It's Official - School of Rock 2: America Rocks Moving Forward!

July 14, 2008

School of Rock

It's now official - Paramount is getting the team back together for School of Rock 2: America Rocks. First, Jack Black said he wouldn't return unless Richard Linklater came back, then screenwriter Mike White said when he finished a draft of the script he was crying at the end. Now Paramount has officially greenlit the sequel and is currently developing it with the whole band back. Not only is Mike White back, but Jack Black is in, and so is director Richard Linklater and producer Scott Rudin from the original. For some, this is going to be a let down, for others, this might be great news. Either way, you need to hear the concept before you start making any judgments, because it actually sounds promising.

Officially titled School of Rock 2: America Rocks, the film picks up with Dewey Finn (Jack Black) leading a group of summer school students on a cross-country field trip that delves into the history of rock 'n' roll and explores the roots of blues, rap, country and other genres. Mike White, who wrote the original School of Rock as well as Orange County, Nacho Libre, and Year of the Dog is returning, as is Richard Linklater, who directed the original as well as Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, Fast Food Nation and A Scanner Darkly. The comedy only cost $30 million to make and earned $81 million at the box office in October of 2003.

Why is this good news? If you loved the original film, like me, this has the same feel as that - the entire "band" is back, from the director, to the screenwriter, to the producer, to the star. The only thing missing is the same kids from the first one, but for all we know, some of them could make an appearance. Although the concept sounds promising, I'm not sure whether I can say it might surpass the first, only because that would be a phenomenal feat. As it stands, I'm looking forward to this quite a bit - I think the whole team might be able to make something that at least is an enjoyable compliment to the original. And Jack Black back as Dewey Finn exploring blues, rap, country, and rock sounds as enticing as Walk Hard, although not everyone liked that movie. What are your thoughts on this sequel now that's it greenlit?

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  • Davor
    the first one was good movie lets hope they can do something even better
  • Jessica
    Loved the first movie, love Black and I love Mike White. As long as the storyline and the acting is good, hopefully I'll love this sequel. Sound promising, and I'm looking forward to hearing more on this movie.
  • cyn
    I would love to see this if everyone came back! Black and White are great. Just hope they keep the kids acting on par with the first one. Hope Joan Cusack's and Sarah Silverman's characters return too.
  • I really dont know the first never really screamed "sequel" to begin with hopefully it'll be something worth watching
  • Keith
    The original was good, so I'll see this.
  • funnytunney
    no joke, i never really thought about being a teacher till i saw the first one and was like, "ya i'd love to inspire kids" (not through music though, probably through movies ha). and now that i'm almost done getting my teaching degree, it's simply poetic they'd do a sequel ha
  • I think the sequel sounds good - especially considering they were able to bring everyone back. It indicates, at least at the core, that the creative parties responsible are more interested in producing something with integrity rather than cashing in.
  • Curits
    I didn't think it really need a sequel but im all in for it sounds interesting, but wont be as good as the first.
  • Kyle
    The first one was good, in my opinion, because of the schoolkids. Their personalities bounced off Jack Black's amazingly well (especially the smart-alecky girl who's now on Nickelodeon, she cracked me up), and I think that's what made the movie. They need to have at least some of the kids reappear, because if Jack Black is the only returning cast member, it's going to feel like a repeat of the first movie (i.e. Black meets new kids, arguments, working together, great show, end). THat's not to say it doesn't have a chance, or that I won't go see it.
  • I like the idea.
  • Drake
    i loved the first one. i hope the sequel is great.
  • I loved the first one. It was one of my favorite movies of 2003, and the DVD gets some playing time at least once every six to eight months at my house. This sequel concept doesn't sound very appealing to me though. Sounds very sequelistic: they're trying to take the best part of the first (Jack and the kids) and then trying to give us more of that while probably excluding the other bits. But sometimes it's the other bits that make the good parts seem so good. It's like how Nutty Professor 2 just had more of Eddie in the fat suits but kind of forgot to include a plot. And Predator 2 had a lot of scenes of guys getting predatored to death, but had none of the tension of the first. And every other sequel out there that sucked has usually been the result of the same kind of laziness. I'm there opening day for this, but it wouldn't shock me one bit if they fail to capture the original's magic. I'll go see anything Jack Black is in, even the new chick flick films. But stuff like Envy has shown me that no amount of JB's tasty goodness can save some films. I'm hoping this will be something closer to S.o.R. 1 or Pick of Destiny than Nacho Libre or Shark Tale.
  • heath
    I've been waiting for a sequel to this for years. I would love for the original kids to come back but they've probably all gone through puberty and might not have the same charm they had back in 03. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they brought back the manager girl who's currently on that nickelodeon show iCarly. I also saw a glimpse of the gay kid in the trailer for Hamlet 2.
  • taiwantravelbook
    Jack Black is great in this role, sounds like a fun movie that should make money at the box office. I'll see you there with popcorn in hand. :)
  • gig girl
    I really enjoyed the first movie but it kind of seemed like it was only as good as it was because of the kids, in particlar Freddy (drummer), Summer (band manager), Lawrence (keyboard) and Zack (guitar). I think it would be a shame to not bring these kids back, as it's just too predictable to shove Jack Black's Dewey Finn infront of another class of pupils and watch the outcomes.
  • Terry Osborne
    It is about time! This is one of the few movies with Black leading the cast that has actually kept a faithful audience over the years. It was a true vision of inspiration. It should have gotten more nods than some of the other movies that came out in 2003. I mean come on people this movie shwed that a slacker could turn his life around and at the same time show the world what he could do while teaching some sheltered stuck up kids the same thing.
  • My opinion matters
    This is stupid Why would they ruin it?
  • dewey finn
    I was a HUGE fan of the original and it is in my nature to ALWAYS want a sequel to anything that I like. If I see a movie that I love, I scream for a sequel 99.9% of the time. However, School of Rock may be the only movie where this is not the case. It was amazing, but it stands alone as a single entity. It began, carried through with a great cast and thoroughly enjoyable (albeit predictable) plot, and then it ended. It ended! There was no feeling at the end of that movie that said "and now wait to see what happens next!" In the School of Rock universe, this tale had ended. Bringing it back for another go-round, no matter how well-intentioned or well written/acted/directed will feel like a desperate attempt to relive something that once was. It will feel awkward and out of place. Half of me wants to go see it because the first one is probably my favorite movie of all time, but half of me wants to ignore the sequel to KEEP the first one my favorite movie of all time. Too much of a good thing is always bad, and even for something as amazing School of Rock, two movies is too much. Who knows? Maybe Black and White and Linklater will make something even MORE awesome come out of this and it will be a miracle, but I think there are many out there like me who feel that the first one was what it was and a second one would taint not only itself, but also the first one. The problem with making this sequel is that it can never be un-made. If it bombs, it will not only fail as its own movie, but it will have left a permanent blemish on the otherwise pristine face that is School of Rock. In conclusion to this long and unecessary rant: Stretch a rubber band too far and it will snap.....and then your screwed. Don't screw us, School of Rock. I beg you. Don't screw us.
  • none of ur biz
    The first movie was filmed at my school PROMISE!!!!! the parts that were in my school were the lunch room teachers lounge and princibles office I have been in all of those places and they acutally took down a wall in the lunch room the gym behind there is not norally seen during normal school lunches and the teachers during the school year is not a teachers lounge it is not a teachers lounge it is just a spear room that they use for say orientaition or book fairs science fairs ect. I hope the sequel is at my school
  • rockin kid
    I really enjoyed the first school of rock and i cant wait for the sequel. p.s if you need an actor contact me @ my e mail
  • stikitodamanitus
    who cares about the acting - the soundtrack it baddass or not? I hope they use acdc's new one.
  • renesuarez
    School of Rock rocks! But they need to bring back at least some of the kids, if not all of them. Rebecca Brown was sadly underused...
  • Denny
    only one question....WHEN IS IT COMING OUT?! O.O
  • 2010. 0.0
  • First one was a Great movie! 2nd should have the same kids going on a field trip taking them to places like the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm sure there are many more historic rock n roll places around this great USA they could go to. I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention others here. Anyway... Hope it gets made. I really Loved the 1st School of Rock.
  • Hannah
    School of Rock is my favorite movie. As a matter of fact, I just got finished watching it :) I really want the same kids to be in it but they probably wont be since they are now like 15!!
  • Well they say that a sequel s never better than the origanal but i have a feeling that this is the film that will b better
  • kk903
    I thought the first was a hit! I'd be one of the first to see the next. I think the second will be as good as the first. The kids are so talented and Jack Black is hilarious. I cant wait until the second comes out!!
  • Sam Lathow
    A sequel sounds like a bit of a double edged sword. I love the idea of a sequel just to see Black in a role that I feel he truly excelled at and hasn't found again since. On the other hand the story sounds very much like a version of the original in different genres to classic rock. It'd be all the worse if they don't re-use the original kids as any new kids would have trouble winning over anybody that has seen the first because Joey, Kevin, Rebecca and Robert were incredibly good at their roles. There in lies another problem I think. Joey, Kevin and Rebecca would most likely return if asked but Robert was reluctant the first time round.
  • Wappa Goo
    I'm not sure on this one. I can't explain how much I loved th first one, but the rap and other stuff sounds pretty weak. If it's going to be called School of Rock, it shoud be about classic or modern rock. How awesome if the whole original cast came back? We've seen Miranda Cosgrove grow up since the original but most of the other kids haven't been heard of since then. Well, at least I have't heard about anyone else. And if the second one sucks, then we'll always have the original. School of Rock 2 please, please don't suck.
  • Hunter
    The first one was so good I can't belive that theres a second one it will be great. Do not go to Youtube and watch the school of rock 2 videos they are in Japonise. Signed Hunter AKA movie lover of Rock
  • aaron!!!
    wen is this movie goin to be released ? i loved the first one 😀
  • megz
    Im excited. but i wish the kids would come back. thats the only bad thing. but i love the idea of exploring musics roots. amazing. can't wait!!!
  • Holden
    I like the idea. I think it will be really good with Jack Black again. I like to see Jack Black rockin' out.
  • sasuke
    i wish they kept the same kids. it would be great to see Miranda again!
  • Kenny
    A huge fan of music, and a songwriter, I LOVED the first one! THe soundtrack was kick-ass (even though it took me five years to find) I cannot wait for this film!! I hope the "band" records another song or two for the next sountrack.
  • John Cobain
    I love the school of rock kids lineup, this movie will be sad without Rebecca Brown :( and Zack Atack, Freddy Jones, The Aretha Franklin-Like kid.
  • Miro
    I love school of rock i can see that movie 1000 times and i will love it like the first time. And i wish to be 3 or more parts of that movie :D:D
  • We r so siked that school of rock 2 is coming out!!!!! Jack Black you ROCK MAN!!!! :) We Hope that they have the same kids on the show!!! Will they?
  • Aly
    This rocks! I started to scream when I heard that a SECOND movie was coming out! I sure hope they use the same group of kids!!! Alyssa
  • This rocks! I started to scream when I heard that a SECOND movie was coming out! I sure hope they use the same group of kids!!!
  • Jon
    Attention!! I have some awesome School of Rock T-Shirts for Sale! Look for me on Ebay.. my ID: Coast2Coast-Deals or email me for pictures & sizes. Cost $17.00 Total (lower 48 United States - shipping included) I accept debit/credit cards through PayPal or Google Checkout. I'm a big fan of this movie too and couldn't find any cool shirts so I had a limited number of these made up. This is for the serious collector and not mass produced. Permanent Silk screened image (Not iron on decal) Quality pre-shrunk 100% cotton White short sleve T-shirt. My Email: Thanks for reading.
  • vedgor
    i'm looking forward to see School Of Rock 2, first movie was absolutely amazing.
  • Emma
    Still cant find when this is going to be released. Anyone know? Jack Black is awsome (been to see the D perform) and this movie was a great allrounder. Hurry the movie, I cant wait!
  • SGT. robert k. estevez
    i `m a big fan . i even saw the first movie at a private screening without the credits at the end. as a true fan , sadly i must say this : s.o.r. 2 is going to suck for one big reason :ALL THE ORIGINAL KIDS ARE NOT GOING TO BE IN IT !!!!!!! WITHOUT ZACH, FREDDY, KATIE AND ESPECIALY SUMMER, THIS MOVIE WILL FLOP!!!! SHAME ON JACK BLACK FOR NOT TRYING HARDER!!!!
  • LoveCatKiwi
    Hmmmm.... I am a HUGE fan of SOR, and when I heard there could be a sequel, I was excited, but when I heard that the kids wont be in it, I was DEVASTATED. It's not School of Rock without Zach, Freddy, Lawrence, Summer etc... It just wouldn't be the same! =[ I'll give it a chance though, because Jack Black and the whole team from the first one are awesome working together, so they might save it... Let's hope.
  • ramm
    huge sor fan here!and i am hoping that they get the original casts..esp freddy (kevin clark) coz he's soo fine..even if he became a wee bit chubbier..if not, i would be disappointed..hope that katie (reb brown) and zack (joey g) would get on board too..miranda (summer) is easy to contact now that's she's famous...coz of sor, i learmed how to play bass, guitar and drums and i am really good at it!
  • Matt
    Lawrence is the shit...they need him to make it good enough to be worthy.
  • B-Fan
    Even though it sound decent, the original WILL most definately be the best, as Becca (katie) is in that one.. Yes, that is the best thing i can come up with, my point: it isn't the same thing, if the kids aren't the same..
  • Ashlee
    I dont know if ill watch it becuase the main cast was the best and without the kids it could be crap!
  • jackblackkingkong
    Iy just won't be the same as the first... (**sigh**) i mean, think about it! the first ones theme is about dewey finn illegally teaching kids to play music... and now we've got him LEGALLY taking kids on a cross-country feild trip....... i wouldn't go to it if i didn't love the first so much.. really sounds like a money-maker to me
  • Jade
    Yeah. I deffinitely think you should consider the older kids from the first movie to be in it...maybe they should change the theme to fit with the old characters nad everything that happened at the end of the last movie.
  • I am quite impressed by the first one. I hope the sequel wil be better!
  • Julia
    Loved the first one.... would LOVE the second if the same kids are in it =)
  • ALY
    Same here JULES! Og courze u know who this is! But anyway! SOR2, where can i begin??? Here, (it's a summary) How can it possibly get any better than this??? ALY
  • amos
    it was jut rocking as the name sounds and what a good team of members they were
    I pray to god this is amazing, cause if it sucks it will tarnish the legendary first one.
  • Gabbiee
    omg! school of rock is my favoite movie eveer! at one point i had to watch it 4-6 times a week for about 2 and a half months. lol. im soo puumped for this one to come out! when is it going to come out? lol hopefully soon! <3!
  • ADA
    I am soo looking forward to the movie! There are soo many awesome things about the first one. I bet I have it all memorized1 And the one person that I wanna see it with Is JEB(initials)
  • Joris
    School Of Rock is an awesome movie. I hope the kids came back. They has given the band name, School Of Rock. If not, I hope the new guys rock too!
  • Blah
    I read a something somewhere where someone said that the kids were too old but i dont think the kids are too old, there are adult actors who play high schoolers. But i hope they can get some of the kids back like Miranda Cosgrove {because she's not too old} and some of the others. I hope[=
  • i know the kid who played zack in the first one. he graduated high school last year. he was a drunk and a druggie. want his myspace?
  • i really dont know. the first school of rock was pretty good. so i hope this one rocks too. :) and luvin jack black
  • osamina juzinohu
    i like this haha
  • osamina juzinohu
    i like this one so much i love it i think jackie blackie is good man i come to the UK on a lorrie shit dont tell no one haha i luv ur mum Dernomanje Trofo hi to my pakistanie mare Jebab he meet jack black in a restuarent i cunt spell haha i luv USA the movie is amazing jebababa i hope jack gets a new violin
  • ur mama
    i so wanna shoot a guitar i play a drum its so good
  • Avida
    I LOVE SCHOOL OF ROCK #1 THAT WAS THE BEST!!!i wish the kids, sarah silverman and joan cusack' characters would come back, that would be the best
  • sarah
    oh i am soo excited!!! im very happy but this is random (in a very good way!) its been 6 years since the first one came out!! oh i would really like to have summer back... she was hilarious
  • Nolan
    I am very excited I loved the first one. I can only imagine what the second one will be like. It will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fernando
    When the heck is this movie coming ouuuuut! Tell me
  • kk903
    the first movie is my favorite movie in the enitre world!! i own it and i would by very sad to see that the second movie isnt good. i would like to see it, yet, i dont think the second will be as good as the first. i too would like to know when the movie is coming out. hope they have commercials for it soon!!!! so excited!!!! hope they keep some of the original people like Miranda Cosgrove and Joey Gaydos Jr.
  • JonasLover
    OMG! I WISH There Was A 2nd Movie!! Its My Fav Movie EVER! And I Hope The Orignal Cast Will Be In It Aswell!:)
  • abud422
    guys i hope that school of rock 2 will be showing this september love u becca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • peter brooks
    seen sor music sounded good untill i heard jack black and those kids give a live gig 2006 vid on utube they souned awful the singing was flat the kids could not hit high pitch as for jack black his singing was rubbish who ever told him he could sing
  • dudettetomas
    I must say this is quite a let down for me. School of Rock is my all time favorite movie. If the sequel ruins it, I'll be devastated. They better do a good job!!!! or else. just kidding. dudette thomas
  • Frador
    This movie is gona ROCK!! That's all that needs to be said.
  • Kartman Baydos
    Does anyone else think they should pull the plug on this thing? The good thing is when they get a second look at this movie on DVD, they'll see these sell-out actors, producers etc...for what they really are: Hollywood whores! The only way it won't ruin the story line is if they take the blues, rap and country thing out of the script and recast the original band members! When the story line is altered in such a way that appeals to fans of all genres, it loses its credibility and in the process, compromises the integrity of rock! This is the same thing that went wrong with Guitar Hero and its the same thing that always goes wrong with sequels. The releasing of the movie is only going make fans see the movie off of impulse, making theaters rich and the people involved in movie making even richer! Fans are going to be too focused on the glamorization of a sequel to care that they're wasting their money. Its more trouble than its worth trying to pass a history movie off as a true rock movie! I don't like the idea of Jack Black including other genres, but rock! Rock got where it was by breaking the rules: A bunch of things I hope Mr. Jack Black still holds true to!
  • monaliza bermudez
    I'm very excited to watch this movie!!!!I'm sure its gonna rock AGAIN....
  • Dan
    I'm not sure about a sequel to tell you the truth. Sequels often don't even compare to the first. Take The Sandlot for example; first one, great movie. All others that followed, sucked. So i'm a little unsure about a sequel for School of Rock. I'll definately see it because i loved the first, but I don't know. It would be better if they kept the same kids and they are in highschool.
  • Damian
    First movie is one of the best movie i've ever seen. It will be hard to do better movie.
  • Ally
    yeah the first one was awesome loved the guitar solo that zach did looking forward to the sequel
  • Morgan
    Just saw School of Rock for the hundredth time. Its been 2 years since School of Rock 2 has been "Greenlit". How long is it going to be until it comes out. I bet they prolly scraped it and are not going to finish it.
  • len
    Any update regarding this movie?
  • cathy
    LOVED THE FIRST MOVIE. Was hoping for a sequel, so look forward to seeing it when released.
  • Jim
    The first movie was BEAST! I want to believe that the sequel will rock, but usually they don't. Hoping it will rock. Jack Black is one of my favorite actors. As others said having the same actors in the next movie would be pretty awesome, the members being older amd stuff.
  • lily
    first movie was epic. amazing. jaw dropping awesome. i loved it!! i am actually watching it right now! i NEED the second one!!!! i really really really hope they dont drop this movie!!!
  • sunny
    school of rock part 1 was way better than the average hit movies. now everyone's expecting this second part to be way better than first one. lets see how this movie is presented. something just good will certainly dissapoint audiences n fans.
  • Mai Hassabo
    I think its great but the actors are now grown up. it has been 7 years! and it wont be the same with other people instead. but it wont be as good as the first one! the first movies are always the best. thanks for reading SCHOOL OF ROCK :) SCHOOL OF ROCK :) SCHOOL OF ROCK :) SCHOOL OF ROCK :) SCHOOL OF ROCK :) SCHOOL OF ROCK :) SCHOOL OF ROCK :) SCHOOL OF ROCK ......... SCHOOL OF ROCK............ SCHOOL OF ROCK ............. SCHOOL OF ROCK............... SCHOOL OF ROCK ...............
  • Wong Yuen Ho
    school of rock 2 doesn't have rebecca brown Oh No!!!! I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sdaw
    becca love u,pls beccabecca becca becca becca becca becca becca becca
  • Chanelle
    I hate this because the same kids are not in the movie
  • AntiMatterCal
    Is this gogin to happen, or not?




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