Flashy New TV Spot for Oliver Stone's W.

September 22, 2008
Source: The Huffington Post

W. TV Spot

This is just the beginning of an enormous influx of marketing for Oliver Stone's W. You can expect Lionsgate to start pushing this hard throughout October. Not only is the release date October 17th, which is in just a few weeks, but they're going to be capitalizing on the election buzz. I've heard there is another trailer and more footage for W. out there, but this is the only thing we've actually seen online recently. Thanks to The Huffington Post for debuting it and be sure to check it out if you're at all curious about this film. I don't think it has really convinced me to take an interest either way, but I'll still be seeing it anyway. Are these TV spots and trailers actually convincing anyone that this could be a good movie?

Watch the new TV spot for Oliver Stone's W.:

[flv:http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/w-tvspot-huffington.flv http://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/w-tvspot-huffington.jpg 440 330]

W. is directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Nixon, Alexander) with a screenplay written by Stanley Weiser (Project X, Wall Street). Lionsgate recently picked up the distribution rights to W. and will be releasing it on October 17th just before the election.

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  • Not much of a trailer if you ask me. Is it for or against W?
  • Nick O.
    I have no idea what the hell to make of this movie.
  • Irfan
    looks awful. Stone is probably making an inaccurate depiction of Bush. Do you really expect this to be taken seriously when we know the intentions of the director? I agree Bush is an idiot and a bad president but that doesnt mean this crap needs to be made
  • tyler Ford
    Good, maybe- intriguing, absolutely. I think Stone always allows his bias to influence him, it would be hard for anyone to be completely objective. He is a great historical researcher and has consulted with some really informed people for this film. I have know a few people that were friends with President Bush way back when, during his party days, and a couple people that have interacted with him during his presidency, and I do not find this to be absolutely ridiculous. I do think it is bold that they made it while he was still in office, and the first poster for the film really hooked me. How did we as a nation, with so many talented people out there sit by while a man who lacks many talents ascended to the highest office in the world, prior to now. It is an interesting question and one I am sure the film will address, the marketing will probably focus on the more ridiculous aspects of the film because it is more sellable for a wider audience.
  • Darrin
    i hate those true story movies. someone always end up doing drugs in it.
  • Looks hilarious. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, though.
  • vegeta
    So... a comedy now?? What is Oliver Stone trying to make?
  • Derek
    Looks great, I cant wait to see it. As for what he is making, its a mostly fact based account of the life of George Bush, it might look like a comedy yes, but thats the point, Stone isnt out to bash Bush, he is out to show us what W. really was/is and let us do the bashing.
  • Heath
    Holy shit... I think Brolin does a better Bush than Frank Caliendo!
  • Max Russian
    Is there any things saying that this movie is based on true events?
  • theotherbluth
    I think that is implied Max, It's about president Bush. Do you think they completely fabricated a story about his life? Much of it is well documented. i'm sure there is an emphasis on the "Based" part like always.
  • Darren
  • I'm going to see it, accepting the fact that I may love it or hate it.
  • me!
    It's too bad because with all these actors, it would have made a great long-running TV series on HBO or something. I'm more interested in it just to see how Oliver Stone does it... and I'm expecting it to be campy to the max. Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush FTW.
  • ewilson131
    I don't know if I'd go see it (I'm pretty selective with what I'll pay ten bucks for)...but it does look like it has potential.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    8 and 11. Well DONE! Many are so anxious concerning this upcoming film to motivate voters and the throngs of people who have not registered, In my area of the Country, the election boards have mobilized again, just like we did with Moore's 911 and getting permission to set up around the theatres in the city to register folks to vote. The anger and motivation with Moore's film allowed un-decided potential voters to get their voices heard. The increase was astouding at the polls, yet somehow the exit polls were wrong for the first time in our Nations history. And 44% of them decided to vote on a fake and scripted, worthless waste of time "American Idol", rather than changing our Country. Since the last two elections were stolen, and how devistating it was to work so hard and have something taken from you. Working in show business allows me the freedom to take sometime off and work for this very thing...... change. And before I get attacked for being a Democrat, let me assure I am not. Just a PATRIOT evoking my rights that the CONSTITUTION allows me to, which the current group in charge has reduced to a mere ancient scribe of parchment. Very much looking foward to this. HBO did a brilliant job on "RECOUNT" to tell the facts, and from what I have read and seen so far, indeed Stone's film will present the facts. God please help us all! Power to the People!
  • vegeta
    16... Yeah right. Oliver Stone making a Bush movie is like Sean Hannity making a Clinton movie. 'Fact' is too strong a word for these movies, and if you're really in show business I'm sure you're well aware of that.
  • Dusty
    looks like a hoot.... like pulling out their toenails
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    30 Years as a LD. I paid my dues.
  • Andrew
    Haha, bit at end where he chokes on pretzel. Still, this has my attention. At the least, I'll give it a rental.
  • Richard
    If anyone wanted to they could make the exact same movie about anyone in the public's eye. Theres so much info and trash and views and assumptions and stigmas on everyone out there that really anyone, anyone at all thats a public figure could have this movie made about them if someone really wanted to make it. So that being said I don't think theres anything in this movie thats going to be interesting, revealing or jaw dropping, we all know where its going, this is like a really skewed comedy based on rumors and 4th eye witness accounts of things we've all already heard about. And thats that I don't even like Bush.
  • avoidz
    This has the same appeal as The Dark Knight or a new Harry Potter movie? I think their marketing is going to backfire, and this will do better (for those who are even interested) on home video.
  • nef deppard
    #16 Satire, right?? Quote- "Since the last two elections were stolen, and how devistating it was to work so hard and have something taken from you." Err, doesn't this kinda contradict your claim not to be a democrat? Stone sucks.
  • 790
    Funny thing is Brolin reads a script to play Bush , and Bush reads a script to play the president.... This shit can only happen on Earth.
  • Jon Hyst
    im sorry but has anyone else noticed the turn of oliver stones movie making abilities!?!?! i hate to be so harsh but you would think after a few flops he would stop this prohero/proamerican satire in his movie making...you go from making Natural born killers, platoon, and JFK to any given sunday, then even further into the crap zone with Alexander, World trade center, and now this crap...W. the worst waste of talent yet to hit the theaters with lukewarm ambitions...id rather go see wanted again...at least the pain stopped when i left the movie theater...




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