Kevin Smith Has Seen J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, Too?!

August 23, 2008

Star Trek

I hate to sound like a broken record, but in Kevin Smith we trust! Just last week we heard that everyone's favorite comic book geek / filmmaker had seen an early cut of Zack Snyder's Watchmen, calling it "fucking astounding." Now we hear today that he might have seen J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, too! Or so he makes it seem in a radio chat with KROQ's Kevin and Bean as transcribed by And if he gets to see McG's Terminator Salvation or X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well, then he'll have already seen every big highly anticipated 2009 movie (damn him!). But back on the subject of Star Trek, his praise for this, albeit via some indirect statements, is equal to if not greater than what he had to say for Watchmen.

You can read all the jargon yourself, but here's the just of what he had to say. He starts off with "I saw a movie last night that I cannot talk about." But his response: "It was phenomenal." And that's not even the best part. The crafty hosts finally get him to speak about the film with very veiled statements. Here's the best part for anyone who is excited to see Star Trek - this should leave you foaming at the mouth…

"The stars absolutely trek in this film. It is fantastic. Anybody who was worried doesn't need to be worried--about this film I cannot talk about…It was in very capable hands. The director did a phenomenal job--the director and his crew. Top notch cast and the guy that plays the lead is an instant star. That dude is going to be so famous. He is so wonderful. He picked up a role that I would say is pretty challenging for someone to step into the shoes of, because it is a role that has been played before many times by the same guy."

If we can believe that Mr. Smith did indeed see Star Trek and is indeed talking about Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, then this is some awesome news. I'm as big of a believer in J.J. Abrams as I am Kevin Smith. And I know that it seems like the new trend amongst us online journalists to report everything Kevin Smith says as big news, but he's honestly a reliable source. So ignore our infatuation with Kevin Smith and take this as some solid hype for Star Trek next summer. We'll probably have to wait another few months until we see an actual trailer and can start buzzing about it again, but I know this will hold some of us over until then. Is this not frickin' exciting to hear or what?!

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  • Josh
    even more pumped now
  • Dan
    This is still the guy who claimed Star Wars ROTS was phenomenal, so his opinion isn't one I value. Sorry.
  • I really like Kevin Smith, but If every director wants him to take a look at there next big film before everyone else, why isn't he in a position of real power at a big studio. Instead he makes low budget films. The guy really does have a feel for the industry and I say that in all seriousness!
  • Maxx
    Gotta say though Star Wars ROTS was much better than the two previous it looked phenomenal compared to them
  • Saif
    Star Wars ROTS was good. People don't know what they're talkin about. Star Wars AOTC was shit. Shame really
  • vu
    I understand why you guys like Kevin Smith. Another reason I love this site. Being a sci-fi nerd, I'll def watch this now.
  • Darrin
    in kevin smith we trust.
  • Itri
    ROTS was good. It doesn't compare to the original trilogy but nothing does. So in Kevin Smith I do trust.
  • Keith
    Definitely more excited for Star Trek now. Heres a link to the audio, its the first podcast on the page. Its a full streaming podcast that you can't fast forward through, but if you're willing to wait you'll get to the KSmith interview eventually.
  • Keith That's a link to the full audio interview. I am way more excited to see Star Trek now. And in relation to Zak and Miri Make a Porno, Smith said he didn't have to change anything to get the R rating. Yay!
  • Parker
    I've heard reports that he's already seen the 3rd edition in Nolan's Batman series. The guy has connections. Oh and he said the new (darker) Superman movie is going to blow us away...
  • kitano0
    I'm sorry. I just don't get Kevin Smith. He and Rodriguez are two of the most over-hyped directors I've ever seen. I must not be hip enough...
  • pretty badass, but what happens when Kevin Smith sees a film very early that's not good...
  • I don't get Kevin Smith and it is not like he ever has had a majorly successful big budget movie. Shouldn't Speilberg be previewing these movies????
  • L
    #13 I think Kevin Smith identifies with these movies much better than Spielburg does. Not to sleight him in the least. Regardless, 99% of all movie critics haven't directed a major movie, if one at all. It's just nice to see that someone that appreciates the genre is psyched about this project, it's a good bet that others of the like should be too. PS- ROTS was pretty good, but like above will never compare with the originals.
  • avoidz
    I'll wait for the finished movie and some reliable reviews, rather than trust the early opinion of hack Kevin Smith.
  • P
    How is he a hack? o_O
  • bassbin
    its obvious that its going to be wonderful, fantastic, instant star etc but to be told by ks makes it more real, my klingons are quaking
  • Chris Pine was great in Smokin' Aces. He had the best scene in the whole movie.
  • Jojo
    fuck internet bloggers.
  • Hector N
    You should stop comparing the prequels to the original trilogy of star wars, there's some of us under our 20's that really liked the prequels. Seriously, they're fun. stop whining
  • 790
    Kevin Smith has directed some great films, but latly he's become a viral marketing tool.
  • The one guy who plays the person who talks the most...He's got like, a face and wears pants. Yeah, that guy, he's star material alright.
  • blueM
    I <3 Kevin Smith




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