More Details on Scott Frank's New Planet of the Apes Film

December 2, 2008
Source: CHUD

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

Following our mention last week, it turns out that Production Weekly was right in claiming that up-and-coming filmmaker Scott Frank was on board for a new film in the Planet of the Apes franchise titled Caesar. Thanks to a conversation Frank had with CHUD recently, we now know that the new installment will not be a remake or reboot, but rather a character-driven prequel of sorts that will take a "hard science fiction" angle on the origins of the super-intelligent chimps. To boot, the film is said to not even have talking primates like you would ordinarily expect of anything related to Planet of the Apes. Bold.

Caesar was the name of the young chimpanzee that lead a revolt in the third sequel to the original film, called Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. This association led most to believe Frank's new project would be a remake of that 1972 film. From the sounds of it, Frank is using the character from that film, but not much more. He aims to make Caesar a character you will feel for, even as you witness the animal transforming into an opposing force. The story will be based in modern times and take existing science "one step further." Reportedly, Frank feels the film "needs to be grounded in character and science, and then made to feel real."

Anything that leverages and extends existing science into weird and wild places strikes a chord with me, but I have to wonder how Frank might imbue Caesar with the depth needed to generate empathy and feeling for the chimp (beyond the typical, of course). Apparently this is the trickier question, and one that Frank aims to answers as he rewrites the script. Potential obstacles aside, both Frank and the suits at Fox seem very interested in the project. Head over to CHUD to read more from Scott Frank on the in development project.

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  • David
    Sounds interesting. Gotta love The Planet of the Apes series. While Burton's was crap, there is definitely room for a new, updated installment. Question is, is this the beginning of a new 'updated' franchise or a stand alone film? I can't see them introducing a story such as this and not continuing it further.
  • Dave Lister, JMC
    This has disaster written all over it. Although, it's hard to imagine a worse Apes film than the turd Tim Burton dropped back in '01.
  • It seems Frank might be creating another layer to The Planet of the Apes master storyline. So if something were to continue after Caesar, I imagine it might take on a similar approach -- not a remake, but maybe more of a broadening
  • Dan
    It can't be a prequel if it takes place in 2009. The other films had the revolution occurring in 1991. It's a completely new version, unrelated to the previous two.
  • vu
    Man I can't wait! Just kidding who gives a shit. (they're fucking apes for christsake)
  • j money
    Dr Zayus, Dr Zayussss Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh Dr ZAY-US!!! LOL Pop culture went from Apes to Zombies years ago... I wonder how this movie will stack up against World War Z?
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  • If the Apes don't talk, it aint Planet of the Apes and will shoot the franchise in the head.Is there some law against making a classic looking Apes movie, without pissing around with the premise so much that it stops having anything to do with Planet of the Apes?Damn them, damn them all to hell.John Roche.
  • Brett C.
    I was very saddened when Roddy McDowall passed away in '98. He was a great actor and did an amazing job as both Cornelius and Caesar under all that makeup. But I was happy for him that he didn't live to see the piece of crap that Burton turned out in '01. If this project also turns out to be a turd, I hope that true Apes lovers of the original franchise will fling this feces right back at Fox!
  • David F.
    In Conquest the only ape that could talk was Caesar, but he hardly said a word the whole film. I would much rather see one good film than a whole series of films that progressively get worse. Maybe this movie will be like Battle where they show the future of Earth, towards the end of the film. I am very anxious to see this film, and I'm sure with enough love, effort, and political motivations this film will have some of the elements of the original series. I just hope this film truly pays homage to the original rather than just scrap everythign except Caesar's name. I have truly dreamed of this remake since I was a little boy, and I am extremly happy that it is finally coming to be a reality!




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