Fresh New Dragonball Trailer Screencaps

September 2, 2008

Fresh New Dragonball Trailer Screencaps

Our friends at have uncovered some screencaps from the upcoming trailer for Dragonball. The odd thing is that this trailer isn't supposed to be showing anywhere until October. Someone obviously has an early version of it and took a few screencaps, two of which include the reveal of Piccolo, as played by James Marsters, while the others contain Justin Chatwin as Goku and even Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi. I've been holding my breath on Dragonball forever, waiting to see a trailer and some footage before I really make my decision on whether it looks good or bad. But this is the last straw - I can now say that this look awful, just downright terrible. Take a look if you so dare…

I really hate to join the crowds in opposition of Dragonball, but I guess I was just trying to give the film a fair fight. Now I'm definitely opposed to it, because these photos are from the exact trailer that I was waiting to see before I gave my real opinion. But now all hope has been lost, I'm with everyone else - this movie is going to suck. It looks even worse than The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

All photos removed at the request of Fox. You should be glad - you wouldn't have wanted to see them anyway!

Dragonball is directed by James Wong, of Final Destination, Jet Li's The One, and Final Destination 3 previously, with a script written by Ben Ramsey, of The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet previously. The film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. 20th Century Fox is releasing the Dragonball movie in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009.

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  • Man this looks good. Pisses me off cause I hated that damn game and show. Oh well...GO HOLLYWOOD!
  • Collin
    A failed Piccolo is the last straw, not even nostalgia will make me watch this horrid piece of lint.
  • tdkfan84
    This looks like shit......Damn you FOX!
  • Silver
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... I needed that laugh. Oh well, it's gonna suck no doubt about it now... That pic of the Dragonball is kickass though
  • CDZ
    I see Piccolo and think about the bad guy from the mask. I'll catch Dragonball on $6 tuesday.
  • Faia
    ....oh dear sweet baby jesus what did they do to Piccolo? As if this didn't have FAIL plastered all over it to begin with, that albino failure they're passing off as Piccolo is the last straw. There's no way in hell Chow Yun-Fat can even begin to redeem this movie. Ugh.
  • why isn't he green? All it would have taken to make this look good would be if he were green.
  • Kakkaratto
    My goodness, how in the world is goku a white guy. Just ridiculous, hollywood needs some guts and put a asian as the lead, this is DBZ!
  • William
    LMAO!!!!!! How could you expect anything less than failure from a anime that was its self a failure? Am i surprised? No. No. Not in the least. I won't even rent this crap fest.
  • Ok...I had plans to see this because of my love for the show......and then I saw Piccolo. /fail
  • mikesta
    hmmm it's a tough one though...could they reaaaaaaaally have given us a green piccolo without looking reediculous It looks better than I thought it would, but that really, really, really isn't saying anything
  • Big r
  • casey
    they got time to fix it, i hope. and why in gods name would they make him white??? are they all color blind? hes obviously suppose to be green, its like they did the opposite as they did with the hulk, instead of being his color, they made him completely different. retarded.
  • Aucklander
    lol ... I needed the laugh 2day, come on stop messing round wheres the real pictures of piccolo? hahaha ... Why is no one laughing??? ... You cant make me believe that this is really Piccolo? Wheres his antena things stinking out of his head? Where the hell is the Green? Where the hell is anything on his body resembling a Namekian??? ... Next thing you know Tien is in there with an afro and a blunt in his mouth getting blazed with Chiaotzu. Piccolo = Fail ... The only thing to save this movie from being a total piece of crap will be the fight scenes IMO.
  • L
    The money invested in this film should be given to a homeless shelter. My only fear is that it would only feed the people for the morning.
  • Matt Suhu
    this isn't so bad. if this is a fighting movie, then you can't really judge how good or bad it will be until we really see some fighting scenes. so what if piccolo doesn't look like piccolo. Alex, get your head on straight. I wish you'd be less excited about movies like Passengers and Outlander.
  • Jack
    OK.......OK, Why is Goku a white guy (not being racist!!) Why does Piccolo look nothing like Piccolo and Why does Master Roshi look nothing like Master Roshi. WHY, OH WHY did they just not find an ASIAN guy to play Goku, MAN. The Director or who ever is in charge is an idiot and he better not think that we will actually come to like this sort of change, this style that they're going for because it's just stupid, something you can lose your job over you idiots who are makin this disgrace to the DB franchise film. FUCKIN IDIOTS, GET PETER JACKSON TO MAKE THIS MOVIE, HE CAN ADAPT MOVIES IN HIS SLEEP HE'S THE BEST, PLUS I'M FROM NEW ZEALAND.
  • Merc
    Oh my god... how the hell did they manage to make it look this fucking bad?!?!?
  • atg2040
  • atg2040
    EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!
  • Diego
    Ok #1 seriously GTFO this site with your stupid youtube links and saying this movie looks good, I'm sure this movie is made for people like you 😛 . What a lame ass...
  • REAL6
    Cause they need to throw in 'That White Guy' Just like how they are going to remake CANDYMAN WITH A FUCKING WHITE GUY!!!! How the fuck do you do that???? P.S. Im not being racist im just saying. Hollywood's Racist Ass!!!
  • DON P
    hope they give Dragonball a cool techno music theme song like they did Mortal Kombat. Other than them fucking up on Piccolo the movie looks good.
  • Jai
    Where do I begin, yes whoever green lighted this piece of drivel needs to be shot. Dragonball and Dragonball Z are awesome animes for what they are for. Don't take it so seriously. I actually think that they opened the doors for some of the animes that we get to watch here in the states. Now back to the movie they could have done a whole hell of alot better with piccolo. No antennae come on. If they had that I could say that they were trying to go the King Piccolo route where he's older and fuglier. But this incarnation looks like something out of Buffy the Vampire slayer. Maybe they could of done this movie in cgi or something. just my two cents
  • B33
    And people wonder why Fox is filing a lawsuit against Warner Bros for a chunk of the profit off Watchmen...
  • twispious
    the fact that they hired chow yun fatt-a man who's casting is limited to a few,mostly similar roles in terrible B movies-tells you a lot about the crowd they're making this film for.
  • Pickle
    I will still take a wait-and-see approach! Since this is an "origin" film, I bet 'Piccolo' later evolves into the green menace we all know. Trashing and bad mouthing this movie will not serve any purpose. It's like seeing a picture for, like, "Iron Man" and seeing the Mark I armor and saying WTF?. Some of us jump with just a snippet of film or snapshot and make conclusions about the movie prematurely before seeing it. The point this day and age the fan boys have huge influence on the filmmakers' storytelling. I'm sure this is Wong's spin on the whole "Dragonball" mythos and will turn out just fine. And for the record, "The Mummy 3" was good, nowhere near the first two, but entertaining nonetheless.
  • JL
    I definitely won't see this in the theater. I liked the show, especially when it got a little more grave and disturbing. I don't like the pictures of King Piccolo. What the hell is up with the space suit thing he is wearing in the one picture? On Namek, didn't they just wear clothes? It was their skin that was all reptilian. I hope he loses an arm in this movie and has to grow it back. That would be a plus. And for all the people saying, "Why is Goku a white guy?" Because he was white in the fucking show! It may have been japanese animation, and the characters may have had asian names, but the characters are totally representative of the western world. I mean, look at Bulma, she's obviously modeled after whites. This is pointless, I like the idea someone had of a cg movie. Something like Beowulf, and in 3D. If they intend to follow this one up, that would be the way to go. And if you knew the director was the same guy responsible for Final Destination, and #3, and The One, you had to know that this was going to suck ass.
  • Darrin
    final destination was awesome, part 3 kinda sucked. When the trailer comes out then i would judge.
    Why does Piccolo look like some mutated vampire from Blade trilogy. BOGUS!!!!!! They should of just made this colorful, not try and bring some dark aspect to the film. Thats what everyone is doing these days trying to be dark and evil. Since the dark knight came out youll be sure to see everyone trying to remake there film into that. And im really getting tired of hearing people compare there films to TDK, man get some originality.
  • Piccolo looks like a reject from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Shonaille
    This should go straight to DVD to spare the actors and the fans all the humiliation and mocking that will happen when this shows up on the big screen. Hollywood just keeps making shit that looks worse and worse.
  • vegeta
    CCCCCUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE YYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Breach
    This is Fox we are talking about here. They would rather churn out shit like this instead of things like Watchmen
  • vu
    there's always the new high school musical
  • Nthngmn
    Super Mario starring John Leguizamo.
  • Brian
    Did any one see the live action dragonball move made in japan. This could not be any worse that that POC.
  • Jrb
    Awesome i didnt know the Djin from wishmaster was portraying piccollo
  • CSpuppydog
    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA... OMG OMG... AMAZING.... Man this movie is gonna be so goo.... HAHAHAHA couldn't even say that with a strait face. This move is going to be a fucking train wreck.
  • Seriously....WTF! Why are you messing up part of my childhood! Why do you hate me!!!! I refuse to watch this crap-o-rama! Curse the Film makers to Hell.........Home For Infinite Losers!!!!!! Long Live The Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blue Silver
    Some of us should read a book instead and stop watching too many damn movies!
  • fanboy d
    how can they have learned NOTHING from transformers? it's simple: make an ADULT movie that's not COMPLETELY innappropriate for kids and voila - satisfied fans. instead you make something that looks like thunderbirds 2
  • Drunkimus
    I'm a bug fan of DBZ but what the F**** is Nosferatu doing in this movie?
  • Drunkimus
    oops meant big fan
  • Chris C.
    Wow, no doubt exists now. This movie will suck. Why is Stephen Chow (of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle fame) putting his name on this.....garbage? Clearly, the producers and director have no intention to stay true to the original manga/anime.
  • malax
    YES YES YES this is gonna be AMAZING! LOVE IT.. (because i am ten years old, and when i am twenty they are going to reboot the movie that suit my age) sigh.. I WISH...
  • Walsh
    OMG HE WAS LOCKED AWAY FOR 1000 YEARS HIS SKIN PIGMENTS CHANGED!!! your skin would change if you werent explosed to sunlight for 50 come on use your heads here people he is green a pale olive green for fucks sakes oh well more room for me to kick back an relax in the theater with out have to tell half you to stfu
  • Gazerino
  • Man this looks so cheesy.
  • carlos
    ZOMG FTW!?!1/!>!>111.!!!!! A HUGE! piece of my soul died along with this movie... :[ I HATE YOU HOLLYWOOD! GO FORTH AND DIE!!!
  • Jojo
    looks fucking piece of shit. I was supporting this movie until today.
  • JL
    Alright, alright. You've got my attention FOX... ... I mean my morbid curiosity. I'll at the least give the trailer a glimpse in oct.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    I know this is bad when my Sons say " I do not even accept the knowledge of this film exsistance". #38, that was a good one! .......yet again, this is FOX....nuff said.
  • Viper
    It's one of those cave creatures from The Descent! He's escaped and learned magical martial arts! His power level must be over 9,000 by now!!!
  • dan dan the monkey ma
    i think i'm the only one that is actually gonna give this movie a chance when i see the trailer, then i'll give my verdict but the future does seem very grim
  • Vixz
    I will still go see it, but why does Piccolo look exactly like the Vampires from Blade 2? He doesn't even have the antennae that nameks have in the anime.
  • Matt
    HAHAHHAHHAHAAHAHA, im gonna hold off on judging it, i loved the Dragonball show, before it became Dragon Ball Z etc etc. But Piccolo does look like when he was Spike in Buffy though LOL
  • Alek
    The movie on the fail-scale is over 9000!
  • DinoChow
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I love DBZ; especially the manga, of which I own all 42 volumes. It's a classic. I knew when I heard Justin Chatwin was the star that this movie would just be a giant ass rape to DB fans everywhere, but this is the last straw! Lookout Wikipedia; you're about to get vandelized.
  • Kakkaratto
    Goku comes from Vegeta you ... How could he be asian? Read the Manga before complaining about things you don't know about.
  • Jeep-Fu't... *sigh* You have got to be effing kidding me. Piccolo is my favorite character from DBZ and Marsters (actually the make-up) looks NOTHING like him (well, maybe the ears). Don't get me wrong, I love James Marsters as an actor but...HOLY S***! What is wrong with these people!?!?! Judging on those two pictures I will not drop a single penny on this craptacular looking movie. I won't even sneak into it. They're gonna have to really pull out the stops AND show me a top-notch series of trailers for me to even consider going to this movie. We're talking like full-contact lap dances and free popcorn while watching this movie for me to go see it.
  • Xerxex
  • what
    #9 can you tell us how the anime series dragonball z was a failure??? do you know your wrong? other than that... the movie will be an utter failure. a horrible horrible thing to see. i wont see it. ever. its a million dollar piece of garbage. wait, more than a million.
  • Kail
    That would be a good Garlic Jr. but not a good Piccolo. I'm still gonna wait for the trailer before I start to cry.
  • MrSammich
    Piccolo look like the HELLRAISER!
  • bltzie
    HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH reboot, anybody?
  • big r
    I mean honsestly, how hard is it to look at something (dragonball show) and convert it to the big screen (dragonball movie)? They could have made this into something so epic its not even funny. fox is gay. But just like how they gave the hulk a new movie this year, versus that heap of garbage 4 years ago, they hopefully will do the same with dragonball. I will not waste my money to go see this movie... AT ALL!
  • SillySil
    O.O They destroyed Piccolo...completely.
  • Jimmmyman
    LOL, Fox didn't like people looking at how cheesy the trailer was, so they had them removed, thats funny!
  • Drunkimus
  • Drunkimus
  • McCoffee
    To bad piccolo looks white when he is supposed to be green.
  • Patrick
    ......How hard is it to even attempt to make it look somewhat like the show? Just a single blue streak in Bulma's hair? Piccolo isn't even green? I admit I like what they did with Goku's hair, but come on. I tried to give it a chance, but after seeing the posters, I am highly skeptical now. Sorry.
  • FAT
    FOX... they just ruin the best anime ever...
  • Aucklander
    The only thing that remotley looks cool is that dragonball in someone's hand... im still waiting for the trailer though i just hope that as lame as these guys look that the fight scenes are the sh!t ... I never thought that the designs for the Transformers movie were great i thought they were stink then saw the movie and it was awesome.
  • Grazatron
    Picollo looks like a newage Romulan.... wtf Fox is totally fail now
  • Q
    i actually like the new photos. you guys have to remember that in live action movies they cant make the characters look exactly like the cartoon. it would look stupid. think about it do you think a green guy with atennas that wears a white cape with a purple suit and orange ballerina shoes not look ridicolous on screen. wait till a trailer comes out. you also forget that the movie is still in development which means its not finished yet. they still have time to make changes. give the movie a chance.
  • Q
    oh by the way the only thing i see wrong with this movie is no krillin. these two are best friends and trained together so i dont see why fox felt they didnt need him. i hope they realize how important it is to have him and add him in. if not then the movie will not be as great.
  • PWO
    @Q I don't know if you've seen it or not, but there was this fake shot of a real life Piccolo looking just like the anime a few years ago, and everyone really liked it. In other words, your point about live action being just like the anime looking riduculous just doesn't hold.
  • Cody OH GOD PLEASE SIGN THIS!!! I really don't want to see the trailers on TV for this crap.
  • Q
    PWO thats your opinion and you're entitled to it. i just think the new piccolo looks more intimidating. i just hope they put a lil green to him. they can at least keep that characteristic.
  • Q
    i heard that some new character named weaver is takin krillins place as goku's best friend. did anyone else hear about this
  • Q
    Cody i understand your problem with the movie. But you think fox is gonna halt the 100 million dollar production of this film because some fans have a problem with it. dont get your hopes up. yeah it sucks that they tryin to make money off of DBZ's name but thats how the business goes.
  • Hopefully when they pulled those HORRIBLE, forbidden kingdom sequel looking, photos from the net, that FOX realized "Oh shit....we fucked up....LETS FIX THIS BITCH!!!" LOL
  • McGangster
    ok seriously i wanted this movie to be good but always felt in the back heart that it would ultimately blow beyond belief.......and now after seeing piccolo look like the bad guy from blade 2 i'm fuckin should have never been made in live action, if anything wtf bring in jackie chan as master roshi to take some of the heat off for comic relief........i'll still be waiting for the trailer and the movie when it does come out but it'll probably suck
  • dude it would be hella funny if this trailer, and the movie was awesome. lol I wouldn`t know what to say
  • yuk piccolo looks stupid even dumber than everything else which must've been hard to pull off Piccolo was a badass rip off his arm 'poof' new one now he looks like the creature from youranus
  • blah they really didn't get a single character right Goku=Dorky (his look says beat me up) he's supposed to look happy go lucky like Trigun, what's with the flock of seagulls hairdon't? haven't been disappointed by a haircut since wolverine Bulma= how hard is it to dye some hair? (oh, maybe she wasn't willing to go that far) *buzzer sound* wrong answer should've re-casted if she wasn't serious enough to Master Roshi needs a much larger go-t swap the casting of Mai & chi-chi piccolo is green not vomit yellow/brown I don't think I have to say anything about Yamcha I'll just post these to urls + Now I ask anyone, even someone who doesn't even know about db, to... tell me what's wrong here? watch them even mess up grandpa Gohan by keeping his eyebrows black instead of white!
  • Clif
    to those whining about goku being is possible for him to be white, he was not japaneese born like chi chi..dont forget..HE'S AND ALIEN! sure he landed in Japan but Planet Vegeta had a mixture of race!
  • Ninetails
    This looks really bad..... I mean what's piccolo. Hopefully they add some green to him cause wow so far not so good and I'm sorry but what's with goku. supposed to be a kid in dragon ball not a teen or a grown man. that's dragon ball z. I was crazy about this movie but not anymore.
  • PWO
    @Clif One of those still stubbornly denying that Saiyans are Asian-looking, eh. Try to imagine an Asian or African Clark Kent, then.
  • Rudy
    ok, i guess i miss the pictures because of fox demanding them off but i do have a reply for William comment #9, the anime was never a failure. it's recognize as a masterpiece in the industry. took America a long time to realize the gold mine that the anime was and bringing it over seas in full translation. The movie on the other hand, considering it wouldn't be the first failed attempt movie of Dragon Ball, does not fair too well. I know with technology so advance in the media world everything is pretty much possible, but i strongly believe The DBZ series should just be left in anime. Don't be surprise if you see a move adaptation of Naruto or my favorite Bleach... maybe somebody will get them right one day, i just hope i'm still alive t see it ... Regards to all KAAAAA---ME--AAA-ME--AAAAAAAA
  • Q
    The only thing i hope for now is that the fighting be decent. although the look of some of the characters is iffy i just hope they potray them like the anime.
  • Kail
  • Tri4ge
    Fox has completely destroyed everything I loved about Dragonball! The more I sit here the more I have to choke back my own vomit. I for one will boycott this disgrace...who's with me???
  • Eric
    Uhh why not make this an CGI thing like the Final Fantasy movie, the Piccolo image is hot and I like it (needs to be green) but the kid who is playing Goku send him to the scrap heap or the glue factory (take you pick). Get George Lucas and the ILM team on this one.
  • Eric
    To #67. Ang Lee's version of The Hulk was right on, its story telling. The latest movie was simply an up to date version of an episode from The Incredible Hulk television show. It was pure action (no real emphasis on the story or creativity). Both were good movies and I was not disappointed by either movie.
  • ChiChiWannabe
    I'd just like to say that you all are very narrow minded in judging the movie before even seeing the full trailer. Maybe CGI effects are going to make Piccolo green on the big screen and they're just using minimal make up because the actor's skin needs to breathe....who knows! I hope that's the case, but if not then I'd be VERY VERY VERY disappointed. DB and DBZ is my absolute favorite series and if they mess this movie up like all you are claiming they will, then I will do what Stewie Griffen did to Will Ferrel to the DB producers. Besides I don't think Goku is too bad...he's cute!! :)
  • Justin
    You know what I laugh at? The fact that people leave comments about something they haven't even seen. Damn pics! Wait till you see it in motion and not just stills. Piccolo looks old because he is. This isn't DBZ! Piccolo in the movie is locked away in some jail. He has been in there for years, i'm talking years. He gets out and looks for some youth potion or what have you. So he may not look like that the whole movie. Oh and for a spoiler the Piccolo we know and love from DBZ (not Dragonball) is born at the end of the movie. This old Piccolo spits him out (as he did in Dragonball not DBZ) as an egg. Just wait till Oct. 17th when you see the trailer, then judge. I'm not that excited about either but damn judging a movie by stills.
  • PWO
    #94 is another one of those white supremists denying that Saiyan should look Asian. #98 is a statement of denial that is trying to assume greatness in this movie that will never come true #99 is simply a dumbass making up foolish excuses for the stupidity Fox wrought on Dragonball using this movie, and even got so dumb as to say the trailer will make people think the movie will be great when its shots just persuaded millions worldwide to boycott the flick.
  • Dared Evil
    lol, this movie looks absolutely ridiculous, they could've done a better job if they: 1) used filming like they did in Beowulf... in fact make it 3D and 2) throw out this part of the story and start later in the series... I loved the anime series, but starting from here is a terrible idea. They should have had a synopsis of what happened until Frieza shows up and start from there. damn it, do you guys remember that Mortal Kombat movie? because that looked 30 times better than this garbage haha
  • Dragon
    I piss on that movie,they seek to destroy dragon ball for putting that garbage? excuse me for my bad english,iam still studiying. iam from argentina.
  • S.S. Michael
    It looks terrible, everyone complains about Goku not being asian but why would he be, He's a Saiyan... an alien from another planet... why would that mean he has to be asian?
  • PWO
    @S.S. Michael Because Goku is drawn to be Asian!!
  • shizam
    omgwtf Goku is a saiyan you fools, and lets face it, if they made Piccolo green that would look stupid as fuck in real life translation.
  • jayman
    why did you publish a movie thinking you can pull it off? fox! you aint worth shit. that is the most fucked up movie i have ever seen and im offended that piccolo is not green and the C.G.I graphics for the kamehameha is fuckree!!! it looks so fake. should be machine gunned!!!!!! TWICE
  • PWO
    @shizam Saiyan are drawn to look Asian, you fool. And if green guys look stupid, then why the hell is the Hulk GREEN?
  • why would they do something so stupid maybe the director should have actually watched the show before making a disgrace to one of my all time favorite anime shows ps. whats with goku and piccolo
  • I wouldn't watch it even with free tickets. Practically 'rated 8-13', sorry....
  • j breezy
    Please don't do dis 2da movie I used 2 hate dbz when I was young until I really started watching it and ever since then I've alwayz wanted 2 be a saiyan hell imma thug im not suppose 2 care about this but I do im sorry 4 1 its goku he is asian rite not sum punk white boy (im not a racist) piccolo is green and if im correct in db goku is a young boy right not an 20yo teen please push da movie till december of 09 make some changes please make it da dbz we fans grow up 2 love please
  • Faith
    Wow. It's unbelievable just how many people are so unaccepting and terrified of change. Thankly not all of our anncestors were as closed minded as most of the judgemental people who felt the overwelming need to post such ignorant comments about a movie that's still "in the works", or we'd still be living in caves. Every great work of art took time, and usually many trials and errors. The movie isn't even scheduled to be released until NEXT YEAR! This isn't suppose to be a remake, it's a RETELLING of the original story. When Fox bought the rights to DragonBall Z, it was REWROTE to be more in sync and relatible with the MODERN AMERICAN audience. So DUH that's why Goku is a white guy, that's why lord piccolo isn't martian manhunter green, that's why the majority of the movie is not like the over a decade old rediculously over the top JAPANESE anime. Because it's not suppose to be. The basic messages and heart and soul of the original story are still there, which should be what's MOST important to the true lovers of DBZ. Good triumphing over evil dispite seemingly impossible odds, the importance of love, family, teamwork, dedication/determination, and of course the power of friendship. Goku is still the unfaultering hero who can woop some serious bad guy @$$! So stop hatin' and start appreciating, or S.T.F.U.!
  • eekthecat
    You guys should really stop blaming Fox for this. I hate them too , but for different reasons. Believe it or not they are not responsible for how shitty this movie is. The director is the one who killed off krillin and the talking animals. He was given the chance to turn a masterpiece into a summer blockbuster, but instead gave us fast and the furious tokyo shit. What do you expect from someone who directed Final Destination.
  • PWO
    @Faith Get out of here you filthy dog of Fox!! Stop spilling the same crap we've refuted too many times again.
  • Kakorotto
    I have to agree with what Justin (#99) said. And for the record PWO, what is with you attackin' people for having thier own opinion. Callin' someone you've never met a white supremist, just shows how ignorant you are. From what I see your opinions are the ones with the least validation. You seem to be just another loud mouth who can't and won't shut his mouth, even when your wrong. You've made six Posts and keep sayin' the same shit. We get it and don't care! Get a Life!




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