More Sci-Fi - Disney's Race to Witch Mountain Trailer

November 17, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Race to Witch Mountain Trailer

Today is just chock full of sci-fi left and right, except this is the least exciting debut. In addition to the Star Trek trailer and Moon photos, we've also got the first full official trailer for Race to Witch Mountain staring Dwayne Johnson, AnnaSophia Robb, and Alexander Ludwig. This is a modern day remake of Disney's 1975 film Escape to Witch Mountain about a cab driver who is hired to protect two siblings with paranormal powers from the clutches of an organization that wants to use the kids for their nefarious plans. The one thing I'll say - this is definitely not what you'll be expecting. It looks like a big budget sci-fi remake, but doesn't actually look that good. It may be fun in the end, but that's about it. Take a look for yourself.

Watch the first trailer for Race to Witch Mountain:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Race to Witch Mountain trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Race to Witch Mountain is directed by Andy Fickman, of the Disney hits She's the Man and The Game Plan previously. The screenplay was co-written by both Mark Bomback (Live Free or Die Hard) and Matt Lopez (Bedtime Stories). While this is a remake of Disney's Escape to Witch Mountain, it's actually based on the book of the same name written by Alexander Key. Disney's Race to Witch Mountain will hit theaters everywhere on March 13th, 2009 next year. Will you be seeing this in theaters? Or not at all?

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  • dave
    If this movie works out right it could be another good disney franchise just like the pirate movies but i doubt it though
  • Darren
    wow awesome for a disney movie
  • Brooke
    This might be good.
  • Ali
    Haha, the last line is hilarious, stupid aliens.
  • Jaf
    Does this mean they're gonna make a new mountain in Disneyworld? YEAAHHH Or was it vaguely based on Space Mountain
  • Scott McHenry
    This will be a good kids movie, you cant bash it too much cause thats who its made for, kids.
  • troy
    I dont know, this could actually be good. it looks like they put some money into it and maybe it will be big. i hope so, the originals were cool.
  • Douglas
    i remember the original movie when i was a kid and this looks very good compared to it. i think i will check it out once it premiers.
  • Richard
    Hey that looks fun, I'd actually go watch that.
  • peloquin
    The Rock and Disney must be pretty tight...though I think he's coming around as an actor since his Smackdown days...
  • edi
    I wished i was six.
  • big r
    that looked crazy fun! Im there
  • cmedina
    looks alright i kinda wish the rock just quit doing kids movies and start hitting up the insane action movies. come on, i was expecting him to be the next arnold!
  • cyn
    I dunno.. (shrug) I guess I'd watch it for Carla Gugino and the Rock.
  • Matt
    Predator meets ET?
  • That actually looks pretty good -- certainly better than I was expecting. Wow.
  • Laser-beak
    This is just the kind of movie that could turn out way better than expected. Let us have faith in Disney!!!
  • dave13
    I remember seeing the original 'Escape to Witch Mountain' on TV when I was younger. I loved it and it was real interesting and a little mysterious. This just looks like an action movie done by disney, which is always iffy. I should have known it'd be totally different since they changed the name to 'race.' sigh. i hate remakes.
  • Startrek has nothing on this! Heil Disney!
  • Chris @
    That looks like a lot of fun! Will definitely give this a look. Love that last line in the trailer! LOL
  • JoeG
    WOW!!! another movie from Andy Fickman & The Rock again. Nice! I will watch this.
  • taurinh24
    looks entertaining! Love the trailer score, lets see if the whole movie has that same feel!
  • Corey B.
    looks funny enough, could be a decent film
  • Looks interesting. I've been a Rock fan since he won hist first WWE title and Carla Gugino is turn all the little boys watching this movie into men... or at least make them Google her and her and see her R-rater glory/
  • Very solid looking production! I don't really understand Alex's comments that It looks to be big-budget, but not 'that' good looking, I felt it showed plenty of thinks in a quality style, with big budget effects (CG and real), an invigorating score, funny lines (cheese without being too cheesy, you know what I mean), and pretty much a quality casting (even the supporting cast are not like B-list made-for-TV-movie kinds of actors)... enough to pass as another quality hit from our friends at Disney. Wouldn't say 'Instant Classic' like Toy Story or Pirates... or anything like that ... but definitely something worth spending your entertainment dollar on. I'm definitely going to look forward to seeing this movie.
  • sleepykid
    I guess it'll kill two hours painlessly, but I'm not expecting more. Do you think Apple were pleased with their product placement, btw?
  • jers
    what ken i say u done 1 of the greatest movie of all time
  • K
    Very impressive! Definitely not what I was expecting.
  • Kill the Batman
    Now let's we see who is better for such movies Brendan Fraser or The Rock ? The Rock is good for every role ! Am I right ?
  • Darunia
    Could be fun, but whoever edited the trailer sucks.
  • coyo
    cool another remake
  • Daniel
    this looks like bullshit. who else thinks they should remake flight of the navigator? *raises hand*
  • When will these aliens learn not to F*** with Apple!! Are we going to have to send Goldblum to virus them up again? Aside from that, what cyn (#14) said.
  • Dusty
    Daniel #32... that is hilarious... that is EXACTLY what came to mind for me in the spaceship scenes. "HAHA, I know you are, but what am I?" (said in a PeeWee herman voice.) - Flight of the Navigator
  • j money
    The Flight of the navigator line was classic but Im willing to try this one out... I bet this'll be entertaing in the same vein of National Treasure in that "watchable yet, whole family can enjoy it" sort of way. Disney has been Notorious for that lately (3 Pirates movies, 2 Nat'l Treasures and now this... ). This obviously isn't Dark Knight-esque expectations and not as low as AVPR but i'll with hold judgment.
  • j money
    oh and I like the Rock too. This looks like a good role for him.
  • Original ideas are few and far between, especially from Disney, so I'm sure a Return of the Navigator isn't too far off.
  • If anyone cares the "witch mountain" they are using is actually the Superstition Mountains that are east of Phoenix. Do a Google search and compare the pics. Looks like a good family friendly movie.
  • I think it'll be acceptable. But that kid from the trailer who plays the alien boy was dreadful in 'The Seeker: The Dark is Rising'. As long as his lines are kept at a minimum, I'll be able to watch it. Otherwise, I'm skeptical to say the least. His acting was so bad in that other film that i actually fast-forwarded the dvd when it was just him talking.
  • REAL6
    You know for a kids movie and Disney this really really looks good. ill see it. ANd i always liked The Rock as a wrestler but his acting has been really been getting good over the last few years. He was really creepy in Southland Tales.
  • sarah
    this looks HORRIBLE! please, go see the old ones. this is not even close.
  • -Peter-
    this looks very unenjoyable, for me at least.
  • Looks pretty middling.
  • This doesn't look like a remake to me? Looks more like a whole new story about Witch mountain, the kids are not Tia and Tony, they are Sarah and Seth? Looks good, I'll see this. Loved the first two as a kid.
  • Truett
    This looks so stupid. Another remake of a crap movie to begin with.
  • Katie
    This isn't really a remake. It's a new story that continues after the events of the original with new kids called Seth and Sara. I loved the original as a kid and I'll definatly see this one! Looks entertaining!
  • Susana
    hooly coow, that part where the kid stopped the car.. CRAZY i saw escape to witch mountain I think, but soo long ago, barely remember it. anyways i think this one looks like it could be good! cool effects too
  • was that guy a predator because if he is the rock would die but it was better when he was in wrestling also i guess the rock is going to be in a lot of movies with disney
  • Doug B.
    This movie looks like total garbage!
  • Ezzah
    Yay!!!!! Another Disney sci-fi movie..... Can't wait!!!!!!!
  • Nerbomber
    @ #1 It's an existing franchise. There were 2 movies in the late 70's/80's, "Escape to Witch Mountain" & "Return to witch mountain" I remember watching them when I was a little kid. They're both just as terribad as this looks.
  • Syd
    this is an awesome clip.... i think race to witch mountain is gonna be the best diney movie yet!!!!!!
  • samantha
    This films gonna be da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • pie 123




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