G.I. Joe Updates: Brendan Fraser and Dwayne Johnson Cameos?

April 3, 2008
Source: Latino Review, MTV

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe is shaping up to be a pretty cool project judging from some of the casting choices. From Dennis Quaid starring as General Hawk to Channing Tatum as Duke to Joseph Gordon Levitt as Cobra Commander, director Stephen Sommers is amassing quite a nice crew. And those photos we brought you of Ray Park as Snake Eyes were just jaw-dropping awesome. However, not all choices are as exciting - Marlon Wayans as Ripcord, for instance. Eh? Now Latino Review claims that Brendan Fraser and Dwayne Johnson might join the roster through cameos as well. While Johnson is definitely pretty cool, Fraser seems a might lame.

Brendan Fraser as Gung Ho in G.I. Jo
Photo courtesy of the gurus at SlashFilm.

The star of the Mummy series, Brendan Fraser reportedly will appear as Gung Ho, the Cajun marine gunnery sergeant. Even though I don't imagine G.I. Joe is going to be rich, dramatic cinema, I've always thought Fraser was pretty flat - so I'm glad his screen time is minimal. But can you imagine him sporting the military vest with the trademark Marine Corps emblem tattooed across his chest? If I had to guess, I suspect Fraser's outfit will be a bit less revealing.

Dwayne Johnson as Shipwreck in G.I. Joe
Photo courtesy of the gurus at SlashFilm.

One guy who has the clout to go shirtless all day long, however, is The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson). Now this is a guy I can get on board with. Granted, his emotional range is really no deeper than Fraser's, but I find him a lot more enjoyable. Apparently, Johnson has been offered the role of a sailor by the name of Hector Delgado, aka Shipwreck.

Even though it's not all great news, it nevertheless still seems like an exciting project. Not on par with Transformers, I think, but in the neighborhood. Transformers, after all, was the other Hasbro toy-turned-movie project, which surely played a part in getting G.I. Joe greenlit. Earning a monstrous $700+ million worldwide, Transformers certainly proved that a childhood toy line could be turned into a big-screen success. For me, I absolutely loved the film and its scale, and certainly have hope that G.I. Joe can turn into a similarly awesome - in the words of Michael Bay! - blockbuster production.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander is the top character I'm looking forward to seeing, next to Ray Park as Snake Eyes, so all this other casting news is bit less important to me. Levitt spoke with MTV today about his role as the raspy-voiced leader of the COBRA organization. Apparently he's nailing down the voice - "I've got a good voice, man" - and the mask quite nicely. He also reinforces the idea that Joe is not meant to be a serious, or even serious-adjacent, war movie. "G.I. Joe is fun… It's like going to the circus or getting on a roller coaster… it has nothing to do with reality at all."

Do Fraser and Johnson help the project? Or does the film even hinge on a handful of questionable cast members?

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  • Jojo
    Michael Bay is a hack. Stephen Sommers is cool.
  • Heckle
    What? I like the rock but he is not Shipwreck! Shipwreck is as the picture shows a crazy looking white guy with a beard. That is not the Rock. He should be Doc or Iceberg or Alpine.
  • Reverend
    Swap the two actors in their respective roles and I might buy it.
  • Heckle
    Ok reverend i can agree to that. Lets hope Alex is dislexic and switched them.
  • Brad
    This movie is going to bomb anyway, these casting choices are the least of it's concerns.
  • harrison
    wait...joseph gordon levit and channing tatum are ruining this movie??? say it aint so
  • Spider
    At least Snake Eyes is right on the money! Never been too much of a "G.I. Joe" fan, but I'm sure it will be a decent flick. Still waiting on "Transformers 2". Michael Bay and Stephen Sommers have proven great directing chops in their respective source material.
  • Sinner
    I actually like both of these dudes but I'm definitely with Rev & Heckle. Very strange casting.
  • Hector X.
    Gary Sinise is the perfect Shipwreck. He has the build, the look, the voice and talent. Shipwreck was not a big guy. Dwayne Johnson is huge.
  • Hector X.
    And Brandon Fraser for Ettiene Lefitte? He's as believable as a cajun as Jay-Z would be as a white guy. And the Rock would make a shitty Alpine or Doc. Don Cheadle would be a perfect Doc. Doc was not a big guy either. The casting on this movie so far is a mixed bag but I'm hoping the direction brings it together. The pics of Snake Eyes give me faith, it looks like Snake Eyes should look.
  • Silentknight
    why the hell is Marlon Waynes in this movie its not right. he is not a guy you put in a serious roll he is more of a clown
  • Vivienne
    I like Dwayne Johnson and Brendan Fraser, so it'd be pretty cool to see them act in a cameo together. That'd be one reason to watch this movie.
  • Meggie
    I'm not much of a knowledged fan of GI Joe, but I would definitely go see this film when it's released in theaters.I guess I'm making this such a lousy excuse just to see Brendan Fraser's sexy self on the big screen again since the third Mummy film. I may sound ridiculous but I just simply can't help it, Brendan's too sexy.
  • i will see gi joe rise of cobra in theatres 2009 i will see breadan frasher as go hung dwayne johnson as shipwreck i will see breadan frasher and dwayne johnson on gi joe the rise of cobra i hope micheal jordan will appear on gi joe movie too. i like micheal jackson on these gi joe movies so i will see gi joe the rise of cobra in theatres august 17th 2009
  • rhys
    its confirmed frasier is sgt.stone the guy who passes the G.I joe recruits.
  • I thought he was kinda dressed like Flint, the warrant officer...don't know Sgt Stone...The movie was great though! Would definitely see again!
  • Katie
    This was a decent movie. I hope they give Brendan Fraser a larger part...gotta love a man in uniform!




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