Liam Neeson Returns in a New Trailer for Taken!

June 21, 2008
Source: IGN

Taken Trailer

I thought this might be the perfect time to remind you of an upcoming film called Taken starring Liam Neeson. The last time we featured a trailer for this film was in February, and also in December before that. This is one of those films that I'm genuinely very excited to see. Although I'm always looking forward to seeing nearly every movie, this is one of those personal favorites that I will fight tooth and nail to catch as soon as possible. Unfortunately this newly released US trailer for Taken isn't impressive. In fact, I would suggest you go watch either the more recent trailer or the first teaser trailer for the film instead. Whatever you choose, just know that Taken looks like one of the better action gems we'll see all year.

Watch the US trailer for Taken:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Taken trailer in High Definition on IGN

Taken is directed by French filmmaker Pierre Morel, who directed District B13 previously and is a long-time cinematographer. The film is co-written by Robert Mark Kamen (Kiss of the Dragon, The Transporter) and Luc Besson (The Professional, La Femme Nikita, Fifth Element). Fox will finally be releasing Taken in theaters on September 19th. The latest poster is featured below.

Taken poster

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  • Discateia
  • Adam Araujo
    this looks kickass!
  • Angelo
    I've already seen the film (I live in The Netherlands). And you're excitement is well-grounded. It's one of those films you really have to see if you're anxiously awaiting Quantum of Solace, since this comes pretty damn close in terms of non-stop thrills. The story is a bit lacking and it's all so predictable, but a fantastic Liam Neeson makes more than up for that.
  • Co-written by Robert Mark Kamen and Luc Besson, and the story is a bit lacking and predictable? NOOOOOO! :) Kidding. This does look pretty damn good, despite what is obviously a paper-thin story. Neeson elevates almost everything he's in.
  • cyn
    Wow! I got major CHILLS with the call to his daughter!! Go get 'em Liam!!!
  • Looks good. Maybe it'll arrest the crapfest of Neeson's career
  • Nice. Can't go wrong with Liam.
  • Darrin
    looks wicked. best film of the year.
  • Curtis
    I have been looking forward to this movie since the first trailer that you guys showed, looks really good simple story driven by a great actor and sweet fights.
  • Baaaaaaaaaad! This is gonna kick some arse! :)
  • LW
    This trailer sends chills up me spine 😀
  • The movie has been out in France for quite a few months and even if the story is lacking any subtility ( but who cares) you have to admit that the action delivers big time! Liam neeson in this film is nothing more than the angel of death, you don't fuck with him...except if you want to die of course. Not oscar material, but definitly entertaining and french ^^ yuhuuuuuuu Sorry french things :p
  • israelidude
    Already seen the film (I live in israel) and although it DOES lack in story and is predictable, I still loved it!!! out of all movie generes I find myself most conected with the revenge fantasy ones, where some guy, or girl go out and spew their fury on the scum of the earth, like child molesters and human trafficking trash....and Liam goes through them without an ounce of remorse or mercy, and does it well.
  • Neil
    If you want a fun, violent, take no prisoners movie, Taken is it. This movie has already been released in South Korea and was a surprising hit. I saw it and must say that it smokes with bad-assery (and that's the first time I've ever said that about a movie).
  • Thanks for re posting this to remind me. I am actually looking forward to this film. If you like this type of movie you truly should watch the following movies that involve kidnapping/ransom/baddass action: Target (1985) starring Gene Hackman and Matt Dillon Spartan (2004) Val Kilmer
    Badass monologue. If it's anything like Man On Fire, I'm there.
  • Qui Gon is still a fucking badass!
  • moldybread
    man on Fire was THE SHIT!!! tis looks just as good if not better...nothing better than someone who knows the proper way to avenge the innocent...maybe this will arrest the crapfest of comicbook BS that seems to have infested Hollywood....cant wait.....
  • dom
    Wow - really cant wait for this!
  • Xerxex
    one simple word "Woah."
  • PimpSlapStick
    This trailer has me so syched for this movie, simple story sure but this could be another 'Man on Fire'
  • fatjoe
    chilling trailer. can't wait
  • Ricky
    Great trailer. Has almost the same pacing and feel as "Ransom." Similar movie I suppose, but hopefully this one is better.
  • Reza
    DAYUM!! lol, that looks really cool.
  • Alex
    Hey guys I JUST SAW THIS MOVIE 2 MONTHS AGO. I am in korea right now, and for some reason they released it here way before they will release it in the U.S. Ok, now my opinion.... Take it from someone who has seen it .... This was actually a VERY GOOD movie! Liam Neesen Kicks ass in it! It was actually very popular in Korea just telling by how long it ran here.
  • creator
    this is must watch. he looks very convincing.
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    This trailer is a great setup; but movies like this pass or fail, by how they are executed. If it is done properly it will be an action thriller on par with the first Die Hard or (we can wish and hope) Taxi Driver. If it is done poorly it'll end up being a complete mess, on the order of Speed 2. Here's hoping this project ends up being more than just an interesting trailer.
  • Jeff
    Does anyone know the music for the latter part of the trailer?
  • Looks good but I feel like they are just dumping this film which Fox has been doing lately and sending straight to DVD which I don't really understand.
  • Rob
    Sorry, but I think the movie looks terrible. Tries to hard to push all your buttons. Has a "Lifetime" feel to it.
  • miracle disease
    "good luck!"... can't wait for this movie and i will not trust on luck on this one...
  • Looks fairly intense. I do like seeing a bunch of Parisians get a good hard spanking ;o) Music in the second part of the trailer is the last half of Ghinzu's "The Dragster Wave", from the Album "Blow" which is definitely worth checking out.
  • minadrake
    Wow, this movie looks great plus it's not your average, helpless father situation! I'm guessing we're going to see some rather cool stunts from Liam Neeson :)
  • slappy
    I just watched it. AWESOME!!! The beginning is poorly acted and very cliche until his daughter gets abducted then HOLY SH*T! What a crazy, ass kickin, action film this is. GREAT!!!
  • James
    Ooh, the last quarter of the trailer sent shivers right through me... I cannot wait to see it. Neeson is an excellent actor who appears to do a fantastic job of a father on a mission.
  • original-6ix
    i have just seen this movie and all i can say was wow, liam neeson does kick ass in this movie, if you liked man on fire than your in for a real treat, i had my doubts that neeson could pull off a role of this nature but he blew those thoughts away, only bad part was the acting of his daughter but she's not in it enough to hold down the movie, so if your hyped to see this movie than you wont be disappointed.
  • ctomb
    This reason this movie hasn't been released yet by Fox...Think Natalie Holloway and human trafficking and the investment Fox News has is finding out what really happened to her.




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