First Teaser Trailer for Quarantine!

April 10, 2008
Source: UGO

Quarantine Teaser Trailer

The first teaser trailer for Quarantine has launched and it's pretty damn thrilling. Quarantine is an American remake of the Spanish horror movie [Rec] and stars Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez and Jonathan Shaech. The movie is about a hazmat team that goes in to investigate an apartment complex that was shutdown and quarantined in LA. Let me be the first to say - this gave me some genuine chills. Yes, it's a bit like Blair Witch, but I feel there's something more to it. While we're arguing that the horror genre is in decline - this is the kind of movie that I feel could bring it back around. Take a look for yourself.

Another note: in March we posted a viral video from YouTube called Case 1017. It turns out this was 100% in connection with Quarantine - you can see by comparing the two CDC trucks in the videos. Thanks to UGO for originally debuting this trailer.

Watch the teaser trailer for Quarantine:

[flv:quarantine_teaser.flv 400 220]

Quarantine is directed and co-written by John Erick Dowdle, of last year's The Poughkeepsie Tapes. The film is based on Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza's 2007 Spanish horror hit [Rec]. Quarantine is currently set to arrive in theaters on October 17th.

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  • I don't think it will rejuvinate the horror franchise (looking like Cloverfield) but it does look good. AND SONY SCREEN GEMS is backing it and let's face it; they know how to market a horror flick. But Alex, what happened to the Poughkeepsie Tapes?!?! I saw the trailer for it during One Missed Call (worst film of the year) and it looked very terrifying.
  • OH! I just realized! Carpenter was the girl from EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE! Now, THAT was a fantastic horror film. And it was a big hit and who marketed it? My point exactly. EMILY ROSE if you ask me definitley shows some originality left in horror today.
  • heckle0
    Poughkipsie im not so sure will be good. But I was watching this in a packed office building and could not take my eyes off the screen. WoW. Looks nasty.
  • jason_md2020
    Creepy trailer, although I wonder if we're ever gonna get past the "found video" format. Oh yeah. Did the brief flash of the creature in night vision remind anyone else of The Descent?
  • woo-hoo...can't wait for this. Carpenter was pretty hot in Dexter too
  • SP
    The reporting scenes look almost exactly like the ones from [REC], the trailer for [REC] introduced us to the story but this one just seems to spoil the whole thing. Unless this movie is mostly about the hazmat team that comes into the building and deals with what's there, then it might be worth a look and be different from the original.
  • Johnie
    This is a remake of "[Rec]" (2007), which was in spanish. It was an incredible movie, weird twist at the end, too.
  • Keith
    I dont think this is going to reinvigorate anything, let alone the horror genre. Looks exactly like Cloverfield, and the story is completely unoriginal. no chills went up this spine. pass
  • Butters
    Oh may GOD !! What a big shit ! This remake is exactly the same as the original Spanish and awesome [REC]. Each scene is exactly the same !! why are they doing this ??? Must see the original ! It has nonsense to do this movie.
  • I'm wondering at which point did American film makers decide they were uncreative to the point where they can no longer make an original movie. It's getting to the point where the majority of movies made today are remakes of some film from another country. Enough already. I'll just go rent [rec] and watch it on my projector.
  • heckle0
    Ok...gotta see the spanish version. Just watched the spanish trailler and it does look just as good. Need to get a US release or i need a region free DVD.
  • John D.
    Judging from part of the trailer, it looks like they adapted the movie shot-for-shot. I hope they differentiate it in some way. There's definitely some room for improvement as the original lacked sorely in scares (until the last fifteen minutes anyway). @mister murph You're thinking of the Hollywood side of business.
  • John D.
    Wow. I meant to say, "You're thinking of the business side of Hollywood."
  • Yeah, I guess I understand that, but dang, man. LOL!
  • REC was sweet. I hope this is too
  • I hate those American remakes. Why do they always have to copy everything good that's been done overseas?! Lack of originality, that's what the country is suffering from! Therefore the decline in quality horror movies.
  • psyche010
    Alex you should review [rec] it is really said to be the best. would like to know what you think.
  • Someone needs to put together a montage of women on the ground being pulled backward into darkness. Bonus points for women looking into a "digicam" being pulled backwards into darkness. I'm sure there's at least 20, and that's just from the recent trailers I've seen. Heck, The Ruins opens with a woman being pulled backwards into darkness. I love it!
  • cornholio_by_the_sea
    I see some potential there for a good scare but after the dissappointments of Blair Witch and Cloverfield(what a steaming pile that was) I really wont get all excited about it until I see would be nice to see someone finally make this format work for a change...
  • Spider
    I didn't see "Cloverfield" and I was disappointed by, "The Blair Witch Project". Maybe.....just maybe, this flick will deliver just as long as there isn't too much camera movement.
  • Antonio Antillon
    cliche anyone?
  • Sayzars
    seeing this after watching the trailer for the original, this looks really cheesy. Especially the woman playing the reporter. She doesn't really look scared at all. I would MUCH rather see the original. Also, another thing. It seems like so many movies are coming out using that handy cam technique like in Cloverfield and Blair Witch. It's getting really old really quick.
  • lesper4
    i was expecting something deffinitly more spooky then that. maybe the next railer will be better. but what is algheima?
  • buttons
    Heavy odds that it won't be better than rec. Ps. thank god the white Shirt is back!
  • Curtis
    looks weird and interesting ill look forward to this movie when it comes out on DVD..
  • Alex
    This trailer would have had a major impact on me... had i not seen [Rec] first.
  • John D.
    @Vitor It's not a lack of creativity that's the problem. Contrary to popular opinion, there are a lot of very artistic people in Hollywood, but the film industry is often a business first and an outlet for expression second. Sometimes, the two overlap, but when movies like Step Up 2 The Streets rake in enough dough to cover the budget and marketing three times over while critically acclaimed dramas such as The Assassination of Jesse James bomb at the box office, that sends a clear message to studios and financiers. Unlike some other film industries that can afford to take risks due to government subsidies, Tinseltown, unfortunately, can't afford to take many, especially if it's apparent that the American public is not going to respond to it. So, before you rip on American filmmakers, think twice and look at what's dominating the box office. Who put Superhero Movie in the top ten? Not the marketing department.
  • personx
    Oh man... People, please, watch REC first - like with any remake I suggest watching the original. Undoubtedly an american remake will have a bigger budget - which is not always a good thing. But a film like this just serves to prove that there is very little or no creativity left in cinema these days -hence all the comic book movies, horror remakes and monologues. It's all downhill, comparable to the food crisis, the fuel crisis, global warming and crappy remakes ! - Where oh where have all the orignial ideas gone? - Is it a pandemic? is it a sign of the end of times? where we will end up with nothing but remnants of the past to replay over and over...
  • nemes1s
    Why am I seeing lots of "[REC]" in posts?
  • John D.
    @nemes1s [REC] is the original film that Quarantine is adapted from.
  • John D.
    @personx Ironically, many critics said the same thing about post modernism in the art world. To paraphrase Paul Crowther, creativity doesn't necessarily have to equate to new ideas. It can be used to refine an existing narrative. Obviously, there are some films that are perfect the way they are and need no such treatment (To Kill a Mockingbird, Casablanca, Psycho), but [REC] is hardly a horror masterpiece. To its credit, the final scene as well as the initial and last encounter with the troubled female tenant are terrifying, but I found the rest of the film to be somewhat bland. Maybe that's too harsh a word since it's certainly a solid production. However, this is one of those cases where a remake holds the possibility for improvement unless, of course, it ends up being a shot-for-shot re-enactment.
  • BLAIR WITCH PROJECT MUCH............................... Looks like its been done before NEXT!!!!!
  • Ricardo
    LOL they just showed the end of the movie how stupid that can be!!!!!!!!!!
  • nemes1s
    @ #33 It seems that you are new to the world of dynamic movie trailers, a trailer ending like that can only mean that the movie will have a rather weird yet unique twist in the story.
  • Butters
    @nemes1s It seems that you didn't see the original movie Rec to say that. This is exactly the end. No weird twist.
  • Matt Suhu
    ***SPOILER WARNING*** I just watched Rec 30 minutes ago, and not to spoil the ending...*you've been warned*...but in Rec there were about five residents still "alive", if you know what I mean. And then watching from this Quarantine trailer the narrator says that the residents were never seen again (but we do see a body on the floor, perhaps of the reporter), but wouldn't the Hazmat team be attacked by the 5 or so remaining infected when we see them go in to recover the video footage? I agree that this definitely is a shot-for-shot remake of Rec and that it would be terrible if the source material was altered, but do you think Quarantine may end differently (aside from the reporter's fate)?
  • nemes1s
    @Butters Well shit.. was hoping somethig "fantastic" would happen.. ah well.
  • cover
  • Yum
    [REC] was OK, nothing special. Had some good scares and good storyline. Too bad they showed the ending in this trailer. That was a stupid move. Oh well, probably gonna watch this one anyways...
  • Eric
    I just can't wait to see this film. Just watching the trailer made me want to cry like a 4 year old who just shit himself in the sand box at the park.
  • Richard
    I saw this movie already. It was called Diary of the Dead.
  • Girl1
    This movie sucked!!! Big time....




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