Meet Dave Trailer - The Next Bad Eddie Murphy Movie

March 24, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Meet Dave Trailer

First we met Norbit, now we meet Dave. Meet Dave is the next terrible comedy from Eddie Murphy and his director Brian Robbins. This time he's an alien, I think, being controlled by a whole of bite-size people including Eddie Murphy and Gabrielle Union… Oh goodness, what have we come to? The only good thing about this is Elizabeth Banks, but even she won't save what is going to completely flop at the box office this summer. There really is nothing good coming out of this. I don't know why they keep making movies like this and I don't know why people keep seeing them. Oh well…

Watch the trailer for Meet Dave:

[flv:meetdave-first.flv 500 270]

You can also watch the Meet Dave trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Meet Dave is directed by Brian Robbins, of Ready to Rumble, The Perfect Score, The Shaggy Dog, and Norbit. Yep, this is that bad. The script was written by Rob Greenberg ("Frasier", Spellbound) and Mystery Science Theater 3000 member Bill Corbett. Meet Dave arrives in theaters this summer on July 11th. The poster is featured below.

Meet Dave Poster

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  • Herbert
    Oh shit not again...Robbins and Murphy need to be rocketed to the sun!
  • kit
    If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Brian Robbins the same dude that played Eric on Head of the Class? I agree, these guys need to cut it out. Either that or people have to stop plunking down $10 to see this type of garbage. Looks like Eddie is aiming to win back to back Razzies. This after being nominated for an Oscar last year. Way to go Nutty Professor.
  • Bob
    Eddie has made such a bad succession of films that you forget about the days when he was such a big cinema draw card. Doesn't look like this film is going to repair his reputation either.
    "the only thing good here is elizabeth banks"... These garbage article and posts, from the same drones who would gladly bend over again for another ferrell/sandler/stiller abortion..
  • Justu
    looks like complete crap and Eddie Murphy is so washed up...
  • abe
    Okay, regardless of Eddie Murphy's bad streak, this trailer had a few genuine laughs in it. I HOPE that this is as funny as the trailer let's on.
  • Jackal
    Well... The idea could have been alot better if the people never left his head. That is just too "out there" for me. But honestly, with: Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Smart, Fan Boys, Adventureland, and other comedies I didn't mention, this will surely be forgotten.
  • Mel
    Wow. This trailer just ruined my day. I'm counting on this movie to bomb so bad that he'll never do another. . .EVER. If not, I'm gonna seriously start that petition for him to get rocketed towards the sun. Who's with me?!
  • To be honest... it definetly looks 100 times better than Norbit...but thats not saying much. I still won't see it though.
  • Let me say I actually LIKED "Norbit". Yeah, yeah, I CAN have a very immature sense of humor seeing flicks with my friends. If I saw it home alone maybe I wouldn't like it so mcuh, but this doesn't look so hot. However I still think it will be a hit. Alex, he hasn't made any GOOD movies lately but he has made extremely PROFITABLE movies. Hits: Shrek the Third-$332M Norbit-$95.6M Dreamgirls-$103M Shrek 2-$441M Daddy Day Care-$104M Dr. Dolittle 2-$113M Shrek-$267M The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps-$123M Bowfinger-$66M Life-$66M Doctor Dolittle-$144M Mulan-$120M The Nutty Professor-$128.8M The Distinguished Gentleman-$46.6M Boomerang-$70M Another 48 HRS.- $80.8M Harlem Nights-$60M Coming to America-$128M Eddie Murphy Raw-$50.5M Beverly Hills Cop II-$153.6M The Golden Child-$79.8M Beverly Hills Cop-$234.7M Trading Places-$90.4M 48 HRS.-$78.8M Flops The Haunted Mansion-$75.8M I Spy Sony-$33.5M The Adventures of Pluto Nash-$4.4M Showtime-$38M Holy Man-$12M Vampire in Brooklyn-$19.7M Beverly Hills Cop III-$42.6M Best Defense-$19.2M I would say that that is a pretty solid track record there guys.
  • I firmy believe that Brian Robbins should be taken aside, beat to death, and stuffed inside his own ass. Eddie, 3 words for you my man....What the F**K? Now I just sit and wait for Best Defense 2.
  • harrison
    i wonder if they got permission before stealing this from men in black, c'mon eddie your not at the point in your career just yet where you can turn out piece of shit after shit and just expect everyone to still show up because its you, have your brother write somethin for you if you have nothing good left
  • Spider
    Another bad Eddie Murphy flick that's bound to hit! I was certainly hoping Murphy would return to his unique role of Axel Foley in the next "Beverly Hills Cop" sequel that's been on the rumor mill for a while. That's something that most of us probably wouldn't mind seeing!!
  • Maxxx
    What Eddie M. needs it to cut the family movies out and go back to the R rated comedies and show what Rated R comedies are about
  • Looks bad..................... :( (wife said it looks funny) shows what the world we live in will watch. I refuse to let This crap take my money..........Not even sure I want to stream it for free
  • Reminds me of INNER SPACE
  • Enola
    All I see is Crap... Wtf Eddie???
  • avoidz
    Such a shame Eddie flushed his reputation down the toilet (this movie looks like another two- or three-flusher, though). Yeah, (many of) his recent movies have made money, but his name is now synonymous with bad movies. Bring on Pluto Nash 2...
  • john
    Oh my God Id rather go back to Norbert.
  • rick
    When I saw the article here I thought the trailer would be bad.. but it actualy made me laugh a couple of times.. The cat thing... makes me laugh again now.. and the cop.. ok this is a little bit freaky This is just sit back and relax material.. the world is already toooo serious.
  • Mark
    Cartman voice time: Screw you guys, I laughed and will go see and enjoy this movie.
  • Andrew
    WHYYY??! Did we do something to deserve this?! Oh, wait... yeah, we did.
  • Peej
    I actually agreed with all that said the trailer was not actually doesnt look as bad as some of his flops either. I mean you gotta hand it to him, every time (almost) people rip his movies a new one they do great in the theater - he's had more hits than misses.
  • Anonymous
    im not going to lie... i am a Eddie Murphy fan... but this movie just does not look good at all... i didnt really laugh at it once.
  • Max
    Why corporate america why
  • Jonathan
    I bet its good. Bill Corbett is a funny writer as is Rob Greenberg..................Jack
  • Dallas
    Looks funny to me. It's the kind of movie I'd forget to go see though.
  • Leah
    I'm going to see it; it looks good to me! Why all the negative comments??? I like Eddie Murphy.
  • simon
    hey, why all of the bad reviews on most of these films? i think it looks really funny and i intend to watch it
  • tash
    I think that honestly, you lot are all a load of critical morons. Lets see you try and act anyway near as well as Eddie Murphy. Eeeeeactly! Now shrup I'm gonna go watch it.
  • Desiree
    The Previews looks funny. Don't be so critical, if you have not Seen the film. He's one of my Favouite actors. seriously It's not him, that's going down, It's the Industry, He just plays the part, he doesn't write It, So don't go judging him, when it's the Industry that gives him that to Recite. And that's there job, so they have to make a living some how.
  • Jillian
    okay, this movie is like my favorite movie ever. its hilarious. and some moments are so funny that i literally watch the whole movie over and over just to watch those moments again...the critics are retarded. this movie was original, and creative and just generally funny, and appropriate for people of all ages.
  • avoidz
    Jillian - you're either Eddie Murphy himself, a friend of Eddie's, or the movie's publicist :)
  • Jermaine
    It's SOOOO FUNNY how when a Black actor stars in a comedy all the critics start talking about how poor the movie is with a bad story line and all the other crap. But when a white actor does the same type of movie everything shifts.... the critics start to say how the actor just let it all out, sometimes you just need to laugh, I love this guy or what ever other crap they can say to side step. I LOVE TO LAUGH, and Eddie Murphy makes me and millions of others laugh. All these harsh critics are what I like to call "HATERS". They are envious that eddie murphy is at the top of the list of Highest paid actors. He is all in your face and getting all that money EVERY SINGLE YEAR AND YOU ARE JEALOUS...!!! Stop HATING and start CONGRATULATING. HATERS. That said.... Meet dave was not very funny at all. Definitely a few laughs, but no funny overall. Pluto Nash was much funnier than this and that wasn't very funny either. If you want to laugh, eddie murphy has some gems. My favorites are.... LIFE NORBIT I SPY THE NUTTY PROFESSOR and of course all of the early movies and Stand up movies. P.S. Let's keep it real people. Let's not do the "Hidden Racisim" thing.
  • LuckyNachoMan
    whats the name of the song at 0:47 in the trailer?
  • Wendiebird
    To be honest... this isn't my type of movie at all, but my husband and I happened to catch about 45 minutes of it on HBO, and found it hard to walk away from... quite a few funny scenes!
  • carlos figueroa
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