Harrison Ford is Back Again in the Crossing Over Trailer

November 12, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Crossing Over Trailer

So Harrison Ford isn't actually retired yet? He next stars in another (non-Indiana Jones) movie called Crossing Over, a drama about immigrants and illegally crossing US borders. Ford plays an immigration cop and is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle. Crossing Over is an ensemble film that deals with the border, document fraud, the asylum and green card process, work-site enforcement, naturalization, the office of counter terrorism and the clash of cultures. This is a very well made trailer that's quite intense and does a great job of setting up the film. So take a look at it and let us know what you think about it?

Watch the first trailer for Crossing Over:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Crossing Over trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Crossing Over is written and directed by South African filmmaker Wayne Kramer, of both The Cooler and Running Scared previously, who is a naturalized US citizen himself. The film features an impressive ensembled cast, including Sean Penn, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Alice Eve, Alice Braga, and Jim Sturgess. The Weinstein Company will debut Crossing Over in theaters everywhere sometime in 2009.

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  • TBone
    I kind of got the feel of Crash when I saw this. Looks pretty good to me.
  • BahHumbug
    I've been waiting for a trailer on this for a while, thanks. Any reason why Sean Penn has been listed second on the cast list but he can't be seen anywhere? Kind of seems like a What Just Happened? kind of deal where he isn't in the film that long but since he's an A-list actor he gets his name up in the credits.
  • troy
    looks good, we get a lot of great actors and to top it off we get the intensity of Harrison ford. count me in.
  • Steven
    Great cast, looks to be a great story. I'm down.
  • -peter-
    looks really good
  • Eric
    i had the same feeling but i don't know people might grasp this movie a little better than Crash though.
  • Derek
    Whens the release? It was a great trailer and looks like a good movie, but with the sucess of Crash Id think theyd try to get this in the Awards race.
  • Scott McHenry
    I like Ike
  • The Real Alex
    I don't like the political slant of this movie... It is really just propaganda that legitimizes the actions of illegal immigrants.... like using a fictional case where an arabic girl who has been in the country since she is 3 but "Oh No!" she happens to be illegal, "awwwww, isn't our no tolerance policy bad" etc. Very clever, hollywood... However, no one ever bothers to mention the rapes and murders of innocent people by illegal immigrants, by the likes of MS-13, etc... i can go on and on... the point is, i think this movie is kind of bias, which is a shame since it looks like it is of good quality.
  • Alexander
    Lol, Ray Lioata. Seriously, why can't he retire. He hasn't been any good since Goodfellas.
  • Kevin
    Looks like Crash, which was complete crap. Love me some Harrison Ford but I'm going to have to pass on this cliche BS.
  • Cool, looks like 'Crash' concerning border lines I can see #9's point. It's hard not to get caught up with the emotions toward illegal immigrants. I can see both angles, yet I'm 100% for neither.
  • darrin
    it looks decent
  • Dexter
    I bet those who speaks against this kind of movies as cliche or whatever, will be the first to rush at the premiere. Always skeptic.
  • Drew
    How do the Weinsteins still have any money left? After dozens of epic box-offices failures, you'd think the studio would've gone under by now.
  • Shawn Gregory
    Harrison Ford is one my favorites. Liotta makes a good - bad guy. But Weinsteins movies have been flopping the past year. Hope this will be the better lot. Where was Sean Penn?
  • K
    What a great cast! Nice to see Ashley Judd back. Looks great, i'll be seeing it!
  • BahHumbug
    To answer the question someone posted above- the film was supposed to come out in late August but was moved to early December and then I believe it is now an early '09 release.
  • Was Harrison Ford away from making movies for a while? I don't know what it is, but he seems better than ever recently. Can't wait to see this one!
  • Lefthanded
    Awesome! Can't wait for it.
  • Cody
    Yeah I am hearing #9 on this one, I heard a story once of MS-13 barging into a home in boulder they found an american family raped and murdered along with the kids. I here shit like this everyday...but yet the big bad americans cant possibly deport a poor mexican family who jumped through the bigass gap in the fence because then that would be racist or someother liberal excuse for the burning of our constistution. What about the BORDER PATROL agent who shot a drug dealer as hes running away trying to get in the country, but the drug dealer PRESSES CHARGES AND WINS!! HE FUCKING WON FOR CHRIST SAKE! the border patrol agents sitting in jail for 10 years now because he did his fuking job. But no one cares just go watch your movies and go to ur malls with your 100 dollar shoes and $300 coats. God I am so fking sick of hollywood twisting everything. ^^political rant
  • Roy
    #9 and 21: Go watch "Transformers" for the umpeenth time, if you don't like challenged, you brain gimps.
  • Ions
    I'm impressed. Great trailer, will check this out. But sadly, I continue to have Running Scared stuck in my head...I'll try to forget that movie.
  • Bogart
    Where was Sean Penn? Is he a secret cameo or something?
  • Hmm, where was Penn? Looks like CRASH, looks good. Weinstein though frightens me. Talk about someone worse than FOX.
  • The Real Alex
    #22: Looks like someone doesn't like to hear the truth. And I myself dont care for Michael Bay films, and i am a freethinking person, so go sit in your nook and pray to your Che Guevara shrine. As long as this is still a sovereign country we have laws that protect the people from getting raped and murdered by miscreants who had no right to be here in the first place. If it happened to your family, i am sure you would feel the same way, yet it seems that you have a bleeding hearted- tolerance for criminals, so judging by your ignorance, it seems like you are the retard, not us...
  • avoidz
    I hate to say it, but it's time for Han Solo/Henry Jones Jr. to hang up his blaster/whip.
  • Fritz Blaze
    Awesome trailer. Stellar cast. Box Office dud? I hope not.
  • Rick
    thank you 9 and 21, hollywood doesn't know how to hide there ridiculously idealistic ways. It can not happen so everyone is happy, it just can't. why? because there are human defects and flaws. It is like when you talk to people about socialism and they ask you if you would want a 94 year old grandma on the streets dieing or in a hospital with us helping them out, by paying for them. And yea of course it looks interesting, it has the re-emergence of Ashley Judd. Ray I mean Henry Hill what??? Harrison was awesome as Han and Indy.... Sean Penn is in it? Oh wait I forgot my point about Hollywood, and it goes from action to love scene to drama. making eveyone want to see it. So everyone will want to see this. They should make it free, well it is to me and many others. If they want to make a political statement they should run a infomercial. Doubters know what this is, And we know the whole art thing excuse. But Art is Dylan and The Beatles. Nothing I have seen this director do is Art. Seriously how is he in hollywood? How can you argue that he is good writer or director? Some will probably back down and say you are over analyizing this or even the less intelligent thumb suckers, will call me doush loser etc. lol Showing your ideals is one thing, that is art. Trying to Emotionally gain feelings by making a movie look real and making people feel bad about something in the movie to gain something for your self or movement, is not art, it is an infomercial. In this case a Star studded drama action romance infomercial It shouldn't be political at all as well, I mean Everybody feels bad for the person inside some of the hard working immigrants. but guess what this world needs laws and standards. Not everyone thinks and acts like you get over it and stop feeling bad for everyone.
  • patricia lopez
    man i can wait to see this movie i seen the trailer adnit looks interesting and harrison ford still acting like always i love harrison ford no one can be as cool and sexy as he is and no one can be good of an actor as harrison ford
  • fatjoe
    looks awesome
  • Fisherr
    Looks a little bit like "Crash" but a little bit bigger interms of discussing various ideas.
  • Kirk
    It is the unenforcement of the law that creates these heart wrenching stories and let's evil people pray on the lives of the innocent, no matter what side of the border you originated from. The big cover is that 2/3 of our prison population are illegal. I would like to see every family that is already been here for a determined amount of time because of our unenforcement of the law made legal but not until the promise that we have secured the borders and the rest who want to come must be immigrated in a fair and humane way that is good for this country. Do this, so we can stop the heart ache, the preying on these people by modern day carpetbaggers, the breeding of more racism, and the filling of our prisons of other country's criminals. I doubt that this movie will touch on the real solutions to the problem instead most likely drawing you in to the heart wrenching stories in order to petition your heart for an open border that would devestate our economy and that no other working country in the world has. I will not spend money on this unless I find out that I am wrong and it is not just a another propaganda film for illegal immigration.
  • @ 9 What you say has some truth to it. But there is always two sides to the story. This happens to be the flip side. And, thing is life in general isn't fair; but the best course of action is never on one side or the other of a polar issue like this. Its *always* somewhere in the middle.
  • Kirk
    What is the right thing to do isn't always in the middle, we've already let the middle win and this is what you get for inaction. Anyway, making everyone who has been here already illegally for sometime legal without deportation IS already down the middle. Enforcing the law in the future is the right thing to do and would fix the problem. Say you've worked all your life to build a nice home for you and your family. Some familys who don't have as much as you do, come to your house whenever you are away and steal anything of value. You know who is doing it and can even lead the officers to them, but when you complain to the local law enforcement, they say "I'm sorry we just don't have the officers to arrest them." They also say "Don't you feel sorry for them anyway? I mean you do have more than they do, afterall." They also throw in that they happen to be a different race from yourself and "What?! Are you some kind of racist, too!" Same thing, only on a bigger scale and not as personally in your face. The money being stolen is coming out of your pocket through taxes and health insurance. No one can doubt that illegal immigration is detrimental to the economy, but you'll never see it being reported by major news outlets like it ought to be because of the type of politics involved. I appreciate that these are sad stories being told because of the current situation in this country, but when you see that it is fixable by enforcement in the future and not more relaxation of the law as this movie more than likely advocates,makes it is very frustrating. The law is cold and unfeeling yes, but it can also stop businesses from a slave labor force being created for the sake of bigger houses to live in or less expensive produce for us to buy. It can also reduce the racism that illegal immigration has bred in this country. We are so close to everyone being on equal opportunity in this country and we go and enable another category of people with inequality not suseptible to the law. We are not helping people by allowing illegal immigration to continue. We are letting racism and inequality continue into another generation through our inaction.




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