Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo on the Cliff Japanese Trailer

July 19, 2008

Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo on the Cliff Japanese Trailer

The first trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's latest film, Ponyo on the Cliff, has been discovered online and can be seen below. I have an immense appreciation for Hayao Miyazaki's animation and will always support all of his films. Ponyo on the Cliff is a more light-hearted film, similar to My Neighbor Totoro or Kiki's Delivery Service, but still looks quite amusing. I know for certain that even animators who work at Pixar are still inspired by Miyazaki's work. He continues to impress and dazzle in the 2D animation world and Ponyo on the Cliff looks just as vivid as all of his previous films. The trailer is completely in Japanese, so although it's hard to get a grasp on the story, the visuals are certainly still mesmerizing to watch.

Ponyo on the Cliff tells the story of a 5-year-old boy and his relationship with a goldfish princess who longs to become human. Even if you don't understand Japanese, you should be able to get most of this trailer.

Watch the trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo on the Cliff:

[flv: 480 270]

You can find more info on this movie at the official website:

Ponyo on the Cliff is both written and directed by master animator Hayao Miyazaki, of Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle previously, and was animated at the legendary Studio Ghibli. The Toho Company just released the film in theaters in Japan this weekend. Disney will distribute Ponyo on the Cliff in America hopefully sometime later in 2008.

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  • Kelley and Alec
    Miyazaki never fails to make the most wonderful and heartwarming movies. I have no doubt that this will be added to my list of favorites when it hits theatres.
  • Mr Pockets
    as odd as Miyazaki's films always are, I always find myself totally blown away by them. I'll be looking forward to this hitting theaters
  • This man is a poet, a genius, long life to Miyazaki san.
  • Unseen
    I wish america could just grasp these type of films for the greatness they are instead of passing them off as childrens movies. Animation can do so much that live action cant do, Artistically and ability to tell a more complete story through the original vision. The style of that film is pretty cool too. The color and the fantasy are very unified.
  • ZERO
    1:34m, and 1:38 That Thing Says Skeet hahahaha. Anyways Besides the Point. Spirited Away And Howls Moving Castle are Mt Favorite Movies of Hayao Miyazaki And This One Looks Promising a little To Kidish For Me But Ill Still Cheak it Out.
  • tristan
    gotta admit though, that song gave me an instant headache.
  • the film suppose to be titled: “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” .
  • IHateChildren
    I've liked all his other films, but I'll probably pass on this one. That song was like nails on a chalkboard and it does look like it's a film for those small annoying young people.
  • I love Miyazaki's films. My kid has seen a whole lot more Studio Ghibli films than anything else... well except maybe Pocoyo... but I digress. He's a year-and-a-half old and loves Kiki's Delivery Service and Totoro. My whole family is looking forward to this one as well.
  • Mrbobbyboy
    My only reservation is that compared to his past achievements, the animation didn't look THAT great. Maybe he's hiding all his money shots for the release. The character of Ponyo was a little annoying as well ... and let's not even talk about that song!
  • Mario Tenorio
    This is going to take ages to hit theatres here in Mexico. But Miyazaki never fails. A million thanks for the trailer, I've been waiting for over a year.
  • Miyazaki is the man .... he did a lot of great work that I am glad that I had the opportunity to watch some of his first directing animation serials : The Future Boy Conan ...and not just once but 4-5 times ... and the Detective Sherlock Hound .... I think Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle don't need any introduction ... 😉 He always was with his fresh magical strange characters some are so real and some are so childish but the point is not in the look of his characters but in the ability to have effect on you ... I simply can defend him by saying he is doing such childish character for his grandchildren ... End of the story .... but I am sure there is more than that .... As most of his movies were great ...I have a big hope in this one too ... and I am surprised that until now Hollywood doesn't make some of his works into a feature films .. maybe they can't buy the rights from him ???!!!
  • L
    I don't know if it is still the case, but for awhile Disney had the rights to Ghibli's releases to the USA starting with Princess Mononoke. They actually wanted to preserve the original quailty (yes, this is Diney we are talking about). As far as introducing them into the mainstream, the only "top critic" I see that always endorse Miyazaki's films is Roger Ebert.
  • REAL6
    Skeet Skeet Skeet...
  • Shige
    Just saw this and it is not good. Nothing compared to Speiritid Away quality. Mainly because of lack of good story. Very imaginary pictures and cute creatures but the story goes absolutely nowhere. Also, I cant stand that song. My wife was singing it all the way home because it was the only thing she liked about the film.
  • Looks bizarro, but Miyazaki's worst films are still better than most stuff out there, even with the annoying songs
  • Clamson
    I'm pretty sure that think said skeet at the end there.....huh......not sure how I feel about that.
  • Max
    Haha, love the music. Ponyo, Ponyoo.. Miyazaki's movies are always looking odd when you see trailers.. But they always surprise me to be honest, so ill just wait for the movie and tell you my opinion afterwards.
  • Ponyo
    PONYO SKEET! (hahahahaha). Seriously though, this looks great!
  • Pokémon skeet? I love his films, but I think I may pass on this one. I know his others look odd but there was something endearing about them all. This one doesn't seem to interest me in the least bit. I think you are all correct that it is geared more towards tiny, tiny humans.
  • raybecca
    SKEET? I heard Suki. Which means "like". In the bucket she said "Ponyo likes Sosuke" (Ponyo sosuke suki). They tend to pronounce "suki" more like "ski". It also makes her more cutesy. ^_^ I'm really looking forward to seeing this. I love Miyazaki's films. And the animation on the sea is amazing; It looks ALIVE.
  • Mia
    I'm sure there will be a different song when it hits the theaters in the US, or at least a different singer for the song. Pity they had to have that girl sing.
  • Sabrina
    lol it looks cute but..quite....strange world o_O ^^
  • kokovillage
    Anything Hiyao Miyazaki does is great. I think we can all watch and learn no matter what age we are. If you love to be delighted, Mr. Miyazaki does not disappoint. All my children ages 2 to 33 love his work. Where can I find a list of all of Mr. Miyazaki's work? Ya'll mentioned some of his movies I haven't heard or seen yet. God bless and peace to the world. Sayonara.
  • lovelydkarness
    IT IS NOT SAYING SKEET! What made you think that? this is a japanese film, not english with english slang! it's saying Suki and that means "like" or even love. It's pronounced like SKI not skeet. UGH! They say Daisuki, too. KAWAII! The preview for this movie makes it seem like it won't be impressive, but I know better. Miyazaki could never dissapoint me. nevarrrr!!!
  • Gavin
    Loved this when I saw it in Japan recently. It is a little more straight-forward as a story than some of HM's previous work, but still entirely magical.
  • Grace
    I've been waiting for miyazakis next film and after watching the trailer i am somewhat dissapointed. I love all of his work and support his films 100% so I"m excitied to see the movie..hopefully it's better than the trailer portatys it.
  • JJJ
    PONYO SASUKE SKEET ?????????/
  • Eric Brynelson
    Great another movie from (Hayao Miyazaki) he's the greatest!^^ Go! Go! Go! Keep it up! Miyazaki!
  • Eric Brynelson
    I sware his movies are like reading a book without the words I get relaxed I could watch movies over and over I can't put them down man he's excellent.
  • Eric Brynelson
    When it comes to movie making Miyazaki out does Don Bluth by a longshot I they're really like books without the words lol^^.
  • Eric Brynelson
    Speaking of (Don Bluth) is he doing anymore movies anyone know?
  • Isil Isgor
    One of my all-time fave already! Please don't prejudge the movie by just watching the trailer! The artwork in this movie (all the watercoloring) is absolutely stunning. The story is heart-warming. And well I am 29 and if you think this movie is geared for tiny humans, I am one of them and I dont wanna grow up!!! The soundtrack is composed and arranged by Joe Hisaishi and he does a great work once again as well! Ishu Miyazaki suke!!!
  • Luke
    Just watched the movie a couple of days ago. Those of you who mentioned that you're big Miyazaki fans (and certainly even those who have no idea who Hayao Miyazaki is--we were all one at one time) will not be disappointed in Ponyo. The OP was right in equating this to Hayao's slightly less adult (if that's fair to say about a Miyazaki movie) movies like "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Kiki's Delivery Service." It certainly has that vibe. Very, very good movie.
  • Steven Hong
    I'm a huge fan of anime in general and Miyazake films have always been near the top of my list. On my list of favs, Spirited Away, Pricess Mononoke, Laputa etc.. rank up there with the best anime films of all time like Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Though this may be geared towards a younger audience, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Miyazake films have always captivated me not because of stellar animation, though Miyazake anime has a style all it's own, but the storytelling is some of the best you'll find in the movie industry let alone the anime world. Just my humble opinion. Steven
  • ????
    Although it is not one of the more absorbing stories like Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away, Ponyo on the Cliff is a more like hearted story. It is pleasant to see how to think and feel like a child. I agree with the comment about the background artworks - Take a good look when you watch the movie.
  • sean Mitchell
    I saw a decent quality bootleg of this (subtitled) and I was blown away. I love Miyazaki's stuff the trailer didn't have me that excited for it. The animation didn't look as good and what not in the trailer but there are so many times where it blew me away in the movie. Well let me tell you you are all in for a huge treat when you see this! It is an instant classic.
    it was really good i already watched it in japanese though. it was amazing, there was alot of feeling behind the story. i think 0(^-^)0
  • Jackie
    I have personally seen the movie and its wonderful.
  • scossa
    è una cagata pazzesca
  • Tristan
    I seriously LOVE Hayao Miyazaki's films especially spirited away and howls moving castle the were awesome, i havent seen ponyo on the cliff yet but im looking forward to it, keep making awesome movies hayao nice war . . ! U
  • Tristan
    nice work no war, I mean and thats supposed to be a smiley face...
  • yugi
    hayao myazaki's work is wonderful I love his movies my sister's favorites movies are My neibhor totoro ,howl's moving casttle, and spirited away. keep that spirite mr we love your imagination.
  • krhottiegrl
    its not a tend to say SKI instead of SUKI. its just like that. -.- lol u frikin pervs.
  • vh
    I saw this animation last month and it was great, the story is good. All of his animation are good, I am always touched by his animation. The water scene is very new in his animation and I think it worked just fine, beautiful graphic and beautiful story. How can you not love Miyazaki's animation?
  • sandra unno
    my favorite movie of the world is ponyo on the cliff.because its a nice story.i like it,i like the story ponyo i wish thers a version two.mmmmmmmmmmmmmm................................. i know ponyo is a so cute!
  • Glass
    Spare us the hellstorm Miyazaki has unleashed upon the animation world with those monstrosities he calls films. He seems to have two distinct morphs of movie, neither one very good. The first is usually just him babbling about why nature is always good and man is always evil as he forces us to hear his characters have at least one speech about how good a person they are because they defend nature. Yes, Hayao, we are destroying nature, yes we are polluting the environment, how about telling us something new? He's not making his audience think with these types of movies, he's just selling them a guilt trip. The second is his other equally bad but far less offensive movie type where a female character is just usually crying and/or doing chores or wandering around a fantasy environment like they're on the world's dullest sightseeing tour. Just look at them, Kiki, Chihiro, Sophie, they spend more than half the movie crying or doing chores, it's like he made the exact same movie at least three times and switched the setting slightly. Then he gets praised for using a “strong” female protagonist because she happens to look determined in one single scene while she cries and whines the rest of the time. Miyazaki is not being creative. He utilizes the same themes and character types in every movie with little to no variation. Everyone praises his works for looking pretty while being distracted from the utter lack of realistic or meaningful story or character.




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