Kevin Smith Has Seen Watchmen: "They Pulled It Off"

August 15, 2008
Source: SlashFilm


We can always count on everyone's favorite geeky filmmaker and comic book lover Kevin Smith to give us his thoughts on the most hyped movies. He did it last year with Grindhouse and again earlier this year with The Dark Knight. Now he chimes in with his thoughts on Zack Snyder's Watchmen - a full seven months ahead of its theatrical debut. His quote comes courtesy of SlashFilm, who explains that during the panel at Comic-Con where both Smith and Snyder were in an attendance, Smith was raving about the footage that they had showed earlier in the day. Obviously Snyder caught up with Smith and decided to show him the film and now we get to hear his reaction. And it's even better than I was expecting.

After seeing the beautiful trailer for Watchmen, everyone seems to be confident in the visuals, but still worried about the story. Obviously that's the most important element of the graphic novel.

"I saw Watchmen. It's fucking astounding. The Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed prevents me from saying much, but I can spout the following with complete joygasmic enthusiasm: Snyder and Co. have pulled it off. Remember that feeling of watching Sin City on the big screen and being blown away by what a faithful translation of the source material it was, in terms of both content and visuals? Triple that, and you'll come close to watching Watchmen. Even Alan Moore might be surprised at how close the movie is to the book. March can't come soon enough."

I never doubted Snyder and his crew, but most have been a bit weary. However, this proves plain and simple that Snyder has done it. Unfortunately, we've got to wait until March 6th, 2009 until we get to see this masterpiece that Smith talked about. It's going to be a long and painful wait, but an incredible relief when we get to see another comic book masterpiece in March. Christopher Nolan did it with The Dark Knight and I have a good feeling that Snyder is going to do it with Watchmen. Everything I've seen so far, on the set or otherwise, has further confirmed by belief that Snyder has his shit together and that this is going to finally be the Watchmen movie everyone has wanted to see! Be ready this March!

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  • booya
    kevin smith is never wrong
  • CSpuppydog
    Oh man I am so happy... I can't wait for this movie!
  • Alfredo
    The movie's done already? Did he watch an unfinished CGI version? Cuz is if it's done... why make us wait???
  • OjoLoco
    Wow... I'm from Argentina, never heard of Watchmen until I saw the news in this site about a movie being made about one of the best comics of all times... The trailer was the cause for me to get my hands in the comics and they blew me away so I must thank you for that. Great to hear that the movie is faithful both visually and to the story. CAN'T WAIT!!
  • Joshua
    I want to see the movie too! I'll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement!
  • BiggaDanLyfe
    ive seen it. but i have signed an agreement saying i wont say that i have seen it but i can say that i have seen it as long as i say immediately after that i have not seen it.
  • 7 months....AGONY!
  • matt
    Your right #3. Harry potter's release date got pushed back, can't WB just move Watchmen up to potters old date. I know they can't realistically but I wish they could.
  • jeprox chang
    your making me pee my pants BiggaDanLyfe #6!!!! hahahaha! that was hilarious!
  • LeeMan
    if watchmen is such a great movie, then why don't they push it back to summer 2009. i mean if its supposed to be this huge blockbuster, iwhy is it coimn out in the beginning of spring??? doesn't make much sense, seeing as how the it could make a whole lot more cash if they put it out on a week where most teens are outta skool and therefore can see it anyday of the week
  • rdp
    um...this guy also said episode iii was good... no cred
  • moviefreak12
    Leeman, Its because there are no movies out during that time and they want to make sure people will see it. plus it is around the time that 300 came out and it would be almost 2 years since then. IMO it is a great marketing tool, by releasing such a great movie at the that time of the year. MG
  • It doesn't fucking matter when they put it out. Everyone and their retarded mom is gonna see it.
  • moviefreak12
    Actually casual film goers, people who haven't even heard of the GN, will most likely see it if its the only movie out. While in the summer there is pretty much a new movie every weekend. Watchmen will get more money for at least 3 weeks instead of less because of this.
  • Kail
    A movie company would NEVER release a blockbuster film sooner than it's original release date. The facts are the facts, if they KNOW a movie is gonna be huge and people are excited to see it, they'll only push it back, not release it sooner. Clerks 2 was released sooner than it's original release date because of one reason: competition. Snakes on a Plane was it's contender, so the weinsteins wanted to give Clerks 2 a chance by releasing it in late July 2006. If Clerks 2 were a huge phenomenon like The Dark Knight or Watchmen, they would've either delayed it's release or fought Snakes on a Plane head on.
  • Daas
    So I guess we're gonna keep getting any random "news" about Watchmen on this website. Good God can we please get some X-Men Origins: Wolverine news! Just a little...
  • vvelez5
    i cant wait for this movie. i never heard of the watchmen till this trailer and went out and got the graphic novels as soon as i saw the magnificent trailer and it blew me away. this movie will be one of the best of all time hopefully. please zack snyder nail this movie and if kevin smith says its exactly like the novel then it is that dude is the wealthiest and smartest geek out there.
  • vvelez5
    also to add i dont think itll be a blockbuster movie cash wise. itll make alot of money but i dont believe itll be TDK or spiderman 3 worthy in the box office just because many people havent heard of the watchmen but maybe i can help like i helped promote snyder's 300. just watching the trailer in a crowded area in my college and by the time the trailer ends there were like 10 people watching it behind me asking it when its coming out and what is it. that was funny
  • Keith
    Great news.
  • chrisUK
    unless they get their shit together and release a structured trailer which actually tells you a bit about the story etc, then it will not do well with the casual audience. Putting the animated comic on Itunes is a good move, but i think thats for USA only (why?!!) and there has only been 1 part so far. This will be the next Speedracer....
  • Fenris
    quote "kevin smith is never wrong" hes a god but yes he is wrong sometimes... lol
  • Dan
    I'm hope he's right, but Kevin Smith is the man who thought Revenge Of The Sith was similarly "astounding" after a pre-screening, so I don't value his opinion.
  • Roy
    Lucky fat bastard....sorry, I'm kidding. 😀
  • Al
    It's just a marketting tool. As much as I love the graphic novel, I'll believe smith when I finally see it.
  • Shane
    "I never doubted Snyder and his crew, but most have been a bit weary." As in tired? Anyway, why does this site keep acting like Kevin Smith is credible? Because he is a geek? He's a one hit wonder who happened to get lucky with a film that doesn't hold up on multiple viewings. The rest of his films are crap. This ends today's public service announcement regarding Kevin Smith, please return to your regularly scheduled talkback.
  • Dustyman1505
    I had multiple joygasms watching the Dark Knight.
  • Dustyman1505
    who didn't think Episode III was good? It was the best Star Wars of them all.
  • Conrad
    Number 3, They're making us all wait so they can build up hype. Whenever you get people hyped for a movie, you get them even more eager to see it and that causes buzz. Besides cashing in at the box office, positive word of mouth is the greatest thing a movie can achieve. I just read the graphic novel last week and I was absolutely blown away with the source material, fucking great work. Can't wait to see this in IMAX!
  • Omega728
    #27, Hahahahah.... that's funny.... ummmmm.... was that a joke?
  • Shane
    Pretty much hit the nail on the head, Whiskey A-go-go.
  • Whiskey A-Go-Go
    Kevin Smith? He's the fat fvck that cant write comics, right?
  • Say what you want about Smith as a director or a writer, but I've come to know him as a straight-shooter. If Watchmen sucked, he would have said so. Or perhaps said nothing at all. This guy lives and dies by the support of his community. If he came out and said "Watchmen is great" and it turns out to be a steaming pile, his fan faithful would look at him with skewed judgment. Smith has no reason to put his reputation on the line. So if he says Watchmen is good, I believe him.
  • cufford
    Reputation? I'm sorry, but as usual I put absolutely no worth in another person's review of a film, I care not who they are because they are just another individual with a subjective point of view of what "they" like or don't like. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don't. Just because "X" person says they like a movie doesn't mean that I will, or anyone else for that matter. I mean, so many of the movies that get panned by these and other celebrity reviewers, often go on to make millions and millions, by pleasing millions of other viewers. I check out movies that look interesting to me. But never based on someone else's opinion. I've been disappointed too many times. Like with TDK. It was hyped so high by people like this, and sites like this, that it could never live up to the expectations created. It was a fine movie, but nowhere near the expectatios created by these kinds of subjective reviews. Just because someone is in "the business" doesn't make them any different than any other viewer. Everyone sees things through their own eyes. But again, the subjective hype is being repeated here now. So now I know this film isn't going to live up to the subjective hype here either. To each his own. Nobody is an expert when it's completely subjective. Cheers.
  • That's quite a diatribe for someone who claims not to be influenced by another person's opinion of a movie... Like you, I place no stock in the fact that Smith is "in the industry." But from his writing and the interviews he gives, I give more weight to his words than others. Question: If you're against the hype sites like this generate, why bother posting about it?
  • Shane
    Didn't he say Daredevil was great?
  • I don't remember if he did or not, but he had a bit part in that one, so his opinion would have been suspect anyway. I'm saying - in the case of Watchmen - where he has no personal investment, it's a fair endorsement.
  • JL
    Um, I know movies based on comic books don't typically make it to oscar noms, but if this is as good as Smith says it is, based on the success and critical acclaim of the novel, it could be an oscar contender for best picture. High expectations yield disappointment, but, ah hell I'm freakin' excited, too! BTW, #27 Dustyman1505, Take some meds. If you thought that Revenge of the Sith was better than the Empire Strikes Back, you have serious mental trouble. Please get help. I liked Episodes I, II, and II, but from an analytical standpoint, they could never measure up to the worst of the first trilogy. Even together as a whole.
  • Kenneth Extension
    Um, but "Sin City" was shit, so I'm not sure what this means...
  • Darrin
    sin city was fuckin awesome, don't get tie up Kenneth. i want to see this
  • SlashBeast
    I'm really hoping this film will live up to the graphic novel because as soon as I heard Zack Snyder I immediately thought "overuse of slow motion". But i really hope that they can get the characters right and make them seem convincing.
  • KingZoidberg
    Nobody who READ Watchmen would like the movie unless it was brilliant. Who gives a shit about Daredevil or Star wars. Its Fucking WATCHMEN!
  • Wyndhawk
    I hope he's right. Anyone who's ever read Watchmen knows that they're going to have to do some condensing to fit a 2+ hour movie.
  • noooch
    To be honest, it was better than the Dark Knight.




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