First Trailer for John Patrick Shanley's Doubt

September 14, 2008
Source: Apple

Doubt Trailer

The first trailer for John Patrick Shanley's drama Doubt has debuted and can be seen below. I know I'm going to get a lot of shit for this, but I think it looks awful, just awful. I've heard a lot of people call this a big Oscar contender, but unfortunately even Philip Seymour Hoffman can't save it - I'm just not into it. You're more than welcome to watch this and say I'm entirely wrong and that it looks fantastic, but this is one movie that ain't my cup 'o tea. Doubt is based on a play of the same name that Anne Thompson of Variety calls "a strong dynamic provocative theater piece." But will it translate well to the screen? Starring in Doubt are Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams - take a look at the first trailer below.

Watch the trailer for Doubt:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the Doubt trailer in High Definition on Apple

Doubt is both written and directed by John Patrick Shanley, who was written screenplays for Moonstruck, Alive, and Congo and directed only Joe Versus the Volcano previously. The film is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name as written and directed by Patrick Shanley as well. Miramax is debuting Doubt in limited theaters starting on December 12th. The latest poster is featured below.

Doubt Poster

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  • Keith
    haha you are entirely wrong. it looks very good. when was the last time Hoffman chose a bad role?
  • Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actress ever. Don't know why you hate this trailer/movie... maybe they should add an explosion from Ghost Rider I guess.
  • John39
    The Movie looks great! But your also the guy that thought Hell Ride was good. You just have bad taste in movies.
  • Joshua
    This looks really good. @3 Haha Hell Ride sucks.
  • Saif
    This looks FANTASTIC!!! Alex, you really should stop posting your opinions on this site. Cause they suck. Seriously.
  • Jesse
    Saw this trailer with Burn. No one had a clue what this was about. Most were laughing during the trailer. heck it even started like a comdey with a joke. So what is this about. Hoffman raping that kid, is that what it's about?
  • yeah man i totally agree with you i didnt think it looks as good as it could have been. kinda seems like a black comedy coming of age type story in the vein of dangerous lived of alter boys, then changes to tight drama. who knows the film can be excellent but i jsut think this trailer was cut awfully . hope the finshed product is something more.
  • David
    As they say, "Pride comes before the fall."
  • Boris Van Der Ree
    It almost as if they made the trailer too long and gave away too much, by the end I knew the whole plot and streep started to bore me already. Its one of the mvoies where the intensity never shifts and we just get the same amount of bickering and emotion the whole time without any diversity or variance, and the trailer reflects that. I think its trying to do something it knows it cant do. But I will reserve my final opinion for when I leave the theater because Im a fan of Seymour-Hoffman. I can also only hope that this movie, if it does flop, will destroy amy adams career because she doesn't know how to act.
  • Darrin
    is it just me or did Meryl Streep freaked us out. She was scary.
  • leo
    This trailer is right-on: sharp dialogue and seemingly good performances. Anyone who watches knows what they are getting. Can't wait to see Streep and Hoffman battle it out. I imagine the movie theater walls will shake. P.S. If you do not like the trailer because you do not like the kind of film in which you have to think, go watch something with Nic Cage in it.
  • mos
    i think this looks pretty good but somethings telling me that its gonna be just like michael clayton. an assload of hype and no real substance.....btw saif is right, alex. just stop
  • Daniel
    I highly disagree with you Alex. This looks phenomenal. The trailer does give too much away but I'm sure the story has all sorts of sub-plots and interesting scenes that are not in the trailer. Considering it's this guys first movie I'm quite shocked by the filmmaking prowess he displays. The way the music slowly builds tension and creeps you out is awesome.
  • Gary Norton
    Whats wrong with this trailer?! Don't tell me! You were waiting for Batman to swing in from the Church belfry and Hoffman to throw his "Holy Father" disguise off and do battle as the penguin, right?!
  • Maxwell
    This looks pretty excellent. I hope the movie isn't as obvious about the themes of the movie as the trailer+title are, though, because it seems like a foregone conclusion that Streep's character is just wrong. I'm sure there's more tension in the film.
  • tommyturner
    Uhhhh....Beavis? Crap. Nuff said.
  • phillz91
    As if we don't have enough religious movies these days. I'm sure the play was good and the acting seems good, but the plot is thin. either one wins the argument n hoffman is convicted as a pedo or streep is ousted from the school and hoffman probably takes over. might be some loud argument scenes but that would b it. fair enough if this your type of movie, but honestly, wouldn't this jst jepodise the success of the play?
  • This movie looks excellent. Did they not invite you to the set? Your opinions of non comic book movies just don't really mesh with a website that is supposed to be about all types of movies.
  • heckle0
    Ouch man.....Alex bashing flourishes......I was going to come to your defense Alex but i cant. Looks kinda good. Amy adams taking a serious part not about her looks....surrounded by a great cast. Doubt.....doubt indeed.
  • harrison
    looks terrible, will put the theatre to sleep prob
  • Hector N.
    The only one sleeping will be you, with your batman pajamas. The movie looks great, but don't forget its, just minutes from a full movie, wait to criticize!
  • Meg
    I think it looks like it has potential. I think it may not be the best trailer in the world, but I'm reserving judgment about the movie. Meryl Streep has the ability to turn in amazing performances, but I'm the first one to admit she can misstep as well. I think, though, that Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance in this will be the one not to miss... excellence from Streep is expected by the masses. Brilliance by Hoffman will no doubt be the performance of the film.
  • dom
    hmm the pace seems all wrong in that trailer and the performances look like held back in my books.
  • troy
    i think this looks great, Streep and Hoffman going back and forth talk about a dream team in a film, then you have the innocent amy adams doing wonderfully. Oscar's definetly.
  • Hoffman is fasinating to watch on screen!
  • Josh
    this movie is worthless. o and its GAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY
  • Movie Fan
    People that are calling this movie worthless and crap need to stick with films they understand. Such as "Transporters". This will no doubt (pun no intended) be one of the Fall's better films. And sure to get a slew of Oscar nominations. The only problem I had with the trailer is that they gave too much of the story away.
  • Roy
    I'd watch this in a minute. Streep, (goddess), Hoffman (who reminds me of Kevin Smith by the sound of his voice) and the passionate yet down-to-earth Adams (ruled "Junebug") are worth seeing in this.
  • Zamora
    I wonder what irked Alex about this movie... I hate religious flicks, but this looks more like a character drama with great performances and a thrill ride of a story. Well I'll keep my hopes neutral.
  • Mike
    As a longtime reader, I also have to say that Alex and his opinions generally ruin how awesome this site could be. No one cares what your opinion is, especially when it is the wrong opinion a majority of the time. Just stop, this site could be so much better without your elementary editorial.
  • Alexander
    The entire movie looks like it's a bunch of people yelling at each other. Who would enjoy watching that.
  • miracle disease
    did i just read the word "awful" in alex's comment?! the was one powerful drama... alex stop whatever you're smoking dude... i mean at least explain why should this or is an awful movie technically or any other "lly" category...
  • Movie Fan
    Correction...meant "Transformers".
  • Wow. Meryl Streep should do a horor flick!
  • raider98
    this looks pretty good now i wanna see what happens, hay people just have different taste it looks good to me but not to alex
  • movie buff
    is it just me or was there a glaring anachronism with the kid and the earbud headphones, when is this movie supposed to take place?
  • what ever
    this movie not your cup of tea Alex, but that Kirk Cameron film looked good to you. Wow, scary.
  • Gabriel
    Does anyone know if Phillip Glass composed the score? I can't find it anywhere... it sounds like P. Glass.
  • Kevin Scott
    No - the music is by Howard Shore. Sounds quite good, almost Herrmannesque. Was blown away by the trailer. I pray that this movie will open in at the Bay Plaza cinema in the Bronx. but I have my doubts (no pun intended). A shame that from what I saw, another quality film will not play in this fine borough. What's more of an insult is that this is a film written and directed by a Bronxite, takes place in the Bronx, and shot in the Bronx...and will most likely not play in the Bronx. Quite an insult if it happens, yes?
  • Briz D.
    yeah alex, you suck. This movie looks like it's gonna make you look like a pompous jerk who thinks that you tube is the the perfect launching site of the next generation of great filmmakers. Great movies don't need explosions, or color for that matter... dummy.
  • sam
    i also noticed the headphones, i am almost certain they didnt make them like that back then, if they even had headphones...




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