Jason Statham Wants to Play Daredevil, Frank Miller Agrees

August 5, 2008
Source: LA Times

Jason Statham as Daredevil

An interesting rumor, nothing more than merely some speculation, arrives today from the LA Times. Writer Geoff Boucher apparently caught up with Jason Statham and comic legend Frank Miller at the Hard Rock Hotel during Comic-Con and ended up chatting with them both about Daredevil, a character that Miller helped flesh out in the late 70's. The discussion ended up focusing on the idea of a new movie to reboot the character, not unlike The Incredible Hulk this summer, and both Statham and Miller expressed quite a bit of enthusiasm. Statham himself even exclaimed, "absolutely, just give me the chance, I would love to be Daredevil." Miller's response to that: "I think he should be Daredevil too." Does this mean there's a Frank Miller written or directed Daredevil movie in the works with Jason Statham playing Matt Murdock?

No, of course not, that idea is preposterous! The 2003 Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck is highly regarded as one of the worst comic book movies to date, even though the Director's Cut apparently irons out some of the kinks. Miller's background with the character would make this idea certainly feasible and Statham might be an interesting choice, but I don't know if it'll fly. The differences between Affleck and Statham are so vast that it doesn't even compare to Eric Bana and Ed Norton both playing Bruce Banner, and I can't get Affleck's incarnation of the character out of my mind. I don't think there's any reason to dwell on this rumor for too long anyway, because when and if it ever does come together, we'll address our concerns then. But for those who are big fans of Marvel's Daredevil, let's pose a question to wrap up this news tonight.

Would Statham make a great Daredevil if Frank Miller gave him the chance?

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  • carlos
    I swear to gawd that Statham plays the SAME! character in every movie.... just like Segall... ­čśŤ
  • Curtis
    i dont know what the big deal with Ben Affleck's Daredevil was in my opinion i thought it was pretty good dont get me wrong it was perfect and had a lot of things wrong with it but my god worst comic book movie ever is a little far fetched (cough Ghostrider cough) I would like to see a new Daredevil film done better but the way everyone that went to comic con are talking about how crappy the spirit panel was then maybe we should just leave it alone or get another director and get Frank to be a ex-director.
  • ismahawk
    that sounds like an absolutely terrible idea, jason statham sucks
  • Kyle A. Koyote
    I would love a daredevil isn't quite the worse comic book movie of all time...but it is not even worth considering Ben Affleck to play the role again. Statham would be interesting.. but for a comic book character I would rather see Statham play many other characters first.
  • I LOVE the directors cut of the original film. It's adult, it's good, and while some of the effects are bad, it's story is great and we really get to know the characters.
  • Will S. (Co. Springs)
    Bleh. Not a Jason Statham fan myself. It's almost like he tries really really hard to be a badass, but falls just short.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    is he even capable of hiding his accent? i mean physically if he never takes off the costume he may be able to pull off being Daredevil, but Statham as Matt Murdock i just can't picture. the first Daredevil movie was a stinking car wreck, they took off important supporting characters and added them as crappy supporting characters on the Elektra movie, even going as far as making one a villain (not a decent one either).
  • Merc
    What the hell? What's with the negativity against Statham... A Miller Daredevil reboot would rock hard, especially with Jason at the wheel. I also need to get that bullshit Ben Affleck version out of my head.
  • Kail
    Please god no, the original Daredevil was good enough(well the director's cut anyways, don't really remember the original having only seen it once). Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock was perfect, god honest truth, I thought he was good for the part, and I've read the comics. I hope Jason Statham has nothing to do with the film industry ever again, I mean c'mon, he's a shitty fucking actor who stars in terrible action flicks like The Transporter and Crank.
  • Rai
    Yep, the first movie was utter shit. If Miller himself agreed Statham could and should do it, I'm going to listen.
  • Josh
    i was excited when i read this
  • K
    I think the first Daredevil was excellent! Don't get all it's bad press/reviews. I think Statham would be an great choice.
  • Steve
    I agree with #9, 10 and 11. I saw the first Daredevil in the movie theater and again on a flight to Vegas - and I fell asleep during both. To quote Homer Simpson - "BORING!!!" I can't stand Ben Affleck as an actor. I say bring it on Miller and Statham. You can only go up from here.
  • Film Fan
    No shit, what's with all the Statham negativity? He's a solid guy. And I too was excited when I read this. He's perfect for the role. Not Ben stinkin' Affleck. Who I don't mind, but not as an "action" star. Even he realized this and went back to drama and comedy.
    I think statham is put in the same role over and over, and I think he needs something like this to prove himself, just like Heath Ledger did. He would do great, very intense, and badass. AND!!!! anyone would be better than Ben Affleck!!! Whos bright idea was that anyway? Stupid Hollywood trash..... Ewwwww, Ben Affleck spooge!!!
  • Omega728
    Sounds interesting, Statham as Dare Devil I could see but as Murdock I don't. I like Miller involved in some kind of way, but as the director... I don't know. Guess I'll have a better idea after The Spirit comes out. Yeah, Statham's characters has been pretty much one dimensional... let's just hope that this doesn't become a Transporter/Dare Devil cross over if it does happen. Never seen the Director's cut version, but DD has to be close to the bottom of my Comic book movies. Ben Affleck was stiff as Heck. The fight scene with Elektra in the playground was gay as hell! The only thing I could give Ben in this movie is that he looked the part. Maybe if DD took the route of TDK (sorry for another Dark Knight comparison) cause they pretty much have the same concept.
  • NicoRaineau
    This is the one subject that I care about most, I shit you not. I am building my whole career up to the chance to helm a Daredevil reboot one day, so clearly, this and all posts that follow on the subject will feature comments (strong opinions) from me. Some of you may agree with what I say, and others will surely grow to hate me. To all those of you who thought Mark Johnson's Daredevil was anything more then a steaming pile of soul crushing crap, I encourages you to stop snorting cocaine and pick up a Daredevil trade. And Ben Affleck? For a man who claims to have grown up reading Daredevil comic books, he should have known that he was an awful choice to play the role. If he loves the character so much, he should have passed and gave it to someone like Ed Norton. That was always my first choice, and apparently I wasn't off because his Bruce Banner was great and proved that he can successfully reboot a Marvel character. That being said, he can't play two Marvel heroes, so the search goes on... Jason Statham? If Jason Statham plays Daredevil, and furthermore if MILLER supports him... I am seriously going to question Frank Miller's judgement. Yep, me, the nobody film snob is going to question the guru of comic books. I said it. Jason Statham as Matt Murdock is like asking Vinne Jones to play Papa Smurf. Matt Murdock is not a weight lifting pig head, he's an introverted acrobat, and I don't care how many jump kicks Statham has pulled off for the Transporter franchise, he is simply not Murdock quality. I will await further terrible news on this subject. Hopefully I will not sit by as my favorite Marvel character is trashed and burned for the second time in a row.
  • andrew
    i agree with #15 about Jason at some point needs to prove himself, but i am excited to hear this. i think they need to get Joe Quesada on board too if daredevil is going to be any good.
  • "even though the Director's Cut apparently irons out some of the kinks." It does Alex. I have the film in my collection. Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the Director's Cut of Daredevil. 1. There are way more swear words in this version. 2. The confessional scenes are gone. 3. The lame sex scene is gone. 4. The first addition is when Murddock is talking with his father before the accident. 5. The sequence of the accident scene is modified and has added footage. 6. the hospital scene has added footage. He lets his dad know of his new abilities. 7. The roof top training sequence has additional footage. 8. The father has additional boxing footage. Blood coming out of his mouth and hard hits. The father has an addition when he's coming out of the training room, red robed up and Muddock is on the floor. Murdock gets up when his dad passes and follows him out to his last boxing match. 9. You see Fallon in the car after Murdock's father is killed. 10. Murdock wakes up in his sensor dep. tank. There's a shot of his knee and calves, I guess to show their adjustable strength. You hear they move when he stands. 11. Murdock and his partner walking out of court. 12. More brutal and extended night club scene. You can actually see that its a badass biker bar. A girl flashes, bikers spin wheels. Jose defends himself after the bartender makes a comment. Murdock breaks someone's arm and beats the crap out of three guys with his two staffs. Bullets get deflected back and kill the shooter. Murdock also says "Time to pay the devil his do." There's more dialog before Jose is finally killed. 13. Wincing footage as Murdock takes off his DD jacket. As Murdock gets into his tank, Murdock hears a whore get murdered and does nothing. He gets into his tank and closes the lid. 14. Playground Elektra/DD fight is extended with footage and dialog. 15. Rap song playing over Kingpin intro has f*** peppered throughout. Kingpin murders two of his guards with his bare hands for no reason. He cracks the skull of one with his cane and breaks the neck of one with one hand as he holds him against the wall. It was badass and unexcepted. Hardcore. 16. Bullseye gets an entire airport scene added when he comes to America. It's so cool and funny. On the escalator, he hold his hands up like he's ascending to heaven or something. He's got a paper clip in his mouth and he has to walk through a metal detector. There's a guitar playing in the back ground making the scene even better. It's priceless. 17. Coolio footage is added. It's weak. Murduck and company investigate the whore's death. Police think Coolio did it. 18. Added church scene and scene in the ball at the hotel. Their is also added footage of a nun (Murddock's mother actually) that's cool. 19. In this version, Bullseye says "I want a f***ing costume." 20. Lame Coolio trial footage. Lame. 21. Elektra has extra Training footage. 22. Extra alley footage. 23. The Elektra/Daredevil fight is extended. 24. The Elektra/ Bullseye fight is extended. Too much wire work for me though. Bulleye kisses her after he stabs her. 25. Murddock says a few dark things to the priest before the Bullseye fight happens. 26. The DareDevil/Bullseye fight is extended but the computer generated stuff looks bad. Real bad. 27. WOW scene has been added w/ the detective talking to him about the dead whore at a bar. 28. Kingpin/Daredevil fight is extended. Its more intense and bloodier. Daredevil punches Kingpin many times in the face, which he barely feels even when blood is drawn. 29. Additional footage of Murdoock walking the city, talking to the priest. You see Kingpin and WOW in prison cells and Bullseye in the hospital. All in all, still flawed but a better version of DareDevil.
    Back to this Ben Affleck thing.... even Jack Black would have been a better Dare Devil.
  • al
    I don't hate Statham as much as everyone else seems too on these comments. But I just don't see him as Daredevil. There's word going around that they want to use Miller's born again storyline, in which case I think Statham would be perfect for Nuke, one of the villians. Affleck said he wasn't interested in returning, so that obviously leaves to get a much better actor in the role. I would love to see an actor on the level od Edward Norton or Robert Downey Jr. in that role I'm just not sure who. A friend of mine suggested either Sean Penn or Josh Brolin.
  • Darrin
    i saw lock stock and 2 smoking barrels, and it showed that he could act. I saw transporter 1 and 2, this dude could kick ass. so i am definitely up for it.
  • "Some of the kinks" in the first film were terrible acting, ridiculous stunts and unbelievable fight scenes, lame costumes, a lifeless main villian, and a boring revenge-against-the-guy-who-killed-my-father plotline. No director in the world could iron those kinks out! Not without reshooting half the film. A special edit just wouldn't cut it, pardon the pun. Statham is a great action star, but I don't know if he has the acting chops to pull off the non-action scenes. And I've never seen him do an American accent and I wouldn't buy Matt Murdock with that thick accent of his.
  • TCox
    Not a lot of love for Affleck on this post. He's not the best actor, but I thought he was good in Daredevil. It truly wasn't that bad of a movie. Compare it to some of the other crap that's been released like it spin-off Elektra, or Catwoman, or even the abomination that was Batman & Robin. It's truly a better film than many. I like Statham. I'm not sure about him playing Daredevil, but I think there's a great comic book role out there somewhere for him. Matt Murdock is not it, in my opinion. He does have some acting ability though. If you haven't seen "London", I would suggest checking it out. It's not a great movie by any means, but he's gets to do something other than kick ass. I was actually impressed. The movie stars Chris Evans and Jessica Biel. You can't base his career off The Transporter or Crank (both of which have sequels coming). I enjoyed both, but they aren't the best of films. They're popcorn flicks though, which ultimately is what Daredevil will end up being, if they make another one. I don't see "Daredevil" ever being on par with "The Dark Knight", as far as quality. He's just not as well known of a character.
  • Rob
    Ill admit it, I liked Daredevil ALOT. Id be up for a reboot even tho I dont think Jason Statham is good for the Job. Affleck is probably better
  • Debbie
    The Americans will kill this ugly alien jew motherfucker soon enough just for being in their hemisphere. That's entertainment, krautberg!!
    Hey #26... Ich habe eine grosse bleistiff!!! Ach du lieber!!!
  • Noy
    Hey #27... The Americans don't speak any eurasian languages except english and spanish and eurasians don't speak comic book, idiot.
  • Richard
    I liked daredevil, it was better then Elektra and the first HULK and a few other Marvel stinkers, I liked it alot in fact, not too over the top and actually quite enjoyable for myself. Anyway J.S. might be able to pull it off, can he get rid of his accent tho, if not it would be the same old J.S. and kinda the same ol same.
  • Daas
    Statham wouldn't work as Daredevil imo. Daredevil is a gritty complex and tragic character in many ways, Statham has never displayed he can capture that kind of depth as an actor. The rebooted Daredevil movie should be along the same lines as The Dark Knight. It should be gritty, hyper-realistic, and very very dark. I just don't see Statham as the right man to give the movie that kind of treatment.
  • Dustyman1505
    Statham isn't that bad. Go watch Revolver or The Bank Job, both worthy movies. After Revolver I'm sure he could show some true grit.
  • Dave V.
    First off I'm not a big fan of the comic book or the movie as in I haven't read any or seen the movie at length. That being said, I'll agree that statham plays the sme character all the time Snatch was the only good role I ever saw him in so, this would probably be different. Ben Afflect played him at a time were everyone was really getting SICK of him and honestly thought he was a horrible superhero, so in my mind I think Statham would be great he's got the natural physique( no homo ) and the martial arts skill to pull the character off.
  • JL
    Hey. #32, Don't say that nobody saw Bale as a good Batman. I've been a fan of his since movies like American Psycho and Equilibrium. I always knew he would be a dead ringer for Bruce Wayne and Batman. But I do agree with you about Statham. Even though he started as a stuntman/stuntdriver, he has proven to be at least a decent actor. He isn't as bad as everyone says he is and no one is more physically prepared for this role than he is. However, the unmasked Matt Murdock is another story.
  • Xerxex
    Statham is a talented actor and Miller could bring something new to the comic, Statham hasn't been in anything that really requires an indepth character, Snatch, Lock, Stock just required him to be funny, Crank was just a flick, Transporter was just the regular summer action movie. I mean give the guy a chance. And in the very beginning nobody really saw Bale as the best Batman choice. And now look the most amazing film right now is Batman. As far as DareDevil goes, it needs a new type of actor, and Affleck did a good job, Statham needs a least a chance to try and be D.D. don't just give him the shaft, think about it. If not Statham who?
  • jrobert
    Jason Staham could work as Daredevil.Now,Matt Murdock may require some actual depth and gravitas.In other words he would need to turn in a true performance as Matt Murdock.In truth ,Ben Affleck was all wrong for the role of Daredevil(he looked like a male version of Catwoman done over by Revlon) I can`t picture the type of stone-criminals and murderers that DD has to face on a regular basis being able to take him seriously in that getup from the movie.The whole film never should`ve been made(I actually enjoy the special features section more than the movie). Like 2003`s freud -for- dummies Hulk,2004`s Punisher and Ghost Rider they all should be tossed into the superhero movie clearance bin and be re-made anew (as The Incredible Hulk and Punisher:War Zone can attest to).I`m a lifelong fan of comic books and I think if anyone can remake Daredevil into the gritty,violent anti-hero who has a love affair with lady justice (who conviently enough is also said to be blind)from the comic books it`s Frank Miller.After all he basically reshaped Batman `s image thanks to The Dark Knight and with his epic run on Daredevil and the lauded ''Born Again'' series(appropriately titled)it was now a Frank Miller world and Daredevil was just living in it. I hope that they can make it happen and that Marvel backs this idea 100%. So long as they stay true to the orignal source material that was visceral and almost surreal in it`s darkness,gloom,and violence.Don`t let Hollywood compromise the vision that they have for what Daredevil should be.Like I said, if they stay true to the source material than we could finally get a true -to form Daredevil movie.One that would no doubt remove the acrid taste of the Ben Affleck- led debacle from our mouths.
  • PimpSlapStick
    I like Jason Statham the guy is a good action hero, but Daredevil he's not. Plus I don't think Statham has ever been able to pull off an American accent let alone a New York one, I'd take him as Bullseye not DD.
  • Shige
    I liked the directors cut of the Daredevil too. Not sure if the haters are talking about that or the bad theatrical version. Statham could pull it off I think.
  • me
    I do think he plays the same character in every movie. But maybe he can prove himself.
  • Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr.
    My choice for Daredevil/Matt Murdock is Matt Damon. He can act and he can do action movies. Frank Millar can't be serious about John Staham as Daredevil. I agree with every one that believes that it's more important that you have a good actor then a good action star. Matt Damon is the best American Actor for the part.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    i agree with you wholly #36 Matt Damon was my choice for DD when i saw the first movie. another thing i hated about the original is the complete removal of Stick who trained Matt Murdock in lieu of a blind 12 year old training himself to do backflips and dodge bullets, i know we are suppose to suspend reality but to what degree? Jason Statham is good for the action parts, but Matt Murdock is a eloquent District Attorney, not a limey thug.
  • The Delightful Deviant
    not DA sorry for my mistake, he is a attorney though.
  • Ryan12
    I've always thought Guy Pearce would be the perfect Matt Murdoch. And yes, Statham plays the same character in every movie.
  • Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt
    Statham is damn cool in pretty much everything he's ever done; I think he'll go on to replace Bruce Willis. On the other hand, I don't have much faith in Miller as a director and we certainly don't need another crap Daredevil movie.
  • matt
    What about Jeffrey Donovan from Burn Notice. He could be Daredevil.
  • Samuel
    Guy Pearce is the guy from momento right? Yeah he'd be great for Matt or Jeffrey Donovan they have that clean cut look that suits Matt Murdock. I always thought Guy would be right for an opposite to Christian Bale's Batman (like Wrath). I think Jason is a cool action hero and could be Daredevil (and even though i don't know about Frank Miller's abilities as a director yet maybe he could make Jason's look fit into Daredevil's world?) Someone said he could be Bullseye yeah I could see that. I haven't seen the director's cut of Daredevil not that I would really care too it wasn't the worst movie and hey I thought Ben affleck at least look the part. I started reading the comic right before the film came out so I'm use too Kevin Smith and Brian Micheal Bendis take on the character but Frank Miller is responsible for making him not another Spider-man so he should at least be a consultant. While its doubtful it could be as successful as the Dark Knight DD can at least go to the same depth as Batman. Anyway I hope they truely decide to do a reboot at least.
  • jason_md2020
    Two things: 1. Has anyone heard him do an American accent? 2. I'm not worried about him playing an eloquent lawyer so much as playing a convincing blind man. Two bad Statham went and did the Death Race remake and no one had the good sense to approach him with the Punisher sequel. I think he'd be more convincing as Frank than Matt.
  • tony
    I... would like to see a Daredevil reboot
  • tony
    I,.. would love to see a Daredevil reboot
  • Now we all know that Jason Statham have the look and the physical ability to do better than Ben but again Ben was not bad in Daredevil ... and my question why there is a lot of people who hate Ben Affleck ? Is it his look or his roles or something in his real life ??? I think even there is people who hate Damon too just because of Ben !!!! or maybe it is the opposite ? !!!!!! Anyone ?
  • I like superhero movies so it would be cool to see another installment of Daredevil. My only problem is when they begin to change actors within' a short time period. I think it screws up the continuity a bit.
  • NO SHT
    #50: "change actors within' a short time period" ?? didnt you even read? its not a sequel, its a reboot! btw: i dont have issues with affleck on DD or other flicks he did. and another flame: who dares to suggest damon to replace affleck as Murdock? sounds like you never knew a bit of them: they're the same person! ben damon & matt affleck are interchangeable so whats the point.
  • Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr.
    #51 You are the one that has never compared the acting abilities of Matt Damon to Ben Affleck. Did you see : "Good Will Hunting, "The Talented Mr. Ripley", "The Bourne Identity", The Bourne Supremacy", "The Bourne Ultimatum", #The Good Shepherd" , "The Departed",etc.It's your turn. Please name Ben Affeck's movies that received critical acclaim. Ben Affleck was never a good actor. It was his association with Matt Damon that squeezed him through the Hollywood doors.His bother is a better actor then Ben. In fact; Ben is directing his brother's film since his last disastrous film where he played the actor Reeves. Even his brother would have been a better choice for Daredevil.
  • aug
    Jason Statham is one of the worst actors ever... and the only movie with him that not sucks is Lock Sotck... and it wast made 10 years ago! affleck wasn't bad as matt murdock, and the director¡s cut is a good movie; it got some afwull scenes, like the playground battle, and a lot of shitty pop metal songs... but the movie was ok, compared to the rest of the studios products. at least the camera work, the costumes, the art direction, and the sound design where excelent... just look at any michael bay film, where nothing makes sense at all
  • Mantronix
    Daredevil was no way the worst comic book movie it was, Steel although DC and then Elektra by far the worst. My problem with Daredevil, is the fact the back story didn't explain about his training and up bringing with stick. The man is Japanese portrayed by an english man, what a joke the production of Daredevil was very good learned allot the production thanks for dvd audio commentry. Affleck for me portrayed Matt Murdock very well, John Farveau was great Kevin Smith should be given the oppurtunity to write a 2nd and 3rd movie. If there is a re-boot then so be it, if Affleck wants to do it and the story is good with descent budget then so be it. Same as the Punisher re-boot Good Luck.
  • nelson
    I think Jason would be a great as dare devil. Frank miller did a good job in letting Jason Staham take on the script of dare devil.
  • Cheeba Cheeba
    DareDevil will always be a difficult character to cast well...the reason being the contrast between the alter ego's....Matt Murdock is a blind, intelligent, pretty boy and DD is a menacing, athletic avenger....a man with no fear. The majority of actors you would want as Matt Murdock would fall short as DD and vice versa....I like Statham and believe him a far better actor than you give him credit for....but he is not Matt Murdock....if that happens then they should consider Ray Winstone as the new Spider-man. All this is based on a passing comment in a conversation and no more should be said on the subject.
  • Bindo
    Jason Statham is Daredevil! I'm in when it comes out, Cheers to Frank Miller.
  • martin
    Grow up, its only a film not life or death.
  • Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr.
    I agree with #58 martin: It's only a film. Frank Miller has made his choice. Daredevil will be Jason Statham. I also agree with #56 Cheeba Cheeba . NO more should be said on the subject. I'm not going to question Frank Miller's choice and I'm not going to question Jason Statham's acting ability. As far as I'm concern it's a done deal lol.
  • vegasdanny
    Anyone that has seen Jason Statham in Snatch knows the man can act! In recent years he has evolved into an action star and i personally think he is great in those roles..(anyone who says they dont enjoy the The Transporter movies or Crank should be sat at home watching Will & Grace!) Yeah they are not mentally challenging but the fight scenes and stunts are fantastic and Statham has that everyman quality not unlike Bruce Willis. He was perfect for the Hitman movie but the makers overlooked him and guess what? they produced one of the worst movies of the year! As for Daredevil?..i think since The Dark Knight has returned all bets are off! Is anyone truly interested in the character? i dont think so. I think Daredevil should remain with Captain America in comic book jail for a couple more years until someone that has the talent and visison to reboot him comes along.
  • that guy
    now curtis, ghost rider was not that bad, just take out... well i take that back it was horrid. good call.
  • Ian MacLatchie
    Um.. if we Reboot Daredevil... does that mean we need to Reboot Elektra too? Can Charlize Theron do it this time..? Plleeeeez? I.
  • Luigi X
    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were super-amazing as Daredevil and Elektra, and everyone and the fanship see it and know it. The directors cut may be even better. Statham would be abysmal. Ben and Jen need to get back together to make a third movie to, at least, finish the trilogy. Getting Jon Favreau directing this for Marvel would be the icing on the perfect cake, but Mark Steven Johnson and Rob Bowman are no slouches, either. Get Kingpin, Bullseye and Stick back, with the same actors, Farrell, Duncan and Terence Stamp to play them, with Jon Favreau directing himself, of course. A guest cameo by Nick Cage as Ghost Rider, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Edward Norton as Bruce Banner would all be more beautiful icing.
  • Ben Affleck... sucks. the best thing i have ever seen him in was the south park episode with "henifer ropez" ... all jokes aside, i really thought the first movie was lackluster at best. ...until i saw the director's cut. did it turn shyte into gold? nah. but it did make the pain dull a bit. Statham as DD is good if we never see Matt. ... and he never talks... heh, sounds like the perfect role for Affleck now that i think of it... Frank Miller is not ready to take the helm on this character as director. i have massive fear that The Spirit will have Eisner rolling in his grave. as a huge DD fan, i want to see another movie made, but not at the cost of making the first movie look better than the second...
  • Asif
    I am teling u all that JASON STATHAM would be perfect as DD. I think he'll perform better than BEN AFFLECK in the sequel.
  • taylor
    i only read the top few comments at the top of the page; most of them i would like to say pissed me off, i SHOULD say i "disagreed with." a) ben affleck as daredevil, and the movie, in my opinion SUCKED (honestly i didnt see the directors cut). 2) jason statham's not so bad, i can see the whole same character in every movie thing, even though it's not completely true, but i think he has good potential as matt murdock, with the right writing and directing, this is where #3 comes in: 3) frank miller can direct whatever the fuck he wants to and if 'comic book fans' criticize his work, i cant help but think they are COMPLETE FFUUCCKKIINNGG MORONS ps: frank miller wrote the best daredevil comics i have ever read. several of them. no contest.
  • taylor
    another comment: someone said matt damon would be a good daredevil- i disagree strongly. i had another thought though for jason statham, who wouldnt be the perfect murdock (celebrities are rarely good comic book characters). jason statham, should play danny rand, the immortal iron fist. please disagree
  • Marcus
    TBH I'm a longtime fan of the comic..and the movie was horrible. As far as Jason Statham goes, He is a quality actor as anyone who happened to see the bank job already knows. Certainly scripts have forced a few of his characters to seem similar but there is no doubt in my mind that he could do the job quite well.
  • Peter Glass
    In a Daredevil reboot Jason Statham should dye his hair red and wear round silver rimmed shades with red lenses he should wear and exact replica of Daredevil's blood-red lycra suit from the comics.




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