Insanely Freaky Red Band Trailer for Alexandre Aja's Mirrors!

July 2, 2008
Source: IGN

Mirrors Red Band Trailer

We're all pretty sure that Clive Barker's The Midnight Meat Train isn't going to be that great, so if you're still looking for your summer horror fix - this may be it. The first trailer for Mirrors that we played a few weeks ago wasn't all that impressive. In fact, I thought it was downright boring. However, a brand new red band trailer has debuted courtesy of IGN and damn does it give this film some much needed perspective. There is some ridiculously creepy and insanely scary stuff in this red band trailer, so if you can't handle that sort of horror, I suggest you stay far, far away. But if you're looking for some fresh new thrills with none other than Jack Bauer starring in the lead, then you may want to give this new trailer for Mirrors a shot. It definitely impressed me the second time around and now I'm really wondering whether this could be good!

Watch the red band trailer for Mirrors:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the red band Mirrors trailer in High Definition on IGN

Mirrors is directed by French filmmaker Alexandre Aja, of High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes, and the upcoming Piranha 3-D. The screenplay was written by Aja and his writing partner Grégory Levasseur. The film is actually a remake of a 2003 Korean horror film titled Into the Mirrors directed by Kim Sung-ho. Fox is releasing Mirrors in theaters on August 15th this summer.

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  • Great, won't be able to look in any mirrors for a week now - that was some freaky poo! I'm not really that much into horror (apart from my occasional viewing of the Saw series), but I might go for this, even though I'll not look in a mirror for weeks afterwards!
  • That looks great!!!
  • Robert
    Should be called Reflections, not Mirrors. You can see the "evil" in more than just mirrors.
  • Darrin
    looks great. too bad people won't care to see it.
  • Collin
    Some crazy stuff, but I have a feeling most of the creepy stuff in the film was in that trailer. Additionally, it didn't seem to have "rules" - people could stop looking in the mirror and still get suicided (or whatever you want to call it). At that point it feels a little gimmicky.
  • hhmm...I'm staying skeptical. the gory scenes were notable, but I HATE the overuse of the "innocent child" thing. I like the chick from Deja Vu, however.
  • Discateia
    Looks violent...
  • vic
    too much thrills like this is really bad for my heart and anxiety-id rather watch dark knight
  • RStewie
    Looks good! I'm glad to hear we've got more than just Saw permutations to look forward to!
  • Viper
    Well, that was a good movie. On to the next one... This trailer shows way too much.
  • daniel felts
    It looks a it creepy. I might go see it. But I hate in almost every horror movie, there is a stupid little kid saying " It's okay mommy". It gets annoying.
  • harrison
    yea besides the annoying kid this is a step up from that funny teaser trailer, but we now know everything except how it ends, which isnt worth the money to go see
  • E
    Oh MY God ... I think I'm traumatized by that trailer ... No, I definitely am ... Wow ... sometimes, with certain trailers, I don't always see or notice the difference between a red band and a regular - sometimes I do ... sometimes not. This one ... yeah ... I see it ... That was a visceral experience ... I'm not ok *laugh* But I loved it :)
  • L
    I completely agree with Harrison. I'm not a huge horror movie fan, but I felt like I just saw everything
  • jon
    i just watched this movie last night... only it was called 'poltergeist 3.'
  • Looks somewhat decent but it showed a lot it seems.
  • Walter
    I can't take overly violent movies seriously. A good scary movie is not gory, it is smart. The Orphanage is the perfect example of a creepy thriller.
  • twispious
    some ideas were definitely stolen from poltergiest (or it was some other movie i saw as a child)-the falling into the pool of water,& kid in mirror thing was done before.
  • Soak Cork
    that gave me chills all the way down to my vagina...
  • Robert
    "Insanely scary stuff"? What are you, 9 years old?
  • Heckle
    Ok...hate the mouth thing. That always freaks me out. OMFG....
  • MovieAce93
    another great asian horror movie made into a hollywood remake-- when are they going to stop?
  • Iluvhorror
    I think it looks great, but have been disappointed many times by so-called horror films. Hope this is not one of them. Maybe they did show all the good scenes in this preview, if so, thx for nothin'!
  • Bruno Santos
  • Melusina
    Yikes!!!!! From now on when I walk away from a mirror I will make sure my reflection is going with me.
  • Bruce
    Who cares about the movie, I want to help out poster #19 with the chills down in her vagina!
  • andre
    people like what they like,most of the time we like the entainment and the put togethers ,,if i can predict it,i should have wrote it,,and got the money, it only shows that i always drag my feet on projects,,either way thats show-biz,,i will catch the 10:05pm when it's dark out,,cant wait to feel chills at night,,there is a difference then the day,,
  • Saw this film last weekend. Terrible. ...Terrible. TERRIBLE!
  • AngelMarie
    all i like to really watch is scary movies this one could be potentionally good.... Exorcist is prolly the best scary movie ever though.




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