Iron Man Officially Joins Marvel's Avengers Line-Up!

October 28, 2008

Tony Stark in Iron Man

It's now official. Tony Stark aka Iron Man has officially joined The Avengers. Marvel has announced today (the full press release can be found on SuperHeroHype) that Robert Downey Jr. will appear in both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers as Tony Stark, with Jon Favreau set to direct Iron Man 2 and executive produce The Avengers. Additionally, Marvel confirms the announcement made a few weeks ago surrounding Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as Col. James "Rhodey" Rhodes. Cheadle is officially signed on to appear in Iron Man 2 and other Iron Man sequels (and presumably spin-offs) as well as The Avengers. Additionally, Marvel confirms that the full line-up will include: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and more. Sounds like every comic book geek's wildest dreams are finally coming true!

It's happening. It has begun. After years of waiting, we're finally going to get the ultimate crossover movie that we've all been dreaming of! Unfortunately it doesn't look like Jon Favreau will be directing this, as initially rumored. Nor will Hulk be one of the villains, as also initially rumored. Those confirmations aside, I don't think I'm the only one who is already incredibly excited to see this come together. This is only the first of many exciting announcements to come. And to give us a taste of things to come, Marvel leaves us with this. "In a movie event, The Avengers will bring together the super hero team of Marvel Comics characters for the first time ever, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and more, as they are forced to band together to battle the biggest foe they've ever faced." Who could that be?

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  • abomination
    Hulk won't be fighting Ironman? Aw.
  • Colin
    In a strictly literal sense, the biggest foe would be the Growing Man stimuloid, which would mean its master Kang the Conqueror would be in the mix...
  • Blue Silver
    I still bugged about Howard being replaced by Cheadle! I freakin' hate Cheadle!!!! :(
  • Great, Don Cheadle Its confirmed by Marvel. Im not familiar with marvel villians, only Magneto; but i would guess that the ultimate nemesis will be a bigger and mean version of them, thats how it works right? Iron Monger, Abomination. They should fight Magneto.
    I think they should bring howard the duck back in these movies, they can make galactus come and then howard escapes.
  • bat
    it's gotta be ULTRON!!!
  • There's Kang and Dr. Doom and Korvac, possibly. And The Mandarin - we did see reference to him in Iron Man with the '10 Rings' thing, and he's my favorite villain. Ultron would be good. I don't see them branching out into X-Men territory, so I don't see Magneto. Masters of Evil would be too much work, trying to develop every villain's character and motives. So I'm going with Ultron as the strongest possibility. I don't really give a fuck who it is, I'm just ready for 2010!
  • dave
    as long as Cheadle does as good as Howard i don't really mind this is great news that iron man will join the line up it really wouldn't be as great without
  • BadKarma
  • BadKarma
    maybe som1 they can start a new trilogy with
  • djw
    Ant man had better be in it, hes part of the avengers too ya know
  • Jaf
    I keep thinking about that CG short with Iron Man and the Hulk (and Spider-Man...) fighting Sentinels
  • Daas
    Avengers baby!! Dark Knight can enjoy its number 2 all-time gross slot for 3 more years then it'll be Avenger reign!!
  • dac_fan
    apocolypse, or ultron gets my vote.
  • tyler wilson
    this is good news, although we new it was inevitably going to happen. cheadle replacing is a shame but he is a great actor and will do a fine job, its just that howard was fantastic. I just cant wait until green lantern and thor.
  • Aucklander
    Onslaught would be a cool vilian ... But is he a X-men villian? or a Marvel Universe Villan
  • Mike McRorey
    Apocalypse is more x-men than avengers IMO. Ultron would be very doable and since we don't see a human face, you can pretty much do Ultron full cgi and not really know the difference.
  • Matt
    It should be Marvel Vs Capcom as the storyline. Just like the arcade game! Now thats a story i want to see!
  • Chris
    Doctor Doom has already been done Magneto is the arch enemy of the X-Men mostly so i would rule him out Onslaught was also mostly an X-Men villian Apocalypse was as well but he also fought other heroes so i wouldnt rule him out but i would rather see the X-Men fight him My vote would either go to Ultron or my hope, Galactus
  • Conrad
    I was thinking the same thing number 9 is, he just beat me to it. Apocalypse!!!!
  • big r
    this movie is going to kick so much ass, but its sad that it is 3 years away :(
  • Darrin
    i really wanted to see hulk kick iron man ass
  • Peloquin
    Fantastic Four already did Galactus (poorly, but they still used him) so I don't think they'll show us a villain we've already seen to alleviate the confusion that non comic book fans might face by saying "hey, wasn't this guy just a big cloud in a previous movie?" I bet they'll use The Leader as the main villain (hinted at in Hulk) who will use his cognitive powers to control an army of villains for the Avengers to fight.
  • bassbin
    this movie needs a decent director as iron man was lame as, someone who can make a 4hr slugathon for 250mil, thats the only way i think! ultron for bad ass
  • l
    Has Edward Norton, as hulk, officially been connected to the avengers. If it's not going to be him, I'll be so dissapointed..
  • Jayme
    Why are people saying that the Hulk won't fight the Avengers. I didn't see that anywhere until conclusions were jumped to. The Hulk could still fight the Avengers in some capacity. That is how the Avengers got together. The Hulk was used by Loki to do bad things, then the Avengers got together to stop him, and together the Avengers and the Hulk stopped Loki. It doesn't have to be Loki, but a similar story with a different villain could work. the Hulk v. the Avengers and then the Avengers + Hulk v. -insert villain mastermind here-
  • Remember once they bring in Thor it opens up a world of possibilities that Villains to come about. But I'm for anybody.
  • Lucky
    I totally agree with Jayme (26)
  • Cody
    yeah I am feeling #26 answer on this. yeah but like someone else said if nortons not hulk it could kinda ruin hulk for me.
  • DDOT3
    I think it's gonna be FING FANG FOOM
  • nacho
    fing fang fooooooooom!
  • rankbaajin
    my vote is that Dr banner starts to control the hulk, iron man tries to recruit him,(as hinted in ) gets punched out, more or less. then they kiss and make up only to see a fire ball come from valhalla wit thor kicking lokis behind, hulk goes for thor than cap america jumps in and say 'you guys CUMMON now take it outside' then iron man slaps cap A for being gay (whos gonna play the cap?) then they kiss and make up... again then they all fight the biggest super villian of them all...... Barbara Streisand. (or tetsuo from Akira)
  • MarkyMarkW67
    I'm surprised that this is reported as breaking news...has no one seen the after credits extra Ironman the movie???...check out the special appearance of Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury talking about "the Avenger issue" .......
  • george
    has anyone mentioned the skrull? the secret invasion would be pretty cool to see or since im already on the topic of secrets the secret wars would be cool to but maybe a lil too much
  • Daniel
    The Avengers started with Ironman In the books,and with the post credits scene in Ironman,and the last scene of the Incredible Hulk,I don`t understand why it`s news that Ironman will be in the Avengers movie.Since Loki(loke in the good ol`norwegian) was the villain that made these heroes join up in the first place.I would think he would join the cast of villains? Enyway,Im sure both Thor and Captain America`s own movies have to be made before the Avenger movie.Im betting summer 2013 or 14? As far as Magneto as a villain,I really hope they keep him for an X-men reboot cause X3 left that whole universe in ruins. The abomination was good for the hulk movie ,but a rematch in the avengers would be a waste.I think we`ll see Bruce Banner getting some control over the hulk in the next movie,but like it happend in the books,he loses it and then is faced with the avengers.So maybe the hulkbuster Ironman suit comes into play,and Hulk is back rampaging in Hulk 3?Maybe even Gray Hulk? Enyway I still think a secret wars story like the original,with the beyonder pitting everybody against each other is the way to go AFTER the avenger movie. JUST KEEP SPIDERMAN OUT OF ALL THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Krow
    I have a feeling there going to over do the movie and its gunna suck. just a feeling tho.
  • J0K3R420
    You guys are all nuts. Nobody has even mentioned the Red Skull, the greatest and most frequent threat to the Avengers. He's the whole reason S.H.I.E.L.D. brought Captain America out of suspended animation. In the Red Skull's origin story he was just a Nazi S.S. who wore a grotesque skull mask. Johann Schmidt (Red Skull) is killed during a battle with Captain America but his mind is reurrected decades later by HYDRA in a cloned body of Steve Rogers (Captain America). Now going by the name John Smith, he becomes a respected, wealthy American businessman until he is exposed to a dose of his own Dust of Death and his face becomes disfigured, literally becoming a red skull. It would perfectly set up the Avengers movie by having them turn to Captain America to help them defeat an enemy from the past. I think Ultron would be a good idea for an Avengers sequel. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Ultron was created by Hank Pym (Ant-Man) as an army of robots designed to be expendable super soldiers. In the Marvel Adventures Universe, Ultron is a highly-intelligent neural network that was created as a computer-based national defense system. I think a hybrid of these two versions would fit well into the Marvel universe, kind of like Skynet in the Terminator movies. It would also be a great way to introduce the Vision, one of my favorite Avengers, who was created by Ultron to kill Pym.
  • yuigg
    loki duh




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