MGM Wants More Rocky Films?! Oh No!

May 29, 2008

Rocky Balboa

I've been neglecting this news all day today only because it really isn't anything big. One of the chairwomen of MGM just said a few things about prospective sequels and future franchises and the whole world erupts with speculation and debate. So the story goes that MGM's new chairperson Mary Parent, who just joined eight weeks ago, said at an event at Cannes via indieWIRE that Rocky is in the running for yet another sequel. Apparently all MGM has left is their 4000 film library to dig through and remake or restart. Not that this is necessarily bad, as we I know most of us enjoyed Rocky VI, but it becomes an issue when they try to stretch that franchise too far. And this is one of those times, where Rocky has fought his last fight.

In addition to mentioning a remake of RoboCop, that we've talked about before (and might even end up becoming 3D), as well as a remake of Fame, Parent went on to state that they're "toying" with the idea of even more Rocky films. Does this mean Milo Ventimiglia is going to fight? His dad is really beat up at this point. I don't think he's got even one more fight in him. She even questioned the audience, by a show of hands, who might be in for another sequel. Thankfully, indieWIRE said there were only a few enthusiastic audience members.

This really isn't anything even close to reality at the moment, so don't start a fight over the news. If anything, it's a painful glimpse at the reality of Hollywood and its studio executives. They're in it for the money and milking every last dollar out of a franchise. Apparently Parent feels that Rocky really ain't dead yet. I beg to differ. Just because we'd all love to see Rocky fight till we die, that's a pipe dream. Especially when we know Sylvester Stallone himself is quite old anyway and everything we'd get from this point forward wouldn't even come close to living up to the original films. Sure it may make a few dollars here and there, but it's a bad idea, on all accounts.

You can leave a message below if you'd like, but we all know this is a bad idea already.

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  • And of course this mean Rambo 5 too ... These people are making a big mistake ...Rocky Balboa was nice movie and had a good end ... it not need more ...and Rambo was I don't know how to say it ...but bloody ending ...and it was nice but ...Who the hell they can think of more ...Rambo in Iraq or How Rocky will die ????!!!!
  • jeff s.
    they really should leave rocky alone, i thought it ended the way it should, but for rambo i could see 1 more as rambo 4 was kickass.
  • Pickle
    In Hollywood, anything is possible. I will not whine about this but if Stallone is involved and he develops a good script, then bring it on. Btw, did anyone take notice of Rocky's speed in the ring in the new film. I'd say he's got quite a few miles left in him yet. It's all about the script.
  • With all my respect the story and the continuity of the last rocky was great I like it but come on the fighting scene was horrible ... Silvester is strong but he got no rhythm anymore the movie he was mostly waiting for the punches ... and it was really not that good directed "just the fight" ... I am sure he could make better and faster punches but without rhythm that fight was so lazy " again I mean the combination fighting not the power or the speed of Stallone...he got power and speed for more than another 2-3 rocky... but there will be without meaning ". because there is nothing more to say about Rocky .. but maybe he can give that power for another Rambo in Iraq .. Maybe !
  • The Delightful Deviant
    Mickey died, Apollo died, and Adrian died, Rocky doesn't have alot of friends left to die so he can be inspired to fight again. the series has come full circle with a redo of the ending of Rocky 1, it's time to let sleeping dogs lay, if that saying fits. i say let Stallone retire with a couple of semi hit movies in his belt, he was in danger of fading into b-movie obscurity, now he can retire as an A lister.
  • One would assume Stallone wouldn't do it. As inane as his career choices have been over the years, he's been real careful with Rocky and Rambo. Well... in the last fifteen or whatever years. See his AICN chats for his integrity on Rocky though
  • Heckle
    Funny that you posted this today. I was in local video store and bought Rocky Balboa. Was a great film and had some really touching scenes. Should they make another? NO. This was an excellent bookend to the series.
  • Kyle A. K.
    The series ended really would be a damn shame if they ruin it...but this is hollywood and they want a cheap why not...
  • Scorpio
    John Rambo takes on the US government when they seize his fathers property, using the imminent domain law, after the President discovers a large oil deposit underneath his house.
  • Heckle
    Wait....I just got a great idea. Rocky goes crazy from too many punches to the head. He holds the president hostage. Then Rambo comes to the rescue and kills Rocky to save the day but is himself critically wounded. The End. Stallone v. Stallone
    • Acsuperman34
      You are an idiot!!! Ha, Ha, Ha, it is to die for. All you are is a HATER!!!! The world its full of it.
  • BinYe East
    Was this caption paying homage to Nore and the Neptunes? Or am i reaching?
  • Janet
    What could possibly happen next? They ended it well and should now just leave it alone. They will ruin what they've all ready done. Very strange.
  • Terry short
    I say make another rocky and another Rambo! Sylvester Stallone is fantastic and with a good script I would be over the moon if they made more films. "I didn't hear the bell"!




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