Joe Johnston's Wolf Man Delayed Until Fall of Next Year?!

November 21, 2008

Wolf Man

The horror hounds over at Fangoria claim to have learned that the highly anticipated Wolf Man film due out next year has been delayed. It was originally scheduled to hit theaters on April 3rd, but they claim that it has been pushed until "sometime next fall." Maybe around Halloween per chance? I'm not a werewolf fan by any means, but the footage I saw at Comic-Con looked pretty frickin' cool. It's a bit sad, plus slightly worrisome, to hear that we've got to wait a lot longer to see it in all of its glory. As far as I know, they finished shooting the whole thing much earlier this year, so why are they delaying it for so long?

Until we get some confirmation, this is only just a rumor at the moment. The film was shot using a lot of Rick Baker's practical werewolf effects (as seen above), so I'm not sure why they might need more time. To put a positive spin on it, maybe they just want to put it in a better time slot, since April is usually one of the worst times of the year. Additionally, The Wolf Man is director Joe Johnston's next big film to hit theaters after it was announced that he would direct The First Avenger: Captain America. If this turns out to be true, he'll probably be thick into production on Captain America by the time Wolf Man actually hits.

I'm quite curious whether there are a lot of werewolf movie fans out there anyway. I know there is a following, but is it really that big? How many people are excited to see this Wolf Man?

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  • Scott McHenry
    whos the lead in this?
  • Ajax
    I heard it was Benicio del Torro. I really want to see this and am sad that this is being delayed
  • cmedina
    too many vampire movies coming out i wanna see some werewolves now
  • Drew
    I'm not a werewolf fan, but I think this movie looks awesome. Joe Johnston is a solid director and anything with Anthony Hopkins will get my attention. My theory on the delay is that Universal thinks that it will be more profitable around Halloween instead of springtime. It makes sense.
  • Carl Denham
    GOOD! I can't wait to go see it in the midst of AMC Monsterfest. Oh wait, that's right. Monsterfest is dead, due to its overdose of dumb slasher flicks. Well, I guess this'll do by itself. Curse you, AMC.
  • Kenneth Van Castle
    Werewolves haven't had justice done in DECADES! Vampires and vampires get movies, but ever since Interview with the Vampire, every vampire flick out there has been horrible. Our monsters have had bad movies. And I'm hoping that The Wolf Man will be the first werewolf movie worthy of being called a werewolf movie, and that it will inspire good vampire stories to come out. They're monsters, but they're still great characters! Come on!
  • wm
    I hope this won't be a blink and you miss it in the theatres.I can't wait.
  • Carl Denham
    If my name were Kenneth Van Castle I would be terrified of myself.
  • The_Phantom
    Benicio del Torro is the lead. I'm a werewolve fan, and I think this looks awsome so far with the pictures. I like how they went back to the oldschool affects by putting the make up on him rather then having him a CGI monster. Changing the release date back farther kind of scares me but also makes sense if its slotted for Mid-October.
  • From the teaser trailer I saw at Universal's Hollywood Haunt, I have to say the movie looks tight. Bummed it got pushed back to the Fall, but it will be a perfect movie to see come Halloween time.
  • An Oct release is just a better move from a box-office point of view as it can be marketed for Halloween. chuck
  • chris
    this will be a great movie i am so stoked to see this. it makes me wonder when my favorite horror film from that time period be made the creature from the black lagoon,now that will be awesome. also come on when will we get a good resident evil movie reboot reboot to make it more like the first video game but make some subtle changes come on guy's.anyway bring on the wolfman he's great.
  • Mac
    I'm a huge werewolf fan, but I'm a bit worried about how this film will turn out. Perhaps the later date is a sign that they're happy with it and want it to have a better slot as well as draw in extra revenue from a near-Halloween monster release.
  • peloquin
    I'm sick of studios moving release dates because they think it'll get a wider audience during one month, but not the other...if the movie is good than fans will go see it no matter what month it's released plain and simple.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Right on peloquin! This really pissed me off. Totally looking forward this one, this was going to save the Spring release schedule. DAMMITT!!!!!!
  • Mac
    Unfortunately the studios are in this to make money. If they think they can make more money releasing it later, they're going to do it. I'm not saying it's a good thing, it's just the nature of the beast. I also don't know what sort of expectations they have for this film. They may not feel they can count on fans alone to make an April release successful.
  • peloquin
    Ironic that you responded Tim because Cloverfield would be a perfect example of a film being released during a "bad" month that still drove large numbers at the box office.
  • Tim "Cloverfield"
    Thank you for finishing my thoughts peloquin. Yes Sir. You are Correct!
  • Vidhoe
    There hasn't been a great werewolf film in AWHILE (The Underworld films don't count in my book). So many vamp films are coming out, but no one has seemed to be able to deliver the goods on this tragic figure in the last 10 years. Full CGI just doesn't justice to werewolf films (Van Helsing). Rick Baker took werewolf transformations to new heights with "An American Werewolf In London", so it's cool to see him coming in to do effects for this. Hope this is the film pumps new blood into an underappreciated genre.




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