his suck factor, but this looks rather promising. Keep us updated with more news on this one Alex.
  • Viral
    could be the first nicholas cage movie i might ever be excited about... looks creepy as hell!! just as a side note... is america ready for a airplane falling out of the sky ?
  • normf
    Er, RandyG - exactly how does this look anything remotely like The Happening? Did you click on the right trailer?
  • Eddy g
    superficial, superficial, superficial, come on you must be young. There are ONLY so many stores that can be changed around for eternity. Every actor on this planet can't have a five star script every time, and so what if we age, it's nature, so let's find fault? grow up. In my opinion and it's just an opinion, i have been so entertained by Mr.Cage no matter what movie he's done. He's got the IT can't event help it, and will for evermore with a heart as big as an elephant too. How could you! I Just can't wait to see another NICOLAS CAGE movie.
  • nesste
    everything what nick gacge does is respectable watch the movies and then eat sh*(T
  • RandyG
    normf: Watch both trailers again, the one above screams The Happening. Maybe both trailers were produced by the same company and the movies will have separate flavours but right now all I'm tasting is vanilla.
  • Joanie
    Why doesn't someone get Nic to get his hair done? He is a very handsome man and there are some very, very good hair restoration systems out today. He looks goofy, and I love him!!! The man is built and he has an interesting face and way about him. But the hair has got to get fixed!! I am looking forward to the movie because I enjoy Nic and I love sci-fi. So I will see it and probably buy the DVD, because I like Nic!
  • Not impressed. At least the 2012 teaser made me go..."Holy Crap." but of course 2012 will bite in the all Emmerich films do...except THE PATRIOT. Nick Cage hasn't done a decent movie in...recent memory. This one ain't gonna do it either.




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