Five Glorious New International Dark Knight Posters

April 28, 2008
Source: Omelete

Five Glorious New International Dark Knight Posters

And you thought that amazing poster last week was all we'd get! Five new international posters for The Dark Knight have just appeared courtesy of the Brazilian site Omelete. Most of today will probably end up being dedicated to The Dark Knight, given we've got another viral marketing game hitting 12 cities at 5:30PM, and the trailer is supposed to premiere later on in the evening. However, if you just can't handle your excitement, then feast your eyes on these beauties. While they're technically international, a few of them might show up around your own neighborhood or eventually in theaters near you.

This first poster is a big one, but there are separate individual posters made from each of the three vignettes as well that can be seen on Omelete. Click each one for the full-size.

The Dark Knight Poster

The Dark Knight PosterThe Dark Knight Poster

The new Joker poster to the right on the bottom row is a fake fan creation. We already know this but will leave it up because it still does look rather cool anyway.

Thoughts on these new posters? Better or worse than the new one that debuted last week? I really think the three photos where each is holding out an object in front of them that represents them is a great idea - just not sure how well it'll go over. I'm still loving the marketing for this movie - and the hype is really going to start quadrupling today as we lead into the summer.

The Dark Knight is again directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige) and co-written by Nolan, his brother Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige), and David S. Goyer (Blade, Batman Begins). The movie arrives in theaters worldwide on July 18th this summer!

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  • Conrad
    Absolutely great! The Dark themes really provide exacting intrigue for this
  • Jeeze - that motorcylce one is crazy.
    wow fucking awesome. i cant wait to see this movie.
  • Orange Clockwork
    Love these, but why are the Joker and Batman out of focus while Harvey is in focus?
  • Tremolan
    Nah! seen better.
  • eric
    the one with the joker that said welcome to my world is a manip.
  • Good grief. It's like the Batman Returns posters, just repackaged. And that Batpod one looks like a toy box
  • craziemutant
    even though the joker one with the burning bat is a manip, it's still badass. the other are ok but the last new one is still better.
  • john
    fucking awesome i cant fucking wait
  • The motorcycle one is insane. The joker one I liked the firs tone behind the glass together. The vignette one I really like but feel as if they should have a watermark of some action or something in the background.
  • hmmm... these look hella cheesy to me (especially the motorcycle one). They are starting to remind me of the Schumaker versions of Batman. A little too theatrical for my taste. Looks like this Batman campaign is losing a bit of class.
  • I don't like anyone of them ...the previews poster was the best ...
  • Joel
    The only cool looking one is the Joker "Welcome to My World" the rest are a bit cheesy.
  • silver
    hella sick i personally like the last one with the joker best
  • Sk@nk
    The Joker one is a FAKE, created by a member of the Superhero! Hype Forums!
  • Sk@nk
    With Joker one I mean the last one, "welcome to MY world", with the Joker...
  • Curtis
    the joker one is damn hot all these posters are awesome and want to pick one of these up sometime.
  • darrin
    ha ha ha this is goin to be wicked. i love the one with the bike.
  • Oh man! The one with the BAT-POD bursting through the window is my favorite!! This movie is gonna ROCK! BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog! Thanks, Tommy
  • Heckle
    The joker one isnt real???? Thats my favorite one.
  • Saucy
    Woooo! Bat-Cycle FTW!!!!!
  • Djo
    These are the first advertisements from this campaign Im not so into. Joker- great. Batman- looks HORRIBLE! That batarang & gloved hand have NOTHING to do with Batman's head. If they do photo retouches they should at least make it look like he's holding the damn thing! These look like they should be on the side of some Slurpee cups. I agree w/ other poster- the bat-cycle pic looks like a toy-box cover. I SO preferred the Moody, sophistated marketing campaign for Batman Begins. T think this is honestly a bad sign. When a fan designs a better poster than the official posters- HANDS DOWN- that can only mean other things have been watered down as well. Psyche. I'm still totally psyched for this film. If this gets tubby, stubby, and the trailer-trash who shell out for Indy to get be as excited about this one, then so be it. Slurpee-cups, on Me!
  • DCompose
    Those are some nice posters. Especially, surprisingly, the Harvey Dent one. His character is looking more and more interesting.
  • Sandy
    the first one is the first one i saw and i want it soooo badddddd




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